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  • 13w, 1d
    Tavern Rewrite Update

    I've been sitting on the completed rewrite of Tavern's second chapter for a while now, but I've got a slight problem. In the process of redoing the chapter, it grew by about four thousand words—similar to how when I redid the first chapter, it grew about two thousand words. Based on what I want to add to the third chapter, it's also going to grow a bit in the rewrite.

    If I were to update Tavern with the new material I have right now, it would be a 40,000+ word fic contained in only three chapters. A lot of people like long chapters. Me, I'm not one of those people. Not really. So here's my proposition; when I finish rewriting the third chapter, I'll go in and split my three chapters into more manageable chunks. Say, six chapters total. At least. They'll still be long chapters, but they should give everyone more breathing room.

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  • 39w, 4d
    I feel like sharing this, so I will.

    “Marry me, Barrel!”

    My head jerks up. No, I wasn’t hearing things; Barrel, my dearest friend and the hostess of The Tin Whistle, has just been proposed to by one of her fine customers.

    It’s a sailor, no less—one of a group of three. The smell of the salt is still fresh upon them, and it’s plain they’ve got things on their minds besides their drinks. Barrel seemed to know them, and they’d looked friendly enough, so I wasn’t too concerned... until now, that is. The one that’s just proposed is deep in his cups, and his friends aren’t too far behind. Randy sailors? Could be trouble, I’m thinking.

    I throw Smasher a quick look. He starts moving in to defuse the situation, but then Barrel throws him a look, and reluctantly he sits back down. She turns back to her group of sea ponies.

    “Nay, Royal,” she says, grinning wide. “Marrying you sounds right fine, but it ain’t the stallion I’m saying ‘no’ to. It’s the occupation. It just wouldn’t do, you being a sailor and all.”

    “Wot?” says Royal, his pretty blue ears twitching in confusion.

    “It means I’m not cut out to be a sailors wife. No, it wouldn’t do, you always being called away to your duty, and me left out there crying on the docks, not knowing if I’d ever see your smiling face again. No, it just wouldn’t do,” she says, shaking her head in mock sadness.

    “So ye’d be coldhearted enough to turn me down after I’ves gone and plithed me troughs right in front’ve me mates? An’ me what would love ye a thousand times better than any unworthy lubber!”

    “Ah, but Royal,” says Barrel, laying a hoof on his elbow. “It would make your poor mother drop dead to see her fine son carrying home a common girl like me, wouldn’t it? She’d want to see her boy go to a real lady that’d clean him up, set him on the straight path, like. Davy, Miller, you’d say the same about your dear mothers, wouldn’t you?”

    Royal’s two friends nod in solemn agreement, but Royal is most persistent. He shakes his amber locks, then clutches at Barrel’s hoof and holds it near his chest.

    “Me heart only beats for you, luv. And it’ll surely break if’n you deny me.”

    “W-Well, all that stuff aside,” says Barrel, her cheeks reddening in a most becoming way. “There is one other small detail. I’ve already given my heart to another pony.”

    “Who?” says Royal, jumping halfway off his barstool. “Point out the scab an’ I’ll run ‘im through, and then we’s can be married and live happily for good and ever. Is ‘e here now?”

    “Aye. She most certainly is. Do you see that unicorn seated over by the fireplace?”

    Her eyes cut over to me, as do three other pairs of eyes. All of them bug out.

    Her!” cries Royal, and he points at me with his tail. “That scrawny thing? An’ she a... a lady! An’ a fine lady, too! You means to say the love’ve me life is sleepin’ with another mare?”

    I am neither scrawny, nor a fine lady, but I let it slide. I give the three rogues a dainty little wave, which sends them all into a frenzy of muttering among themselves.

    “It’s true,” says Barrel. “So you’d best say all your goodbyes tonight, ‘cause I know you ship out tomorrow. That mare over there’s named Trixie, and I love her and I’m leaving with her in spring. I won’t be here for you sorry lot of swabs to fawn over when next you make port.”

            Royal’s head sinks to the bar in despair. His friends take the news better, but not by much.

    Ah, lass,” rumbles Miller, shaking his bearded head. “Y’ve gone an’ made a terrible mistake, ye ‘ave. T’aint right for a mare to deny an honest sailor his ‘opes and dreams by beddin’ another mare, no it ain’t. Ain’t sportin’, like. An’ besides, think’ve all the fun yer missin!”

    Deep chuckling and winks and nods are traded all around, half-hearted ones from poor Royal. Barrel just straightens up and gives them her best opened mouthed grin, not at all cowed. Good for her, I say, even though Miller is dead wrong. We haven’t actually gone and done that just yet. We’ve hardly ever slept in the same bed, even. I’d promised myself I’d take things slow with her, and I have, so far. Mostly.

