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  • 3w, 7h

    BEN'S Back, Bitches!

    So, long story short, there's no goddamn excuse for a two year long hiatus. I can do nothing but apologize continuously, but there WILL be more work done in the future. This story is nearly complete (approximately 5-10 chapters) and will be done within the first quarter/half of next year. Life has changed drastically - I now have a constant MWF job, and have late night classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays (forcing me to spend all day at school, since it's the only time I have for homework, and don't want to do it over the weekend), and of course, I don't particularly find myself part of the fandom any more. Regardless, I have returned, and WILL get this completed. The final two chapters and prologue snippet are done, half of the final fight is written up, and the chapter after the latest one (currently on chapter 20) is experiencing final revisions.

    Thank you, all of you who have stayed true, and, like one of the story's many messages goes, held your faith in people, particularly me.

    Seriously, it means a lot.

    I fucking love you all.


    Nick 'TheHylianJuggalo' Meisenhelter

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  • 86w, 6d
    Finally, Finally, Finally.

    I have written myself out of the hole I dug. While things may not be perfect, it is a start. I have everything I want to do planned out from this point forward, so you should expect approximately 5-6 more chapters to wrap this baby up. Not too terribly lengthy, and, as a bonus, expect some of the answers you've all been asking in the upcoming chapter, 'When Worlds Collide'.

    Hit the books hard - it's the crunch quarter!

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  • 103w, 4d

    As most of you know, I prefer, very much, to add music and sound to my fanfiction when appropriate. I believe doing so adds a level of interactivity and immersion. With that said, however, there are a handful of problems.

    I run most (if not all) of these musical tracks/sound effects through YouTube.

    As we all know, YouTube is not what it was when it started. Corporations have gotten their hands into it, and we face advertisements and takedown notices on a daily basis.

    I have an audio ripping program specifically for the website. I have personally gone through and extracted the audio of every musical track/sound effect that exists in my fanfiction to date.

    Here's what I want you, any loyal follower I have, to do.

    Go through the story again, and tell me what links are broken/removed/have ads.

    This will do me wonders, as I simply cannot keep up with everything in this story. Writer's block an term papers are destroying me right now, and to be quite honest, passion for this thing is starting to die. I know it hurts to say that, but it's an honest truth. DO NOT think for a second that means I'm going to up and leave this. I WILL get it done.

    Stay safe, have a happy holidays, and to any of my fellow collegiates out there, good luck on your final work.

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  • 109w, 6d
    Where the hell is BEN?

    Sorry everyone, for my lack of updating as of late. With midterms around the corner and getting thrown an essay every ten seconds in college (seriously, all my classes are writing-based, and all the final exams are 7-10 page research essays, so excuse me if I'm gonna be burnt the hell out from writing), I've had little room to write. Also, I'm all caught up with my work. So why is THAT of all things, being 'caught up', giving me trouble? Simple.

    Drafting for the project started around my birthday, back in March. I had plenty of free time on my hands back then, only a part time student, so I worked on the thing religiously, and my mind was bursting with ideas. I made it up to the eleventh chapter (Rarity's house) with clear goals in mind for all except everything from that point up to the final battle and ending, so everything that was being produced after, up to the most recent chapter, I had to take a handful of days planning out and coming up with ideas, and I was at this point, experiencing creative burnout, which is why the quality of the writing seems to be slipping to some of you. After seeing I had plenty of work done, I brought it on myself to start publishing in June after doing some general cleanup. I caught myself up to Rarity's chapter, added one (the small chapter involving AJ and Jadusable in the hospital), and at that point, because I had nothing ahead of me to build off of, I started hitting writer's block, and things came to me on a whim. I indeed wanted the zombies to be part of the story, but things changed a bit, and the Rainbow Factory chapter went through various adaptations before release.

    So now, here I sit, all caught up and have a ton of school work barreling down on me. This, on top of the fact that I have no work done months in advance, I've had little wiggle room to squeeze between updates. as I've had in the past, and therefore I haven't been pumping out chapters (I had so much work done which allowed for an influx of updates). Lastly, I've changed hands in my pre-reading staff, and fortunately, have one that criticizes me harshly (the other dude, my roomie, was a laid back pothead that okayed pretty much everything) So I've been spending a lot of time working and re-working the chapter that's slated to be released here in a few days (Again, D, thank you for saving this fic and getting my creative mindset back on track).

    So there you have it - being caught up with work, having a load of college work on my back, and new pre-readers that have me second-guessing myself are all cause for the month and a half delay. Don't lose hope, I will get this done. I've got the rest of the story drafted up and planned out, though not written.

    Stay safe, and watch where you swim.

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  • 113w, 22h
    Silly Filly Con!

    So, just got back from a local con with some buddies. Place was great, and the people were awesome. So happy to see so many more bronies in the local area that I thought there were. For those who listen to Celestia Radio, you probably caught the livestream. The plushie company White-Dove showed up, as well as Jessi Nowacking, the girl who does Vynil on Wub Time. Cosplay and PMV contest, sing-along... I even almost got killed by SHEDshy. First con for the area, they plan on doing it again. Definitely going again when I get the chance.

    Sorry for the slow work. I'm trying my best to make this next chapter worth the wait :twilightsmile:

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  • ...

