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    Sequel to Earth & Sky. An experimental accident leaves Twilight with a new way of looking at the world. What will be revealed by her newfound perspective?  · Warren Hutch
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  • 9w, 5d
    A Heartfelt Thanks to all you wonderful Tropers out there.

    It's come to my attention that somepony recently put up an entry on TV Tropes about The Screwball Trilogy, adding to the tally of my works placed under the all seeing microscope of that august online archive of all things fictional, alongside Windfall, Earth & Sky, Movie Magic, and Book of Days.

    I just want to extend my gratitude to the folks making and maintaining these entries. I really appreciate the time, attention, and especially the traffic that you've so kindly bestowed upon my humble pony fics.

    You guys and gals are the best! :pinkiehappy:

    4 comments · 146 views
  • 31w, 5d
    50 shots from the head canon.

    Well, I've been kinda quiet recently due to various other projects pulling me away, and I've never used my blog feature, so I figured I'd renew two phoenixes with one stone, so to speak.

    I love chewing the cud over headcanon, and I love answering questions with long, discursive rambling, so I thought I'd take a spin at bookplayer's 50 Questionss since I've seen it floating about FiMFiction.

    Let's begin, shall we?

    The Princesses:

    1. How old are Celestia and Luna?

    Somewhere between 1500 and 2000 years old. They were born after the founding, and were around for a while before Discord popped up. In all likelihood they didn't even realize they were immortal until a couple generations of ponies around them had passed on from old age.

    2. How old is Cadance?

    In her late twenties. About five or so years older than Twilight. I think she's a little older than Shining Armor too, maybe a year or so.

    3. Were Celestia and Luna always alicorns, or did they ascend?

    They were born alicorns. My headcanon, which I spell out in "Book Of Days" has them being born rather like Athena or Aphrodite from Greek Mythology. They are embodiments of harmony, created by the unification of the three pony tribes. They're goddesses, but very much in the mythological sense rather than omnipotent deity figures.

    4. Are Cadance and Twilight immortal?

    Cadance, no. Twilight, possibly. Honestly, I'm not really that big a fan of alicorn Twilight, but that's the way the canon fired so what can you do?

    5. Have there been other alicorns in the past?

    No, but there have been winged unicorns, which are the result of the pony breeds mixing. This was my working theory on where Cadance came from, before Princess Twilight Sparkle became a thing. I suppose that idea's in a state of flux after Twilight's aponytheosis.

    6. How much authority do Celestia and Luna have in Equestria?

    I envision modern Equestria to have something like an English parliamentary system, with a legislative body composed of both elected officials and noble peers of the realm who make the laws, the princesses and their ministries serving as the executive branch, and an independent judiciary who serves as a counterweight to both.

    Shortly after Discord's overthrow I imagine the Diarchy exercised more authority, but I think Celestia would have allowed more and more control of the day to day affairs of the nation to pass into her little ponies' hooves as the centuries went by and Equestrian society matured.

    7. Does Shining Armor rule The Crystal Empire along side of Cadance?

    I tend to subscribe to the idea that his position is Prince Consort, without any kind of ruling authority beyond the influence he has with his wife.

    I actually think it's an interesting question as to how much authority Cadance has in Pony Canada The Crystal Empire. Clearly she's of the proper royal lineage, but then again I kind of presume she was born in Equestria, and from the Crystal Ponies' perspective she kind of just shows up out of nowhere (much like to the rest of Equestria Pony Canada The Crystal Empire did). Of course, since the royal family of the Crystal Ponies was presumably exiled by Sombra's usurping of the throne, anyone of the proper pedigree is probably okay, but I imagine there's some period of adjustment going on.

    8. Other than Twilight, Luna, and Cadance, what relationships have been important to Celestia in her lifetime (students, close friends, lovers, family)?

    Well, again per "Book Of Days" i posit that Clover the Clever, Smart Cookie, & Pansy were parental figures in her early life. (And technically, again based on "Book Of Days" were sort of her mothers.) Starswirl the Bearded was something of a mentor and surrogate grandfather to both of the princesses in their early lives.

