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    New Story!

    It'll be out soon... it's short, and tagged "complete" even though it's not. It can't really be complete until I fix some things with my ex-special somepony, but it really helped me process. Just some AppleDash, nothing special, but give it a read? Offer some constructive criticism? I love y'all♥

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  • 70w, 5d
    Taking Suggestions for New Story

    Goddamn it, I need to write. Give me ideas, give me characters, and give me a target word count. I need ideas, because my muse hopped on the nearest train going anywhere. As did my brief love life. God, I'm fricking lovesick. Have you ever broken up with someone and regretted it like hell? Yeah, idiot who did that right. Fricking. Here.

    So. Um. Ideas? Please?

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    Longer chapters, better explanations, so on and so forth. Thoughts and ideas can go below.

    I'd be deleting the current story and completely starting from scratch.

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  • 89w, 4d
    Idea for a tumblr, seeking feedback.

    So… what happens? It’s a funny story.

    Sweetie Belle is an orphan.

    First post:

    I wasn’t always like this.

    So screwed up. Drunk more often than anypony should be, high every once in a while, pregnant.

    Yes, pregnant. I’ve made choices I wouldn’t wish on anypony else.

    I’ll start from the beginning. It was just six months ago. Can you believe that?

    Just six months…

    So what was six months ago? A fire. A fire that started from a dragon, completely unintentionally. Just a dragon out for a snooze, a little too close. The fire was everywhere. When Rarity told her to run, she did, and Rarity, Sweetie Belle’s family, and anypony else she could have been sent to. Sweetie Belle was sent to Ponyville Orphanage. A rundown place, where only a very few others were. Those beyond saving, as some would say. The disable, the mental. She was the only normal one, but it was a nightmare there.

    Abuse. Between the forced cleaning, forbiddances of magic or flying, the beatings, denial of food, lack of running water, and general yellings-at, Sweetie Belle broke. She ran away, like so many others would, and never returned.

    Frustrated, she went for a walk. She didn’t know the orphanage was on the bad side of town. She didn’t know that a shop called “Apple Cider” would sell hard apple cider. She didn’t know that this was the one place that sold to minors, if you knew how to get it. Sweetie Belle didn’t, but she got it somehow. ((Maybe walk in, sit on a certain stool, and just ask for “the lowest, cheapest cider y’gots.”)) Several glasses later, she’s kicked out, where she collapses in an alley, drunk off her flank.

    She’s found by the wrong kind of crowd, and becomes introduced to drugs with the promise it’ll make her headache go away. Yay, naïve Sweetie Belle! She becomes addicted, and begins working at Apple Cider to make some cash. She’s still homeless, sleeping in the same alley in a cozy box. All her money goes to drugs or alcohol, though when her boss finds out she’s a druggie, he wises her up. She decides to quit drugs, but her alcohol addiction persists until he tells her the dangers of that as well. He becomes her “street mentor,” teaching her what she needs to know.

    Until she’s… attacked in her cardboard box. Afraid, she goes to Ponyville Hospital, where she’s treated for a variety of things. Despite this, she continues drinking until a month or two later, when she returns for a follow-up and learns she’s preggers. She’s forced into rehab, lying about her current living standards, and slowly gets out of her addictions. She still is pregnant though, and she has to make the tough choices.

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  • 94w, 15h
    Moulin Rouge Parody Perhaps

    Capitals are fun :P

    I'm considering writing a Moulin Rouge parody, with Rarity as Satine, possibly Twilight as the fantabulous writer, Spike as our lovely head of the cirque, etc. Suggestions?

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  • ...

Twilight Sparkle gets pregnant, but won't reveal the father; rather, she leads her friends on a long mystery hunt to discover the father. Oh, and towards the end she has her baby.

[Tags: Pregnant, Twilight Sparkle, Baby, Mystery, Secret, Birth]

Inspiration from "Pinkie Pie Gets Pregnant" but in no way follows the same event.

Art is not mine.

Edit: OMC-13 On the PopularStories list? Yay!

First Published
17th Jun 2012
Last Modified
25th Jul 2012

Oooh a treasure hunt XD

I like this concept. Tracking now.

im liking it

Well, cannot exactly give it to you for originality, but let's see if you can do this well.

I think that's Twi's mom.Otherwise , great story so far .Twilight is

pleased . :twilightsmile:I kinda thought it had Big Mac too cause , you know a farm.:twilightblush: heh heh.

Well this is going to be interesting....

Hhmmmmmm. I wonder... It's spike because she said she didn't meet a stallion.:moustache:

I'm not going to make assumptions on who the father will be, so I will track this story and see what plans you have for us. Also, this reminds me of that treasure hunt from that dreadful Generation 3.5, when I think it was Sweetie Belle, held together a treasure hunt to find her.

Looks pretty good! And yeah, the pic is Twilights Mum. :twilightblush: But I can't wait to read some more!! :twilightsmile: Tracking this!! :rainbowkiss:

>>761826 That's original Twilight

I like the concept but actually I don't really like the story.

It seems a bit rushed, and Twilight acts pretty OC...

Either way I think I'll track it

>>762086 Twilight :Heh Heh

I guess you can say ...

