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  • 7w, 2d
    Rise gets 5th place!

    The results for the EqD contest are in! Rise came 5th out of 109! Not bad, not bad at all!

    That means I am a winner and as I am in the top ten, I get some art too! Yay! What art that will be, who knows! I'm very happy about the placing though!

    Go read it if you've not yet! http://www.fimfiction.net/story/210454/rise

    10 comments · 182 views
  • 9w, 1d
    BUCK 2014 Fanfiction Panel

    Hi guys and gals!

    BUCK is coming up this Saturday, and is very exciting (if you are going, that is!). Even more exciting than that is that there will be a FANFICTION PANEL starring all your favourite people (and me).

    If you are going to BUCK, please come along and say hi! It will be at 11am on the Saturday morning, more details here: http://buckcon.org/events/word-crimes

    Joining me, will be Knighty, Scribbler, Arcanium, Greatodyer and Metaphor

    (You may remember that Scribbler did some amazing readings of some of my stories, and Arc decided Scootaloo sounded like a pirate for our Fimfic charity livestream. I certainly haven't forgotten!)

    Come on, how amazing does that sound! If you're at the con and don't go, your life will be full of tears!

    (No idea if the panel will be filmed and put online, I don't think so, unless anyone is planning on going along with a camera!)

    4 comments · 149 views
  • 9w, 5d
    'Rise' has, uh, risen

    I am a machine! A pony machine! It turns out that after a few weeks of scraping out a few hundred words on another story, the threat of a deadline on this one got me there with time to spare!

    Yup, 'Rise' is now complete, and actually within the word limit. The response has been amazing, and so I really hope it doesn't disappoint. Some of you might be upset it is a self-contained story (though it was always going to be, and the ending was the first thing I thought up). I may return to this idea though, and I have no problem with anyone else wanting to riff off it!


    I ended up above a thousand words above the word limit. Fimfic's word count isn't as accurate as gdocs, but it was still a bit much. I ended up removing some minor bits, but also the firefly section. I will leave it below, and might drop it back in after the contest has finished! So uh, sorry if you liked that bit!

    Something caught her eye. A flicker of light above the enormous entranceway to the castle. It was fire in a jar.

    No. Misty narrowed her eyes, looking closer. She started to storm toward the entrance, a new sense of determination rising. It wasn’t fire. With a leap she rose into the air, ignoring the screaming of her sore wings as they took her closer and closer to the jar.

    It was sitting on a ledge above the door, sending gentle light all around. It wasn’t fire though. She pressed her face against the smooth glass, watching the trapped fireflies within, circling their tiny prison.

    “Don’t worry, I’ll get you out of there!” she whispered urgently, looking this way and that in case a pony should see what she was up to. When she was certain the coast was clear, she hefted herself onto the top of the jar, which seemed to be made out of metal. Despite the obvious join, she could see no gaps in the top. She tried using her sword to pry it apart, but nothing would budge.

    “Damn pony magic!” she cursed, sinking down beside the jar in defeat. She watched her pained reflection, illuminated by the streaks of light from within. An idea formed in her mind; she slowly stood up and hefted her front limbs against the jar. “Okay, little buddies! Hold tight!”

    Straining against the glass, she hefted as hard as she could. It began to scrape against the ledge and then started to violently shudder and topple. Misty fell forwards as the jar launched itself onto the ground, barely managing to not fall herself. Below her, it exploded into a thousand shards of crystal that lit up as the fireflies danced free, soaring into the black of the night and vanishing amongst the stars.

    Misty smiled. She had done it. She had struck a blow against the ponies the like of which had never been seen before. It wasn’t enough though. Winter was still coming. But there was something the ponies didn’t know. Misty was coming for them.

    Now to finish Seapony story!

    5 comments · 244 views
  • 9w, 6d
    EqD Prompt Competition Madness

    Okay guys, I have put everything on hold in a frenzied attempt to actually write a story for the EqD Outside Insight Summer Fanfic Contest. I have posted up what I've done in order to shame myself into finishing it. Another 5k by tomorrow... it's doable!

    Actually, my worry is that it will be too long, as the limit is 15k. But then I guess you all still get a bonus story, so everyone wins!

    Let me know what you think!


    It is about Breezies, but EVEN SO give it a go!

    5 comments · 167 views
  • 12w, 2d
    Video Review: Twilight's Best Friend

    I just got messaged by Emeraldcomet who showed me a video review he did of my story Twilight's Best Friend. I always like to see what other people made of my stories (and if you do something like this, please let me know!)

    It's an old story (early 2011 I believe) but still one of my favourites, if a little rough around the edges in retrospect! Anyway, check out the review here:

    3 comments · 177 views
  • ...

Can a utopian paradise that preaches love and tolerance really make ponies happy? Does contentment really lie in free universal healthcare and open government?

Twilight Sparkle is determined to resist this happy world on a matter of principle, and finds herself sneaking off with a mare called Trixie to hate and loathe each other in secret.

Will their hate-nest go undetected? Or will they be forced to face the dangers of the Ministry of Love and the mysterious Room 101?