    I also believe that at some point both she and Luna were officially adopted by the royal family of the Unicorns, which bestowed upon them the title of Princess (and more informally, eventually made them every unicorn of royal blood's Aunt as time and generations went on). The reason that they maintained the title of Princess despite ruling Equestria was that they are not directly related by blood to the royal line of Unicorn Kings and Queens.

    Aside from that, I believe that Celestia has had many close friends and gifted students over the years. I imagine these ponies flourish under her tutelage, and go on to become some of the leading figures in Equestrian history and society. She's got muse-like qualities in addition to her magical power over the sun and immortality.

    Ponies and Equestrian Culture:

    9. Are there still cultural differences between earth ponies, pegasi, and unicorns, or is the culture homogeneous by the time shown in canon? Are there cultural stereotypes (positive or negative)?

    There are absolutely cultural differences, although the cultural differences are more pronounced between the pegasi and the other two tribes simply because the ground bound ponies mingle more easily. Due to greater potential for isolation, there are enclaves of pegasi who don't think much (or often) of the other tribes.

    All three tribes have their own idioms and colloquialisms. Pegasi tend to use weather imagery, earth ponies speak in terms of plants and growing things, and unicorn's speech is peppered with references to magic, gemstones, and astronomical phenomena.

    I tend to see the unicorns as more scholarly and urban versus the earth ponies' generally rural culture. Pegasi have a strong martial tradition, which manifests in modern times as an interest in sport and the ongoing strategic exercise of weather wrangling.

    Ponies being ponies, however, I'd say there's minimal if any outright hatred or destructive prejudice among them. After all, the nation was founded on the idea of Harmony.

    10. Are there foods or items native to Cloudsdale that are uncommon on the ground? Are there foods or items on the ground that are uncommon in Cloudsdale?

    Pegasi can manufacture an amazing array of objects from the stuff of clouds, from cloth-like substances to solid, marble like structures. They cannot, however, grow food, and must trade with the other tribes for food and durable goods.

    Pre-unification, and before the bad old days when the tribes were at each others throats, the pegasi were probably nomadic foragers, eating leaves and fruit from the tops of tall trees and possibly raiding other civilized creatures for what they needed.

    I also imagine that the unicorns, due to the superior dexterity of their telekinesis, are responsible for most of the crafting and manufacture of durable goods (with the addition of enchantments to allow such objects to be owned by pegasi without dropping thru the clouds when set down.) While the Hearth's Warming play focuses on their being responsible for raising the sun & moon, I think their ability to manufacture clothing and tools was as much a part of their role in the trade between the three tribes.

    11. Can all unicorns learn all spells, given the time and effort spent practicing them, or is magical talent usually limited in some way?

    Hmmm. I think that it's ostensibly possible for a unicorn to learn any spell with enough effort and time, but I think most average unicorns land on much more limited areas of magical expertise related to their special talent. I think unicorn magic is both an art and a science, and most unicorns are more intuitive than theoretical. Twilight, and other scholarly types like the teachers at Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, probably have a much deeper working knowledge of the nuts and bolts of magic. So it's kind of like, for example, a person becomes a very talented welder, but they can't really explain the physics, chemistry, and metallurgy involved the way a scientist can.

    12. Earth pony magic: Does it exist? What is it?

    I think earth pony magic manifests as a strong connection to the earth and the things that grow in and upon it. I think it resembles the pegasi's magic that allows them to fly and control the weather. I envision it as a sort of awareness and a sort of grounding, kind of like "The Force" as described in Star Wars.

    I think Pinkie's "Pinkie Sense" is the result of feedback coming to her through that connection to her surroundings and expressing itself as twitches. (Combined with a vast and rapid intuitive intelligence that hides beneath her kooky exterior.)

    13. Some pony families we’ve seen seem to have naming conventions (the Apples, Twilight’s family) and others don’t appear to (Rarity’s family, Pinkie’s family), which is more common? Are there reasons for one or the other?

    Pony naming is an interminable tangle of contradictions, exceptions, and anomalies driven by licensing, copyright, and expedience in the Studio B writing room.

