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  • 3w, 5d
    "An Outsider's Perspective" Featured at the Royal Canterlot Library!

    Hey, you know that announcement I've been talking about?  This would be it.  I'm thrilled and honored to say that the guys over at the Royal Canterlot Library enjoyed "An Outsider's Perspective" so much that they decided to feature it, along with an interview of me.    And man, I'm not going to lie, I'm kind of blown away by the praise they gave the story.  I knew they liked it, sure, but there are some incredible compliments in there, and it's entirely possible that my ego will now inflate to the point that Rainbow Dash becomes identifiable and sympathetic.

    So, that's the biggun!  Go check it out, and while you're there, check out the interview they did with fellow Outside Insight mid-rank placee, Carabas, about his entry "Moonlight Palaver."  His story was definitely my favorite of the finalists--and, bonus points, I started reading Neil Gaiman's "Neverwhere" like two days before his piece went up.  Woo, coincidence.

    Now, then, I'm going to get back to leading my cyborg legions towards the conquest of an alien planet, so that we can build a portal back to Earth and, uh, "emancipate" all the squishy meatbags back home.  Resistance is futile.

    0 comments · 54 views
  • 4w, 3d
    Hey, so, Flutterspy!

    Guess what story I just finished after more than two years of writer's block?

    No, not Prince of Ponyville.  Probably never Prince of Ponyville.

    Nope, it's a story that I feel holds up a lot better, and really deserved an ending: "Flutterspy!"

    After rewatching all of the Sirens' songs from Rainbow Rocks an embarrassing number of times, I really felt compelled to write something.  Since I decided that I couldn't write a proper story about the Sirens without also putting together a band to write and play their songs (music is sort of integral to their awesomeness), I took a look at my old notes for the final chapter of "Flutterspy" and decided I'd start writing and see how things shook out.

    Not terrible, in my opinion.  I'm going to give it a thorough proofreading and maybe rewrite one or two bits before I email EQD and tell 'em they can finally mark this thing complete.

    This wasn't the announcement I'll be making in a few days, by the way.  It was just a thing that resulted from too much glorious evil-chick rock.  And apparently I'm not alone in thinking the Sirens were amazing, seeing as how their songs are topping the "Best Rainbow Rocks Song" poll at EQD by a wide margin.  (Don't know how Trixie's song is in fourth, though.  "Rainbow Rock" is pretty damned fantastic, too, and easily the best non-Siren tune.  I blame Sethisto.)

    So, yeah, see you in a few with some news.  In the meantime, given that it's been two years since the first two chapters, I'd recommend goin' back and rereading all of "Flutterspy" if you're inclined to give it a shot.  That way, you can see how much better I was back then, and then mourn my eventual loss of quality.  I'm basically The Simpsons.

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  • 4w, 5d
    I'm late to the party, here, but Rainbow Rocks...

    I just finished watching Rainbow Rocks, and I have to write down my immediate reaction.

    That reaction is: I just watched Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny's kid sister movie.  It was freaking amazing.

    Actually, let me backtrack and bit and get the nitpicks out of the way.  As much as I love the Mane Six, the story here almost seemed hampered by them having to be the stars.  Sunset Shimmer was the heart of the film, and I think some of the screentime devoted to Pinkie Gags(tm) and Rainbow Dash being Rainbow Dash could have gone to her, and would have made the story stronger.  She was the most compelling character on Team Good Guys by a long stretch; in an ideal world, the writers would have been free to focus on her while relegating the primary girls to a secondary role.

    That said, the most compelling characters overall were indisputably the Sirens, who may have just unseated Diamond Tiara as Best Villain.  Kazumi Evans turned in a great performance as Adagio, coupled with her constant, awesome, "everything is going to according to my evil plans" expressions and body language.  Sonata was fun in the same way Brittany from Glee was (back when I could still stand that show); funny, oblivious, dumb as a rock and yet still kind of evil.    Aria... well, okay, maybe they weren't all memorable and compelling.  But I really liked her mane.

    But the music!  Especially the Sirens' songs.  Holy crap.  Maybe I'm just a sucker for female rock vocalists (one look at how my Pandora station has evolved will tell you that), but every time they started singing, they brought the house down.  Dark, sinister, creepy, yet kinda sexy.  (They're ancient succubi banished to an unsuspecting mortal realm by history's greatest wielder of the eldritch arts, so it's not weird to use that term.  Right?)