First Published
5th Jun 2012
Last Modified
5th Jun 2012
#2 · 124w, 2d ago · 2 · ·

Holy shit a 1984 parody?! Have all my likes! Take them all! :heart::heart::heart:

#3 · 124w, 2d ago · 3 · 6 ·

#4 · 124w, 2d ago · · ·


Oh man I love the Twilight-awesomeface smiley!

#6 · 124w, 2d ago · 6 · ·

Faved on principle.

edit: Faved because this is beautiful

#7 · 124w, 2d ago · 9 · ·

I will devote two minutes every day for the rest of my life to this story and the worshipping thereof.

#8 · 124w, 2d ago · · ·

No hating allowed.

#9 · 124w, 2d ago · 8 · ·

Ponies make the best allegory for political dissent fics.

Ohmigosh I love this idea. :rainbowkiss:

#10 · 124w, 2d ago · · ·

THIS. IS. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

#11 · 124w, 2d ago · · ·

whoa good work :pinkiehappy:

#12 · 124w, 2d ago · · ·

My God. This is the greatest piece of parody work I've ever seen. I LOVE IT.

#13 · 124w, 2d ago · 11 · ·

Alternate description: What if Twilight and Trixie were both political dissidents who were in hate? :trixieshiftright::facehoof:

The only *downside* to this fic was that the ending mirrored Orwell's so closely that I started feeling bad for Winston again. Otherwise it's doubleplusgood!

#14 · 124w, 2d ago · · ·


This is amazing.

That is really all there is to say on the subject.

#15 · 124w, 2d ago · · ·

You do the book justice, that for sure.

Always hated the book with a virgorus passion, purely on principle.

But you made it funny and silly and bearable.

Thank you.

#16 · 124w, 2d ago · 7 · ·

Good job, now someone just has to do Fahrenheit 451.

#17 · 124w, 2d ago · · ·

I think I read something similar to this back in high school...

#18 · 124w, 2d ago · 1 · ·

I am allergic to stupid s***. This does not make me sneeze or cough at all.

AWESOMENESS = MOAR! :flutterrage:

#19 · 124w, 2d ago · 4 · ·

This is the most awesomest thing since awesomeness was awesomely invented. This is sliced awesome with awesome sauce and a big mug of awesome. I awesomed in my panties reading this awesome tract.

I have seen the future, and it is a gold-clad hoof lovingly caressing a pony's face, forever.

#20 · 124w, 2d ago · 2 · ·

This is the greatest parody of all time. So refreshing to know that i'm not the only one who thinks that Orwell took himself way too seriously!

#21 · 124w, 2d ago · 2 · ·

I'm not familiar with 1984 but I did read Brave New World and that has many similarities to this.

This was an enjoyable read, and Twilight's holy crusade against the oppressive rule of eternal happiness was hilarious. Sometimes, you just have to rebel against the norm to live life to the fullest.

Or just develop a love/hate relationship. That works too.

Good stuff!

#22 · 124w, 2d ago · 1 · ·

So much win in this one.

#23 · 124w, 2d ago · 3 · ·

Dammit, they got Twilight! Noooooooooo!:raritydespair:

#24 · 124w, 2d ago · · ·

I predict an epic fic.

#25 · 124w, 2d ago · · ·

featured. I must comment before it does.:derpytongue2:

#27 · 124w, 2d ago · 3 · ·

This is simply amazing. Haven't actually read Nineteen-Eighty-Four though, but I loved this.

Luckily some of the guards had found her and helped her to the bottom, before patting her on the back and giving her a free ice pop for being so brave.

Also, I read "bottom" as "bathroom" in that sentence for a while, which made it even more hilarious.

#28 · 124w, 2d ago · · ·

truly, exquisitely beautiful.  Your command of the absurd is simply amazing.

#29 · 124w, 2d ago · 1 · ·


I wish I could thumbs-up comments.

#30 · 124w, 2d ago · · ·

well blueshift i finally got around to reading it, and all i can say is.

it's alright.

the humor that i have come to expect from you is in full force here (granted, not as much as in skyshipping and the like) but it produced a few hearty LoLs from me. the writing is good, you added shining armor, and seeing twilight and trixie interact was pretty much fave worthy on it's own.

but i cant help but think this could work better as a standalone fic. cut out the 1984 and it would probably rocket it's way to the top of my favorites list. like i said in your blog post, 1984 and ponies just don't work together (of coarse that could just be my inner creepypasta and grimdark fanatic talking). what made 1984 work is how dark it was.

it was also written by GEORGE MOTHERFUCKING ORWELL! the GREATEST author who ever lived. He could take a crap on paper and it would still be a masterpiece cause he's GEORGE FUCKING ORWELL!

So like i said. ponies and 1984 don't mix, but considering your, well, you I'll let it pass. just make sure to bring us another sidesplitting masterpiece 'kay.

#31 · 124w, 2d ago · · ·


How dare you share my fantasies

#32 · 124w, 2d ago · 1 · ·

Great story! I enjoyed it a lot and hope to read more! Thumbs for you.

