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  • 93w, 5d
    Friendship is... ignored?

    As expected, most of my aforementioned concerns were dismissed because various reasons.  You know... I understand that I'm putting a lot of effort into complaining about the possibility of a direction of a show catered to little girls, but I find it insulting that people entirely dismiss any and all arguments just because they think I'm being butthurt.

    I'm not raging, I've said that already. I'm just sad that something I love is, by all accounts and evidence that we currently have, going in a new (and in my opinion, inferior) direction. Are we not allowed to fear for the loss of a good thing?  I fell in love with this show for a reason, and I'm not complaining just to complain.

    In the end though, I don't think my fears are entirely unfounded. After some thought and consideration, let's take a look at Season 3 and I'll explain what it is that has me so bugged.

    Season 3 is only thirteen episodes... you'd think with so few episodes, they'd focus more on the actual main characters and the meat of the series, taking it back to it's roots... but look at the episodes. Of the Thirteen Episodes:

    -Two are Spike Episodes.

    -Two are CMC Episodes.

    -Three are specifically focused on Twilight. (Crystal Empire and Mystery Magical Cure)

    -One, this latest one (Games Ponies Play), seemed to have no focus or point at all- except to show Twilight getting over her neural reactions, so, another Twilight centered one, which, by the way, removed one of her more blatant, and specific flaws, obviously in preparation to the final episode.

    That leaves only five of this entire season to actually pay any attention to the main six, and ALL FIVE of those episodes focus involve little more than one of those six ponies. And OF those five:

    -Too Many Pinkie Pies- The show is stolen by Pinkie's Clones and Twilight solves the problem, though we did get a good moment of Pinkie realizing she'd screwed up.

    -Magic Dual seemed to have no point at all, except to bring back Trixie, and perhaps show Twilight's prowess in a non-standard setting.

    -Wonderbolt Academy introduces a new character who, essentially, drives the plot, and Spitfire steals the show. At least Dash realizes when something's being overdone for once.

    -Apple Family Reunion has nothing to do with friendship, really, and the other five make a single appearance each. It did give us a bit more background on AJ though, which was nice.

    -Keep Calm and Flutter On was stolen by Discord's performance, though Flutters had her moments (I especially liked the part when she called the others out for thinking she was a gullible fool)

    There was almost no focus on the main six's friendship at all this entire season. No real interaction between them... and as that has always been my favorite part, I think that's why I haven't enjoyed this season as much as the others, and worry about the future of the participation of the main six who are not Twilight.

    For such a short season... they've ignored a lot of potential stories for what, in my opinion, are inferior. That being said, One Bad Apple is my favorite CMC episode... and I think that's because it feels more like what a Main 6 episode should have been like.

    I don't think my fears are unwarranted. Ever since A Canterlot Wedding the role of the main six apart from Twilight has been getting less and less relevant.  That trend is what I fear, and as more information is revealed, I see no evidence that the trend is going to stop or reverse itself.

    That... is why I fear for this show and the future of it.

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  • 95w, 1d
    Fundamental Changes.

    I don't normally have much to say... I'm not big author on this site, so I don't expect my voice to carry much weight, but sometimes... well... things happen that I just need to get off my chest.

    Okay, this post is going to be very SPOILLERIFFIC so if you've been living under a rock, well... stop reading. I'm fairly certain most of you already know what's coming though.

    So yeah... Alicorn Twilight.

    I admit to being one of those who are disappointed by this, but I believe my reason are different that what seems to be the mainstream reason. This show HAS always (mostly) been about Twilight, but it didn't always FOCUS on Twilight. Throughout Season 1, Twilight was always there, but it was her friends that pushed the envelope, that pushed the story, and she, being her adorkable self, just kept getting caught in the middle. The stories weren't about mythos or changes or anything... it was about how conflicting personalities and differences of opinions could still be worked around to maintain a stable and heartfelt friendship. What I loved, more than anything else in this series, is the character interaction, and season 1 did it best, which is why it's still my favorite season.

    Not that the others haven't had gems, but it seems to me that it's no longer the focus, and with Twilight becoming an Alicorn, the focus is now going in an entirely different direction. Because now Twilight will likely be almost the only one driving the story forward. And I'm sad at that. I'm not angry, or in an uproar... I'm sad.

    I'm not sad because this is happening to Twilight. If anything, I was one of those who suspected something like this way back in the beginning. I wrote a story (featured on this site) about Twilight's potential, and what I saw as a possibility, the connection between them and such. I have no qualms about this... but the timing... it's just bad.