    “Aw, cheer up, lads,” she says, slipping easily into their own butchered way of speaking. “Surely such fine gents as ye can find a lass what’s a real lady like ‘er, not a poor excuse such as meself.”

    “Even so, dear Barrel,” says Davy, the youngest and cleanest of the three. “Will you give us a kiss? I spend many a lonely night up on the watch, aye, yes I do, an’ I could do with happy thought’s that‘ll keep me nice and toasty on a cruel winters eve.”

    “They’ll do more than that, you dog.” Barrel laughs at his cheek, but she leans in and does it anyway. Davy blushes a most comely shade of pink, and his mates slap him on the back and send up a cheer.

    “A toast!” cries Miller, rising out of his chair and swinging his mug up. “To Barrel, an’ the Tin Whistle! Best damn drinks in Trottingham an’ the most worthy lass in Equestria!”

    The patrons all roar their approval. Barrel and I lock eyes, and a quiet understanding passes between us.

    “It’s fine,” my eyes say to her. “Dance, be happy, and make your customers happy, too. I can’t always expect you to be good, hmmm? But we’ll still be talking about it later, you. Count on that.”

    Her eyes dip, another faint blush crosses her cheeks, and all is well.

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  • 40w, 4d
    Formatting Question for Loving Accusations

    Edit: I've decided not to mess with the story after all, but I'll leave this blog post up anyway for posterity's sake.

    I think the first chapter is too long. I think it would benefit if I cut it into two smaller chapters.

    (Don't panic, let me make my case first.)

    What I'd do is wait until I have the next part of the story finished and ready for posting; then, I would release two chapters at once. One would be the other half of the first chapter, cut down to size, and the other would be the next part of the story (the part that involves Rainbow). I'd leave an Authors Note at the start to inform people who don't read my blog to move ahead to the third chapter to get the next part of the story.

    As my readers, what do you think of this idea? Would it annoy you to have shorter chapters? Do you think it would interfere with your enjoyment of the story?

    I'm making no promises of cutting it up, I'm just really curious to hear what your thoughts are.

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  • 44w, 5d
    I'm calling it now.

    The mane six are going to realize the true nature of the virtues they all posses/ascend to true enlightenment, and the keys that open the box that came from the Tree of Harmony are going to be formed magically from their collective awakening, or something like that.

    Or in less confusing language: those flashes of rainbow we keep seeing aren't just for dramatic effect, it's to signify when that particular pony realizes how to truly embody the element they represent/bear.

    The thread from Coco and the badge from Spitfire are both "Keys". The rest of them will also be given by ponies to whom the Mane Six teach friendship lessons to.

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  • 48w, 1d
    Merry Christmas, Everypony

    Another year, gone. And a year spent without me releasing any new projects. Hisssss!

    This won't solve that problem, but it might help.

    Click Here for a Story!

    I posted this link several months ago, and I'm posting it again. It leads to the chapter hub of the new major pony story I've been working on this year. It's called "The Greyfeather Secret." It's an adventure story starring Daring Do, and I hope my readers will like it. Obviously, 'cause that's why I'm posting it here.

    Fun fact: This story assumed that Daring was a real pony living in Equestria, a full year before the fourth episode this season actually confirmed it. I'm rather proud of that fact.

    Also, congratulations to Dawn Fade for finally finishing UD. I know you wanted to finish it this holiday season, and I'm pleased you stuck with it til the end.

    That's it, guys. Have a Merry Christmas, a happy New Year, and all that other stuff. I'll see you again, soon.

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  • ...

Featured on Equestria Daily!

I, The Great and Powerful Trixie, have been reduced to performing magic tricks in a Trottingham tavern. One would think I'd never sink this low, but it's not as bad as it could be. The food is good, the beds are soft, and the company plentiful. The only problem?  I'm stuck here until I earn enough bits to buy another caravan so I can get back on the road where I belong.

So imagine my delight when one evening, a conpony walks through the door and starts cheating at cards. It was a golden opportunity: a chance to line my purse, play the heroine, and teach an amateur magician a thing or two about misdirection.

I had a perfect plan. My only mistake was getting a friend involved.

First Published
25th Jun 2012
Last Modified
30th Jun 2012

TRACKED !:pinkiehappy:

Trixie story that doesn't involve Mane Six :trixieshiftright:, do want :twilightsmile:

By the way, you shouldn't place "End of Chapter One" at the end of chapter one...because we can see it is the end of chapter one.:unsuresweetie:

Looks nice. I'll be sure to read it later.

