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  • 1w, 6d
    Veteran on Veterans day.

    5 comments · 106 views
  • 10w, 3d
    Watch movie, write ponies.

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  • 11w, 5d
    Previews of my next updates!

    Why haven't I written anything, you ask? But I have! I updated a story followed by a whopping 73 people!


    And I have added to some fic updates, such as Mac Unhitched and Regression, and even a little bit of pony bar time!

    But, real life work is taking all my time.

    I'm sorry guys, I really am.

    It seems like I've just got so much going on right now. Like I went from 0-60 in under a few days time.

    I'm not quitting, or anything like that, but, I figure I'd let you know the progress on some of the things I've been working on.

    Hell, I'll even include a preview or two!

    As the Songbird Sings:

    The Monster From the Forest

    "Call for backup immediately! Get the entire division down here, now!" Sargent Shield said, rushing out the door, brandishing his spear as it hung in his magic. Once he rounded the corner of Fluttershy's cottage, he recognized the mare they were looking for.

    "Miss Fluttershy! Get away from that thing!"

    The Songbird stepped forward, causing the earth beneath their hooves to tremble. He balled his fists, revealing the razor sharp blades on his gloves.

    "Mr. Bird, please don't hurt them!" Fluttershy cried

    Sorry songbird fans, That's all you get! (because that's all there is :''(

    Macintosh Unhitched:

    Mac was up before the sun the next day. If the madame wanted this stallion dead, he supposed he had no choice. He had wrestled with the moral dilemma of killing a pony not connected with his mission.

    Ah suppose this is just another stop on the way... he thought, dressing himself in the dingy room given to him by his new employer. A shuffling sound distracted him. A newspaper slid beneath the door with a note tied around it, a last known location of his target. He took the paper, removing the note and stowing it in the pocket of his duster. He tossed the paper on the bed, but took a second glance once he caught the headline.


    Mac's jaw hung slack as he scanned through the opening paragraphs.

    The kidnapping of a vital part of the equestrian national defense six months ago has finally warranted a swift and just response from the crown. The army of the sun's ranks continue to grow as recruits flock to punish those who would commit crimes against the kingdom.

    The lawless territory newspapers usually had a pro-equestria slant, but Mac couldn't doubt the truth in black and white. He knew at the outset of his mission that it would only be a matter of time before word of Rainbow's disappearance became public knowledge. Once that happened, he knew the Princesses would have to do something.

    He would have never guessed that something was rebuild the Equestrian army. Further down the page, a picture of his wife and son stared back at him. His time was running out. Mac knew an invasion would only complicate things.

    "Another ponies' blood on your hooves."

    Mac cut his eyes to the old victorian chair in the corner. The light from the lantern didn't quite reach, though there was no need for it. He knew who was sitting there.

    "He knew what was coming. I gave him the choice."

    A bright red point of light rose, and then rested on the chairs arm as a cloud of smoke veiled the shadowy figure. "You sure didn't hesitate, did you?"

    Mac hated when he showed up. "You know what happens when you hesitate."

    A scoff echoed from the corner. "Yeah, I do. So, have you thought about what I said?"

    Mac's face twisted into a snarl. "Ah ain't a murderer."

    "You don't think so?" The figure leaned out of the shadows. "You know what murderers do, don't you?" Mac stared back at his dark companion, a reflection of himself. "They kill. You've killed." His dark passenger sat back, taking another drag of his cigarette. "Connect the dots."

    Please don't read in to how a hooved creature could hold a cigarette without fingers. I sure didn't.


    Princeps Autem Solis

    The full moon is due tonight. It is identical to countless nights before, only this time, there is a tension I've not felt in many hundreds of years. Something is wrong. A storm has been brewing on the horizon, and I fear my sister knows of it as well. What's truly worrying, is that she refuses to acknowledge it. The impeding worry covers her like the heaviest cloak, and yet, she pretends everything is fine. She may ignore it, but I believe I know what is coming.

    The blades are coming. Another case has been reported in Manehattan. The EIA has been exceptional at concealing the cases from the general public, but they're mounting. They can't be hidden forever.

    Celestia refuses to renew the covenant. We renewed it once before. Discord, Celestia and myself all gathered in the Hallowed Ground. It cost us dearly. Epona can be a cruel deity. She demands so much from us to keep our children safe, to allow them the same gifts that we have enjoyed.

