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    tfw (Rating: Teen)

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    900 (Rating: Teen)

    900 followers. About 250 of them are probably because I approve stories. 10/10.

    Seriously, though, thanks for following me and stuff. If you read and like my stuff, coolio, glad you do. If you just follow me to read my whiny blogs, you should probably go outside and stick your head in sand. That's pretty much the same thing.

    Regardless, thanks for the follows and stuff.

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    Just a heads up (Rating: Teen)

    Thanatos' Creed (for those who've read it and been trying to be patient with me) is on hiatus. I mentioned why it's on hiatus in previous blogs but I'll repeat it: I just want to work on some new material and get back into writing. I enjoy writing, but editing your old content is just mind breaking (for me) because you can't help but think how terrible it all is and how you even published it in the first place.

    I will eventually pick it back up, I promise that much. Maybe once I'm a few chapters in Nomad's Requiem (the rewrite version, at least) then I'll probably move back over to Thanatos' Creed and deal with those shitty chapters I left for nearly a year now. Once they're dealt with, I can move on and actually write the story. I won't be republishing the chapters, either, so I'll probably blog about it in the future when they're edited so you can reread them (albeit, either there will be very little in the way of changes, or massive changes will be made).

    Anyways, just giving a heads up. I'm still writing, so, don't worry there. I'm sure I'll write porn or something and release that for people to fap to because I'm unoriginal and gay.


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    Writing Again (Rating: Teen)

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    Writing (Rating: Everyone)

    Pls don't swear ppl. Is rood.

    Anyways, time to talk about writing. More specifically, my lack of enthusiasm to pick it up. Lately, it's just me being scared to write. In terms of Thanatos' Creed, I still have to edit those three chapters and re-read through the other chapters to make sure everything is okay and the thought of editing old material is just horrifying to me. I've been wanting to pick up writing, but at the same time, I don't want to.

    So, maybe I should just work on something new. My rewrite for Nomad's Requiem has been something I've been considering more, to be honest. I have the ideas for the first and, maybe, second chapters in my head for it. I know how it ends, how I want it to really end, and I have some idea for the middle meat of the story. It's not going to be in terrible first person, it'll be third person (as I wanted it before) and I'll probably take it nice and slow so I can hammer out any errors.

    I mean, at this point, Thanatos' Creed has been on hiatus anyways. So, I should just move to a new story and work on that until I feel like I can swap back to Thanatos' Creed and fix the old stuff for that. Don't get me wrong, from what I remember, I know I have an alright chapter to write for when I can write a new chapter for it. For now, however, I just need to write something else and actually do it. I also need new cover art for Nomad's Requiem, as well. Gotta figure that one out.

    Anyways, thanks for the people who are still sticking around. I'll probably write something today for once. Maybe get chapter 1 going. We'll see how it works out.

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Soul Eater Evans is a Weapon at the Death Weapon/Meister Academy (DWMA, for short) and has had a few month break after the defeat of Asura, the Kishin of Madness. Soul and, his Meister, Maka get a special assignment from Lord Death himself. Unfortunately, it ends up with Soul landing in Equestria.

So, what is a Weapon suppose to do without a Meister? What are these ponies doing here? And why is Medusa the Witch now a pony?


Thanks to Madara XIII for editing what I have so far.

Another big thanks to Gunsmith for being so helpful as being my new editor. Check out his story, though. It's amazing. :3 Love you, Gunny<3


Cover art by moi! Oh, thank you, myself! Haha!... I'm so alone...


Side note: I'm adding characters as the story progresses. I'm not sure who I all want in it, at first. So, we'll see where it goes!

Also: Note that there are a lot of references to 'breasts' in this fic. Due to the nature of the wonderful show. Enjoy!

If you wish to watch Soul Eater and get all the references or understand how this story works, then go here:

Soul Eater: All 51 Episodes

First Published
18th Jul 2012
Last Modified
1st Dec 2012
Story Approver

Any errors, such as mis-italiced thoughts or spacing, please point them out. Otherwise, constructive criticism, feedback, encouragement anything necessary would be lovely! Please read the A/N on the first chapter. Also, Twilight is in Chapter 4. Getting to it (spoiler!)

i was wondering if you could use one of my oc in one of your stories....please

Story Approver

>>930668 The only time I include an OC in a story is if the story is relevant to it, or I have made an OC story. I'm already working on an OC story, but, I've already got all the OC's for it.

Story Approver

>>930899 Maybe I can make you a background pony. I'm doing that in my OC story.

Interesting chapter and story idea. Soul in equestria sounds like something it can get behind. Keep goin and stay golden^^


To counter your statement, I shall quote Robert Frost in that NOTHING GOLD CAN STAY.

Seriously, I'm loving where this story is going

Sooooooon, wonder why it's just Soul being Targeted

Ah good 'ol Blair making every moment worthwhile

I would love it if Maka and the others would somehow find their own way to Equestria so that they can rescue Soul.

Plus, I can imagine Maka, Liz, Patty, Death the Kid, Black Star, and Tsubaki getting along with Twilight, AppleJack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy respectively.

