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    Following the events of Equestrian Equation, Twilight must lead her people to a new life in the Milky Way Galaxy, prevent the established races from exploiting the Herd, and prepare for the inevitable return of the Reapers. (An Interactive story)
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    The Doctor, Twilight, Rarity and Pinkie Pie visit their first alien world in the TARDIS; the planet of Qing, and meet its exotic inhabitants, the Quilin. But not everything in this near-perfect utopia is as it seems.
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    In this exclusive DLC, what begins as a simple search-and-rescue mission unveils a mystery millions of years in the making. Your choices are Commander Shepard's choices, and all of Equestria is at stake.
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  • 24w, 5d
    Answers to your Questions

    And a week has already passed. Wow, that was fast.

    Okay, here we go, you asked questions and now here are the answers. For reference, Loyal2Luna’s responses are in red, and 2dextreem’s in blue.

    Not much else to say except have a good weekend wherever you are and stay tuned for pending updates in the near future.


    Jeray2000 asks:

    Personal Question: How many gladiator battles do you participate in a week?

    Between five and seven a week. They are long, grueling ordeals where my mental capabilities and physical stress levels are tested, my soul battered and beaten by the inevitable march of overwhelming odds. The wealthy laugh and the poor jeer as I try to maintain a balance in this area and earn my weekly prize.

    Wait, you were asking about my job, right?


    Psychicscubadiver asks:

    What's your name?

    What's your quest?

    And what's your favorite color?

    More seriously, how many stories will be in your Doctor Whooves series?

    Sir Galahad of Camelot.

    To seek the Holy Grail.


    *sigh* Amature, this is how you cross the Bridge of Doom.

    Loyal2Luna of Equestria, aka Mina the Human.

    To be the most beloved crossover writer in the MLP Fandom.

    Is iridescence a color?

    Psychicscubadiver: “I don’t kn-- AAAAAEEEGGGGH!!!”

    Eheh, gets them every time… Now, to answer the next question: Originally Dr. Whooves was slated for 12 episodes, although that was back over two years ago when I first started posting them. While I fully intend to continue with them, I am uncertain which of those episode ideas will be pursued now. The next episode (featuring Rainbow Dash) is already set in stone as is the last episode. What is between them however, will depend on support and RL issues over the next while.


    Fedorasarecool asks:

    A serious question, are you planning on explaining Pinkie Pie Pie-ness in  Doctor Whooves? you seem to be leading up to it…

    Yes, this and many other questions the Doctor has about the Equestrian Universe will be eventually cleared up.


    Nelend86 asks:

    So where did you disappear to anyways?

    The black hole of adult life known as work. I was promoted late last year to a management position in my job and put on salary, which in retrospect has become the biggest mistake of my life as it seems to have translated into ‘You can work as much as we want you to, make no overtime, and have no limit on hours per day.’ 55-60 hour weeks are not uncommon for me anymore and when I do get home, I tend to be so wiped out I just want to snuggle with my griffin, watch some Mythbusters, or play the latest ‘distraction’ game.

    On my days off, this tends to go doubly so as I’ve fallen into the habit of catching up on my sleep debt Sundays and being generally lazy.

    The only upside to this is the fact that mine and my husband’s personal debts have come down dramatically in the last half-year. So I guess I can’t complain for doing well financially.


    SCP Pinkamena Asks:

    2dextreme: Do you really live life to the extreme?

    Every. Single. Day.

    Loyal2Luna: Have you ever considered being loyal to Celestia?

    I technically am, I mean, I am not plotting to overthrow her or anything. I have nothing against Celestia and I certainly am not the sort to suggest that she is incapable of protecting her subjects or incompetent like some fans do. My resonance with Luna is more due to her artistic, and less ‘grandiose’ personality. As a Princess, Celestia is the ‘old school’ sort of benevolent dictator… As an individual, well… If I had to choose who I spend my time with, it would be with Luna.

    L2L's (Griffon) Husband: ...How y'all meet?

    I’ll answer this one since he doesn’t like to get involved in my ‘Pony things.’ Stephen and I were high school sweethearts. I came from a somewhat conservative religious family and he’s very much ‘not’ so… call it rebellion or a case of interest in something new… or you could be like my parents and call it ‘corruption.’ But thanks to him I discovered my geekhood, getting into all sort of new things like video-games, tabletop games, and new genres of books which led to my now prominent interest in sci-fi and fantasy.

    In many ways, you can owe my current status as a writer to him.


    Metallusionsismagic asks:

    Do you go to conventions?  Do you want to?

    I went to Dragoncon one year in Atlanta, Georgia USA, before MLP:FIM came out, but aside from that, I have not had the time or until recently the funds to attend conventions. Given that I live in the smack middle of nowhere, and every time we (my husband and I) have tried to plan for a convention, something comes up. It’s a little tough for me to ‘get out’ anywhere. Would I like to, yeah. But will I, unfortunately probably not.