    My own inclination is to say yes, they do have surnames, which can appear either before or after their given names. These surnames are matrilineal (i.e. the married couple adopt's the bride's family name). My headcanon/canon surnames for the Mane Six are: Sparkle, Dash, Apple, Pie, Belle, and Hurricane (Of the Cloudsdale Hurricanes. Yes, those Hurricanes.)

    14. How much formal schooling is an average, middle class pony expected to complete?

    Required: The equivalent of U.S. Grade school. Readin', Writin', and 'Rithmatic. Up to about the level of Middle School.

    Desired: High school or trade school. College educations are generally the province of pony doctors, lawyers, scientists, and unicorn thaumaturgists. Humanities (Hippologies?) are generally studied under the patronage of the crown or the noble houses, but colleges of history and philosophy, art schools, and conservatories exist.

    Pegasi are expected to do a couple seasons of flight camp training, for the safety of themselves and others (Which is kind of a holdover from their military culture of old. All able bodied ponies were expected to be able to fight for their tribe. Now they're expected to throw a wing into weather control if needed.)

    Unicorns receive some basic magic training. Celestia's School is at the epicenter of magical study in Equestria and is very exclusive, looking for the most talented among all walks of pony life.

    It's not uncommon for earth ponies to drop out of school early to take a job or work on the family farm. (I tend to believe this is what happened to Applejack upon the loss of her parents. Big Mac completed his education, and had more time in class to pick up his "fancy mathematics".)

    15. What’s the average lifespan for a pony? At what age is a pony expected to be independent of their parents?

    I imagine about 100+ years on average, with certain family lines capable of living much longer (The Apple clan, for example, boasts quite a few multi-centinarians.) I tend to envision ponies aging much like humans do. (A combination of good medicine and hygiene and the positive influence of pony magic.)

    I suppose a pony can achieve independence at around 15-16 years of age, although I think there's a tendency for the community to look out for young ponies out on their own. (I think this is the basis of the Cake's taking Pinkie into their home.)

    16. Are there roughly an equal number of male and female ponies?

    Yeah. A few more mares than stallions, but no real disparity.

    17. How informed are most ponies about things that happen in other parts of Equestria? What about other parts of the world?

    I envision Equestrian communication to be rather like the early to mid 19th. century here on earth. Newspapers and mail are the main modes of communication. Pegasi serve a vital role as couriers and mail ponies. The Princesses might have magical means of rapidly communicating with other parts of the world (crystal balls, magic mirrors, some kind of spell, dragon burps, etc.), but your average pony only knows what they read in the papers.

    Movies have been shown to be a thing in Equestria, so there may well be newsreels. I don't think they have anything like television or the internet (luckily for them.)

    In "Earth & Sky", which takes place 10 years in the future, I envision crystal driven radio technology and a telephone like device that allows horn to horn communication between unicorns, but even these are primitive compared to modern Earth communication.

    The Main Characters:

    18. How old are the Mane Six? Spike? The CMC?

    The Mane Six are late teens/early twenties. I think Applejack and Rarity are the same age and the oldest, then Fluttershy, then Pinkie, then Dash & Twilight. If I were to go so far as to assign ages to them as of the first episode, AJ & Rarity were 21, Fluttershy was 20, Pinkie was 19, and Twi & Dash were 18 apiece.

    The CMC were all around 9 years old, give or take a month, when the first season started. Spike was 10, which in dragon years is barely the blink of an eye.

    19. Did Fluttershy remain on the ground after getting her cutie mark? Were she and Rainbow Dash friends all along, or did they drift apart for a while?

    I think Fluttershy returned home to Cloudsdale, but made longer and more frequent trips to the ground until she finally moved out and set up in her cottage on the edge of Ponyville. (Which at the time was probably the bravest thing she'd ever done.)

    I envision Dash and Fluttershy bonding as flight camp outcasts, and I imagine Dash felt some responsibility for knocking Fluttershy off her cloud on that fateful day when she first Sonic Rainboomed. Her intrinsic loyalty due to both factors would make Rainbow see herself as a protector of sorts for Fluttershy. (I elaborate on this a bit in "The White Mare".) I also think Fluttershy's friendship would be valuable for Dash as somepony who she didn't feel she had to compete with who cared for her unconditionally.

