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  • 7w, 2d
    September (cough) state of (hack) the (urgh, snot, splort, groan) writer

    I've been sick for the last three weeks. Frelling magnificent.

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  • 10w, 3d
    that third thing: c25k

    Told you I was scatterbrained... I finally remembered what that third thing was that I've been doing. It's called 'c25k'.

    C25K stands for 'couch to 5k', as in 'couch potato to 5 kilometer runner'. It's supposed to lead you from being a fat slob sitting in front of the television to be able to run for 30 minutes - or roughly five kilometers - in about nine weeks.

    I've just started week 3, but I've been doing this for about five weeks... blame school holidays ending, trips to Estonia and some really shitty weather for making me repeat (not abandon or postpone) weeks 1 and 2. I have to say though, I think it works. It's scary when you start a new week, and the first attempt at each new week is always worse than the one before it... but I'm doing okay. I'm running the distance.

    If you've ever wanted to get into shape, but just don't know how, then this is the easiest, cheapest way to get into shape I've found yet: all you need is an mp3 player and a pair of sneakers. And clothes - most people look at you oddly if you're not dressed.

    Follow this link and download the podcasts, do what the nice lady says and you'll be on your way in no time.

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  • 10w, 3d
    Oh mah gawd, it's alive! It's ALLIIVVEEE! (muahahaaa)

    Yah yah, I know: long time no see.

    Well, I thought I should kind of fix that. 'Kind of' because I'm kind of scatterbrained at the moment, don't really have the time to dedicate to a proper entry and a third reason which totally helps explain things. I have been busy in life. The good sort of busy, I guess, which leads to not much writing but doesn't lead to horrible depression and ennui. I've not really had much time to interact here, so... I'm alive. And writing - slowly.

    When it comes out, out and about chapter 10 will be the last. I hope it's as awesome as it is in my head...

    And when it comes out, king of diamonds chapter 28 won't be the last... but it will also be awesome.

    Promises, promises, I know, but almost one thousand people can't be that wrong, can they? Yes, that's right, almost a thousand people think I'm kinda awesome! I'm shocked. I'm also hoping that it's a modicum of talent and not merely having been here forever.

    So what have I been doing when not-writing? We-eelll... I've been coding. It might be going somewhere. And once I finish (actually, once it's 'good enough') then I might use what I've learned on something else. Something writing-y related.

    Stay tuned.

    So, what've you all been up to?

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  • 19w, 22h
    Crystal Fair Con: Day 1: 72 hours remain

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  • 19w, 3d
    Con day zero: 96* hours remaining

    So: Thursday was the first day of the con for me, same as it was for everyone on staff who wasn't actively involved in any real pre-setup.

    Thursday (super early!) saw Tabitha and Kevin arrive. I believe the flight went relatively well, but at something like 14 hours plus, it was exhausting as heck and the pair understandably needed to decompress and get some energy back. They did that by soldiering through the jetlag like real troopers and enjoying themselves some Helsinki in summer. The only stories I could really tell at this point would be second hand, so I won't embellish - they had fun and that was pretty much that.

    By the way, have I said yet that Tabitha is super-super-nice? And that so is Kevin? Because they both are. Honest. I've seen pissy diva's and pushy little monsters but Tabitha is so awesome and a lot of fun to be around, and Kevin knows his stuff when it comes to the little details that really round out the experience for the guests. If I ever get to do this again, thanks to the little tricks he just flat out does at the flick of a wrist (hoof? I guess he's an honorary pony, though - without being mean, honest - I'd see him more as a sharp-eyed griffon!) I'll be better next year.

    I didn't get to meet Tabitha on Thursday, and to be honest other than walking to a bunch of hotels I didn't care about because I didn't really need to know where they were and seeing a bunch of people I would come to care about but at that moment didn't (no offence, but on Thursday everyone was a stranger in person!) and faffing around at the airport with the sorts of minor schedule mishaps that can occur when Finnair (I think, don't quote me on that) loses an entire effin' plane's worth of luggage, everything went pretty well.

    My target, Anneli, made her way to Helsinki fine, but remember when I mentioned about losing all the luggage?


    You may have seen her joyful reunion with her bright yellow suitcase on twitter from the Friday, because her belongings had a mini vacation of their own in kocha bamba...

    I could have seriously missed Thursday, but I will totally agree that it was good preparation for what was to come...

    *yeah, I know, the actual time the con had wasn't that long, but what'm I gonna do, huh?

    2 comments · 90 views
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This story is a sequel to The Ambassador's Son

Lord Sapphire lays dead and Tacksworn is in ruins, but Chiphoof Irontail has come home to his adoptive father, Sharptooth the dragon. Amidst the destruction and chaos, the community and the circles of friendship within must rise again to face an uncertain future. The young scion of the Diamond Expanse Clan must now face his greatest threat as the forces of war build to a crescendo. With his friends by his side, together they will uncover forbidden mysteries and face off against ancient powers that have lain dormant for centuries.

First Published
8th Jul 2012
Last Modified
8th Apr 2014



A couple things you may want to fix, but I might be wrong:

The two diamond dogs had a trick or (two) left, however;

Rainy (looked) like he might be sick

It scurried across the dusty dirt floor, staying out of reach (more) by luck than design, as it ran.

Empty, the building held a strange aura, as if echoes (of) the the thousands of lessons spent under its roof could still be heard.