Two years following the events of the haunted 'Majora' cartridge, newly minted brony, Jadusable prepares himself for his junior college graduation. Returning home from a drunken night of partying, he soon finds himself having issues with his old Nintendo 64, yet again. Following a few... technical difficulties, Jad finds himself in quite the strange land. Equestria? No. This place isn't real, it's only a cartoon.

Or is it truly? Soon, Jadusable finds that all is not well, and this place? It certainly isn't how the cartoon portrayed it.

Follow Jadusable's first-hand account in this mystical land as he discovers this new darkness that slowly taints it...

And comes face to face with a mortal enemy in the process, all the while, asking one simple question.

"How do I get home?"

This question may never be answered, but Jad will soon come to find a wicked scheme that threatens far more than Equestria and the real world...

*EDIT - 7/7/12* Yes, folks, this an unofficial sequel to the BEN Drowned ARG. If you have no clue what the hell this is, please feel free to view it in the link below for some back story.

(Takes place in real time, between seasons 2 and 3. Did I mention this is my first fic ever? xD)

Also, best read with the lights off >:D

First Published
22nd Jun 2012
Last Modified
31st Oct 2014

*SQUEE* Yay your fic's finally up ^_^ im happy to help you pre read this jugg, cant wait till the rest of the chapters are ready man! this fic is :pinkiecrazy: good!!!

Speaking of BEN, I had this little conversation with cleverbot recently

Me: May I speak to BEN?

Cleverbot: Yes, you may.

Me: Princess Luna is the best pony.

Cleverbot: Princess Luna is the best princess ever.

BEN is Pipsqueak:pinkiegasp:

>>791054 Well, hop onto the watch list, brother!


>>795220 THEN MY MIND WILL EXPLOAD BECAUSE THIS IS SO EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

will he ever tell them wtf is going one with the statue???

I liked how you referenced Story Of The Blanks and Sweet Apple Massacre and now everypony is getting beat the shit out of. If you make Diamond Tiara suffer like this or the CMC I will love you forever (No homo) :twilightsmile:

Speculation: Everypony dies leaving only Nick alive.

>>802691 Is this CrashSucksMariosAGOD from youtube?

>>803564 Alrighty. Also, Diamond and Silver... let's say I have plans.


Honest opinion?:ajsmug:

The best good HiE fic I've ever read.

And I read a lot.

>>805324 Well, be sure to pass this along then :D

:twilightoops: Damn! good thing I watched Higurashi or else I would have fainted at the arm dissection part.

Poor Nick, he doesn't realize that he has no allies in here and that he is being used. It's sad really. :fluttershysad:

>>808689 Actually, Higurashi was a big influence for that scene. Thanks for noticing :D

>>811168 If you want more inspiration watch Umineko No Naku Koro Ni too. :pinkiecrazy:

>>811168 what happened to sweetie and scoots?

>>817391 That shall be answered next chapter.

So, you actually listen to ICP and not just have that persona for the character in the story...

I love you :D

Creepy shit, I never really bothered with Ben Drowned. I spent more time on the various Pokemon Creepypasta. To think, that Pokemon could have such a dark side, even in the cannon.

>>825604 Believe it or not, I was planning on incorporating the 'buried alive' model into the story somewhere, but that idea got scrapped pretty fast.


>>825755 Thank god, I'm already losing sleep as it is... I don't wanna shit anymore bricks!

Huh,another juggalo on this site. Glad to know i'm not alone.

"They even say he can revive the dead, and kill on command.”

"Sweetie Belle was dead"

Ok, is BEN going to revive Sweetie Belle to turn her against Nick? :rainbowderp: If so, That's genius I must say. :raritystarry:

>>830291 Oh, I've got something even more viscous planned for Sweetie Belle...

Jesus, BEN's been doing a number on everybody. Even if someone said they would eat anything, who the FUCK would serve a child's corpse?

And they better go after Derpy soon, lest more drugs slip into the town.

Ironically, I also really want to continue playing Majora's Mask now.

Is Link ever gonna appear in the story? Or the Fierce Deity Mask? I wanna know.

i thought it was based on bits not gems

>>844438 No... bits are the currency, but currency is a representation of a certain thing that holds value. For example, the US economy is based on gold, all of which it owns is kept in Fort Knox.

>>847531 ah so you're saying they use bit but are backed by gems where as we use dollars and change which is backed by gold?

>>847551 Exactly. That's how economies work.


>>847573 Let's face it; any idiot can become president if they have a silver tongue.

>>848135 obama-care:pinkiesick: and i still don't know quite what it is it's 2,000 pages long, at least bill did something and then bush was um.. well 9/11 and stuff idk politics isn't my thing obviously though

A unofficial sequel to Ben Drowned?


>>856238 I was tired of Jadusable spending all his donation money on getting wasted. Frankly, I don't think he's gonna get it done, so I made this :twilightsheepish:

I was in a skype call when I was reading this... At "The Dawn of the First Day", my friend said my face went pale. ;_;

>>858098 depends, why do you care? I'm not important.

>>858119 Woah man... don't get so emotional. I was just wondering because... you read this, so I wanna know if I'm pleasing my followers...

>>858154 I said: I'm not important, so ignore me.

>>858154 Awesome story you got there

Also the Dark Colt Sabata there is my friend, and he gets this way sometimes.

>>863795 Alright. Keep an eye out for your broski there, okay? :)

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