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  • 2w, 3h
    I'm done

    Scared ya!

    But seriously. I'm done.

    With the first chapter of volume 5 of affliction. :pinkiecrazy:

    Click here to get the goods

    Still no response on giving out links to adult-rated stories... so blech. Anywhore, it'll be up sooner or later! I'm submitting them both now!

    RIP my message inbox.

    4 comments · 244 views
  • 2w, 1d
    Chapter 1 of Chitin's story is done!

    I can't post it just yet, however. I've gotta finish the first chapter of Affliction: Volume 5, first!

    That being said, the link to said juicy goodness (rated R for clop!) is on my patreon feed. I left it public, because I'm not evil :pinkiecrazy: You can find a link to that in my bio.

    I'm still waiting on a reply email from one of the mods telling me if I can post the link to it in a blog post... I seem to remember seeing something like that: That it would be okay to post a link to an adult story, so long as it was on fimfiction, because then you have to have adult content enabled to even view the thing. Buuut I can't find anything like that in the FAQ. So...

    I don't want to break any rules! So I'm giving you all the information you need to find it yourself!

    So, go, find it yourself!

    Hopefully, I'll have volume 5 chapter 1 done soon, and I can destroy my poor, poor message inbox with two affliction stories at once! :pinkiecrazy:

    6 comments · 265 views
  • 5w, 3d
    Planning out new Affliction story(ies)!

    I dunno how to do it all!

    Should I go with concurrent uploads, or staggered/as-I-write-them uploads?

    The reason for this is, the two stories will be having a good deal of their plot-points happening concurrently! For instance, in the spoiler so that people can't complain:

    In Affliction 5, chapter 1, we see Kuno instructing changelings to 'become more independent' and 'find something unique to wear'. They all come back with collars with bells on them. Except Chitin, who comes back with a golden Ankh in her ear.

    In Chitin's story, chapter 1, we see Chitin erm... 'bribing' the jeweler to give her said piece of jewellery. While walking home, she walks past the pet shop, with has an entirely new room built onto it, has been repainted, and completely cleaned top-to-bottom just that morning.

    So if you read any one of them, it could spoil various parts of the partner story.... So staggering them to be released as I finished them like I usually do, might end up spoiling some of the partner plots before that chapter is even released!

    The alternative is to release chapter at a 1-for-1 ratio. One chapter of Affliction, one chapter of Chitin's. Problem with that is that there could then be a longer wait between each pair of chapters being released...

    So I dunno what to do!

    I think I will stagger the release of the stories, submission-wise. They're both Affliction. When I posted volume 4 it was at the top of the box in like an hour. :pinkiecrazy: I don't want to spam the feature box. So I'll likely post Affliction 5, and then Chitin's story a few days after, when the heat on the previous posting has gone down a bit. You guys will have to wait an extra few days or so before getting tasty Chitin story start, but what can I do?

    My patreon people will have access to Chitin's story early, I guess :pinkiecrazy: I can't give links to anyone else because NSFW blog posts aren't allowed and are never coming back. Sigh. And Chitin's story is really, really NSFW. Right out of the gates!

    Though, I will add: You could totally go to my patreon page, hit the 'activity' button and look at the posts there that are for everyone, not just paid patreons. :pinkiecrazy: No sign-up required!

    So... whatcha all think? Concurrent release? Or give-no-fucks-just-post-what-ya-got? I kinda wanna do concurrent releases, but I wonder if the effort would even be worth the meagre payoff of keeping the two stories in line...

    11 comments · 319 views
  • 7w, 23h
    It's over


    Affliction 4 is over. Done. Finito.

    Time to start on volume 5.

    Which will run concurrently with 'Chitin's Story', so you'll see a fair bit of crossover in the story arcs of those two.

    Sorry if I've been slow to the whole writing thing lately. I've been sick. And it's been really bad the last few weeks. My mother thinks Ross River fever or glandular fever. I think meh. I'll know when the blood results get back. Either way, it makes writing a chore. I can't think of words. Sentences don't work. Plot points stop making sense to me, etc etc etc.

    But I'm gonna keep trying!

    P.S. Chitin is gonna be sexy! I already have her all figured out! Shorter mane than Kuno, more punkish, and a single gold hoop, and a single gold ankh on said hoop. Because it represents 'life'. And she's totes deep like that. :pinkiecrazy:

    Keep an eye out for all new affliction shenanigans.