Yes, true enough about the end of chapter thing. I'm so used to working with Google Documents, old habits die hard. Should be okay now.

>>806283 Other than that, it was great :pinkiehappy:

Good job!

Before reading: Trixie has friends? What is this madness? :rainbowhuh:

After reading: :pinkiegasp:

Most certainly is not a normal Trixie story, I don't read that many fics, (I'm usually too busy writing my own), but this one has most certainly garnered my interest. :pinkiehappy:

Trixie is always the lesbian....damn it

>>806408 I suppose it's true enough that Trixie is usually a lesbian in pony fics. But if she wasn't, who would one pair her with? That, you know, didn't result in a crackfic setup. It would definitely be interesting though, if it was done right.

I should point out, for anyone interested, that I was heavily inspired by the works of L. A. Meyer, especially for the actual writing style. I heartily recommend his books for anyone interested in reading about a strong female lead character.


Eeehhhh, kinda kills it for me but whatever

Well, Lysis, I said I'd make an account, and here I am. "Solo" was apparently already taken.

Well, this certainly got my adrenaline going.  The tension around the card game had me genuinely unsure as to how it'd play out, and not in that way where you're confused from bad writing; it was a thoroughly well-written scene.

That was just the highlight though, this whole first chapter is just grand in general. :twilightsmile: Loving the Trixie, the writing style, and that there's more TrixieFic in the works.

Gonna have to see where this goes. :trixieshiftright:

Nice. Tracked.

Trackation my friend. This has just gotten interesting.:trixieshiftright:


That's what happens when gender disparity between male and female in Equestria (and with real life horses) is somewhere in the ratio of 1:8.

The last chapter will go up sometime this weekend, I suspect.

#15 · 125w, 5d ago · 1 · · Open Road ·

I demand a sequal!

#16 · 125w, 5d ago · 1 · · Open Road ·

Seconding the demand for a sequel.

#17 · 125w, 5d ago · · · Open Road ·

Well... we'll see what kind of reception this story gets after a while. It's true there's an idea I have for a sequel... but it doesn't look like this story ever took off, ratings aside. It didn't get much exposure.

If you liked this enough to want a sequel, tell your friends and get the word out. I'd really appreciate it.

I'll have to read this later and see what's changed.

Glad you decided to break it up instead of having a 30k one shot :twilightsmile:

#19 · 125w, 4d ago · · · Open Road ·

Wow.. I'd love to see more of this. Great story, just great! I demand more! :pinkiegasp:

#20 · 125w, 3d ago · · · Open Road ·

so beautiful. :raritycry:

#21 · 125w, 3d ago · · · Open Road ·

This is fantastic. Were you to write a sequel, I'd definitely read it.

#22 · 125w, 2d ago · · · Open Road ·

And now I can't find my socks because the unexpected greatness of this story blew them off. and I too hope there is a sequal:pinkiehappy:

#23 · 125w, 2d ago · · · Open Road ·

This is amazing. :pinkiesmile:

#24 · 124w, 4d ago · · · Open Road ·

seguel! is much love time!

#25 · 124w, 4d ago · · · Open Road ·

3rd to you making a sequel!:twilightsheepish::twilightsheepish::flutterrage::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

#26 · 123w, 3d ago · · · Open Road ·

Fourth for demanding a sequel? Or more stories. God man, I'm a brony, not a filly, but you're getting dust in my eyes.

That was probably one of the sweetest stories I've ever read, period, and the fact that you've made my second least favorite character into one of my favorites is a testament to your sorcerer-like skill. Love the ending. Love the whole story. Now I need more of your work to devour.

#27 · 120w, 15h ago · · · Open Road ·

Boy, that was an unexpected surprise. Nearly killed me with that last chapter.

Good show. :heart:

#28 · 118w, 1d ago · · · Open Road ·

This is really good fic work, and I mean, really, really good. Your characters are well developed and rounded, and the pacing evolves quite naturally.

The ending reveal (which I will not spoil) took me by surprise, and I was quite happy to see how you resolved the whole thing.

I think it's a shame that this fic didn't get the attention it truly deserved, because this is an absolutely fantastic piece.

#29 · 118w, 6h ago · · · Open Road ·

Sometime around September, I'm going to start the notes for another design document. By Christmas, I should have something to publish.

It won't be a full on story, most likely a one shot. It will, however, be a canon sequel to this story.

Edit: No, there won't be a new chapter come Christmas time. I've got a Daring Do story to publish instead. I'll come back to this when I know what I'm doing. No sense rushing this stuff.