    I go to Rochester Institute of Technology, so every year I go to their ToraCon (it’s like a much smaller, more local Comic Con). I’ve always wanted to attend one of the bigger Cons, but no MLP Cons, though; those people are scurry.


    Appletank asks:

    How do you think Daleks pick very important smallish things up that fall on the floor? When they're alone?

    Loyal-Dalek: “EN-GAGE VACUUM DEVICE!” *runs over smallish object and sucks it up like an evil Nazi-Dyson*  


    How are ya?

    Tired, which is pretty common. But I’m used to it, thanks for asking.

    Fine, thanks. How about you?


    The Literary Lord asks:

    How sentient were the individual programs of the simulation?

    Aside from the Royal Sisters and Discord, there were no truly sentient programs. They were all just basic personality profiles, but with a few exceptions. Some were custom-made by Discord, such as Trixie or Flim and Flam. And then there’s Spike, whose programming and behavior was modelled off of Forty-Two’s, but in terms of sentience he was no different than the other programs, just more nuanced.

    Also of note is the fact that the VIs of the simulation were still quite sophisticated, capable of imitating life, but not being alive themselves. Spike in particular was close, but not quite self-aware. This was required due to the constant contact that Twilight had with him.

    Is the "Equestrian Equation" ending that we ended up with the one you preferred?

    I always hoped for the ‘Launch Awaken Protocol’ ending to be honest, and was very pleased to see the cause picked up by such a huge majority of the readers.

    Are you referring to the story’s final choice, or the vote on which sequel would be made? Either way, I’m glad for both. I’m having a great time writing Shades of Twilight.


    JustAnotherTimeLord asks:

    I guess I'll ask the same question again: how long is the Doctor Whooves series going to be? Usually, I get the same answer with this question, but I'll ask anyway.

    As mentioned above, it was originally slated for 12 episodes. I don’t know if it will reach that ambitious goal, but we shall see. At the very least, every member of the Mane Six will get at least one adventure where they play a major role, as well as a group story set in modern-day Equestria and finally the climatic Doctor Whooves finale.


    nothing_to_see_here asks:

    I know you probably have so much on your plate right now, and this probably doesn't rank too high on priorities, but are you going to continue helping ed with Shepard's R&R?

    Yes, I am fully intending to return to helping Ed with Shepard’s R&R. My absence has been due to draws on my time and difficulty with work rather than inattentiveness or disinterest on my part. I have been working for some time to mitigate both problems.  


    Hog Roast asks:

    Do you think that there'd - hypothetically - be a possibility of you writing the alternate endings in full if you ever had the time? Or do you find the summaries to be enough?

    I would love to, but have not the time to re-write endings or alternate scenarios for other stories. I have no problem if someone else would like to give it a shot, writing the ‘path not taken’ in detail. But as for Equestrian Equation (as well as Shades of Twilight and Harmony for All) I will only be doing one detailed write-through. Replays will have to come from other authors.

    Do you ever feel that you've bitten off more than you can chew with having three fics on the go, especially when your personal life has taken precedence over them for so much of the past year or so?

    It’s not my stories I’ve bitten off more of, it’s the life I’ve bitten off more of. Unfortunately, that is the sacrifice made for financial stability in this capitalist society we live in. *sighs*


    Tunalock asks:

    What's the best way of making an interactive story work well?

    Fluidity. Always keep in mind that your story is always changing, even if you already have an idea of the direction you want it to go in. Plan for any outcome, but don’t commit to an idea until it’s written down and ready to be put out there.

    Improvisation is also a huge factor. While certain scenes are set in stone in my mind, it’s always important to make the story feel spontaneous and that things are occurring as a result of the choices and story rather than in spite of them. One issue I’ve seen too much of in games with morality systems (like for example inFAMOUS 1 & 2) is that between the choices, the character is kept bland and generic so that either side could be taken. While this may be to streamline gameplay mechanics, a story allows characters to evolve based on readers’ decisions. So if Shepard’s decisions make him a paragon, he should behave like a paragon and not as a neutral individual in the story.

    Do you plan on using any Doctor Who aliens, or are you going to make your own for the entirety of the series? 'Cause I'd like to see a story with the Vashta Nerada because they are the best.

    Well, a Whoovian legacy alien has already been seen with Anasi, the ‘Eight-Leg’ who attempted to take over Zebrica. However, if you are referring to more commonly known Dr. Who villains, then yes. And you will be seeing them quite soon if I have anything to say about it.

    Although, since the Vashta Nerada were used by Squeak-Anon in the original ‘Traveler’ story (which was the springboard into the Dr. Whooves Series) I do not intend to use them again. Sorry.

    Do you plan on doing any crossovers with any other series when you finish one?

    I can’t speak for Loyal, but I once had a funny idea for an Uncharted crossover. It would be a one-shot featuring Nathan Drake and Daring Do tag-teaming an ancient ruin together, and right at the end when they defeat all the traps and snag the treasure, we cut to a scene of Nathan asleep in bed, dreaming up the whole thing while snuggling his favorite Daring Do plushie.

