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  • 116w, 2d
    The Teaser for our Game

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  • 123w, 1d
    More Material?

    I have to admit, when I released Material I didn't think it would attract any attention.  I did it more as a short to have between my larger projects.  Something fun and silly to do.

    However, there seems to be a small group asking for a little more from the story.  While normally expanding one-shots can feel a bit forced, Material is actually nicely set up to be drawn out some.  We left on a point when they didn't even think they would last a day.  They have to get through a date or two before they live happily ever after, don't they?

    I am cautious because I feel like new chapters cannot obtain the playful randomness that defined the first- therefore, for those of you who liked it as a one shot, I won't be changing the first chapter.  The story will still stand alone as a one shot.  Don't feel like you have to read the next few chapters, if you liked where it ended before.

    But for the handful of you that want to see what happens next, I'll do my best to show you.  I am busy this weekend, so I won't be able to produce a chapter until next week - expect a chapter on the 19th or 20th.

    Let me know if you have any thoughts!


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  • 125w, 1d
    Tomorrow's Update! (technically today's)

    As always, I'm updating Left Behind once every three days. This update, however, won't just include the next chapter- it will include Clavier's edits of past chapters.  We went through each one and made some major changes, so expect to see some differences, if you reread any of the story.  Don't worry, though!  Clavier is a very talented guy, so all the changes will be for the better.

    Including tomorrow's (today's) update, I have 3 or 4 more chapters planned.  With my current schedule, that means you can expect the story to be finished on the 10th- next weekend!  

    Thank you all for following my story- it means so much to mean that you guys read it.


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  • 126w, 2d
    Chapter 1 is done.

    I've added a new chapter to my story, Left Behind.  It ended up being a lot sillier than I had planned, but I really liked where it was going so I just ran with it.  Maybe I should add a comedy tag?  I'll have to see what the reviews say.  (If I get any!)

    I added Fluttershy to the story, and she's a funny character to write for.  All of the MLP cast have unique ways of talking, but Fluttershy tends to have so much stammering, "ums", etc that writing her dialogue can feel a little strange.  I hope I did her justice, and I like the way she turned out.

    The hardest part about this process is that I've set a deadline for myself for each chapter, which is something I've never done before.  With a chapter coming out every three days, I wonder if I'll ever be rushing myself.  Truthfully what I'm worried about is rushing the editing process, and leaving horrible grammatical errors when I publish.  Hopefully this will not be the case.

    I wonder if anyone will read this blog?  I don't really know.  Still, it's good to get my thoughts out on paper.  (well... ePaper.)  If you're reading this:  I'm glad you like my story!  


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Finally finished!  As her friends find success, Applejack begins to worry that her life as a simple farmer makes her the least special of her friends.  Rainbow Dash comes up with a plan to show her just how special she is- and discovers something about her feelings for the country farmer in the process.


My first story!  Please let me know what you think!  Chapters will be added once every three days without fail.

Edited by Clavier

Cover Image by [http://derpiihooves.deviantart.com/]Derpii Hooves[/url]  

First Published
21st May 2012
Last Modified
12th Jun 2012
#1 · 126w, 5d ago · · · Prologue - The Problem ·

I have had those feelings of jealousy before it hurts:pinkiesad2:

This is a story i can get behind keep it up:pinkiehappy:

#2 · 126w, 5d ago · · · Prologue - The Problem ·


Thank you so much, 501st, I will!  

#3 · 126w, 5d ago · · · Prologue - The Problem ·


when might i expect updates? weekly, daily, or whenever you get around to it?

#4 · 126w, 5d ago · · · Prologue - The Problem ·


I'll be updating this story a few times per week.  You can expect a chapter in the next few days!

#6 · 126w, 5d ago · · · Prologue - The Problem ·

I love this story! Great characterization, a sweet story, I might just have a new favorite AppleDash fic. Keep going!

(I always love AJ and Dash teasing each other. Great job on that.)

(Edit to add: Ignore the haters. There are people who thumbs down every ship fic, or every AppleDash fic or something. All I know is that mine always get a few thumbs down, then a bunch of thumbs up. Strangely, my gen fic gets no thumbs down.)

#7 · 126w, 5d ago · · · Prologue - The Problem ·

Wow, this is really good so far! Like some others said, great characterization, and an interesting idea that I could actually see happening. Plus, Appledash. Can't go wrong with that :derpytongue2: Keep up the great work, I'm definitely gonna look out for more of this

#8 · 126w, 5d ago · · · Prologue - The Problem ·


Oh, thank you for telling me that!  I was wondering why I was getting so many "thumbs down" so fast, I was worried.  

I'm glad you liked it!

#9 · 126w, 5d ago · · · Prologue - The Problem ·


Thank you, Ladyhart.  I think I have some good ideas for the story, I hope you like where it goes!

#10 · 126w, 5d ago · · · Prologue - The Problem ·

Yay for Appedash

#11 · 126w, 5d ago · · · Prologue - The Problem ·

I hadn't realized it was just the one chapter up so far. :ajsleepy:

I'm liking this. Not only as a sucker for shipping, but it feels nice. It feels like it could lead into a well rounded situation, not something entirely shaded one direction or another.  :ajsleepy::ajsleepy: Is nice.

