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    The land of the old Roaman empire is tortured by ambient and open hostility. Finally, a Praetorian arises to protect the city like the Legionnaires of old, and nothing will stop him. Nothing but himself, that is.
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  • 4w, 2d
    Wow, I've Been Out of it

    I've been gone from here for almost four months. I've barely written, I've barely checked on my stories, on my comments, groups, and all other things.

    I was just really busy. First sem of college wasn't quite so easy. I had free time, yes, but it was spent relaxing, preparing myself for the next day... and so I have almost forgotten about my writings. Now that I remember, I will do my best to tend to them. To update and post blogs regularly. Some of you asked if I was dead, if my stories were dead. We came close, but it hasn't come to pass yet.

    It's the second week of sembreak now. I'm almost done with the chapter for NRI that I've been working on slowly over the months. I hope to publish it in a few days -- a week at the most. I sincerely hope nothing too much has changed here while I was gone.

    3 comments · 37 views
  • 20w, 3d
    Wow, What A Chapter!

    It took around two months to write; college got in the way. But damn, even I'm surprised by the stuff I put into Myst's chapter, Discordance. I mean... shit. Kinda scares me sometimes.

    So yeah, that's finally out. Depending on how the chapter's received, I may do another Myst chapter, or proceed back to Goldwreath. Do let me know how you guys feel about it, kay?

    I have the shortest blog entries, I swear...

    3 comments · 89 views
  • 24w, 5h
    Some Art for the Wait

    7 comments · 101 views
  • 28w, 1d
    With the 'Other Perspectives' principle in mind...

    So for those of you who've been following me, you probably know that the next few chapters of New Roam Innovatus will be told from Myst's PoV. Now, while I believe I can write her well enough, I would appreciate some suggestions. I'm not a shy person most of the time, I'm not particularly antisocial or suffer from any particular anxiety. So I don't mean to come off as rude, but if any of you have such traits, I'd really like to know how the world seems to you. If you want it can be completely confidential via PM, or if you'd like you can comment below. The general idea is to help me reduce any Goldwreath-like narrative from the story for a short while and bring in Myst.

    Thanks in advance, guys.

    7 comments · 150 views
  • 28w, 2d
    It's Myst for the next two chapters

    After seven chapters of Goldwreath's perspective, it is at last time to tell the narrative from Myst's PoV. Seeing as all of New Roam Innovatus is basically being told through an interview-type telling, Myst will, as well as GW, occasionally address the audience -- with extra shyness, of course.

    Of course, there must be a transition from GW to Myst. That little bit I'm writing right now.

    0 comments · 85 views
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Evicted from his stable, Goldwreath is forced into a life full of perils and tragedies the like of which he has not asked for. Now facing entities of power far beyond anything he can imagine, a tyrannical military organization, a mysterious defense array in the mountains of Roam, and a foreboding phenomenon forming in the south, he must gather his wits and put his training to use in order to save the city of Roam. His enemies are tough, and his friends may not even be his friends, but no matter how hard the path he will defend the city to his last breath. That is, if he hasn't lost his sanity already.

First Published
27th May 2012
Last Modified
14th Sep 2013

If you haven't already, come on over to the Fallout: Equestria Side Stories Compilation Document here! You can post your story there, and people are always willing to be impromptu idea trampolines/proof-readers :twilightsmile:

Someone thumbed down, I thumbed up to counter. I'll read the story after I get home from school today because it looks good.

Also, I'm friends with the cover artist so he told me about it hehehe.

Welcome to the FoE sidefic herd :twilightsmile:

Thanks for helping me start off my fic, guys. I don't know who thumbed down, but I only hope they thumbed down because they actually read the story and didn't just decide to troll me.

Again, thanks!

Congratulations on the beginning of your story!  :pinkiehappy:

And don't worry: the downvotes were probably trolls.  There are a small few anti-FOE boys here who tend to do that with every FOE sidefic.  If the voters actually read the story and didn't like it, they would have posted to say why.  I wouldn't give them a second thought.

Happy writing! :twilightsmile:

Oh, wow. Thanks Kkat! I'll admit, I was pretty upset with the dislikes, and no matter how I thought about it, it still made me uncomfortable.

Again, thanks! I hope that it'll be a good addition to the side-fic pantheon.

Dude, epic story. I'm hooked! Thumbs up, bitches!