    As for myself, I do occasionally get bouts of inspiration. I had entertained an idea for a sequel to the Phoenix Wright/MLP:FiM crossover, Turnabout Storm (as featured on Youtube) but was abandoned due to lack of time. Perhaps one day I will write it but not until at least one of the current projects is complete.  


    darkponyD asks:

    are you going to do anything for the 50th anniversary of DW?

    Well, the 50th Anniversary has already come and gone, so I think not. Originally I had intended to do something way back at conception of the Dr. Whooves storyline, but I didn’t crank out stories as quickly as I had intended. So no, I don’t think I’ll be doing anything special.

    Also, you bring up an interesting point that I feel is worth mentioning. For the purposes of Doctor Whooves Adventures, we are discounting the existence of John Hurt’s “War Doctor” as introduced in the 50th anniversary special. Not only does it make it easier for us since he’s never mentioned in previous story canon, it also allows for the pony Doctor to be his legitimate “twelfth” regeneration, which will be a factor later on in the series, as the Doctor is literally on his last life.

    Would you be against doing a crossover with X-Men Days of Future Past?

    I am afraid so. While I do enjoy Marvel and DC, I don’t know either property well enough to do such a crossover. I can say that I will not be producing such a story in the foreseeable future.


    xanderman1201 asks:

    Question: Will Kolyat ever make an appearance in Shades of Twilight, since he does start working for Captain Bailey after Thane's loyalty mission?

    If Kolyat makes an appearance, it will be a minor cameo. The intention here is not to revisit all the folks that Shepard has had an impact on, but for the Herd to find its own place. After all, there is a big galaxy out there full of diverse personalities. Some good, some bad, and many have stories to tell.

    Question: Will "the Shadow Broker" (Liara) ever contact the herd for any reason?


    Question: Will we ever get to see the ponies go anywhere that isn't the citadel?

    Yes. In fact, this will become a major point of a later arc.

    Question: How do I get one of those Marr Bell Plushies? So adorable

    To my knowledge, that plushie is currently one of a kind and custom made. I suppose the only way to get one would be to commission the artisan who created that one and inquire on how much it would be to have a second made. If a second IS made, please inform me and send pictures.


    17th_Immortal asks:

    Hmm... Do you think you might actually write out that 'Neutral' option someday?

    I’m sorry, but I’m afraid not. As much as I would love to go over and rewrite every outcome, I simply don’t have time or energy to put forth into that sort of project when there are new events happening both in the ‘Equestrian Trilogy’ and in other projects, like Sly Cooper and Dr. Whooves. I would not be averse to someone else writing up their own interpretations however.


    Antiguo asks:

    Exactly what are the Alicorns?


    Yes, they are literally walking spoilers. Luna can’t keep her mouth shut about Game of Thrones.

    THEY KILLED WHO THIS EPISODE?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! *dramatic camera angle*

    Do they reincarnate and is Luna the reincarnation of Lady Astrolia?

    There is a connection between Luna and Lady Astrolia, but it is not one of reincarnation.

    How long they live?

    Alicorn lifespans are difficult to quantify because they live so long and many records from before Celestia’s Rule have either been lost to antiquity and/or stored away in the various libraries across Equestria. However it is understood that they are not immortal. Celestia herself is believed to be over two thousand years old at least. The longest known reign of an alicorn was the Night Empress Nocturnal, who ruled (supposedly) for over three thousand years, but this estimation is from surviving written records and is only a theory.

    Has always been an Alicorn in the societies of ponies?

    At least one alicorn ruler has been present for much of civilized history, although there are gaps in that history, such as the Founding of Equestria, which has raised many questions as the legend does not mention an alicorn ruler and instead focuses on three regional houses of the various tribes.

    How powerful they are? In what extent they represent the natural forces they control? Are they avatar, humanoids, gods or elemental archmages?  Do they need to eat and/or sleep? Do they reproduce? If you were to compare them to a race in the Who verse, who or what  would they be parallel to?

    Wow, rapid fire questions… Okay, this is a tricky one.

    In order: I suppose the best way to quantify it is ‘Less than a goddess, more than a pony.’ Their power over the sun and moon is mostly symbolic as far as the common pony is concerned, they do little more than raise and set their respective celestial bodies. They are considered to be, for the most part anyways, demigods. In spite of their powers, their bodies are flesh and blood and have the same requirements, as Celestia’s kitchen staff is sure to confess to. Common belief is that Alicorns are ‘made,’ not born. Although lore indicates that they are by no means abstinent, the dalliances of the alicorns past and present are almost always shrouded in mystery. And to date, There has never been any documentation of an ‘infant’ alicorn (although a few references exist to pre-teen alicorns in the company of another, elder mare) As for the last question: Spoilers.

    According to your time travel rules, what happened to twilight future? Do the ponies there became the  Equestria version of the Meanwhiles and Neverweres? Were they destroyed? Did It branched into an alternate universe, leaving them simply cut from the "Original" verse? Do they reincarnated into new ponies that follow the Series verse history? Were they saved or just became a cautionary tale to create a good future?

