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“Hello?! Hello! Can anybody copy? Command! Do you copy?!”

Jackson woke up at the sound of someone’s voice in his radio, thinking he's just hearing things he closes his eyes and starts to go to sleep again...

“Can anyone hear me?! I need assistance here damn it!”

Jackson, now fully woken up picked up his radio and answers the call..

“I read you loud and clear, over” Jackson replies to the person on the other line

“Oh thank god! Help... I’m a cobra pilot, I crashed in some forest and I need serious assistance. My co-pilot is unconscious, we could surely need a hand or two here!” The pilot coughs a few times as he explains further that he was shot down by a ZPU in mid air during a run through the forest of Russia, Scouting for possible Rebel outpost in the area...

Jackson soon realizes that he must be in the Russian forest! If what this pilot says is true, he might get out of this place! Then again, he thinks back from where both Vasquez and him crashed from somewhere in the city not the forest...

“Okay, I’m coming to get you hold on!” He calls back

“Only you? Aren't you going to get back up?”

“Trust me... No one except me is coming to get you, now state your position”

The pilot looks at his compass and directs Jackson to his location...

“Its uh... I’m somewhere in North East end of the forest! There’s... Some sort of mountain right next to me, over”

“Okay, hang on... I’m coming for ya”

Jackson picks up his rifle and knife then sets out, the only thing he’s grateful of is that his radio isn't satellite linked, or he might never heard the pilots call...

As he was already outside he heard a familiar sound right behind him. Fluttershy just woken up from her sleep.

“Did you have a nice sleep?” Jackson asked the young mare, as she rubs her eyes with her hoof. She nods to Jackson as a sign of ‘yes’

“That's great.. Stay here while I go and get someone, okay?” The mare looked at him and spoke

“C-Can I come with?” She mutters barely heard by Jackson. He didn't understand what she said and went closer to ask again..

“C-Can I... Come with?” She asked again.

“No you can’t... You said it yourself; it’s dangerous out there for you to leave this cave” Jackson Intends to leave her behind for her own safety, but Fluttershy insist to come along.

“Fluttershy... You’re injured, and can barely walk. You have to stay” Jackson tries to reason at her but she really insisted that she comes along...

“I have wings... So I won’t have to walk; besides you don't know the forest well, like I do”

It’s true, he doesn't know the forest on where to go, and she is the only one who knows the forest as much as he is... He’s got no choice but to bring her along...

“Alright you can go, but stick close!” Jackson really doesn't want her to hurt herself but what can he do? The yellow mare flaps her wings and floats to him smiling at Jackson as they went for the rescue mission.

Jackson debriefed Fluttershy on what they were about to do and how they are going to get out if any trouble comes along.

“Listen carefully Fluttershy, Were going to help some of my kind out in trouble... A downed Cobra Pilot is somewhere in north east and we need to help him, there might be a possible Oil leak that could cause the chopper to explode so we better move fast, understand?”

Fluttershy a bit confused of what Jackson just said, but agrees anyway... Jackson asked her to fly up towards North East to find any signs of smoke or fire.

Fluttershy nods as she went up the tree line to check... There in the far side of the forest, a thick smoke is seen by Fluttershy along with an unusual form of a bird. She went back down and told Jackson of a smoking bird, right in the edge of the forest. Fluttershy leads the Marine to the site of the bird.

At the time they’ve arrived to the crash site the pilot was waiting for them. The co-pilot who was still unconscious, was carried out by the pilot who were sitting under a tree..

“I’m Sergeant Paul Jackson of the USMC 1st Force Recon, What’s your I.D?”

“I’m Cobra pilot Cpl. John Hanks and this is Major Andrew Wallace of the 2nd Attack Squadron”

“Is he still breathing?”

“Yes sir, he is.. We need to get him to a base.. Is there one near here?”

“I’m afraid not Corporal”

John looks at Jackson’s side where he found the most beautiful hallucination he ever seen..

“Sir... I may be seeing things” John points to his right, He already knows what he’s seeing

“You’re not hallucinating Corporal, She’s real...”

John nearly went pale... As he knows that what he’s seeing is real, even the Sergeant is talking to it!

“Fluttershy, Do you still know where your house is?” Jackson asked the mare and nods

“Y-yes... It’s just over this hill” Fluttershy leads the way, Jackson looks at the dazed pilot and snaps him out of it..

“Look, if you don't want the Major to die I suggest you carry him now and come with us, I’ll explain everything on the way, MOVE!”

The pilot snaps back into reality and quickly carries the Major as they follow the mare Pegasus to her home...

With two new persons came in this odd world, Jackson thinks how people keep ending up here?

It was strange enough to tickle Jacksons fancy... But for now, He might as well play along.

They walked for half an hour as the pilot struggles to carry the Major and were left lagging behind.

“Sergeant! Can we rest? I can’t carry him anymore!” John, who was completely worn out, stops and took a second to catch his breath.

“We have no time to stop now, you don't want to see what’s lurking in this forest, trust me”

Jackson took the Major off his hands and carries on the way. John walks along with Jackson and confirms what he just said.

“So, she’s a Pegasus? I thought they were Greek mythology?” John asked

“Yeah, that's what I thought. Until we’ve met her”


“Yes, Me and Lt. Vasquez”

Upon saying his name Jackson completely forgot all about Vasquez

“Shit, I forgot he still hasn’t returned yet! God damn it I knew I’m forgetting something!” Jackson lurches forward and continues to walk.

Let’s bring him to her house first... Then we’ll go~” Before he could even continues Fluttershy screamed as a lion jumps out.

“What the heck is that?! Is that a lion?!” John franticly asked Jackson

“That’s not a lion... That’s a Manticore!” Jackson gave the Major to John and told them and Fluttershy to take cover...

Jackson took out his M16A4 Assault Rifle and fires at the beast.. The bullets went through but barely did any damage, He continues to fire putting every single bullet in his rifle through the beast. When he was about to reload, The Manticore lunges up and pounced at him knocking his rifle off his hands, He tried to bring out his Beretta but it was stuck in his holster. The Manticore lifts his paw and was about to claw Jackson when the pilot threw a grenade to the Manticore’s mouth, Jackson crawled out of the way before the head of the Manticore blows up. As chunks of brain and flesh fell down on top of Jackson, the pilot helped him up. Jackson was covered in blood and brain bits, but thankful to be alive.

“Hey! Where did you get a grenade? You’re a pilot I thought you’re not supposed to bring a grenade?”

Jackson knew he committed a violation of Air Force Rules. But in reality he didn't mind, he just wanted to know why.

“For emergency purposes, sir” He said while looking through his eyes.

“Emergency, huh? Damn, right using it on an emergency” He said Picking up the major again.

“You go ahead Corporal. I still have to find someone” He gives the Major back to John and went to pick up his rifle.

“Here, take it. You know how to use it don't you?” Jackson hands his Rifle to John, and gladly took it...

“Just follow her... I’ll catch up as soon as I can” John nods as Jackson went off towards the forest…