    I'm afraid my sister's tolerance for the renewal has disappeared. I cannot lay blame upon her. It is truly a dreadful process, to be renewed. For the kingdom, it is good. Wonderous, no doubt. The lethargic are granted energy, the sad are given joy, and the angry are given peace. But for us, there is naught but misery. A torment beyond comparison, beyond the mere words of any language awaits us for every bargain struck with Epona. Our life, the lives of all creatures on this planet flow from her, and through her. It is only through her grace that we live, and it is only fitting, that through her grace, we should recede.

    A Pony Walks Into A Bar...


    Another time, a unicorn in a cape and wizard hat wandered in. She held her head high as she entered, the hat dragging across the doorframe. With a swish of her magic, her clothes hung themselves on the hatrack.

    All I've got. Still thinking of a story for Trixie.

    That's not all of it, but there's a sample of some of what I've been up to. Fans of the various stories, what did you think?

    4 comments · 221 views
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My name's Rainbow Dash. I'm Equestria's fastest pegasus, I'm the Element of Loyalty, I've saved the whole kingdom more than once, I've laughed in the face of danger, and I'm a coward. That's right, I said it. I'm a coward. I've always been sure I could do anything. Win any race, beat any opponent, complete any job. But this is something I can't outrun, outsmart, or outlast. What's causing me—the most awesome pegasus ever—so much trouble? You wouldn't believe me if I told you.  

First Published
9th Aug 2012
Last Modified
30th Jul 2013

good story so far! quite interesting, keep up the good work!:pinkiehappy:

my TwiDash senses are tingling.

Will definitely read.

EDIT: Me gusta.  Keep going.

What's causing me, the most awesome pegasus ever so much trouble?

> See's 'Romance' tag

> See's Twilight Sparkle tagged as other character

Hmm, I wonder... :rainbowlaugh:

*adds to reading list*


good start, will definately keep track of this one

#5 · 119w, 5d ago · 1 · · One Night Only ·

Alright, you have me interested. the first-person on Dash is pretty good - and rather bold, I tried it once and then decided against it - and the light comedy aspect is enjoyable as well. Especially the whole "A big fancy pants type, what was his name again?" "Fancy Pants"

Spelling error I noticed:

Her ears flattened like clouds against wind shear. - against a wind shear

I'm loving Rainbow Dash's narration in this.

#7 · 119w, 5d ago · 1 · · One Night Only ·

Now THIS is humour. The AJ bit had me chuckling rather heartily (I don't want to give too much away in the comments by quoting). Looking forward to seeing where this goes, take a thumb and a track my friend.

I'm certainly intrigued. You've got a good grasp of the characters, and the en medias res opening offered a great hook. Favorited, up-thumbed, and looking forward to more.

Uhm... Quite interesting... And an idea just popped into my head.

They all get drunk (even Fluttershy) and it doesn't end well, because Rainbow says something that she shouldn't say in front of Twi's parents and the Princess herself. I wonder what anyway...

Meanwhile, in my mind...


Back to me...

No. Just... no.

The sky is falling?

Jerk!  You almost made me read a TwiDash ship!  If I hadn't taken Evasion as my 4th level feat, I wouldv'e been screwed.

Holy Luna!

A first person RD fic thats GOOD?

Hmmm, your Dash is pretty good and quite accurate. I like where this is going, so I will track it.

This was so in-character for RD that I could practically hear her talking as I read.

     So far I'm enjoying reading this, nice job!

>>1056762 Haha... What?! :rainbowlaugh:

Also great job on the story bud. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Now then, Why isn't this in my favorites? Guess I'll have to fix this

You earn my usual awards for excellent storytelling, Moustache, Fave, and A thumbs up.

:moustache: You are a gentleman and a scholar.

Writing first-person is never all that easy, so I'm glad you actually do it well when it comes to Rainbow Dash. A lot of other folks seem to think

"AWESOME radical RADICAL awesome" = :rainbowhuh:

And it's great that you only use her slang in excusable amounts.

You've really nailed the characters. Twilight is adorable so far. More please.

>>1056426 Exact same here.

>>1057840 You mean she doesn't think like this?:pinkiegasp:

Sweet baby Celestia! You good sir have actually managed to do something I thought impossible! You got Rainbow Dash's character down so well I'm instinctively reading this in her voice! And the fic is awesome as well.

This chapter gets 5/5 moustaches. :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

(Poor Spike, even Dash calls the poor guy hopeless...)

this seems pretty interesting. Liked, tracked and faved.