    Wow, you are good at these. Okay, here we go again. Really I can sum this all up with one word: Reapers. No, you don’t need to call in Shepard and the Normandy. It is established in ‘Traveler’ that Equestria has its own version of the time-stream's custodians. They fix paradoxes and ‘devour’ invalid timelines, like they did when Rose Tyler attempted to change her personal history by saving her father. It can also be assumed that the Doctor’s attempts to alter fixed points in the past have met with similar fates. As the Doctor recently stated, “That never happened and it never CAN happen.”

    By everything the Doctor knows and believes about the nature of time travel (and let’s face it, he’s the ultimate expert) Twi-Two and the future that she ruled in an endless twilight is gone, nothing more than a memory in the minds of the only two ponies who experienced it.


    Verneko87 asks:

    Are you keen on any Assassin's Creed titles?

    I played the first one, was not too impressed. Assassin’s Creed 2 was a HUGE improvement and I greatly enjoyed Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. But I have not played any past that one. I do have a friend who is absolutely obsessed with the series, so unfortunate spoilers have prevented me from being overly eager to progress.  

    Never played them, but I might one day.


    nioniosbbb asks:

    May i ask how you get your fics to get read?

    Patience and making a connection to the audience. You can't expect a massive readership right away. Give it time and if the story is enough to draw readers in, to get them thinking, then they will come. The important thing is to tell the story you want to tell.

    It’s funny you ask that, because other than posting my story on this site, I’ve done virtually nothing in the way of gathering readers. I just let the story’s quality speak for itself, and that seems to work just fine. It also helps that HiE is, at the very least, a genre of interest to most people. Also, I’ll let you in on a secret: Absolutely nobody I know in real life knows that I do this. Not even my parents. Funny, because most people would consider a 200,000 word story to be a pretty big accomplishment.


    Derpmind asks:

    To Derp, or not to Derp? That is the question.

    Whether it is nobler to Derp in the mind… or to Derp aloud. I say, life’s too short not to Derp.

    Derp. In moderation.


    Fable_Wright asks:

    Any chance we'll see Marr again in Doctor Whooves: the series?

    Yes, although it will be a while before we see her again.

    Have either of you ever played Dungeons & Dragons?

    I have, although my first foray into tabletop was actually in white-wolf games, namely, ‘Mage the Ascension.’ I have played a few games of the actual Dungeons & Dragons, but it’s definitely in the minority of my tabletop. I have enjoyed Whitewolf (Mage and Vampire), some Shadowrun (a little too dark for me, but eh), Mutants and Masterminds (Superhero RPG), and some Star Wars Saga Edition.

    Yes, though not nearly as much as I’d like. I’ve played through one whole campaign with a half-elf Paladin and three separate, unfinished ones with the same gnome Wizard. I refuse to let him go until he realizes his greatest wish of becoming so kickass that he invents a new spell and names it after himself.

    Why doesn't get 2dextreem get more love? A good editor is one of the greatest things a writer could ask for…

    Amen to that. I give him plenty of love. *sidesteps the glare of the griffin husband* But really, 2d is a huge boon to everything I do.

    It would be nice if more people came to the understanding that Loyal’s stories are now more of a joint venture between me and her, but either way, I don’t mind. She’s the one who comes up with the stories, and I just help fill in the details and refine them. She deserves every one of her adoring fans. I’m content to be adored vicariously through her.

    Awww, I adore you, 2d. *hugs*

    Red pill or blue pill? Be honest, now.

    If we are talking about me personally, in my life, I hate to say it but blue pill for me. I like my creature comforts and my (by comparison) simple life. I’m no adventurer. I read and write about heroic exploits, but I am no hero.

    Red. It’s more fun that way!

    How different is the plush from how you originally imagined Marr?

    I imagined her being bigger.

    Heh, jokes aside, the plush turned out amazingly. The proportions are off but that is to be expected considering how long Marr was, creating a good looking plushie to scale would have been like four to five feet of tail with a plushie pony top. In other words, not feasible. The artist who made Marr was extremely talented.

    How are you able to maintain the feel of each series you cross-over so well? Doctor Whooves feels like a Doctor Who Episode and a My Little Pony episode at the same time. HOW DO YOU DO IT?

    I really don’t know how to answer this. It just kinda comes to me. The biggest problem is trying to maintain the whimsical tone without letting it get overly saturated by the sometimes depressing storylines common in Dr. Who.

    Faithfulness to characters is the key. Doctor Who wouldn’t be the same without the Doctor, and FIM wouldn’t be the same without the ponies. You can take almost any scenario and make it a good crossover if the characters respond believably to the situation.

    2dextreem: How'd you wind up as Loyal2Luna's co-author and editor?