    I feel like there's a WHOLE lot more that can be explored between these characters still. Heck, we still don't even know the nature of half their relationships. As I explained in the description of one of the pieces on my deviantart my favorite episodes were always the ones that threw two of the characters together and let them bounce off each other. 'Look Before you Sleep' (Rarity and AJ), 'Hurricane Fluttershy' (Flutters and Dash), 'Feeling Pinkie Keen' (Pinkie and Twi)... but there are so many relationships between the girls that we don't understand. How on earth does Rarity relate to Dash or Pinkie? How does Pinkie relate to Fluttershy and Applejack? (Personally, I think an episode based around Flutters and Pinkie could be phenomenal!), Or Twilight and Fluttershy? Twilight and Rarity? Twilight and Rainbow Dash?

    With this change, I can't help but see that the series is now moving in a different direction. Sure, Twilight will now have to develop new skills, but the emphasis on 'Friendship' is no longer there. She's essentially 'finished' her friendship studies, and now the focus will turn to her new life and responsibilities. That's not what I came to love about this show. Sure, the backstory and mythos is interesting and all, but this isn't why I fell in love with the show. I fell in love with the show because Friendship is Magic, and these characters were showing little girls how to do it RIGHT.

    But after something like this? I don't think there's any way that they can NOT take it in another direction, and to me, any other direction is a step down. THAT is why I'm disappointed in this change, especially in the middle of the show, because the focus is now going to be different.

    And that is why i don't want to see it happen.

    I accept that it's going to happen, and I'll stick around, and cross my fingers, but my expectation is at an all-time low right now, because it's my natural inclination to hope for the best, but expect the worst.

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  • ...

A week after the Gala, the six friends come to grips that the things they expected to happen never did.  Two particular ponies are faced with the idea that everything they were familiar with, everything they've become confident in has been turned upside down. Is it possible to recover your ideals when you've been proven unreliable at your talents?

Note: Formatting for the first five chapters has been corrected.  Geez, why didn't anyone /tell/ me it was so bad!?  It was missing everything!  Story should look MUCH better now.

First Published
25th Jun 2012
Last Modified
15th Jul 2012
#1 · 125w, 11h ago · · · Chapter 3 ·

I am sure that this is all based on solid, scientific, documented evidence.

#2 · 124w, 3d ago · · · Chapter 7 ·

Gah! Cliffhanger! My ancient foe! We meet again. :raritydespair:

#3 · 124w, 2d ago · · · Chapter 6 ·

Well, I found this to be an enjoyable read. Little episodic, not too grim and not too slapstick. It feels very slice-of-lifey. I can almost see it as "season 1, episode 27."

#4 · 123w, 5d ago · · · Chapter 7 ·

Good fun!  And bless you for adding visual breaks between the scenes.  I was getting a little whiplash from the transitions earlier on.

#5 · 123w, 5d ago · · · Chapter 7 ·


Oh good heavens!  The formatting of those first five chapters got /all/ sorts of screwed up!  Why hasn't anyone brought this to my attention before now!?  Should look better now.  Man, no italicizations, bolds... NOTHING! Thanks for finally mentioning it, and thanks for the comment!


Thanks!  That's exactly what I was going for when i first started writing it!  I just got stuck on a roadblock... but I'm actually VERY surprised how much of this fic actually melds with Season 2.


It won't be for long, I promise!


Heh... I wondered how many people would catch that reference when I put it in there. There's been more than I thought, but I couldn't resist.  It just seems like Pinkie's style. :pinkiehappy:

#6 · 123w, 5d ago · · · Chapter 7 ·

>>916095  You're welcome!  

#7 · 123w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 2 ·

A very nice chapter, but something really threw me off. Right after Rarity leaves Fluttershy's cottage the story jumps back to the first chapter with Pinkie asking about a book on parties to the end where Twilight announces her treasure chest.

#8 · 123w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 3 ·

Pinkie screaming that she needed paper made me laugh so hard! :rainbowlaugh:

#9 · 123w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 7 ·

Cliffhangers, how they mock me! I kid. Awesome story. I can't wait for the next part. :yay:

#10 · 123w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 7 ·


Yikes!  Something must've happened while I was cleaning up the formatting last night of the first five chapters.  Half of chapter 1 got caught into chapter 2! Should be fixed now, thanks for letting me know!  I was half asleep while I was doing that...

Glad you enjoyed the story! Thanks for commenting!

#11 · 123w, 3d ago · · · Chapter 3 ·

Big Mac has the right idea, just stay out of it, thats the smart decision. :eeyup:  

#12 · 123w, 21h ago · · · Chapter 7 ·

How dose this story only have 17 up votes? It definitely deserves more praise than its getting, looking forward to the next chapter.:rainbowdetermined2:    

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