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  • 3w, 2d
    Fun with biology: life without oxygen

    Over the last couple weeks, I've been working on a research essay for one of my easy elective courses: something us Canadians call a "bird course." On a whim, I decided to write about one of the topics I didn't really know much about, because where's the fun in researching something you already know? That topic ended up being one of the most interesting things I've ever researched, and what I found out was cool enough that I can't resist telling anyone who'll listen about it.

    The topic: What directions might life on Earth have taken if oxygen had never appeared in the atmosphere?

    Most of us already know where free oxygen comes from: plants, or more accurately, photosynthesizing organisms. Things capable of making their own food, that take the ever-controversial gas carbon dioxide and use the energy from sunlight to convert it into glucose and oxygen. Most of us (I hope) also know that oxygen's the gas we breathe to keep us alive. Fewer (those that took biology in Grade 11 and 12) know what oxygen's used for: an electron acceptor at the end of a complex chemical chain that is responsible for  generating most of a cell's energy. It's so essential for life as we know it that astronomers and exobiologists actively search for it in the emissions spectra of other planets.

    But not all life on Earth needs it. Plenty of bacteria and the like not only get by without it, but actually find it toxic. We usually refer to these organisms as "anaerobes." While some developed and then lost an aerobic (oxygen-utilizing) metabolic pathway, some never had it to begin with. Those are the closest thing we have to the first life on earth. In fact, when oxidative photosynthesis first appeared, most of these organisms died off as the first cyanobacteria filled the oceans and atmosphere with toxic oxygen. So that's all fine and good. Now, what would have happened if said photosynthesis never appeared?

    We already know that bacteria would do just fine. A good portion of the more primitive ones get by on glycolysis, an inefficient chemical process common to all cells that's the first step in glucose metabolism, and one that produces a minuscule amount of energy. Others, more advanced, get by on chemeautotrophy — production of energy from chemical compounds in the environment. The most common of these use ammonia, nitrates and sulphur. Others use a modified version of photosynthesis that doesn't produce any oxygen at all. Instead of water, they use hydrogen sulphide, producing sulphur dioxides, molecular sulphur and hydrogen gas. Eukaryotes, more complex organisms that include protists, fungi, plants and animals are a different story. Their energy needs are significantly higher, and their metabolic pathways considerably more complex. They can't get by without oxygen. Or can they?

    The best way to find out if something might exist is to first find out if it does. And, as it turns out, anaerobic eukaryotes do exist. Meet the foraminifera, a type of amoeba-like protist. They're mostly aquatic, and are found just about everywhere in the ocean, even at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. These little guys are remarkable for their ability to produce energy without any kind of electron acceptor, a metabolic pathway referred to as substrate-level phosphorylation. Basically, they just use a bunch of hyper-specialized enzymes to produce energy. Granted, it's much less efficient. Instead of carbon dioxide, they puff out a cocktail of intermediate chemicals that include lactate, malate, ethanol, acetate and molecular hydrogen — all chemicals that represent wasted energy. It's still enough for them to get by, though, and in a world without oxygen, critters like these would be common, as would strains of bacteria that feed on their waste products.

    So just how complex can life get without oxygen? Eukaryotes can exist, but what about multicellular life? Are creatures like Halo's methane-breathing Grunts and Mass Effect's ammonia-breathing volus possible? The answer is: maybe. Methane, being a hydrocarbon, represents a decent source of free energy, and there are pathways that reduce ammonia. Would they appear on Earth, though? Again, maybe. It depends on a lot of things. There are bacteria that produce methane, others that produce ammonia, and still more that live off both. But prediction what could happen is next to impossible to guess. It's simply a situation that's too complex to model with any kind of accuracy.

    So instead of speculating further, I'll turn again to something that exists today. Meet Riftia pachyptila, a deep-sea tube worm that lives near hydrothermal vents. This critter is poorly understood, and still under study. My information, in fact, comes from an article published a month or two ago, recently enough that the Wikipedia page is now out of date. Anyway, it states that the worm is almost entirely anaerobic, which it would have to be, considering the depths it lives at. It's also unusual in that it doesn't appear to have a gut, or any kind of feeding apparatus. It instead appears to rely on symbiotic bacteria, which oxidize hydrogen sulphide into elemental sulphur. In a way, it's entirely chemoautotrophic. More importantly, it's a multicellular organism that doesn't need oxygen.

    Now, since I have a real-life example, I'm comfortable to speculate. If life continued to develop along these lines, I'd reasonably predict sulphur metabolism becoming dominant among eukaryotes. The sulphur-oxidizing bacteria would become the equivalent of aerobic mitochondria, and multicellular life would flourish.