    That being said, I don't envision it as a "joined at the hip" kind of friendship so much as Dash was always welcome to swing by and catch up, then go on her way having touched base and maintained the bond.

    20. Rarity and Applejack both seem to have grown up in Ponyville. What were their interactions like before the show?

    Probably not too frequent. They probably knew each other from school, but then Applejack dropped out when she lost her parents while Rarity stayed on and immersed herself in the study of her craft. Around town they were probably cordial but distant, traveling in very different worlds. Their prejudices against one another's way of life were present but unspoken. I tend to think they really didn't start getting on each others nerves until the bond of friendship pulled them too close to ignore their differences. You don't get half as mad at strangers' opinions as you do with the people you care about.

    21. What do Twilight and Spike consider their relationship to be?

    Little brother and big sister at the heart of it all. I think Celestia raised Spike in his early years and passed on more and more of that responsibility to Twilight as she got older. Spike's role as Twilight's assistant is a result of his imprinting on her scholarly tendencies, and while she's often a bit thoughtless in how she treats him in that role, Celestia encouraged it because the benefits of cultivating erudition and a bit of humility in a dragon far outweighs the potential negatives (which will lessen as Twilight continues to mature as a princess and a pony).

    22. When did Pinkie move in with the Cakes? Is she a worker who rents a room, an apprentice, or is there some other relationship?

    Probably around the time she moved away from home, which I imagine was at 15-16 years of age when the rock farm just couldn't contain her free spirit anymore. Her sense of fun and her sweet tooth led her to Sugarcube Corner, where she became an apprentice. I think her baking skills are adequate but a bit too experimental at this point, but her real contribution to the Cake's business is her party planning, which drums up a lot of customers for them. (Think of it like this, another baker can increase the shop's output, but a party planner increases the demand for their product much more.)

    23. Who among the Mane Six had the best parents growing up? The worst parents?

    I wouldn't say any of them had bad parents.

    The Sparkles were very average unicorns with very exceptional children, who were smart and loving enough to give their kids the support to excel. I'm sure to this day they're dazzled by what their daughter and son have accomplished. They strike me as white collar, probably working in education or in some form of government office in Canterlot.

    The Belles (Rarity's family, in my headcanon idea of their surname) were a bit more on the average side and weren't quite as adept at supporting their eldest in her dream, but still doted on her and on Sweetie Belle as well. I envision Rarity's dad as a gym teacher, who was responsible for his daughter taking self defense classes (as evidenced by her apparent knowledge of kung fu) so daddy's little lady could defend herself. I like to think of them as originally from the northern part of Equestria, like from Whinnyapolis or St. Foal. Rarity and Sweetie ate a lot of cheese growing up.

    The Apples were great parents, but gone far too soon. Luckily for the Apple siblings not only did they have their unsinkable Granny but the entirety of the extended Apple clan to support them and raise 'em right. That's not to say things weren't hard, but they had the strength to pull through the tough times thanks to the strength of their family bonds.

    The Dash's are kind of nebulous in my mind, but I tend to think of them as kind of blue collar (no pun intended). They probably worked in the Cloudsdale weather factory, which explains how Dash was able to give her friends that tour so ably in "Sonic Rainboom". She might have done some part time shifts there when she was younger, before deciding it wasn't for her and striking out on her own. Being the roots of the Element of Loyalty, they were probably tight knit, but also probably argued a lot based on Dash's volatile temperament.

    The Pies were stern but loving, rock solid and dependable. I don't truck with the idea that just because they were plain and rural they were oppressive or abusive to Pinkie. I just think there was a point at which she just didn't click with life on the rock farm and went her way in a swirl of confetti and promises to write often, which she probably does. That's not to say they can make head nor tail of her letters (or how she can cram so many balloons into them) but they still love her and look forward to getting them.

