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  • 8w, 3d
    Halt, criminal scum.

    I'd noted several authors posting tip jars on their pages. Tempting. But, timorous about the legality of it, I inquired on a free legal website: "Are tip jars for fanfiction legal?"

    The consensus was 100% from all the lawyers who answered: The very act of writing and posting fanfiction is a violation of current copyright law, whether or not you make any money.  Tip jars, commissions, etc only increase the likelihood that the copyright holder will be motivated to litigate.

    Translation: Yes, your fanfiction is illegal, and all of us would happily sue you if someone asked.

    I recommend taking down the tip jars, fellas. Don't give them a hint of an excuse.

    No, this isn't about paranoia, and no, it's not just a technicality. This is cold, cruel, stupid legal reality, and this is me pointing out you might want to think twice before posting paypal links on your stories.

    It doesn't matter that corporations actually benefit from fan art and activity. Corporations are assholes. We live in a world where Disney sues nursery schools for painting Mickey Mouse murals on the walls of their school, and a girl who downloaded "happy birthday" was sued for literally millions of dollars by the RIAA. A roomful of lawyers just told you that what we do is already illegal and that the only reason they're not suing is because it's not worth the money--- yet.

    Unpleasant, unfair and even unlikely as it is, take it as the caution to tread lightly that it is meant to be, because a Cease and Desist order here could ruin everyone's day.

    81 comments · 1,960 views
  • 8w, 3d
    Writing tips: OLDE ENGLISHE


    Thou at the start of a sentence (thou silly person).

    Thee at the end of a sentence or in a preposition (of thee, by thee, for thee, unto thee, etc.)

    Thou ART= you are.

    Ye= you (plural) (God rest ye merry gentlemen)

    Thy= your (thy carriage awaits)

    Thine=yours (the carriage is thine.)

    eth=s  (taketh=takes, giveth=gives, learneth= learns.)

    did= past tense. (he did say=said, did walk=walked.)

    Mine=my (mine own good time.)

    Using EST is trickier, use sparingly.

    Compiled from forty three years of reading the King James bible. ;)

    46 comments · 703 views
  • 9w, 14h
    Story groups: Please ask my permission first.

    It seems my haters have been creating new groups with insulting or even vulgar themes and adding my stories to them en masse in order to--- I dunno. Invoke my wrath? Make me a sad brony? Maybe they hope I'll start crying and run away. Whatever.

    Bad oversight in the design of the system: it should require the author's approval to add a story to a group list. Hopefully the admins will quickly fix that-- and add a system so the author can REMOVE their stories from groups and lists. As it stands, I would currently have to go through all these lists and contact their creators individually, requesting they remove my stories from their group.... a bunch of people I would sooner spray down with Lysol than talk to.

    No, not because they're (insert Precious Snowflake Politically Protected Class here)-- because they're just that skeazy. People who do this sort of thing (barely literate and badly designed hate pages, oh, what a blazing ingenious web attack, there, Anonymous) are somewhere on the species classification system between slime mold, neckbeards and spam.  

    Giving attention to attention whores gives you nothing but attention syphilis. I have reported a few of the obvious hate groups; we shall see how our illustrious admins respond. Otherwise, I shall ignore them. Hell, I already was until today.

    And for those of you doing this? Do go on. Your impotent rage only makes me stronger, and your tears are delicious.

    Of note: the genuine conservative groups were polite, respectful and asked my permission before adding my stories. As always, the "hatemonger" right is more civilized and better behaved than the free-loving ever compassionate enlightened crowd. But what else did anyone expect?

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  • 9w, 2d
    Flash Sentry bashers....

    ...You make me want to write a fanfic where Flash Sentry appears in your basement room, bangs your favorite Waifu in front of you, and then takes a dump in your computer tower.

    101 comments · 1,282 views
  • 9w, 6d
    "...And she's the Militant one!"

    I've seen a lot of stories portraying Luna as being the more militant of the two sisters, more skilled in strategy and tactics and battle to the point that Celestia defaults to her whenever a military related crisis comes up. But really, folks, think:

    1) If Luna is so much better a soldier and general, how did poor, less-soldierly Celestia kick her butt when she was Nightmare Moon? Celestia was holding back; Luna wasn't. If Luna really was the better fighter and tactician, Elements or no, Celestia would have been screwed.

