1. Published 10th Jun 2012
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Thirty minutes to ponydom!! - Alesiopdv

A collection of short stories about the Mane Six

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Twists and Turns
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Twists and Turns

“Attention Ponyville, it´s time for the annual Pinkie Pie Pony Extravaganza Festival!!!” Pinkie Pie loudly announced. “Let´s get the couples ready!”

“Ah, what´s the point Pinks?” Rainbow Dash complained. “Every year Twilight gets paired with Applejack, you get paired with Rarity and drive her crazy with your wild antics and I get stuck with Fluttershy who drags me down and we lose every single year.”

“I´m sorry...”

“Well, that´s boring! if every year is the same it´s get really old so this year we´ll doing it at random!” she grabbed Spike, stuffed a bunch of papers down his throat, shook him a little  and he burped a new scroll.

“Now, let´s announce the couples!” Pinkie announced while Spike growled. “Twilight Sparkle is paired with Derpy Hooves! Applejack is paired witth Lyra! Rarity is paired with Spikey-wikey! Pinkie Pie is paired with Cranky Doodle! Hey, that´s me! Fluttershy is paired with Big Mac! And Rainbow Dash is paired with Granny Smith!”


“Now, let the games begin!”

This year the games were hilarious. Twilight had to deal with Derpy´s poor coordination while Spike was too distracted ogling over Rarity to help her during the competitions. Big Mac was patient enough to deal with the shy pegasus and they quickly arrived at the top spot, going head to head against the AppeLyra team whose coordination was great.

During the eight-legged race, Fluttershy fell down the mud.

“I´m so sorry, Big Mac.”

He gently pulled her up. “No problem.”

Rainbow was visibly very upset. “Come on Granny Smith! Move, please!”

“Ah´m coming, hang on!”

Rainbow facehoofed and painfully watched as Pinkie dragged Cranky around.  “Wiiiiiiiii!!!”

After a long and entertaining day, they reached the final competition.

“Now for our final game, I created a new one this year! it´s called “How long will you endure?”

“You cracked your brain with that one darling...” Rarity said. but Pinkie didn't pay attention.

“Out two final couples will have to endure at least one minute of...kissing!”

All the ponies gasped and laughed. Rainbow and Fluttershy competing for who get the bigger blush. Applejack and Lyra looked at each other and they seemed to have no problem at all.

“Lyra, you better back down from this or you get to spend the night at the couch! Again!” somepony yelled from the audience.  

“Big Mac, are you...umh, okay with this?” Fluttershy asked.


“So, let´s begin!”

Big Mac and Fluttershy looked at each other. Then, closed their eyes and began to get closer. The only sound was the sound of Rainbow teeths rubbing against each other. Their lips were coming closer, almost together, one big kiss...

“STOP!!!” Rainbow rushed to push Big Mac away. “I won´t let you do this!”

“Rainbow Dash!” Fluttershy said.

“Why Dashie? It´s just a game!” Pinkie said.

“Because...because...nopony but me kisses Fluttershy!” and she proved her point by giving the yellow pegasus a long and deep kiss.

It took Rainbow a minute to realize what she had done and she opened her eyes to meet the blushing face of Fluttershy below her.

“Finally!” Pinkie said.

“It took you two all day!” Rarity complained.

“Wait a minute...you mean...” Rainbow was unable to come out with the right words so Big Mac summarize her thoughts.


“Now now everypony, shows over! Let´s all get back to our houses!” Twilight Sparkle announced.

“See you at Dashie and Flutters wedding!” Pinkie said.

While the two pegasi remained in the floor confused and embarrassed, Applejack approached Lyra.

“Well, that worked pretty well ah say!”

“I´m glad for those two!”

“Me too! Say Mrs. Lyra, had not that pony yelled, you think you would have ah mean...”

Before the blushing pony could say another world, Lyra pressed her lips on her.

“Sweet but a little strong. Just like apple cider...”

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