    I suppose the one who connected the least with her family was Fluttershy. In my headcanon, she's a direct descendant of Commander Hurricane, and her family is very prominent in Cloudsdale. While her parents love her deeply, her shy, retiring nature was just too much at odds with her bombastic heritage. (I think this explains a lot of things we know or can assume about Fluttershy. She lives alone and apparently without a full time job, probably due to the long distance support of her well to do family. She fears losing control and being a brute, because she's all too aware of the negative tendencies of her family. Her performance anxiety stems from the expectations piled upon a sensitive daughter of an illustrious lineage. I also think her fear of dragons was rooted in the grandiose (and often exaggerated) tales of her ancestors battles, and the cognitive dissonance of caring for all creatures but growing up listening to hair raising tales of dragon slaying.) I think she doesn't give her last name often because she doesn't want the attention or baggage that comes with it. "Hurricane Fluttershy" was the only instance of her being referred to by her full name in canon. :pinkiehappy:

    24. Why didn’t the CMC hang out more/know each other before Call of the Cutie?

    I think Scoots and Sweetie Belle knew each other. I think Apple Bloom was slower to make friends because of her responsibilities on the farm. Once again, due to the loss of her parents, I think keeping Sweet Apple Acres afloat is a strong influence on all the Apple siblings' lives. I think she finally fell in with the other CMC's from a combination of finding common ground about getting their cutie marks, as well as Applejack's bonding with the other Elements of Harmony showing her that friends are as worthy a goal as supporting family, and as a result making more opportunities for her little sister to experience that.

    25. Is Scootaloo an orphan? Will she ever be able to fly?

    She's not an orphan, we just haven't seen her parents on the show. If I were to give her more of a role in "Earth & Sky", I'd almost be willing to go so far as to posit that her parents are earth ponies, living in Ponyville and trying to raise a pegasus daughter. Her wood and plaster house in "Flight to the Finish" would back me up in canon.

    The way I see it playing out, which I referenced in "Earth & Sky", Scootaloo eventually goes to Zecora for help at Apple Bloom's urging, embarking on a long, arduous regimen of herbal treatments to strengthen her wings. (Zecora: "This potion will help your wings to grow, but I'm afraid the process will be very slow.") Her wings' slow development means that Rainbow Dash's high intensity approach to training isn't right for her. Instead, Scoots eventually winds up under the tutelage of one of Equestria's answer to Martha Graham, becoming a gifted dancer. She never develops the sort of speed or endurance in the open sky of her fillyhood idol, but is renowned for her grace as well as her own style of acrobatic daring in the controlled environment of the stage or dance floor.

    This headcanon is partly based on "The Show Stoppers" and partly is a result of wanting Scootaloo to become something more than just "Rainbow Dash Mk II".

    26. Will Apple Bloom’s cutie mark involve an apple in some way, even if it’s unrelated to farming or baking?

    Yes. Apple roots run deep. I actually think she's gonna get a hammer because of her skills shown in "The Show Stoppers" and also because she's said "Who wants a hammer for a Cutie Mark?" a couple times and I think the irony would be funny.

    27. How is Sweetie Belle’s relationship with their parents different than Rarity’s was?

    I think Sweetie takes more after her parents than Rarity does (their taste in cooking is an indication of this). While Sweetie might aspire to mimic Rarity at this early stage in her life (as with many younger siblings, they have a third person influencing them besides just Mom & Dad), I don't think in the long run she'll fall as far from the tree as her older sister has.

    In my future headcanon Sweetie's gift for singing will vault her to stardom, but she'll maintain her down to earth, sweet natured personality and never let it go to her head. (Even though there might be more than enough space for it up there.) (No offense, Sweetie Belle.) :unsuresweetie:

    Side and Background Characters:

    28. Is Mr. Cake the father of the Cake twins or not?

    Yes. Pony genetics being what they are it's unusual enough to remark on but not unheard of for families to be composed of different types.

    29. Are Big Mac and Cheerilee an item, romantically?

    Well, I ship Fluttermac. So Nnnope.

    That aside, my take on it would be that they might have held hooves in grade school but drifted apart when Mac had to shoulder the yoke down at the farm after losing his Ma & Pa while she went on to get her teachers' degree. Fond old friends, but romance is a thing of the past.

    30. How did Prince Blueblood get his title?

    Born to it. The unicorns still have a royal family dating back to Princess (eventually Queen) Platinum, but they've diminished since the unification of the tribes to largely a ceremonial position. The Princesses hold executive power as regents, as I said above. The crown of the unicorn kings & queens gathers dust in a mansion somewhere.