#30 · 117w, 2d ago · · · Open Road ·

Well! I'm glad my friend pointed me to this lovely fic ^^ I really enjoyed it. And I don't know if my experience was the same as many of the others who read it, but I found the first little bit to be a little hard to get into. Might've just been the first-person perspective that was taking a bit to adjust to, but once I did it was quite enjoyable ^^

I can't really give any opinions about viewership and such, but I'll at least be suggesting this to my friends ^^

#31 · 116w, 5d ago · · · Open Road ·

It's been a long time since I read such a good fanfic and I mean, I am reading a lot of them :twilightsheepish:

You did a great job and I enjoyed every minute of it.

So don't you dare to not write a sequel. :trixieshiftleft:

And don't you worry, I will share this masterpiece with every fanfic-reading brony I know!

I am very, VERY intrigued by the depth in this story. Especially in relation to Trixie's character.

You win ALL the mustaches. :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

#34 · 110w, 4d ago · · · Open Road ·


#35 · 110w, 4d ago · · · Open Road ·


Thanks. Glad you like it so much. :twilightblush:

That goes for everyone that's read, commented, upvoted, or liked the story, by the way. You guys are awesome.

#36 · 108w, 1d ago · · · Open Road ·

Went into this expecting just another Great and Powerful Shipfic :trixieshiftright:, got something that feels fuzzy and charming. Loved the first chapter, reading the rest now.

I gotta say, Chapter 2 was sweet. It gives a much more rounded and realistic portrayal of Trixie than many fics. Instead of exaggerating her obvious qualities and then basing her around them, you leave them understated and explain why she is what she is. Having recently been in the position of shooting down someone who was definitely into me but I wasn't sure how I felt about her, I feel Trixie's pain here. It felt good to read -- some warm and fuzzy slice of life.

#38 · 105w, 2d ago · · · Open Road ·

So, to sum up my reaction to this story:


Brilliant. I'd potentially enjoy a sequel, but I'm not sure exactly where to go from now on. You have a well-rounded happy ending with all the loose ends pretty well tied up.

Still, I'll be keeping an eye on you, Lysis :D

#39 · 105w, 2d ago · · · Open Road ·

About F-ing time I see this on EqD!

Locke, Stock, And Barrel.

It may be a coincidence, but if it isn't: nice reference :raritywink:

#41 · 105w, 2d ago · · · Open Road ·

I thought you did a very nice job.

#42 · 105w, 2d ago · · · Open Road ·

Blindingly brilliant, and I seem to have misplaced my lower jaw.  You better be on that sequel, man.

OH beautiful!

very, very well done!

don't have time to read more than chapter one now but as far as that goes, it's amazing!

Bravo Zulu my friend!

#44 · 105w, 2d ago · · · Open Road ·

That was really, really good. Thanks for a great story.

#45 · 105w, 2d ago · · · Open Road ·


#46 · 105w, 2d ago · · · Open Road ·

I very much enjoyed this.  I feel it quite effectively made a unreliable narrator that me, as a reader, had to second guess and interpret the perceptions, and of course the conclusions.

I feel the doubt and conflicting emotion were very well expressed both in a character, Trixie, struggling with 2 drives/goals and struggling with honesty.  Now this may be me just being cynical, I worry if the love will last as I'm not sure if Trixie's feelings will last.  Is her attachment a over-reaction to having an accepting pony?

One thing I did find odd is in the third chapter the brief segment from Barrel's POV has her "space out", now during Trixie's POV she spaced out 3 or 4 times but never once noticed Barrel space out.  This leads me wondering if maybe this were to be expanded this may need to be addressed  (as if only the reader-side POV gets accused of spacing out, well that might break the story-reader relationship

#47 · 105w, 2d ago · · · Open Road ·

Well crap... Now I need insulin...

That was an amazing story and I hate you for it. It's 0205 and I have school in the morning. I hope you feel good about yourself!

#48 · 105w, 1d ago · · · Open Road ·

Would it be cheesy to say that this story has made me see Trixie in a whole different light? Because it did. I never thought I'd be reading a Trixie fic, let alone faving one, but here I am. Great work. :twilightsmile:

#49 · 105w, 1d ago · · · Open Road ·

Thanks so much, guys. Your comments have really made me happy.

If Fimfiction's rating system was better, this would have been featured for sure. It was at the 13th slot, but because I didn't update the story, it wasn't fit for the feature box. Ah, well, such is life.

#50 · 105w, 1d ago · · · Open Road ·

Comment # 50, >>1442175 this is on EqD.


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