    I can’t remember how exactly I came across The Pinkie Conundrum, because that was my first foray into FimFiction, but I was intrigued by the concept of combining two of my most recent favorite new things (I discovered MLP and DW literally within months of each other) and I just fell in love with the story. That being said, I did notice a great many things wrong with Loyal’s work. Grammar mostly, and also some inconsistencies in her descriptions of things like the TARDIS interior, and I commented on it, while also asking if she’d like me to help clean some of it up in my spare time. She didn’t have anyone to help her already, so she agreed.

    It started out as just fixing errors and prettying up the document, but she was so pleased with my contributions that she asked if I would like to help with Game of Stones, which was in progress at the time, in a more hands-on fashion. By the time that story wrapped up, I was adding my own personal flair to the story, and in some cases writing whole extra scenes in my own words. By the time we got to Along Came a Spider and Mass Effect 2: The Equestrian Equation, I was pretty much her co-author, and we started writing the stories together. The rest is history.

    And how lucky I was. Although it may not be noticeable in the final product, 2d has held me back from a lot of mistakes as I have a tendency to overcomplicate things and try to weave huge, elaborate stories around every small detail which have a tendency to bog down the story. I really couldn’t do this without him. *hugs the editor*

    Just to give you a few examples, Pinkie’s turn-based RPG battle in Equestrian Equation? My idea. (Loyal originally planned to just do another distracting song-and-dance routine.) Also, pretty much the entire concept and execution of the escape from the facility onto the Normandy, and a few of the crew dialogues from the aftermath, were done in my hand. I hate to toot my own horn, but I’ve been a major influence on Loyal’s stories since the end of Game of Stones.

    Both of you are fantastic authors. Where did you learn to write so well? And do you have any advice for fledgeling or experience writers?

    I picked up writing out plots and storylines after I got into tabletop gaming. I was maybe nineteen, twenty. I wanted to try my hand at running a game and after a rather disappointing first few sessions, asked the husband (then boyfriend) for advice. His was ‘everything’s alive and everything happens for a reason.’ This advice still forms the basis of my writing style. There is a reason for everything. It also probably led to my biggest flaw, which is my tendency to overcomplicate stories. I’m working to tone that back.

    I was always pretty good at writing in general, as many of my high school English Language Arts teachers can attest to, though I can say I’ve learned a lot about good writing through feedback on my own story. Part of it is an obsession with quality control; I have an epic imagination, and I always strive to make my ideas come across on the page in the clearest way possible. I always thought I might make a good screenwriter if I ever had the opportunity.

    If I had one piece of advice to give, it’s to never settle for “good enough.” If you write something you aren’t happy with, or that you think could be better in any way (this includes accepting criticism), write it over again. And again, and again, until it’s at a point where you, personally, feel satisfied with the result.

    Whatever happened to the Legends of the Caravan story?

    Along with my time suffering, so too has the Caravan Game. I am attempting to get back to it, but time and personal issue constraints keep pulling me away. The novelization of the Caravan story is likewise up in the air until its continuation is assured. The threat of having the original game deleted kinda put a damper on things as well, although Knighty has since rescinded that blog post.


    Mithridate asks:

    Can you handle all the love we hold for you and your stories?

    Well, I tend to bottle it for posterity in case I need a snack later... OH I MEAN! *throws a curtain over the stockpiled bottles of love to hide true intentions from the public* I'M NOT HOARDING IT FOR SUSTENANCE! YOU CAN'T PROVE ANYTHING!

    You won't push yourself too hard on our behalf and stay the terrific person you seem to be?

    Could you carry a sign at BronyCon or Buck this year so I can easily give you hugz?

    I wish I could, but I'm afraid I will not be attending either. I'll accept virtual hugs though.


    time-out asks:

    are you planning on changing anything in the Sly Cooper story due to the events of season four, mainly the fact that discord is proving to not be evil?

    Pretty much no. For all intents and purposes, consider Stealing Harmony to be taking place in an alternate universe where Discord really is just an evil, manipulative bastard through and through.

    Indeed, also in terms of timeline, Stealing Harmony takes place after the Royal Wedding, but before the Crystal Empire. So nothing from Season 3 or 4 is considered canon in Stealing Harmony.


    Lawless asks:

    Will the Rachni be making an appearance (probably indirectly) in Shades of Twilight any time soon?

    No, sorry, no rachnai.

    Is Maud Pie a real pony or was she a part of the Matrix? Is she one of those combat specialists that you mentioned?

    The original story was conceived of having taken place between Seasons 2 and 3, and we don’t have any plans to introduce characters from Seasons 3 or 4 retroactively. So to answer your question, neither; Maud Pie never existed.

    Will the Raloi or the Virtual Aliens have more of an impact on the story than in Mass Effect?

    There are no plans in include the Virtual Aliens or Raloi story as anything more than background fluff. They are newsworthy events but will have little impact on the Herd. Taetrus is mentioned because it has a deeper impact on the ponies due to both the audacity of the attack and the fact that Taetrus is Pyres’ homeworld.

    Has the Equestrians' presence affected Shepard and/or his companions' adventures in any significant way? (I.e. Has Mordin learned anything interesting from his tests? Legion and the knowledge of SIs that naturally evolve into AIs and peacefully coexisted with their creators? Etc.)