So please, PLEASE let the others follow Soul to Equestria! =3

Story Approver

It's about time someone did a death eater crossover. Very well written so far and I'm enjoying the concept so faved and watched.

Story Approver

>>932724 My idea was original until someone wrote one. But, it was script format and was removed. So, I'm happy. No offense to them, though. D:

Story Approver

Chapter 4 up. Point out errors/italic errors, et cetera.

when i saw a soul eater crossover i was like "I gotta check this out" im glad i did

NNOOOOO!!!! :twilightangry2:

Don't ponify Maka and Kid!

CHANGE THEM BACK NOW! :flutterrage:

It doesn't make sense! If those two were turned into ponies, why aren't Soul, Liz, and Patty ponies?!

PLEASE undo this chapter and rewrite it without ponifying Maka and Kid. PLLLLEEEEAASSEEE?!! **begs** :fluttercry::applecry:

Anyways, on another note, when will Black-Star & Tsubaki come to Equestria? I wanna see them team up with RD and Fluttershy! :pinkiehappy:


I am going to personally ask you to calm the fuck down

Im sure the author has a good reason for Maka and Kid becoming ponies as well as Soul Liz and Patty.

If you want to hear a theory then i will say it probably has to do with the fact that those three are weapons.

Story Approver

>>933780 Kid and Maka are human. Liz, Patty and Soul are Weapons. (Excluding the fact that Kid is the son of Death, and Maka has 10% Weapon blood within her). That's my reasoning.

>>934738 He caught on. Or she.

>>933397 Enjoy!

Story Approver

Oh, by the way, I know 'Patty's' name is 'Patti'. I realized that after I checked the wiki. Didn't want to change it. Works either way.


I apologies for snapping like that. It just that since Liz, Patty, and Soul were still human, I just felt what you did didn't make any sense.

Plus, I've read another Soul Eater crossover at that had the Soul gang turned into ponies, and I just felt once was enough.

Again, sorry for my outburst. :twilightsheepish:

there needs to be a crossover where they take Maka, Blackstar, and Kid, along with their weapons. just, not Blair, plz not Blair...

Story Approver

>>939216 Blair isn't important enough for that. :3

oh Blackstar. you will love Rainbow

>>939244 DONT USE THE THREE!!!! it only makes it worse, use the parenthisis plz!!!!!!!! or the 8!!!!! (yes i know i am horrible at being discrete with my references)

I jut thought of something... Kid's mom is never mentioned in the series... "Oh, darn, forgot to tell them to say 'hi' to Celestia. All well.", Death shrugged turning around to view the city through his mirror. :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright: *wink* *wink*

>>940998 it would explain why we loves symmetry so much.

Story Approver

>>941004 I'm going to enjoy writing this story, none-the-less. XD

>>941008 i cant wait to see Kid's reaction if you are going to use that.

Story Approver

>>941010 "Look at her mane! It's perfectly symmetrical! The way it flows with her tail! Then look at her body! It has a sun on both flanks! It's perfect! -generic anime face-"

>>941013 i can imagine the 7 shades of shit Kid is going to kick out of Discord if you let him out

>>941026 YOU ABOMINATION! YOU DONT DESERVE TO EXIST!!!!!!!!! *activate big-ass cannon hands- uh, hooves mode*

Story Approver

>>941029 Can't give too much away. Shhh... >.>

>>941034:trollestia: i am going to love you after this story:heart:


Story Approver

Decided to make this chapter a bit short. Not because I'm running out of ideas (Lol, I'm not.), but because I didn't want to give too much away.

Story Approver

>>957703 Black✮Star and Tsubaki in the next chapter. Oh, so fun!  

Story Approver

>>957703 Can't wait to write about  Black✮Star and Tsubaki. :3


yes! Black✮Star and Tsubaki in Equestria!

I can't wait til Black✮Star and Rainbow Dash interact! :rainbowlaugh:


Maka's a weapon too, though she's kept it suppressed most of her life (Due to her issues with her father).  Though it could certainly be interesting if she needed to turn human again and could only do it by temporarily getting over her daddy issues to awaken her weapon blood again.  As for Kid ... he's the son of Death so the only justification for him getting ponified would be if Equestria had it's own Pony reaper who he's unknowingly mimicking the form of.

Story Approver

>>964816 As I've explained, Maka only has a little bit of Weapon blood, so, that's why she's a Pony. And the fact that Kid is not fully a Grim Reaper (Has yet to take over Daddies business! Unless stated in the Manga, which I haven't read), he's a pony. But, none-the-less, my reasons are pretty liable.

>>964324 Of course. I had to let people know! :3

>>964734 The chapter will be great. And the story with Dash andBlack✮Star ... Oh God, I'm going to have so much fun with this! :yay:

aww yeah, great chapter. Keep goin and stay golden^^

P.S. Deshi Deshi Basara Basara

Story Approver

A little short, too. Again, don't want to give too much away.

cant wait for Rainbow to meet Blackstar

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