    I hope some intrepid writer's been giving some thought as to how the Sirens would have fit into the history of EQG-Earth.  They'd have been around since the viking age, after all.  I wonder what they got up to?  I'm already picturing a musical montage set to "Sympathy For the Devil."  (You can pick which version it is; I always preferred the Guns N' Roses cover; the Devil in that one sounds like he's having so much more fun.)  "I rode a tank, held a general's rank, when the Blitzkrieg reigned and the bodies stank... "

    And the ending?  Well, that's what primarily drew my comparison to The Pick of Destiny.  Because it was gloriously, goofily metal.  It would have fit right in with Brutal Legend.  I'm not sure that words can do justice to its glory, and so I'm not going to try.

    Anyway.  Done rambling now.  If you've been on the fence about checking the film out, let me give you my hearty recommendation.  They're showing it on the Hub Discovery Kids now, and it probably won't be long until it's out in retail form.  It's also, undoubtedly, available from other sources.  Go check it out!

    I'll be checking back in in about a week with another announcement.  See ya then, folks.

    4 comments · 68 views
  • 7w, 5d
    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you... beauty.

    11 comments · 153 views
  • 11w, 3d
    Clip takes sixth!

    I'm thrilled and honored and all-around just kinda happy to report that my submission to EQD's "Outside Insight" contest placed sixth, out of 109 entrants!  And that means that someone with artistic talent and creative genius will have to draw a picture of a tentacled, amorphous mass of eyes and mouths getting a makeover from Rarity.  Schadenfreude is a wonderful thing, isn't it?

    I know there was some debate among the judges as to how literal the contest's prompt ("write a story about ponies from a non-pony's perspective") was to be interpreted.  I'm very glad to have managed to rank in the top ten despite my (apparently) loose interpretation of the guidelines.  Honestly, if I had taken it literally--had I written a story entirely about ponies, just told from a third party's perspective--I don't think I'd have even entered.  The little zap of creativity that hit me when I came across the contest might not have sparked if I'd felt more constrained in what sort of story I was allowed to tell.

    Thankfully, my Neutral Good alignment shaded my perception of reality, and so I sat down and wrote a story containing the line "because you're the harbinger of the apocalypse, sweetie," and people liked it!  Hooray for loose interpretations of the rules!

    Anyway, I'll probably go silent again for awhile until I can share with you all the undoubtedly awesome piece of artwork I'll be getting.  Keep on ponying, folks!

    5 comments · 87 views
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This story is a sequel to A Teacher With No Class

After his encounter with Ms. Cheerilee and her students, Prince Blueblood decides to leave Equestria and wander the Everfree Forest in hopes of making the world a better place through his absence.  With the help of a rhyming zebra and a restless ghost, he struggles to learn more about himself, his lineage, and his ultimate destiny.  And if he's lucky, maybe he'll even find a reason to survive.

First Published
19th Jun 2012
Last Modified
23rd Jun 2012

IM excited if no one else

edit: OH GOD THAT JUST MADE THINGS WORSE. Next please. These are, in fact, great.

It's here.  It's finally here! :pinkiegasp: :pinkiehappy: :yay: :twilightsmile:


Whoa.  That first part and all the that's skill.  Great job!

Why would Celstia let him read such a horrible book! Talk about early implanted racism!

Beautiful language on Zecora.  I'm always impressed when people use her as a character.

I'm very excited to hear of Blueblood's quest and eagerly await more.

I like it! Zecora's a great character who doesn't get enough love. I love the story of Blueblood and the foals, so I'm really interested to see where this goes. It's enough to actually make me feel sorry for the dumb donkey.

Wow, you've actually made me feel bad for Blueblood:rainbowderp:. You raise an interesting point about the redundancy of a royal family when the two rulers are functional immortals. Hopefully our changed prince can find his own band of ponies to lead by himself.

I love how even the narrative from Zecora's viewpoint is in rhyme.  :pinkiehappy:

I like your premise and I am looking forward to where you will take us on this endeavor.

more please. tracking this.

I have been waiting

^_^ thank you for putting up with my non-waiting  skill  :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Another comment, the story i just read, now of all times has rhymes dancing in my head.  I hope you do go with sense and purpose. Or a readers revolt will be you.... something that rhymes

^_^ YAY. first post. Time to eat away at the new Chapter. NOM NOM NOM  Here is a link to the face i am making Amazing

Well, this is certainly taking a turn down a path which i did not foresee happening, but i like it. Keep it coming sir.

Yes, now that i have read this i am quite amazed.  I love the left feild turn of events. If i could like this more than once i could but sadly i cant. Grrrr.:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

What if it turns out Blueblood is stil high, the ghost is his deeply repressed resentment towards Celestia, and the approaching Cadence delusion is his sexuality?