(Footnote: FoE haters: MINUS ONE):rainbowwild:

Oh and btw, I'm writing a sidefic of my own, and I would enjoy collaborating w/you. I like your style!:rainbowdetermined2:

Thanks! I would like to collaborate with you as well; it provides more insight.

I'll see on how to contact you.

Thanks for the like!

cant wait for the next chapter this one was good :twilightsmile:

>>659554yeah kkat tell it like it is:rainbowdetermined2:

Ok I would like to start by saying that this is looking like it will be an interesting read.

Just a bit of constructive criticism, each time a different character begins talking start a new paragraph, it makes things much easier to follow when you do that

definitely a good story you've got going on here, can't wait for more!

>>678054 Alright, I'll try implementing that.

>>678145 Thanks, I'm glad you like it!

And then the Courier appeared and killed half of what was still living in one day.

>>688371  Uhhh...

What does that mean?

>>689085 You don't play much Fallout, do you?

>>689167   Well, if you count fallout 3 and New Vegas...

But I think I get what you mean now.

cant wait for the next chapter this one was good :twilightsmile:

Holy Celestia's manure, I love everything big, especialy chapters. :pinkiehappy: I love ch.development what you made.


Thanks, although if you have any suggestions, I'll be glad to listen to them.

I am the one who is more interested in characters than the plot. I see some unicorn buck on main theme, so I think it's no time to suggest anything.

And as for the story as a whole, I like how you write now. :twilightsmile:


Thanks again.

And, may I ask, have you been reading this story? The 'I like how you write now' suggests you have.

Lastly, you mean that unicorn buck on the cover art?


Ayep. And I had read almost all FoE side stories what ever existed, so if I fucken say what your story well written when I fucken mean it.

wow, nearly 30,000 words in just over a week, that's like Somber levels of writing

I'm looking forwards to seeing where this goes, though the sentient APC does seem a little over-powered, so I'll bet it'll get blown up pretty soon, did some say heroic sacrifice?

one small error: it's not the Ministry of Magic (that's Harry Potter) it's the Ministry of Arcane Sciences, though the speaker being a zebra lets this kinda slip by


Whoops. I guess I should try to correct that.

And, actually, due to the fact that most important events will take place indoors, the APC will have to stay outside. When I was thinking of this chapter, I was kind of hoping for a Shepard-EDI relationship, you know? Makes it more interesting. And, besides, he's going to need that extra power. He isn't like blackjack or littlepip in which he faces threats at few numbers at a time. Trust me.

>>748642 I've never played Mass Effect, so I have no clue what you're talking about there...

so he'll be facing 20+ foes at the same time? also I'm hoping for vehicle combat now


Aw, that's too bad. Buy, yes, exactly.

And I do intend to place some sort of vehicle-oriented combat.

And, again, don't worry. As the story progresses, the APC won't seem overpowered anymore. At most, it'll just save their sorry flanks when they really need it.


:yay: yay APC with an AI I can see where this going to go :trollestia:


Oh, really?

Haha, yes, well, considering the shit I'm going to get them into, their probably going to need a damned tank.

When I was writing that chapter, I wanted to create a sort of BOND between them and the vehicle, you know? Lil'pip and the Sky Bandit was fine, but it lacked... personality. Something like Shepard and EDI.

Hey bro! Awesome story! :rainbowdetermined2:


Thanks, I'm glad you like it!

Tod is the best part of his brain.:twilightsheepish:


Nope, I vote for Tom.:ajsmug:

Kira x Conductor:heart:


Is there going to be clopping? :rainbowwild:

ohhh new chapter and a good one again :twilightsmile:


Thanks for the kind words! I know it isn't really much, but I'm going to make chapter 7 as long as possible, while still maintaining it's quality. (hopefully)

Hehe, it's not hard to make some secondary characters little more happy, and make story little more nice. Anyway, how i understand, we will not see RT a looong time.   I like character development chapters, usually that mean it will be blood soon.:scootangel:


Oh, don't worry. When you read chapter 7, you will get but a mere taste of what Goldwreath and co. will be facing. Mwahahahaha:trixieshiftright:

And, uh, what's RT?


ofcouarse itsa Road Town


Ah, ok. I was confused there for a moment.

Oh, don't worry, I'll be planning to do some nasty shit to them soon....

thatsa awesome chapta. I see some Red alert here. What can i say? FOR MOTHER RUSSIA!

I only finished chapter 3 so far but this is one of my fav side stories I've read so far :twilightsmile: I love the main character, the setting, and the legion:pinkiehappy:

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