#12 · 126w, 5d ago · · · Prologue - The Problem ·


Sorry to trick you, ambion!  Don't worry, I'm already starting on the next chapter as we speak, so you won't have to wait too long.  I'm glad you like it!

#13 · 126w, 5d ago · · · Prologue - The Problem ·

This definitely has potential.  I'll be watching :scootangel:

#14 · 126w, 5d ago · · · Prologue - The Problem ·

I will be most certainly be keeping an eye on this.

#15 · 126w, 5d ago · · · Prologue - The Problem ·



Thanks for following, guys!

#16 · 126w, 4d ago · · · Prologue - The Problem ·


I can't believe no one is commenting about the plan.

Rd will try to run the farm? XD

#17 · 126w, 4d ago · · · Prologue - The Problem ·

Your characterization is spot-on, and your dialogue is excellent. The pacing is also pitch-perfect, so the story flows naturally; it doesn't feel like you're rushing anything, nor does it feel like you're lingering too long. I'll definitely keep an eye on this one.

#18 · 126w, 4d ago · · · Prologue - The Problem ·


Thank you for the kind review, De Carabas.  

#19 · 126w, 4d ago · · · Prologue - The Problem ·


You'll see!

I have been writing sad stuff all day, and I needed this like you wouldn't believe!

That was hilarious. Great job! :rainbowlaugh:


I'm so glad it cheered you up, Bookplayer!  I'm didn't know it was going to be so silly, but I liked how it turned out.

It's decided, I'm definitely watching you. :pinkiehappy:

Seriously, I love this story and the characterisation felt spot-on to me.


Thank you, Lone Ranger.  I'm glad you liked my characterization, I worked hard on getting it right!

This was adorable! and sweet jesus did it make me laugh... I love the story! Keep up the good work! :ajsmug:


I'm glad you liked it!  So what do you think, should I add a "comedy" tag to the story...?

Oh shit son!





Most definitely homie!

Are we to be expecting some rainbowjack or appledash?:rainbowhuh:


Well I don't want to give anything away, but... probably.

Another awesome chapter! I'm really liking this so far, and your characterization is really accurate. Can't wait for more, keep up the great work :pinkiehappy:

#33 · 126w, 11h ago · · · Chapter 2 - The Moment ·


#34 · 126w, 11h ago · · · Chapter 2 - The Moment ·


Glad you like it, Trinary.  Thanks!

#35 · 126w, 11h ago · · · Chapter 2 - The Moment ·

As always, perfect. Poor Dash, I just want to read more right away so that I know it gets better.

Keep up the great work!

#36 · 126w, 11h ago · · · Chapter 2 - The Moment ·


Can't wait for more?  *poof*  Well here's another chapter!

#37 · 126w, 11h ago · · · Chapter 2 - The Moment ·

All is as expected:pinkiehappy:

#38 · 126w, 11h ago · · · Chapter 2 - The Moment ·


Don't worry... I have a feeling it will get better.  But we have to get to the "Adventure" part of the story first!

#39 · 126w, 11h ago · · · Chapter 2 - The Moment ·


Didn't have to wait long for your Appledash part of the story!  

#40 · 126w, 11h ago · · · Chapter 2 - The Moment ·


Thought it was gonna progess through the story and she confesses feelings for her toward the end but still great job:scootangel:

#41 · 126w, 10h ago · · · Chapter 2 - The Moment ·

Oh wow, this is shaping up quite nicely. Love how you're handling slightly-in-the-future head's-just-a-little-bit-bigger-than-it's-always-been Rainbow Dash. Very true to the spirit of her character.

You could probably use a good editor though. There are a few minor stumbles, like miscapitalizations and such.

#42 · 126w, 8h ago · · · Chapter 2 - The Moment ·

No! NOOOO! After all that?!       You must upload more. You must, you must!  I need to know what happens!

#43 · 126w, 6h ago · · · Chapter 2 - The Moment ·


New Chapter once every three days!  

#44 · 125w, 5d ago · · · Chapter 2 - The Moment ·

Gah! Cliffhanger! I'm glad you update quickly. Super awesome job, yet again. I actually leaned closer to my computer screen in apprehension at AJ's reaction, until I realized what I was doing and laughed :derpytongue2: keep it up :pinkiehappy:

#45 · 125w, 5d ago · · · Chapter 2 - The Moment ·


Glad you liked it.  You can expect a chapter to be sent in sometime tomorrow!

#46 · 125w, 5d ago · · · Chapter 2 - The Moment ·

I really love this story becauso its so different besides the other appledashfics =)

Cant wait for the next chapter!

#47 · 125w, 5d ago · · · Chapter 2 - The Moment ·


I really love this story becauso its so different


besides the other appledashfics =)


Edit: :)

#48 · 125w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 2 - The Moment ·


Why the sad Face?

Its a good thing that the story has a completly other plot than other Fics, it a reason why i love this:rainbowkiss:

English is not my first language and a make a lot of grammatical and spelling errors, so maybe you misunderstood something.... ;)

#49 · 125w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 2 - The Moment ·


Oh, I'm sorry, it sounded like you were saying "it's so different, but it's not at all different from other appledash fics" which sort of made it sound sarcastic.  I'm glad you like it, I misunderstood!

#50 · 125w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 3 - Lost ·

Just amazing. The black dragon is awesome, and I LOVED AJ talking to Big Mac.

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