What a twist!:twistnerd:

""And so, we died," he sighed, sweeping a hand to encompass the castle and city around them."

Lyra would be so jealous!


I kept thinking something similar- that maybe Blueblood was still drugged out of his mind when he met his "ancestor"; in other words, desperate to find some meaning to his life, he dreams up a legacy of betrayal and vengeance. Imagine how sad that would be, especially for Celestia, who only had her sister returned from the throes of madness a few years ago at most...


Whoops!  I kept making that mistake, actually.  Apparently, my subconscious thinks undead ghost kings are supposed to have hands.  Stupid Shakespeare.


Welp, at least Azure Throne doesn't appear to have died from ear poison. I've always felt that was a humiliating way to go; barely above strangled with own bow-tie.

Okay, i just got even more invested in this story of yours. Good show for throwing that wild turn out there.

Hah! Tricking another into sacrificing loved ones for revenge and calling up armies of the dead... Mayhap we should call our dear dead king "Frozen Throne" now, instead of Azure Throne.

I wonder what will come of this. I think Blueblood expected his people to have a pulse, among other things. That is, if they are even his. Grandfather blue has been going on about his armies, rather than theirs, and it's not clear his grandson is even needed anymore. Hmm- maybe he thinks once they've had their revenge, they'll just fade away? In that case he'd need somepony to take over. Nevermind that the living probably don't want the dead in charge anyhow...

Also, if I were Blueblood, I'd likely try and get a refund on that whole 'vision quest' thingie. Seriously, up till now, his destiny sucked.


"Hah! Tricking another into sacrificing loved ones for revenge and calling up armies of the dead... Mayhap we should call our dear dead king "Frozen Throne" now, instead of Azure Throne."

Mildly unrelated rant ahoy!

If you ever have the misfortune to read Arthas, the official novelization of Warcraft III and prequel to Wrath of the Lich King, well, I'm sorry.  But you'll also notice that, in order to add "depth" to Arthas' character, they changed one of the basic motivations for his fall from grace.  In the games, he was clearly an arrogant, overconfident idiot with anger management issues who let himself get tricked into joining the Dark Side.  In the novel, he was really just grieving for his horse.  See, he tried to jump this ravine in the snow, but he couldn't see how far it really was.  So the horse fell and broke its legs.  And his guilt over that incident is what gradually turned him from a smart, kindhearted young man to a complete psycho.

I really don't like that book. :trixieshiftleft:

So, anyway, I'll admit, part of my inspiration for this story came from lingering resentment against how badly they'd butchered Arthas' origin.

Not that Blueblood's necessarily going to be putting on any cursed helmets or stabbing parental figures in their throne rooms.  ...Maybe.

Good Story, Since bring people back from the dead is possible now try to bring her back.  Since i can foresee a really really pissed off Shining Armor

Holy crap man >.> just pushing out chapters left and right i am quite impressed.


Heh, thank ya.  I admit, writing that first chapter was an uphill battle.  I like Zecora, and I like rhyming, but I was worried that I was bogging down the story with unnecessary dialogue.  Now that we're into the action, though, I'm definitely feeling the writing bug.  At this rate, I might actually finish up by tomorrow evening...though I don't wanna make any promises.  Civilization V: Gods and Kings did come out this week, after all.

>>786412Perfectly understandable, I am still working on the diologe for my story. the chapter is done but i still needs work. it nice when you can finially see the end of the story, and all you need it to write it.

You're making me like this story too much, so far you've given an interesting plot, quick updates, and good dialogue. That's a hard combination to maintain for most people. Keep it up.

I'd just like to give a quick shout-out to Chengar Qordath, whose characterization of Cloudkicker and Bossomforth inspired their appearance here.  And by "inspired" I mean that I mean I totally ripped him off.  

either you wrote this up in the last few days and have just been in the editing process or you are a very quick writer. Which ever it is, well done.

Poo, thought i was going to be first again.  This story get better by the chapter and im glad Candance is not dead. ^_^ If i vagly remember a curtain Specular being worryed about his head being decapitated at the mountain. Also +1000 points for adding my favorite pony Derpy.

Oh, goody. Tyrantlestia. My favourite.

You're treading on dangerous ground, here. Be wary.

Yeah, I'm done with this.



Well, to each their own.  Although if your primary complaint is that the lying, undead necromancer told a story about Celestia that you don't like, you may want to consider that the source might be less than 100% accurate.

