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Here lies Twilight Sparkle. She only just arrived in this world before her life was ended. She was added to the pile, but she refused to stay there. Death has come for her, but she spurns its approach like so many other restless corpses.

Even being Dark Souls, I will not be dark for the sake of dark. The world of Dark Souls is, by its own name, a dark place, caught in a terrible spiral.

Maybe Twilight can help? Or, perhaps, she will just be caught in it.

First Published
16th Feb 2017
Last Modified
17th Feb 2017

ooh... interesting!:raritystarry:

Interesting. I never actually played the games, but it will be curious to see how will Twilight react to dying. Again and again and again :pinkiehappy:

It's missing the Twilight tag, by the way.

Interesting idea you have going here. Another author I follow has a Dark Souls story going, but life is getting in the way from continuing writing currently. Also shouldn't Twilight be tagged in this story as she wasn't when I last checked.

I dunno, it's to you, whether you want to keep it going. Seems more like an intro to something, though.

Twilight's already experiencing the joy of stealing souls and having a curse of undeath that slowly drives you mad.

Has there been a fusion style fic instead of a world exchanging crossover? I've seen a handful of crossovers but I can't recall a fusion fic.

You have my attention. This looks interesting! I'm curious to see where it goes.

"terrible would"

Should be terrible world

>>7953860 you must continue also poor twilight

Haven't read this yet, plan on it soon

But I really hope this will be good.

I'll comment once I start.

Edit: read it and it's amazing. I hope for more soon. Thank you.

Haven't read it yet, but the first chapter worried me. Is she playing it, or is she in it? Because the former will lower my opinion of the story.

>>7955309 It bothers me a little that I have not earned the trust that you'd read first.

*through the void, sends Twilight a small, sturdy shield with the message: "Stay strong, you are not alone"*:eeyup:

send her to fight the sword master and  gett her a proper weapon like the uchi katana

also wait till she realises she is immortal to a point also i see her getting killed by the giansts arrow later on


Oh, I'm going to read it. I'm just saying that the chapter title worries me, because it implies Twilight is only playing Dark Souls and is not actually in it.

While I'm not against reading stories that have ponies playing games, so long as the plot is interesting, I am against stories that have ponies playing games outside of their technological and psychological level. I doubt My Little Ponies would ever make Dark Souls, let alone the platform it is run on. (Button Mash's PlayStation and JoyBoy are not canon, only the Arcade Machines are canon.)


Just realised I've been saying the chapter title worries me, but it wasn the chapter title, it's the story cover. It says "Twilight Plays"

hehe nice a Dark Souls 3 crossover. :yay:

Twilight gonna rage if she gonna fight Champion Gundyr at some point if she dies multiple times.

i wonder what type of build she would be tho maybe not in the story but in the actual Dark Souls 3 (most likely pure Intelligence spellcaster build for max spell dmg)

oh maybe she will get the pyromancers flame ^_^

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