    The nobility of Equestria is mostly decorative, but they still exert a lot of influence and have a lot of money. A la "Earth & Sky" and "Sweet & Elite" I imagine Blueblood has a controlling interest in an airship company.

    31. Is Silver Spoon equally as bad as Diamond Tiara?

    I think she's more of a crony than a leader in the bullying. Sometimes, in spite of herself, she'll show a bit more of a "sterling" character, but mostly she just acts as Beavis to Tiara's Butthead.

    32. Is Zecora’s magic common among zebras?

    No. I think if we were gonna play cultural analogs the zebras would resemble the Masai. Nomadic, tough as nails, as close as sentient ungulates get to living life as herders. They'd probably travel with wildebeest and antelopes on the savanna, acting as warriors protecting the greater herd from lions and hyenas. (Seriously, zebras are pretty badass in real life.)

    I imagine some among them would have a shamanistic tradition, from which Zecora originates. Most of them probably serve their herd as healers, arbiters, and advisors, but Zecora's path was much more epic, leading her around the world and finally landing her in the Everfree. I'd say that in her youth, she was as much a magical prodigy as Twilight was among unicorns.

    33. Why does Daring Do publish her stories as fiction?

    Ah, well here we get to another point where I'm a bit disappointed in canon. In my opinion it was more interesting when the storybook world of the ponies had their own made up stories to tell one another rather than having everything be literal and "real" .

    I guess if I must formulate a headcanon reason, it's for the money.

    34. Do you have a strong headcanon for any non-speaking or one line background ponies that you want to share?

    I think Bulk Bicep is related to Featherweight in some way. Probably a big brother now that his further characterization in season four seems to be skewing the big guy younger.

    I also think Caramel, Bon Bon, and Twist are cousins. If I were to make up a surname I'd call them The Candys.

    Other Species:

    35. Does Equestria differentiate between speaking and non-speaking species, in terms of respect, rights and legal responsibilities? Is there some other line or scale used? (For example, how are cows classified? Diamond Dogs? A chimera?)

    Well, I think Equestria is primarily a land of, by, and for ponies. I think other species of the farm animal variety operate in a symbiotic relationship with the ponies, benefitting from the ponies' organized, magical society in exchange for the goods and services they can offer. Fences are built to protect them from predators, if they don't like conditions on a farm they're free to move on to greener pastures.

    Diamond Dogs are an unfriendly species with predatory leanings, and only their cowardice and disorganization keeps them from being a major threat. Their cunning and skill at burrowing keeps them from being permanently driven from Equestria. Like the changelings, they're mostly an opportunistic nuisance. They're analogous to common depictions of goblins or kobolds in a D&D like setting.

    Chimeras are monsters. Their power of speech just makes them more monstrous in that they can explain in gruesome detail how they'll kill and eat you.

    I'd say overall, the demarcating line is drawn between order and chaos, harmony and discord. If a critter wants to join society and get along, they're welcome. If not, then they're on their own.

    36. Do other speaking species form their own nations, or are all nations largely integrated, with some having larger populations of a species than others?

    Hard to say, as the only other nations we're aware of are Saddle Arabia and Pony Canada The Crystal Empire. I assume griffons have a homeland, but as for others I haven't really considered it. Diamond dogs and changelings fall into packs or hives, respectively, and don't really have the concept of a nation as Equestria is constituted.

    37. Are minotaurs related to cows at all?

    Probably. I imagine the evolutionary branch split off a long time ago, however.

    38. Do all zebras rhyme?

    After giving it some thought, I think probably not. It's the mystical path that Zecora walks, that somehow accounts for the way she talks.

    39. Do zebra cutie marks work the same way as pony cutie marks?

    I think they're more generalized, and maybe they speak more of a zebra's destiny than their calling. Zecora's mark, of a spiral surrounded by arrows pointing in all directions that forms a stylized sun, speaks to me of someone destined to travel far and wide, following a long and wide ranging path symbolized by the spiral, which could signify a journey outward from one's center or inward toward a greater awareness, ranging everywhere under the sun.

    40. Do any species have types of magic, other than ponies and zebras?

    Presumably so. Changelings have their glamer and their hypnosis. In "Earth & Sky" i was personally tickled by the concept of buffalo shamans producing clouds via rain dance for the pegasi of Appleloosa to use to fight fires.