#33 · 124w, 2d ago · · ·

>>697230 does it menace with spikes made of awesome?  

#35 · 124w, 2d ago · · ·

Brilliant as always, Blueshift. I've never actually read 1984, though I'm aware of the plot, but this was just great either way. Looks like Twilight's finally found the magic of love/hate relationships...

#36 · 124w, 2d ago · 2 · ·

Okay, this was pretty funny, but am I the only one who found this society genuinely creepy?

Twiligh tries to hide a paper in her hair and we get :

“I love your new hairclip!” Rarity called. Twilight winced at the corner of paper sticking out of her mane. “It’s a lovely style, you should show us all how to do it when you come back!”

“That’s a great idea!” Shining Armor seemed to get a degree of inspiration. “It suits our paper-based office! Perhaps when you’re back Twilight, you can show us how to make paper hair decorations and then we can all have the afternoon off!”

This wasn't her trying to make a decoration and it's probably not actually very good.  It's like everyone loves everything and that's, frankly, garbage.   All value is equal is a bit like saying things have no value or at least quality doesn't matter much.  Besides, people actively like complaining about things and that would be denied.

Of course, I'd rather have those problems than starvation, war, and hate crimes,  and this story is exaggerated for comedic effect, but it's something I noted.  Still thumbed this up and it was  a fun read, but frankly I found the setting generally non-Utopian, by virtue of over-correction of problems (though still better than any existing society).

#37 · 124w, 2d ago · 1 · ·

ooh god  I want my right to hate everything and everyone.

#38 · 124w, 2d ago · 2 · ·

I'm aware that in writing this, you probably meant for the parody and humor elements to be key. By all means; reading this, I laughed and smiled tons, and I found it deliciously and devilishy clever. My hat's off to you for taking on this - lampooning a work this classic? That takes guts.

But to me? Sorry, what I take home from this is the biggest helping of Feelgood(tm). I read this just now, right before going to bed (apparently this is becoming a habit of mine) and I'm going to be grinning until I fall asleep.

Probably well past that point, too.

Thank you for writing this!

#39 · 124w, 2d ago · · ·

And what was this? LOL. :rainbowderp::twilightsmile:

#40 · 124w, 2d ago · · ·

I am, literally (like a crazy person), raising my glass to you, sir!  One of my favorite books of all time turned into a FimFiction story with so. Much. Satire.

Brilliant!  I even laughed out loud at your conversion of the rat torture scene.  I can't express how much I enjoyed this.  Well done!

#41 · 124w, 2d ago · · ·

This was hilarious. Your ironic spoofing of 1984 and merciless wit made me crack up multiple times. Favorited.

#44 · 124w, 2d ago · 1 · ·

dat deconstruction/crossover

Blueshift is now my favorite comedy author, who wants to start a cult?

#45 · 124w, 1d ago · 3 · ·


Well, as one of my pre-readers pointed out, there is an alternate reading.

What if Twilight was right all along? :twilightoops:

#46 · 124w, 1d ago · 1 · ·


Well, like I'm saying, that's not even an alternate ending... it's kind of right.

If everything is met with hearty approval, then that approval is meaningless.  How do you distinguish good from bad if good and bad are reacted to in the same way?

Well, you get the idea.  There's no point in doing things right and society stagnates and/or collapses.

As I said, until it does collapse, it still beats a lot of present societies, but it's rather dystopian.

#47 · 124w, 1d ago · · ·

I really don't care for Trixie as a character and usually dislike, and thus avoid, stories with her in them as a default; but seeing a Nineteen Eighty Four parody involving Twilight wanting to hate in a loving carefree society? I had to read it. It wasn't optional.

It was a great and funny read that had me laughing the whole way. You wrote with a satirical flare that captured both story concepts into one well meshed comedic outcome. The ending was fairly obvious, but all things considered that wasn't surprising. Easily, that part with the net outside the window when Twilight jumps and then her accepting the invitation since not going was "really, really rude," was by far the funniest moment in the story.

Anyway, despite having Trixie as a main character I still enjoyed the story, so well done and thanks for sharing this story with us! :twistnerd:

#48 · 124w, 1d ago · 2 · ·

At first I thought Twilight was just delusional, before I realized she wasn't, and what she hated was the love and acceptance.

Great stuff!:pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:... I need another emoticon to express laughter and happiness! Uh, :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy:.

#49 · 124w, 1d ago · 2 · ·

God damn it.

This is funny. I haven't actually read a fic yet that really made me feel that way, but when I read:

Twilight watched the pony as she left. Somepony in this world she did not love. Somepony she could hate.


and the note with the "no" box ticked, this story had me thoroughly amused, and managed to maintain that amusement until its end.

#50 · 124w, 1d ago · 2 · ·

The only thing I could think of during Trixie and Twilight's fights was Fight Club.

"Rule Number One of Hate Club: Do not talk about Hate Club.

Rule Number Two of Hate Club: DO NOT. TALK. ABOUT. HATE CLUB."

I regret nothing, except maybe not having finished 1984.

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