    The extent of Equestrian influence has yet to be determined in the galaxy, although such ripples will not be fully felt or appreciated until the events of Harmony for All.

    Do you prefer writing this story over "Celestia's Compromise"?

    Very much so. It was not intended at first, but I am very much enjoying the intrigue of writing the events taking place for the Herd as we share their struggles and triumphs.

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Following the events of "Traveler," Twilight goes to Canterlot to deliver her report on what has transpired since the Doctor's arrival in Ponyville directly to Princess Celestia. She leaves the Doctor in Spike's capable claws, asking him to show Equestria's newest arrival around town while the TARDIS rests and repairs itself from the trials of the previous day.

Although at first distraught at being stranded in the seemingly serene township of Ponyville, the Doctor finds himself reexamining his initial assumptions about the ponies, the land of Equestria, and his compulsive need to travel when he is confronted with the miraculous, impossible events surrounding Ponyville's resident party mare: Pinkie Pie.


The Pinkie Conundrum is the first in a series of continuity branching off from the foundations established by the Doctor Whooves stories: Number 12 and Traveler by the very talented Squeak-anon and all references to these two works of fanfiction is credited to him. Also, while this is a separate continuity from any future works by Squeak-anon,  it is strongly recommended to read these two fictions before reading Pinkie Conundrum.

This work has been developed and published with permission and blessing of Squeak-anon, my original inspiration.

Doctor Whooves Intro posted on YouTube by: Cshep99

Cover art provided by FoxInShadow from

Proofreader, Editor and Number One Assistant: 2dextreem

If you enjoy this story as well as my other works, please leave a comment. Constructive critique is encouraged as well as any questions or remarks that may occur.

First Published
25th Nov 2011
Last Modified
3rd Mar 2012

:yay: yay, comment. I am happy with the squeee, but I don't suppose you care to elaborate.  :pinkiehappy:

Although I shall withhold my "squeee" for now, I will give this a tentative "Woo-hoo."

Number 12/Traveler was the first MLP fanfic I ever read. Quite frankly, I can't think of a better introduction to the community, and still eagerly await Squeak's eventual conclusion of it. A sequel to it, even written by another author, is quite a welcome sight in my book.

Your characterization of the Doctor is done fairly well thus far; quirky and odd, just the way the Doctor should be.  And sending him off on a quest to understand the impossibility that is Pinkie Pie may very well drive him even closer to the edge of insanity, something I'm very much looking forward to.

However, there are a few things that bug me slightly about your story. First off, your capitalization seems quite arbitrary; words in the middle of sentences are just randomly capitalized. Perhaps you've got some pattern, however. If so, the please continue.

Second, this doesn't quite feel like a real Doctor Who story, due to its seeming lack of consequences. No imminent danger, no mysterious enemy lurking over the horizon, no fanatical organization attempting to tear the universe apart (Although that last one might be a bit overboard for a MLP crossover). Then again, this is only the second chapter; maybe you've got the Master or Valeyard showing up in the next update.

Finally, and most concerning, is this an official sequel to Traveler, or just a spin-off? Do Twilight and the Doctor really just return from the future, seemingly unchanged, with everything resolved? No lingering lusts for power, no life-changing revelations? After everything that happened, merely returning to the status-quo feels... empty almost. If this is canonical, then I'm going to be somewhat disappointed. Not unhappy, just slightly unfulfilled. But, if it's just your version of what might happen, then I can resume my blissful ignorance of what will happen to our favorite displaced Time Lord and studious Unicorn.

In any case, this does seem like it'll be quite the entertaining read. Keep it up; I'm eagerly awaiting the next chapter!

>>41219 In order:

My Capitalization style is meant to show what words are emphasized by the speaker, intending to show rises and falls in their speech patterns. I may water that down in the future, but that was the intent.

On the second concern... wait *re-reads*.....


*Maniacal Laughter*


*ahem* sorry, sorry... :twilightblush:

There are times when the multi-verse gives even the Doctor catches a break, particularly when he's in a whole new situation where ALL of the rules have changed. A break where he is allowed to connect with his inner stallion and start discovering who he is this time around.

Even if it is only for a day. :trollestia:

Pinkie Conundrum is the first in eight planned episodes of the Doctor Whooves series, with possibly more depending on reception. To further address this, I ask only that you please await the epilogue of this episode, which should be up before the weekend is out. Promise you won't regret it.

Also, I am a bit cocnered at your thoughts that things are unchanged.

The Doctor is the ever stoic doctor, moving on to what's next.

Twilight is obviously still scarred from what she experienced, as scenes between her and Celestia show.

And as far as the rest of Equestria, it hasn't happened to them yet and If Twilight get's her way, it never will.