    41. Is the lack of buffalo presence in Equestria cultural, or simply because most pony towns aren’t built to accommodate a full grown buffalo?

    I think it's just regional populations. They just don't range much further east or north of the Everfree forest.

    Headcanon and You:

    42. Do you consider official sources other than the show (comics, card game text, movies, novels, etc.) to be canon?

    If it's got Hasbro's logo stamped on it I consider it canon, although the show trumps other sources where conflicts arise. I might not agree with all of it but I acknowledge that it's official.

    43. Do you have one headcanon that you always use, or do you switch depending on projects?

    I have my core headcanon, but since the show doesn't always align with it I can veer toward or away from it based on the story's needs. Of course all bets are off if I'm doing Crossover, Parody, or Alternate Universe type stuff.

    44. Can you easily accept the headcanons of different writers? Do you prefer when stories match your headcanon?

    Everybody's got their own angle, and it's actually fun to see the different spin that writers put on the materials we've been given by canon. For example, even though I have a specific headcanon for Cadance and her origins, I think Skywriter's take for his "Cadance of Cloudsdale" stories is a very well tooled piece of mental ordinance indeed.

    45. Is there a part of your headcanon that you wish was more popular among writers?

    Not really. To each their own. I'm more interested in folks reading my stuff being the way my personal headcanon gets out there. :twilightsmile:

    46. Is there a popular piece of headcanon that other writers use that you dislike?

    Well, aside from my personal tastes regarding grimdark or sad fics, I'd say I have only one pet peeve and it's more a word choice issue than anything else...

    I really can't stand it when ponies use the word "plot" to refer to their rear ends. I know it's a silly thing but it just steams my beans because it yank's me right out of the narrative. "Plot" is a fandom meta-construct based on a bad joke that stems from a much older bad joke about reading Playboy magazine for the "articles". I might have lived a relatively sheltered life but have never heard any part of the female anatomy referred to as their "articles" when a wealth of other terms, from the polite to the profane, can be used much more naturally and without undue artifice.

    Here is a list of perfectly sensible, non-stilted, non-metafictional terms that a northbound pony might use to describe their southbound end: rump, croup, butt, hindquarters, haunches, tuchus, kiester, bum-bum, booty, can, bucket, anterior prominence, and patootie.

    Please. I beg of the fanficition community. Stop putting the word "plot" in ponies' mouths, unless they are talking about the events in a narrative or an area designated for gardening or burial.

    47. Have you ever written a story or blogpost just to explain some part of your headcanon (other than this one)?

    Yes. I'd say "Book of Days" is my most egregious example of it.

    48. Does your headcanon influence things like your favorite pony, ship, or episode?

    Eh, not really. I have ponies I like writing for vs. ones I don't as much. Rarity, Pinkie, and the Princesses are my favorites. I suppose my headcanons influence my relationship to them as a matter of course, but that's pretty much how it works, isn't it?

    49. Would it bother you if the show proved part of your headcanon wrong? Any specific piece that would really bother you to lose?

    Meh. I've already had it happen a couple times. The biggest of which is completing a novel length, time skip story about Twilight inventing artificial wings only to have her sprout a pair of her own at the end of season three. I have a feeling that there's a baseball bat labeled "The Journal of the Two Sisters" hurtling toward the kneecaps of "Book of Days", which has been why I've been a bit slow in updating. I'll get over it. That's why we have the AU tag, after all.

    50. Is there something that wasn't asked about here, but you feel like you need to explain to everyone?

    Nah. This was a fun exercise which hopefully will get my juices flowing for more writing. Just remember that it's all in fun, and that a cupful of joy beats a barrel of tragedy any day of the week!

    Thanks for reading! :twilightsmile: :pinkiehappy:

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This story is a sequel to Windfall

A brilliant mind discovers a problem in search of a solution, which leads to inspiration, which leads to invention, which leads to a technological/magical advance that will in time forever change Equestria.

Sequel to Windfall, set three years after the events in that story.

First Published
26th Jun 2012
Last Modified
22nd Jan 2013

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