Regardless, thank you for reading as far as you did.  Trust me, I get that this story isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea.  But it's a fun experiment for me.

Um.  Chapter 5 just got eaten.  I logged on with my phone to check comments, and, somehow, what should have been the above reply ended up replacing the entire chapter.

Contacting the site's support.  Maybe they can help?  Maybe not.


EDIT: Nope, the chapter's vanished into the ether.  Well, looks like I'll be doing some rewriting tomorrow.

Okay, Chapter 5 v2 is up!  It's mostly the same, but I added a massive amount of exposition to the end that you might want to check out.  Hopefully, it doesn't come across as completely boring.  I just couldn't stop writing Blueblood talking to Cadence's decapitated skull.

So the original cadence might still be Alive. There is a hope

'Sudden but inevitable betrayal'? One of the best lines from Firefly, I agree.

This is an awesome story, too. And a war of undead vs. Equestria has spawned from Blueblood going to talk at a school. Cool. Wait, not cool, it's war and a thousand pony skeletons living a horrible unlife. But the story is cool.

Sweet, this updated only a few hours after I first read it. What luck!

YAY. litterally been camping the site waiting for this update

He just gave up, fell out of my chair laughing.

That... sounds like a very fun destiny. 'I am destined to fight a horde of reanimated dead, helping to bring together those who can defeat them, while making puns.'


Shout-outs are always appreciated.

Annnd, that's it!  All done.  Except for going back, proofreading, and editing where needed.

Somehow, this story I projected to be about 12k words turned into more than twice that.  It's even longer than Coins and Crowns!  Frickin' ridiculous.

In the end, I had a lot of fun writing it.  Not to sound like a completely pretentious poser artiste, but I reached into some of the darker parts of my soul to write Blueblood, and I think it turned out well.

I also got to have a pony valiantly pun a dragon in the face of death.  So definitely a win.

Those of you who've been following along, thank you for the encouragement!  I hope you enjoyed reading this thing as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Also, in honor of the story going in a somewhat different direction than I expected, I've changed the title to "The Strange Destiny of Prince Blueblood," which I think better reflects the nature of the beast.

Thank you all for reading!  And please, any comments, criticisms, or suggestions for the editing process are more than welcome.

- Kavonde

good story Kavonde, you finished it alot quicker then i thought you were going to, but thats not a bad thing. Though now, im left wondering if there is potential for a third episode in this branch you have created.  

Redemption Fic statistics: Trixie: about 95% of the ones which feature her. Gilda: 60%. Chrysalis: 20%, generous. Blueblood: 2, not percent, just 2 that I've read. Including this one.

Also, this has been great.

>>796019 There is no greater win than shouting puns at an undead dragon while redeeming yourself for almost dooming a nation. Or at least very few.


Is the other one "The Blueblood Chronicles?"  Because if not, I highly recommend checking it out.  Fantastic stuff.

(I didn't start reading it until I was about halfway through this, so our Bluebloods don't have much in common.  His is a much, much better pony.)

>>796084 Actually, I was thinking of Best Day Ever and its sequel, This Platinum Crown.  I'll be sure to read this Blueblood Chronicles story right away. It's odd how there are so few people redeeming Blueblood, when they do redeem evil chaos gods and invading buglike infiltrators. It's not even that it's the more extreme antagonists are in more dire need of redemption or something. Trixie, who didn't do too much antagonism herself also got heaps of redemption fics. So why pick on Blueblood?

It ended fantasically although i wont lie i WANT TO KNOW WHO HE IS DATING... >.< i know its one of those things were we can just choose and be happy about it but cmon. as a fellow author give a nigga a clue :p :rainbowlaugh:


Well, I think there's two reasons:

One, he's a classic villain archetype, but he didn't actually get much screen time or any development.  We don't know what his motivations are, we don't know what happened to make him such a jerk.  He's probably the most flat and one-dimensional character on the show.  We know Trixie is aware that she's a liar and a fraud; we know Discord is kind of a goofball; we know that Chrysallis has mouths to feed.  But Blueblood?  All we know is that he's a jerk.  So, I can see why most folks never really stormed the gates and demanded 'fics of him.

Two, he was mean to Rarity, and Rarity is best pony.


Hey, I'll give ya the same clue that Blue gave Celestia... It's someone she's met :raritywink:


Okay, just read "The Best Night Ever."  Dude.  Just... dude.

Calling it fantastic doesn't do it justice.  One of the best stories, period, that I have ever read.


The best night ever is the reason i like Blueblood stories

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