This is less an 'official' sequel and more a branching off. As Squeak has commented, his time has been monopolized by multiple projects (including Caramel Light, which I adore) and he has fallen behind. The Doctor Whooves Series by me is not intended to 'take over' from him, but work as a sort of 'branched off' and seperatecontinuity. A sapling cut off the parent tree if you will. Unless Squeak himself posts in these comments that he is relinquishing the storyline to me (I rather doubt it) then assume that only Squeak-Anon's fics are 'Number 12' Canon and mine are meant to be a diversion to entertain and give doses of Doctor Whooves for everybody else's enjoyment.

I believe River Song said it best:

"You Might want to find something... to hang Onto." :ajsmug:

Wow....that explanation about the doctors past and why he does what he does s so good the should use it in the show

I still need to read the next chapter, but one thought has crossed my mind with this one:

Is Pinkie related to Idris, by any chance? :pinkiehappy:

*heads onward to read the next chapter*

>>41379 Again, in order:

Huh, interesting writing style then. I've never seen anyone else use capitalization that way; well done.

"Every day in a million days, when the wind stands fair and the Doctor comes to call," eh? Alright, I can go with that.

As for my third complaint... yeah, go ahead and scratch that from the record. My apologies; I had failed to notice that the second chapter had been uploaded, and naturally had missed Twilight's meeting with Celestia. And although I would argue that the Doctor isn't as stoic as you make him out to be, the scene in the Memory Room has proven that you're not ignoring his darker side either. Again, my apologies; you clearly know what you're doing.

And as for the promise of more adventures, well, I'll give that a heartfelt "yay." Looking forward to it.


Oh this is VERY interesting!

Keep going with this. I can't wait for more!


"It made him wonder who the Companion here was."  <---- :pinkiehappy:

So much funny!  And excellent spacing, too: often, I'd get done chuckling at one part just in time to burst into laughter from another part.  Well done!


Umm, not that I am aware of...yet... although... One DOES have to wonder how a brown stallion and a grey mare with two off-color grey fillies would suddenly have a Pink filly.


"Every once in a million days...." No, that is the day that must come another time. The 'SPECIAL' day.

This is one of those other super-rare days when the Doctor actually has a 'quiet' day without adventure, which we almost never get to see in the show for obvious reasons.

It would figure he gets stranded in Ponyville on a Sunday. Sundays are rubbish. Nothing happens on Sundays. That's why he never lands on them.



Did I mention that these comments are what will continue to drive the production of the Doctor Whooves series? Plz keep them coming.

:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:MOAR please

Why do I have a feeling this won't end well:trixieshiftright:...........


Ah... I see you have decided to go episodic with your fic.

I'm a little disappointed though I would of loved to see more on how the Doctor would tackle the

enigma, wrapped in a riddle, surrounded by mystery that is Pinkie Pie.

Oh well story must go on I guess. I look forward to the next installment.



Who says that particular path of story is done? It took more than one episode to figure out River Song, now didn't it? :pinkiesmile:

Is Twilight becoming The Master?

I hear the beat of four, the sign of the Master.

I see the pepperpot, the Dalek's return.

I see a reference to the Silence.

I am all kinds of interested. Let's see what you have in store for us...


Why, whatever do you mean? :fluttercry:

i like it but you never finshed travlier off tho so how can you make a sequal for a non finshed fanfic i wana see how it ends D:

This is fantastic.

Absolutely loving the characterizations in this piece. The interactions between the Doctor and Pinkie in particular made my day. Also, the entirety of chapter 3. 'nuff said.

Can't wait to see where you take this next.

Are we supposed to use Doctor Who intro music or

MLP: FiM intro music?



Please refer to my Blog... which will be updated in the next few days with further musical selections to accompany the episode. Got a bit excited and finished alot faster than expected.

Pinkie is an eldritch abomination, and that's why the Doc is there! Great stuff so far!  

You misspelled a few words, but don't expect spell check to find them because they are still technically spelled correctly. Like 'through' being 'though'.

But I still knew what you meant and others probably will to, so there isn't REALLY much need to go back and change it.


Alright, critic part of me aside, I feel as if I'm watching a match made in heaven. You've got talent, (either that or YOU are the Doctor and are writing this as a journal) and we eagerly await the next installments. :pinkiehappy:

Dude, you've been descriptive enough for someone to draw art pics and animate this!I think I am just about hyped up enough to perform a school-girl squeal.  :twilightsheepish:

*Takes out wallet*

*Throws it at the screen*


I liked that very much!

Slightly different from my take on the Doc and the Mane cast, but you had your own spin, and you have the Squeak seal of approval. (Though you might want to add that this is not in my cannon, but yours.). The Doctor was pretty doctory, and the rest of the mane cast fit in very well. I link Pinkie and the Doctor, they make a good foil for one another, and the Timey Whimey set up for the apple thing was marvelous. The set up works, plays of what I established and makes you want to read more, wonderfully done.

If I had any critisims, I'd say try not to borrow lines directly from the show too much, it happens a few times in this story and it's a touch jarring. Remember this is your story. You don't have to borrow, go nuts! And on occasion the Doctor might slip ever so slightly out of character. But never so much as to be very noticeable, and besides, it is the 12th Doctor, so he's...well... a new character, so there's really no wrong was to go about it.