    And join the Affliction-verse group! You can ask me things in the threads area!

    Anyhow, be cool! :derpytongue2:

    10 comments · 438 views
  • 7w, 6d
    Upcoming Affliction story!

    I'm planning a new thing! Based in the Affliction-verse. :twilightsmile:

    Now, if you've been following affliction 4, you'll know how this is possible in the universe of it. And I'm intending it to be 'An Affliction of the Heart: Chitin's Tale(/story)'. Chitin being the changeling currently known as 'Speaker'.

    And the reason I say this now instead of just working on it quietly and posting it sometime is a few things:

    First off, no, I'm not stopping work on Kuno/Warden. Not yet. Don't be stupid. They need another entire volume just to disentangle the absolutely nutty web of plot lines holding them all together.

    And the second, main point... I'm kinda leaning heavily towards making Chitin's story adult rated. Clop and whatnot.

    It'll still be mostly story-based, with clop for flavour. But it will also enable a lot more fun changeling things without having to shy away from certain points because of the rating! I have to do that with the current Affliction series. I can't make the descriptions too adult. Because the children might see!

    The main reason that I bring this up now is that I am capable of being reasoned with. If enough people complain about the upcoming story being adult, I could maybe make it cleanish rated like the current Affliction series.

    So, would it be terribly problematic for the majority of you if the new series was rated adult?

    P.S. I am most definitely back, bitches! Four story updates in a week! Aww yeah! :pinkiecrazy:

    18 comments · 350 views
  • ...
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It's exactly what it looks like. That's all I can say.

I kept expecting the real Twilight to interrupt and join them, or get freaked out or... something.

I am going to stay away from anyone for about 6 months now......:rainbowderp:

I can't properly articulate how hot this is, so I'll just post this gif.

Cadence is crazy good at dirty talk- wow. This was..intense!

Well, this was very entertaining. I support the idea of another chapter, possibly when he meets up with his sister afterwards. Then the images can't get out of his head, and the whole situation turns into him feeling hilariously awkward, and Twilight absolutely clueless. Just for shits and giggles.

Darn you AP....

>>926310 because I wrote something so horrible?

Or because I wrote something so horrible and you're strangely aroused by it? :rainbowlaugh:

Not aroused thank God... It's just written so well, and it's so horrible, and... darn you. >>926327

Nicely done, sir.


:flutterrage: MOAR

I must see how deep the rabbit hole of depravity goes, will Cadance push Shining Armor and Twilight together for real? Is her next target of seduction going to be Celestia-as-'Luna'? Kinky Changeling roleplay? Kinky Changling 'roleplay'...involving actual changlings?


Also, I'm pretty sure I saw a picture that was this exact premise. Is the story based off of it? I'll try and find a link later...

“But Twilight is my sister!” Shining Armor hissed in response, staring down at his painted wife.

“And I’m not...” Cadance said in a decidedly seductive tone. “You can live out your desired on me without any actual depravity having taken place...”

Hits a little close to home...

“Honestly Twilight,” Shining said, “I could never be with you. We're brother and sister. I love you as a sister, and I will admit that I am sexually attracted to you, but we're related. It just wouldn't be right.”

...“I found a creative outlet for my incestuous desires, without giving in to them,” Shining Armor said, matter-of-factly, “You should do the same.” -Adventures of a Teenage Foalsitter; Chapter 17

You took your story in a much different direction though. Good job!


“You think pills are hard to swallow?” Cadance rebuked suggestively, raising a brow at him.

LOL :rainbowlaugh:

I want to see the Changeling thing. ShiningXTwilight is so boring :/

Well-done, sir. You are depraved beyond all recognition.

And Celestia help me, I love it. Maybe a sequel where Twilight stumbles into one of their roleplay sessions?

Can we get a single Cadance and Shinning fic without the layers of retardation?

>>926713 If you asked nicely.

So....No. :twilightsmile:

>>926734 And the helpless squirming of cute overload is why Pinkie Pie is best pony.

I shall add a 'normal' Shining Armor x Cadance story to the pile of 'shit I have to write.'

But until then, more Depravity!

You know, my relationship with my little sister being pretty much a mirror of Shining and Twilight's... I can safely say that this disgusted me to no end and I hate you for making me aroused. Fuck.

Alright... back to normal stories. :applejackunsure:

Is it weird that I.....enjoyed this? I hate myself.