    2)If Celestia is such a poor military leader, how has Equestria survived ten centuries without Luna's military guidance? Let's not even assume that they've had a millennia of peace. Even one war every fifty to one hundred years would have eventually tattered Equestria to rags. Consider the Pax Romana. One does not oversee a thriving nation for 1,000 years by being militarily weak.

    People mistake her stern demeanor and lack of an indoor voice for being of tougher stuff than Celestia. What they're missing is that Luna is still, and always will be, the younger sister. A younger sister who has always look up to and envied the respect and authority of her (now much) older sister. Ever seen a child trying to act more like an adult? When she gets all stern and militant, it's because she's trying to ape what she thinks of as mature, Royal, adult behavior. Sternness, bombast, a scowling authoritarian expression... Of course the irony is that this couldn't be further from Celestia's gentler maternal demeanor. But mistaking either performance for the Princess's actual competence to lead and rule, or for their actual inner personalities, would be a serious mistake (Especially for Equestria's rivals or enemies.)

    It would be very interesting to see what Celestia and Luna are REALLY like when they allow themselves to forget how "royal" they're supposed to act...

    68 comments · 1,085 views
  • ...

It's been a few months since the events of "Past Sins." Twilight has settled into the routine of being a mother, and Nyx has happily settled into the routine of being a (well, MOSTLY) normal little filly. But now they're closing in on one of the favorite holidays of the fall season, Nightmare Night--- which Nyx  has never heard of and knows absolutely nothing about....

Nyx is from Past Sins by Pen Stroke"This story is an unofficial sequel/side-story to Past Sins by Pen Stroke"

First Published
8th Jun 2012
Last Modified
6th Dec 2012
#1 · 129w, 5h ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

Well this should be interesting... I'm assuming you've got PenStroke's permission for Nyx?

Can't wait to see how Nyx and Luna interact with the Nightmare Night

#2 · 129w, 5h ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

Seems promising. Tracking.

#3 · 128w, 6d ago · 1 · · Chapter 1 ·

It haz nyx?:rainbowhuh:



P.S: All who love nyx:

There is a fic called present sins. Don't read it for the love of all that is right an good in the world.


I needed a brain bleach after SKIMMING the first chapter.*shudder*:pinkiesick:

(no offense to the author)

#4 · 128w, 6d ago · 1 · · Chapter 1 ·


He has been informed,yes . I note that there are dozens of Nyx fanfics floating about, so it can be assumed that use in fanfics is accepted.

#5 · 128w, 6d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

Yay, slice-of-life shenanigans with Nyx! :pinkiehappy:

Twilight being a mom, Nyx hanging out with the Cursaders, and generally getting to know "What happened afterwards?"

It's probably a little early to say much, but I like where this is going. :twilightsmile:


Actually, I'm honestly confused how there are so few fics involving the character. :derpyderp2:

I kinda can count off the number of spin-off fics I've come across on a single hand. :derpyderp1:

Even here, on fimfiction, when I search for "Nyx", most of the results are entirely unrelated. :rainbowhuh:

#6 · 128w, 5d ago · · · Chapter 2 ·

Not bad.

It's a little mean, but I burst out laughing at the footnote at the end of the second chapter.

#7 · 128w, 5d ago · · · Chapter 2 ·

Twilight Sparkle finding a 'father-figure' date on Nightmare Night :twilightoops:.... this will be hilarious :rainbowlaugh:

#8 · 128w, 5d ago · · · Chapter 2 ·

Open the date with "oh yeah I have kids" Twilight.

Gets the guys every time.

#9 · 128w, 5d ago · · · Chapter 2 ·

A nice little piece, can't wait to see more.

#10 · 128w, 4d ago · 3 · · Chapter 2 ·

I can see it now. Twilight: "Oh, and I almost forgot, I have a filly who is the reincarnation of Nightmare Moon and took over Equestria in an almost Eternal Night last year :twilightblush:" She'll have them running for the altar so fast they'll be... running right past it and heading for the nearest ocean to swim across. Oi! Get your flank back over here! :twilightangry2: :pinkiehappy:

Why does it not surprise me that Rarity has a little black book :duck:?