    The problem: oxygen is about ten times more common on Earth than sulphur. So biomass would just about automatically be cut by 90%, simply due to limiting factors. It would also be unlikely to be terrestrial, since most of the by-products of sulphur metabolism are in liquid form. Finally, life would most likely be concentrated in areas of volcanic activity, given that volcanoes are the planet's best source of sulphur.

    That's just my take on it.

    8 comments · 50 views
  • 18w, 7h
    Couple quick announcements

    Just a little heads-up for all of you: at the end of the month, I'll be leaving for Algonquin Park for two weeks to take part in a field course focusing on the biodiversity of the Canadian Shield. For those two weeks, I'll be completely off the grid. Granted, this won't be that different from my current level of activity, which leads into my second announcement: I'm giving myself a self-imposed deadline. By the end of the month, I will have released something. Might be a oneshot, might be that novel-length thing I've been alluding to. Depends how things go.

    Point is, I'm going to publish something to get me out of this rut of inactivity. Possible projects are: something involving fencing (swish swish stab), something involving space (may or may not be heavily inspired by Mass Effect) and a no-dialogue challenge piece that I've been kicking around. Or it might be something completely different. We'll have to see.

    If I don't have something released by the end of the month, I encourage you to chastise me to your heart's content.

    That is all.

    EDIT: Well, that didn't work at all. The last second rush to finish my insect collection for my entomology course kind of ate up all my free time. So... yeah. If it counts, I have a oneshot half done. Might be able to get the other half finished in Algonquin Park.

    And this is why you should never set deadlines for yourself.

    1 comments · 74 views
  • 29w, 2d
    Progress reports

    Because I have nothing more witty to say, and because I'm sick of looking at that last blog post, I'll throw a bit on my current projects here.

    Now that my pet project of two years (A Simple Reflection) has been completed after extensive rewrites, revisions and hiatuses, I'm moving on to an even more ambitious story. I'm gonna go for something that might actually break the 100k word limit (and, based on my usual pace, might be completed some time after the sun goes supernova). It's something I've been talking and thinking over for a while, but have only recently started writing.

    At it's core, it's a friendshipping fic featuring Octavia and Applejack. Of course, it's got some of the most detailed world-building I've done yet, and a (hopefully) sweeping, engaging plot, but that's irrelevant. The point is, it's a fic with Octavia, and Vinyl Scratch never makes an appearance. Not once. She's not even mentioned. I'm taking the fandom's interpretation of Octavia and throwing it right out the window for this one.

    But anyway, I'm most of the way through the second chapter. I'll probably write ten chapters (or so) before publishing, and release the first three to five chapters in a lump, just to get the story moving a bit. Hopefully, the remaining chapters will give enough of a buffer for me to actually do a semi-regular update schedule.

    I've had nothing but free time for the last little while, and if the places I'm applying to for the summer continue to stonewall me, I might be stuck that was for an uncomfortably long time.

    But yeah. That's about all I've got in the way of ideas for the moment. Hopefully, I'll be able to get the first few chapters of this new fic out some time soon.

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  • 35w, 2d
    I feel like I should explain myself.

    As several of you may have noticed, my current project, a story titled A Simple Reflection has recently, and finally made it onto Equestria Daily. You may have also noticed that it hasn't updated for about six months. Even for my usual pace, that's a bit ridiculous.

    Now, one of the more recent comments on that story raised the point that due to the long update drought, they were skeptical as to why it was allowed on EqD at all. They were concerned that it was a story that would never be finished.

    I should probably assuage those concerns right now: the story's done. It's been done for almost three weeks. Three more chapters and about eighteen thousand words are sitting unpublished. Why, you ask? There were a number of reasons.

    First off, the last three chapters have undergone several rounds of heavy revision as the story progressed: revisions heavy enough to make stealth edits infeasible. Second, my pre-reader, as many of you are aware, is currently going through warrant officer training and won't be back until April 1st or 2nd. The fourth chapter has been looked over thoroughly by him. The fifth and final chapters have not. I wouldn't be comfortable releasing them in that state, so I won't.

    Thirdly, and this is probably the most selfish of all: I wanted to put off updates until the story got onto EqD, which took far longer than I expected it to. Things were bogged down on their end, which I can't fault them for. In any case, I was waiting for the extra exposure, in order to get as much feedback on this, my pet project, as possible. Was it fair to my readers? Not in the slightest. I do apologize for it. Hell, if it wouldn't guarantee pathetic exposure and limited feedback, I'd hold off on publishing any story until it was completely finished. But that's not the way things work in the jungle that is Fimfiction, and so I had to rely on your continued patience.