>>926632 I agree on the changeling thing, but I>>926637 That would be hilariously awkward for all 3. Then they had a very intense threesome.:pinkiehappy:

As strange as this is, it is written well.....and it is with that of which I must say....

SA folded way too quickly which made this a tad ridonks.

Cadance could do with some role playing lessons. Her Twilight is far off enough that he's attracted to an entirely different pony that's a horny seductress, not his sister.

The "all guys want their sister" message wasn't well received. Probably because I'm not the result of inbreeding and incest isn't my fetish. I would change that buttttt its probably necessary to make bringing Twilight into the mix less forced/stupid.

>>926713 Wait'll you read my Cading Armors >:3.

Merciful Tehlu, why did I read this? I gained nothing! Nothing at all!


I'm neither the result of incest, and nor is incest my fetish. :twilightsmile:

But if I get in your mind and make you doubt yourself, even for a second, then, I, as a writer, have won. :derpytongue2:

Well, that was certainly... something :rainbowhuh: .

This is rather far from my cup of tea, perhaps another beverage entirely, but regardless I think I can pick out a few things that I liked.

There were a few grammatical errors and you relied pretty heavily on the word "rebuked" earlier on, but as a whole I found the story to be well-written and of a higher quality than most. Additionally, I liked the chemistry between Cadance and Shining Armor; they snarked back and forth quite well.

I enjoyed this a lot! I can't wait till the sequel man!

>>926632 I agree somewhat. Yes, I want to see the changeling thing (I think Chrysalis is kinda cute.. don't judge me), and Shining X Twi can be boring sometimes, more or less with Twilight wanting to rut Shining since that has been done to death, but this one was at least creative to an extant,  


Weird thing is? I'm jaded now. Really really jaded. I hate incest fics, I hate pedo fics, and this is no exception. But I can live with, more so I'm bored with these types of fics. Hell, Shining Armor is probably getting sick of it.

Twilight: What do you say Big Brother? Wanna try this action?

Cadence: You can't hide your desires Shining.

Shining: Let me explain why I'm disgusted with this. As we develop as beings, certain things pop into our heads that are unacceptable. For this, it's Incest. The reason why we find it unacceptable is not because of morals. It's because our brains work in such a way that things that hamper our progress as a species doesn't work for us. If we all started fucking our siblings, we'd just stop.

Twilight: That was a long explanation.

Shining: But more importantly, I'm bored by this. I only get shipped with Cadence or Twilight and hardly Chrysalis. Hell, I gotta get with the rest of the Mane 6 still. You two bore me. Good bye.

Cadence: Did we just get ditched?

Twilight: We got ditched and dissed.

I am not a big fan of clop fics or any thing with direct and described sexual action in it. In fact I read about half of this and then quit because this was just...wrong..and I was straight up weirded out...then I was back a few minutes later... :facehoof: it just drew me back in. as weird as it was, it was strangely arousing. :twilightblush:

I approve of the finished product AP! :twilightsmile:  Especially the saucy scientific dialogue in the middle. :raritywink:

dafuq did i just read? all the same this story kinda got me going:raritywink:

I think it's time for me to move Tasmania.

I hate myself right now:fluttershbad:

'... that both of you are far too shy to get out in the open'?

What does Cadance know about Twi that Shining doesn't, hmm?


>>928770 You failed then, but you have moxie for trying.

Fun fact: Cadance could've killed herself by painting herself up as Twilight. Think golden women.

>>929248 Cading Armor is canon though + Shining Armor has never met any of the Mane 6 before the wedding. I'm interested in the concept of shipping him with one of the Mane 6 but it seems pretty cracky.

I have to admit, Cadence's conclusion is almost exactly the same as my own regarding Twi and Shining. :trollestia:

Also, I have to admit that I enjoyed this. I won't try to bluff my way around it. :twilightblush: This was well written, thought provoking, and yes, even arousing. :ajsmug:

All in all, a good read! :twilightsmile:

New headcanon received.

>>932192 Fun fact. That's pretty much BS.

She painted her fur, not her naked flesh. She's an alicorn, Not a human.

Normal body paints used today would rarely cause you to become sick, ill, or otherwise impaired. Old paints, with multiple layers, over your entire body, would begin causing problems after a few hours. It would take about 14 hours with full paint on for you to get overheated enough to die. And that's for humans. I'm willing to bed that ponies are different.

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