And I loved that little extra bit :twilightsmile:

#11 · 128w, 2d ago · · · Chapter 3 ·

First off, poor Nyx :fluttershyouch:... let's hope the nightmares aren't symbollic of anything down the line, and lets hope that the real reason about Nightmare Night can stay a little secret a little longer till at least after it.

Second: D'aaaaaaw and Rumble/Nyx :rainbowkiss::twilightsheepish:

Third: Why oh why can I see bad things on the horizon with the guards, nightmare night, and mommy sparkle? Just getting that tingle in the back of my knee that means that something possibly bad is going to happen...

#12 · 128w, 2d ago · · · Chapter 2 ·

It's good.  A couple of items struck me as odd.

The changeling attack was before Nyx's time?  That would place all the events of Past Sins after season 2, which is not something I would have thought about doing.  Putting it after season 1 would seem natural, but then everything in season 2 has to take place in an alternate universe...

Why does Pipsqueak still speak in british-isms?  I assumed he talked that way in Luna Eclipsed because he was role-playing his pirate costume.

Luna taking over Queen Nyx's abandoned castle is a clever idea.  Although, I imagine it would take a lot of work to shore the thing up, since it was constructed so hastily (and probably held together with spells) in the first place.

#13 · 128w, 2d ago · 2 · · Chapter 3 ·

Funny, I read the guards' lines in Grif and Simmons's voices.

#14 · 128w, 2d ago · · · Chapter 3 ·

I love red vs blue and the voices would really fit them

I give it 5 mustaches :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

#15 · 128w, 2d ago · · · Chapter 3 ·


DUDE/DUDETTE; Seriously, they're NIGHTMARES they HAVE to be symbolic(no offense) if they were'nt they probably would'nt BE there.

Also I agree. D'AAAAAAAWWW!!!:heart::twilightsmile::yay:

P.S: my Pinkie sense is tingling!!!:pinkiegasp::twilightoops:

Run for your lives!!!:pinkiecrazy:

#16 · 128w, 2d ago · · · Chapter 3 ·

>>739291 now that you mention it, I had to go back and re-read it over again in their voices.  :rainbowlaugh:

#17 · 128w, 2d ago · · · Chapter 3 ·

Got a funny feeling one of those two Pegasi are gonna be with Twilight :trollestia:

#18 · 128w, 2d ago · · · Chapter 3 ·

The insane sides of the main six, are actually what I would date them for. Those guards don't know what they miss, hiding scared in a closet while your beloved seeks you to "bake" cupcakes "with" her :pinkiecrazy: . Fancy role plays :raritywink: , hours of pain and torture :twilightangry2: , always getting demands that you can't fulfill more, because you do them already on the maximum :flutterrage: . So romantic!!!

#19 · 128w, 1d ago · · · Chapter 3 ·



#20 · 127w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 4 ·

Yes you have Royal Guard Ponies, yes you have. :rainbowlaugh:

keep up the good work sir!:moustache:

#21 · 127w, 4d ago · 7 · · Chapter 4 ·



#22 · 127w, 4d ago · 1 · · Chapter 4 ·

Spike has accepted his role as Brother/son then? rather then uncle:moustache:

Also while Spike is a threat, they have the motherbear herself to answer to :twilightangry2:

do continue!

#23 · 127w, 4d ago · 1 · · Chapter 4 ·

Perverth! :twistnerd:


#24 · 127w, 4d ago · 1 · · Chapter 4 ·

Oh I'm going to love hearing how they explain their way out of this mess.

And remind me to be careful where I fly next time I visit Equestria... the Crusaders are practically a little army!

#25 · 127w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 4 ·

Okay, so not Grif and Simmons.

But Church and Tucker, definately.

#26 · 127w, 3d ago · · · Chapter 4 ·

sorry about the abbreviated chapter. Had a power outage here, in the middle of typing. The rest of the chapter is up now, though.

#27 · 127w, 3d ago · · · Chapter 4 ·

I wonder if Twilight actually know who the were and what they were up to, along with the other ms e six.  Because AJ didn't seam to surprise about a cloud with two Pegasus whaching the treehouse, but more concern for the apples,

#28 · 127w, 3d ago · 1 · · Chapter 4 ·


Ever have a bunch of 8 year olds babbling at you at once?