(Gets glasses)

I (pokes eyes)


Rainbow : If you  cant qualify as  my pet ,Twilight I'm pretty sure you

Won't be able to as cool as me .

TWILIGHT:I know but I was just trying to get...

Dash:Don't say it....

Twilight :20%cooler....

Dash:You said it .....


Just one question; are the characters humanized or ponies?

Other than that

They're ponies. I know she's a bit OOC, but I'm working on it. I'm trying to find a better picture-any suggestions?

Chapter two and maybe three will be out by tonight.

this has potencial. not only would this go on to birth, but there is like a crimenovel on it to


BAM Father found okay everybody go home.

I really like this story. Very funny and light and I can't wait to see my answer being right :twilightsmile:.

  the sprinkles is this fanfic and i am the dog. i shall now wait for more chapters.


Don't you dare turn this into a "Pinkie Pie gets Pregnant" story where Twilight actually isn't pregnant

I predict that Twilight isn't pregnant. No pregnant mare (no matter how early) can bounce >= Pinkie Pie.


I promise y'all she is pregnant.

Doctor Whooves? :rainbowhuh:

Jut a wild guess, but I'm going to enjoy this very much!



this is one of the most confusing stories I've read, it stumps me. :rainbowlaugh:

Only one other story has me for a tizzy, but that is because the writing is as if the person is having a mental breakdown.

wait, the dad could be a mare?!?!:rainbowderp: how the fuq does that work?!?! I'm on to you Lyra.

Never said it was a stallion or mare or pony for that matter so Spike is a possobility

>>780647 Magic and ^



But not kidding multiple stories use magic in mare/mare relations to get foals :twilightsmile:

I'll tell you this much- IF it is a mare, yes it was magic :D

This is one of those stories thats great to find after its finished because then you can just read the whole thing in one go. The waiting is TOOOOOORTURE:raritycry:. Great story though :twilightsmile:

sooo...should I use mr bean here or something?:derpyderp1:

I'm getting Deja Vu here with a similar fic (although this time its Twilight being preggies)

So basically you've just added everybody to the list

all genders apply, all species apply.


Back to square one

So re-read edit

1 of the others knows under pinkie-promise

May not be a stallion

lives in ponyville

Wait.....Twilight reading "Parenting for a Single Mare"

:rainbowhuh: R63-clone or self-insemination?

There is no good evidence to rule out anything yet!!!!   :raritycry:

That's right... EVERYbody to the list. At least you know they live in Ponyville.

Okay... poll time!

How long do you want this to be?

A. Just three clues, then timeskip to the birth.

B. Five clues, then time skip.

C. Seven clues, then time skip.

D. X number of clues, then random fillerness to the birth instead of timeskip.

Y'all have an hour, because I want to finish this!

its Spike calling it.

>>780861 make this last man, make it last.

As long as it could possibly be with making it seem stretched thin, maybe seven clues. C

I think D.... It's the one with the most torture potential, without limit you can lead us to any conclusion you want us and even then you could throw in a few dream sequences to further muddy the trail.

Even the birthscene, or rather especially the birthscene.

You could have any character's point of view looking at the 'father' and then have the character wake up

Wait..Why am I giving advice to torture the reader? oh yeah, I'd like the story to be drawn out as much as possible so I can see and add to the insane theories.

I don't want you to use a number of clues before you go to the birth, I want you to play with your audience. I want you to simply write a story you feel happy about. If you choose to end it in 3 hints or 3000 hints so be it. but do it because you feel it flows right with the story. Not because the readers want closure, who cares about them?

hmmm, I get the impression that the Red Herring she was referring to was the last sentence, so I'm gonna stick with saying it's a stallion. It could be anyone, so my first guess is Doctor Whooves (If twilight is going to be a single parent, the dad has to have a good reason and being a time traveler might just be good enough). My second guess is Trixie (one night stand of hate sex which led to a magically induced pregnancy)

EDIT: It could be a changeling as well. That's my third and final guess.


I'm gonna be crazy and say that SNAILS IS THE FATHER!

It's not a colt-I promise that much. Or a filly. It is an adult/grown pony.

As for the red herring... /winks.

And you know what? I'm just going to keep writing until I think it's time to close this off.

Oh, and by the way, I'm still debating who the father is xD

OK here's what I got.

Something about a red herring. Pretty sure that symbolizes something, or it has some other meaning from the fish. Remember hearing about it from school, but can't remember the meaning.


One of the Mane 6 knows him.

To me that sounds like a good friend/family type of "know".

So, Big Mac . . . Blueblood? . . . Brayburn . . . Caramel?


Needs to be a unicorn. Reason being, if a unicorn could get herself pregnant, . . . Not ending well for society.

So, Trixie  . . . Vinyl Scratch? . . . Lyra?

Anybody else have any idea?

Or, Twilight could turn some random mare into a stallion for the night... I'm sure Twilight could pull it off. But I'm not saying what happened specifically.

well, what can i say...

Wait for it:pinkiehappy:

:pinkiegasp: got it

I want more of this!:flutterrage:

Sometimes I think Twilight is an ass sometimes.:eeyup:

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