I think your tales lean a bit more towards the pony than mine as opposed to the who-y side of things but it works out great, and I can't wait to see what you're going to do with your version of my world from here.

Good luck! Onwards and Upwards!


Yay Squeak liked it!  :derpytongue2:

Thank you, and yes, this chapter was more or less to get footing as The Doctor got 'used' to Equestria, while he's no longer cooking, he is still adjusting (Slower for him this time as compared to the previous 11 since it's his first non-humanoid form) but going for a mix of the Matt Smith/David Tennant Personalties with some more lightening up and a whole new look (which will be presented next Episode) .

The Borrowing from the show was just to get it out of my system. Used up most of the lines I loved in this episode for the distinct purpose of it not becoming a constant thing. Only two or three plot-relevant 'borrowed' lines should be in the next episode, and then no more until closer to the climax.

Also, I did mention in the comments that this is a 'branching continuity' and only Squeak-Anon Doctor Whooves fics should be considered true canon for the Number 12 series. I suppose I need to note that in my description as well though (Already got links up for you)

Again, THANK you for the foundation and the permission Squeak. I hope I can help entertain the rest of FiMFiction as much as your works have entertained me.

I am thoroughly, deeply impressed. My two favourite things in one fanfic, it just made my day. I read Squeaks fics too, and loved them, but this, I daresay, was BETTER. Very, VERY good.

Please keep it up and deliver more delicious awesomeness!

Is the next story going to be like what the epilogue describes it?


Oh no... The Epilogue crosses multiple episodes, much like the opening season trailer of a series of Doctor Who (Which was the format I was going for).... future epilogues will be episode specific, but this one touches on planned moments from multiple future episodes.

Really great work! The carackters ar very well done and the Doctor is all wibly wobly doctory!

Please keep up the good work in the coming ∞ episodes!    :pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss::twilightsmile::yay:

Except for some spelling and grammar issues, this was a well written story.  You have used Squeak-anon's stories as an effective launching point for your own interpretation of this crossover, and I especially like the (for lack of a better word) "humanity" you have applied to your portrayal The Doctor's as he adjusts to his new regeneration in this very different universe.  The scene in the memory room in particular was quiet moving, and brought me near to tears; on a lighter note, I would love to see Rarity's reaction to Six's "wardrobe" :rainbowlaugh:  .

Can't wait to see what you have in store for us, keep up the good work!

There's a 'Green Maelstrom'?

Curiouser and Curiouser....

Even Time Lord Tech knows that trying to figure out how Pinke works is futile.

Friendship powered TARDIS for the win!


Doctor who intro music would be perfect.

>>42670 loyal2luna didn't make the traveler:ajbemused: someone else did, loyal just wanted to base it off of the traveler or have this happen shortly after, just glad to clear any confusion you had:twilightsmile:

I thought rule number 1 was that the Doctor lies


Those are the River Song Revised TARDIS Companion Rules... and those are unauthorized by the standards of Gallifrayan Time-Travel Codes of Conduct... to have this rule added to the list, please contact the nearest  available Time Lord and apply your submission. :derpytongue2:

Did the sonic screwdriver seriously give up on trying to get Pinkie? The sonic freaking screwdriver?

I'd feel bad for what the Doctor's most likely getting himself into, but anyone's pain that stems from trying to comprehend Pinkie is too amusing.

Wow... words simply cannot express.

I am a massive Doctor Who fan, and a New-Blood Brony. You have amazing talent As a writer. You captured the Ponies and the Doctor's personalities so well! (Granted this is a different rendition of the Doctor, being Twelve and all, but it's still incredible). During the epilogue I literally had goosebumps over my whole body during the "Sinister Voice" bits, and especially with the Sound of Drums. I look forward to future installments with much enthusiasm.

I also enjoyed myself greatly personally reading The Doctor's lines (and for some reason adding facial expressions) out loud to myself, as well as the "Sinister Voice"

Dude, for real, you rOck so hard. You grasp the feeling of the show AND Squeak's story so well! Ease keep this up way past the second episode! Jut know you have loyal fans! :rainbowkiss:

Hello there! Sorry to seem nitpicky but when you refer the the TARDIS' -previous- state, the 'coral theme' is strictly 9th-10th Doctors no? If this is supposed to be number 12 then the most recent TARDIS layout is Matt Smith's, with the bright colors, glass panels, shiny polish and the two staircases in either direction. Don't know if you knew that already or maybe glossed over it, but inaccuracies like that break the illusion for me.

Negatives aside though, I really like the story of this and Game of Stones, (Squeak's continuity also). I'm a big fan of both shows and I feel like you do justice to both materials.

Also, if you wouldn't mind I would like to show you some of the grammar/spelling errors I've noticed in your works. They are admittedly few but noticeable, and I think it would go a long way towards improving reading quality. If not, that's totally fine, ignore the Grammar Nazi.

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