    So there you go. Assuming good ol' Bronius has the time and motivation, the last two chapters should be out soon after he comes back. The fourth chapter, as many of you may have noticed, has been released. Hopefully, it restores enough patience to take you through the next two weeks or so.

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  • 36w, 1d





    Happy pi day, everyone.

    2 comments · 110 views
  • ...

A minor accident at Sweet Apple Acres sends Big Macintosh to Ponyville in the middle of applebuck season. At first, things seem fine. But then some of the mares begin acting a little...oddly.

Then very oddly. Turns out every other stallion skipped town for a very good reason.

First Published
2nd Dec 2011
Last Modified
11th Jan 2012


That about sums it up.


And I meant that in a good way.  I really enjoyed the story, although I had to try and keep myself from laughing too much.

As much as I seriously hate the idea that these ponies go into heat... this was amusing. :pinkiesmile:

DAMN! :eeyup: is a P.I.M.P BEEYYUUTTCCHHH!!!

>>48470 I second the motion. Even if a pimp should not spend most of his time fleeing sex.

Big Mac = king of swag. All that he needs now is a large hat, a floor length coat and a pimp cane. and maybe some running shoes.

:flutterrage: HE'S MINE BRATS!





:eeyup: My God....

:flutterrage: HE'S MINE BRATS!





:derpytongue2:MURRY ME!!

:eeyup: My God....

:trollestia: Problem?



laughing at the end loooooooooooooooolz

The hell man, first a beautifully written sadfic, and now a beautifully written comedy?  You sir are a pony of many talents.  Hopefully the next will be a shipfic!  Or a Grimdark....  :pinkiesick:  Anyway great work!  Best wishes.

i like it when people roleplay in comment pages

They make me look like an absolute not-a-faggot

btw this shit is cooooooool and shit.

this fic made me 20% more jovial. good show old chap.:moustache:

Only one way out Big Mac.[img]C:\Users\Zachary\Desktop\Pics\FJ\Gifs\131601157777.gif[/img]

AJ is messed up.. She was TRYING to get him set up! She's sick!

>>48565  If it is sappy and romantic I am fine with it.  :eeyup:

this sums up pretty much every fanfic involving big mac i've read

That, my friend, was bloody excellent. It was very well written and, quite frankly the idea of every single female going crazy for one male always appealed   to my twisted sense of humor.

And then Celestia walked in.

>>48585:pinkiegasp:I thought that that might have been the case too!

>>48585:pinkiegasp:I thought that that might have been the case too!

If I where big mac I'd be diving into that crowd.:raritywink:

At first I thought, ":rainbowhuh:, Rainbow Dash, aren't you supposed to be LOYAL to your friends and not betray them to a bunch of sex-crazed mares?"  Then I realized that those "sex-crazed mares" were Rainbow Dash's friends too, that she was closer to them than to Big Macintosh, and that therefore, she owed more loyalty to them.:moustache::trollestia:

:eeyup: :eeyup:, you should have just stuck with Fluttershy.  Now there is really only one thing left to say.  "Death by SNU-SNU!":trollestia::rainbowdetermined2::rainbowwild::pinkiecrazy::facehoof::twistnerd:

Oh, and this was Awsome!  Please keep the :rainbowlaugh: coming!


Nice futurama ref, I was thinking that too :rainbowlaugh:

well fu-

I guess he' scr-

damnit, i can't find the words without making a pun about his situation

Big Mac: aw shit...

That was amazingly amazing.

Just let it happen, Big Mac. Just let it happen.


Poor :eeyup:, screwed either way.... Wait.

(pun not intended)

When It got to when Rainbow Dash opened the door, I actually said,"Oh shit." That was seriously a great ending. least it was could be worse, it could be Molestia?!:trollestia:

I love Rainbow Dash's part in this, just perfect. :rainbowkiss:

...good thing big Mac had his benches veil o wait he didn't I told him to buy one but no he had to get 4 pairs of boots why mac WHYYYY...:eeyup:

Oh No!  poor Mac!  ... what happens next?  

Grand Master Pimp Macintosh :eeyup:

I don't think we recognize just how fuckin' alpha big mac is.....

Sounds like:eeyup:forgot to take his swag off.

Oh wow, this is hilarious. :rainbowlaugh:

I can't wait for the next chapter.

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