#29 · 127w, 3d ago · · · Chapter 4 ·

>>769036 :facehoof: let's just say yes I do, but in may case it was an oversea's village and I didn't understand the language.  Hence the origan of my name.

#30 · 127w, 3d ago · 1 · · Chapter 4 ·

Awesomely amazing apple artillery. All alliteration aside.

#31 · 127w, 1d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

This is a nice start to a story with Nyx. I like Nyx

I'm glad you explained what the numbers were for at the end.

#32 · 127w, 9h ago · · · Chapter 5 ·

Love this story :heart:

Twilight dating... not expected :twilightoops:

*Nyx is sooo cute

*Why do people think that Nyx is a Mary Sue?

#33 · 127w, 7h ago · · · Chapter 5 ·

Let me guess - Twilight's going to give everyone wings/(fake)horns and turn the girls into Alicorns for a night?

#34 · 127w, 7h ago · · · Chapter 5 ·

>>715349 Son, I am dissapoint

#35 · 127w, 6h ago · · · Chapter 3 ·

>>739291 I read it in Tucker and Chruch's voices

#36 · 127w, 3h ago · 1 · · Chapter 5 ·


spite and envy, basically. That and poor education. Certain people (WHINYBYATCHES) "got sick and tired" of Nyx being everywhere (for all of five minutes), and so proclaimed her a 'Mary Sue.'

These people need an education: 'Mary Sue' is not shorthand for "I hate this popular character."

#37 · 126w, 6d ago · · · Chapter 5 ·

Mary Sue or not Nyx is one of two OC fillies that I adore.

anyway for the story ... I got nothing to say other than the usual...

MOAR! :flutterrage:

#38 · 126w, 6d ago · 1 · · Chapter 5 ·

I am liking this so far, good to see more of Nyx in a story.

I still can't understand why people hate Nyx, she is Nightmare Moon reborn for god sake. That alone makes her awesome for me.

#39 · 126w, 6d ago · · · Chapter 5 ·

Oh sweet Celestia, I can see this not ending well with Rarity's matchmaking plans.

#40 · 126w, 6d ago · · · Chapter 5 ·

I have my fair share of issues with adult Nyx (owing to her sheer unrelenting passivity), but filly Nyx is adorable.

#41 · 126w, 5d ago · 2 · · Chapter 5 ·

I've been listening to the Inkspots this entire chapter. It seemed appropriate.

#42 · 126w, 3d ago · · · Chapter 5 ·

...after five chapters, I can savely confirm my previous statement of "I like where this is going". :pinkiehappy:

Nice to see you picking up details from the original story, like the bit with Rainbow Dash leading to an argument with Fluttershy.

By all means, do carry on! :pinkiehappy:

#43 · 126w, 3d ago · · · Chapter 5 ·

Dolan wantz moar pls.

#44 · 126w, 1d ago · · · Chapter 5 ·

Well I certainly enjoyed it!:pinkiehappy: I wasn't expecting Twilight to start dating though! :twilightoops: However, I've enjoyed it. I enjoyed the scene with the two watchers getting applies in da face! And of course I've really enjoyed the relationship between Nyx and Twi. I've found their relationship to be very "d'waa" Keep up the good work! :yay:

#45 · 125w, 6d ago · · · Chapter 2 ·

>>739127 It's hard maintaining your British accent unless you are British.

#46 · 125w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

This is sooo great! LOVE PipXDinky!!:pinkiehappy::heart:

#47 · 125w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 5 ·

I didn't know fluttershy a button for that. Oh well, note to self: Don't push it. :flutterrage:

Great story though! Can't wait to see the costumes!:twilightsmile:

#48 · 125w, 2d ago · · · Chapter 5 ·

Just started this yesterday and got caught up to the current chapter. Please tell me the next one is almost finished.

#49 · 124w, 4d ago · 7 · · Chapter 6 ·

Okay.... so now we've got a roaming band of ponies out to kill Nyx... Why am I getting this image of a giant lavender butterfly unicorn divebombing these robed individuals whilst she's in Rapidash mode? :twilightoops:

#50 · 124w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 6 ·

Shit will go down, and it will be glorious.

This can only end well.

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