Just read the first chapter, and I'm pleasantly surprised. It's hard to pull off a good first-pony story, especially a shipfic, cause that means you have to develop character personalities and thought processes in much more detail, but you definitely pulled it off. The character narrating WAS Rainbow Dash, in terms of attitude, speaking, etc.

Not making any promises, but if this story keeps up the pace it might get a star. (To keep, not just tracking.)

"we thought it would be just hilarious to try and put Mac's hoof in some warm water after he'd gone to bed. Long story short, we ended up nearly burning down the barn."

I want the long version XD

Ok, I'm intrigued.

I'm liking this. Well written and it's got some good humor going on. Can't wait to see the romance :3

Have a good one.

I like how you portrayed Twilight Sparkle in this. She's so cutesy-wutsey! :raritywink:


Hmm, interesting start. So, this is a first-person past tense (for most part, I'm assuming) story told by Rainbow Dash? Definitely interesting! :pinkiehappy:

Well, you seemed to nail RD with her personality, and mannerisms towards those friends she was with in this chapter. And probably in other things, even if they haven't been shown as of yet in the show, if ever. Namely in regards to romance, though I'm curious to see how things go from this chapter to when she falls for Twilight. Have to wonder if it'll happen when she gets hammered at Fancy Pants' bar/club, depending on what all happens.

Hmm, not much else I can comment on probably, so I'll just end it here! Looking forward to more chapters of this! Faved, rather than tracking.


This. A thousand times this.

As has been stated, you have a good handle on the characters. The whole exchange with Twi at the end was PERFECT. I know I can get like that sometimes.

Love it. Please make moar!

my avatar says what i love, please keep going, they are my two favorites and fav shipping pair:twilightsmile::heart::rainbowkiss:

Very persuasive first-person Dash.  :rainbowlaugh:   Duly starred for future reference.

TwiDash sense. Me likey :twilightsmile:

So this is a first person TwiDash story? If yes, then my God I am never closing this tab xD.


hmm Interested...

Loving this story already. Rainbow Dash makes a hilarious narrator, and seeing this labeled as TwiDash gets me hooked just like that :raritywink: You have yourself another follower!

'More like my new romance novels came in, and I just bought new bedsheets.'


:rainbowhuh: I dont know what to do!!!! I love this story but I dont like shipping!!!!! Why must you be such a talented writer?!?!

>>1059296 I'm keeping it lighthearted, there won't be any pony sex or anything.

TwiDash fics I've read like three of them and one of them was good enough to get a fav this is number two for a fav

Oh yea nice work with the characters you make Twilight super Adorakble :twilightsmile:

And also nice job with first person RD like a lot of people said in comments people always think it should be like omg I'm so amazing omg this I'm so cool etc but anyway nice work:moustache:

I'm looking forward to the next chapter!

Keep up the good work. :twilightsmile:

Awesome! I can't wait for more. Tracked, faved, etcetera.

"Right, now that this comment is done being typed, I can get down to business." *refresh* "damn" *refresh* "damn" *refresh* "damn"

I certainly like this story, it has a pretty great start and I would be keeping a eye on this story :rainbowdetermined2: for more chapters to come. Good Job..!

I think it's so hilarious how some people get so attached to specific ships that they will like or unlike something immediately.  Why?  If the writing is good, read it, if it's not, stop reading it.  No shipping exists in canon, so deal with that.

Great story so far.  Best canon RD given the situation you've setup so far.  Deserves lots of likes.

>>1059917 Dat gif brings me great joy.

>>1060107 Glad you liked it! I try to make my fics stand out in some way, so I figured an interesting hook would pull readers in from the start.

>>1059591>>1058973>>1058090>>1058023>>1057941>>1057792>>1057717>>1057707>>1057298>>1057139 Thanks! I'm glad you are all enjoying it so far!

>>1057730 Why thank you, comrade.

>>1059220 This guy gets it.

>>1058446 This went through a few editors before being posted just to make sure I had RD and Twilight down. in future chaps, I may give Twilight a chance to narrate.

>>1058048 I honestly find first person narratives to be way easier than 3rd omniscient. Particularly how you can get inside that characters head and get a better feel for how and why they act the way they do.

>>1058021 Thanks! I'd like to think I'm pretty good at RD and Twilight. I'd say the hardest to do 1st person for would be Pinkie, but the others are fairly easy.

>>1060141 That was a ton of replies. :unsuresweetie:

wow, I like it. very much! :)

>>1060187 I try to reply to all my commenters. I read all the comments, and just don't want people to think I'm ignoring them or anything. The fact that people care enough to comment is part of what keeps me writing!

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