An excellent start to what is surely going to be an excellent sequel. I look forward to the next chapter.

Now this was worth the wait.  Legendary doesn't even come close.

Yes, YES!

Love the Sharptooth backstory.

Yeeessssss!!!! Its finally here....

My PRECIOUS! :pinkiecrazy:

I sense that perhaps we shall finally get the answers to some pressing historical questions....

"As cute as me?"

"Uh uh."

Wise answer young Chip. Very wise.

Some of those diplomatic smarts are rubbing off from Father to Son I see.

yes finally!:pinkiehappy:

Ahh, poor Chip, I keep hoping him and Carmine can stop stumbling over words and meanings and admit thay like each other. She seems good for him, incuraging him, and letting him know that being who he is is allright. At the same time, he provides a brake for her agression, and I expect both will find themselves happyer.

Course, this could all be a buildup so he can violently murder her off later and give Chip a good bit of pain, but I do not think such is so.

Awesomeness! I SENSE A JOURNEY AFOOT! :pinkiehappy:

FLASHBACK! Nice to see Sharptooth's origins and once more we receive more info on dragons, particularly young ones. Good way to start the story, looking forward to the next chapter with great anticipation.:heart:

"No! No stop! No stop here, this dragon country!"

HAH! 'Fear and loathing in las vegas'


Eeeh! I owe you an internet cookie :pinkiecrazy: Bonus points for realizing his name is Hunter, too :rainbowlaugh:

Chip's baaaaccccckkkk!!!!!!

>>876326 yeah... Found out about hunter right after I commented.

Can allmost not wait for the continiuation of the story!

Needs more seaponies or space aliens.

I was looking forward to this. Somebody already pointed out the few errors i spotted so I'll just say off to a great start.

Chip has his on personal army...Chip your moving up in the world.


Argh! Thanks for that! Corrected! I'll have to make sure I put them in the source doc, too.

HOLY CRAP ITS BACK:pinkiehappy:

Love is not a strong enough word.  Another masterful work, Midnight Shadow!  Keep up the awesome efforts, the cheering section here will continue doing its dance routine!  Yay!

I can't wait for Sharptooths back story....WHOOO:rainbowkiss:

Oh awesome!! Glad to see this continued. This is the best epic MLP story with the best original characters EVER.

I loved the scene with Chip and Carmine. "'d that work out for you?"


Heh, can't wait for Carmine and Hairpin to meet. Or Hairpin and Rainbow Dash for that matter. *Salutes* Well done sir, well done!

Check notifications, "King of Diamonds? Hmm...

Wait. That pony looks familiar.

Read description, Chiphoof Iro-WOOHOO!!:yay:

*smirks* About time you made this one public, love! I just know it's going to be magnificent!

Also, the art for this? Chat blows me away every time.  It's nice to get a proper view of Chip in his gear, and an ACTUAL look at Carmine now! VERY pretty!

You know we'll back you every step of the way on this :3

Wondering when ya was gonna post it

I can't believe that I actually squealed for joy upon seeing this in my inbox... :facehoof:

*Drops what he's currently reading and dives in* :yay:

Later: Ok, the preview didn't do this justice.  I eagerly await further instalments!

Oooooo......  chip is back. Tracking!!

"I'll never get like that around a girl."

Oh, irony. Though, of course, Spike would protest that Rarity isn't a girl. She is a lady.

In any case, huzzah! The sequel begins! The saga continues! The noun verbs!


Yeah, let's go with that. Looking forward to more, including Chip's continuing dracomorphosis and the complications of his new title.

Yes! More awesome stories!! :pinkiehappy:

Been waiting for this since reading the excellent Ambassador's Son. This is going to be good :coolphoto:

Nice first chapter of the second book.:pinkiehappy:

Funny that sharptooth's dad name is close to my OC's. Keep it up midnightshadow.:pinkiehappy:

I am wanting to read. But must save for later. :moustache:

Thank you. So very much. On my list of favorite series there is ITAV, and there is you <3

This is awesome. Your writing is as sharp as ever. Just pisses me off, a little. Dragons are such douche nozzles. I'm about to start writing my "Pig Iron vs 3d Armored Cavalry Regiment" story. Thinking about calling it "Fire and Scales vs Blood and Steel." He's gonna get it goooooooooood....

Re-read The Ambassador's Son just so I could jump back into this. BEST. STORY. ON THE SITE.

too much hype this weekend, I died, blame EVO

.... my brain... she is oozing out of my ears from the concentrated WIN!

Great start to a new novel! :moustache::moustache::moustache:

I saw that you posted this story, and knew that I was going to love it.  I then read it: I was not disappointed.  The amazingness that is "The Ambassador's Son" definitely is continued in this story.  Very good job.  Nice cover art too, it is good to see what Chip looks like in his armor, as-well-as what Carmine looks like.  I love this story.  I am very glad to see that the continuation of one of my favorite stories on this site is now here.:yay::moustache::eeyup:

Long time no see. Good work.

Damn that was quick bro.

Still haven't finished reading the first story... u mad?

Again another BEAUTIFUL chapter:twilightsmile:




You forgot to put "bro" at the end of that "u mad"

Art thou angered, male sibling?

>>882004 He's really my father, so I just go 'u mad.'

It kinda went down like this.


So why doth thou not sayeth, "u mad, dad?"

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