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  • 1w, 6d
    Life Pulse & Nevermind

    12 comments · 456 views
  • 8w, 1d
    Ice Bucket Challenge & Game Project Plug

    So, I was challenge by BronyWriter last evening, and so I had to squeeze this fun little bit of brain freeze in during my morning routine as I got ready for work.

    To reiterate from my video, I challenge Blankedmind, Gremlin Grenade, JustAnotherTimeLord, The Illustrious Q.

    The challenge to Kkat has been retracted. She isn't in a position where she can perform the challenge due to a lack of equipment & funds as well as her personal preferences about the internet.

    Also, on  side note, a project I contributed to is back on Kickstarter. Scott Easley's 3x3 Wildstyle Basketball, a mobile street basketball game. If you supported it last time, please go do so again. If you haven't, please go check it out.

    28 comments · 711 views
  • 11w, 3d
    Bronycon Day 2 Plan * Identifying Attire

    Day one was awesome. Met too many people to list off in these few minutes I have to write this. Today looks to be more awesome and my busiest con day since I have all three of my panels today. I'm wearing an Applejack shirt today and blue jeans. Hope to see you around. Best time to catch me is after my panels.

    - Do's and Dont's of Fanfiction - Hall of the Sun - 10:00 to 11:00 AM

    - Worlds Beyond: Crossovers in Fanfiction - Hall of Stars - 1:45 to 2:45 PM

    - Quills and Sofas Hangout - 3:00 - 4:00 PM

    - Shattered Kingdom Game - Hall of Stars - 5:30 to 6:30 PM

    2 comments · 323 views
  • 11w, 4d
    Bronycon Day 1 Plan & Identifying Attire

    So, since there are folks wanting to meet up with me today, here is a rough idea of where I'll be and when. Also, such a late start today. I slept in, but I had a reason. Work made me stay up all night Wednesday to put out a last minute fire.

    0) 12:00 Float around the convention, likely checking out vendor hall

    1) 2:00 - Vendor Hall Shadow Box booth. Someone ordered something Past Sins related and they wanted me to sign it.

    2) 3:00 - 4:00 - I'll chill out at the Quill's and Sofa's room for an hour. Probably the easiest time you'll have finding me.

    If your looking for me today, I'm wearing a gray plaid long sleeve shirt and blue jeans.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful time at Bronycon today and I hope to see several of you around.

    4 comments · 346 views
  • 12w, 3d
    Bronycon, Shattered Kingdoms, & A Plug for a New Past Sins Movie Project

    Bronycon looms just next week, and I look forward to the fact I once again get to attend this year. So I hope to see lots of friends and to meet anyone new. One person asked in e-mail if I'd be willing to sign his/her copy of Past Sins while I'm there. I'm totally cool with doing that for anyone that asks, just be sure to have a pen since there is no guarantee I'll remember to have one.

    As to Bronycon itself, I get to be on three panels this year. The last one I'll speak about in greater length, but the first two are writing panels. I'll be returning properly to the panel I kind of snuck onto last year, the Do's and Don't of Fanfiction. I'll also be on the Worlds Beyond: Crossovers in Fanfiction panel, both on Saturday. In fact, all three of my panels are on Saturday this year it would seem. It makes for a very interesting day.

    Now, as for the last panel, it is for a project I've been contributing to as a partial-writer as well as a story adviser. That project is "Shattered Kingdoms" and I'll be on the panel with several other members of the development team. Shattered Kingdoms is a game project that has been going on for several months now. The team lead, Gremlin Grenade, has a blog post from Fiesta Equestria last year that tells a lot more about the project then I can really fit into such a multi-purpose blogpost.

    Now not only is the development team having a panel this year, but there will be a live demo of the game available to play. I believe it will be in the Baltimare Arcade room, since it's the only electronic game room I'm aware of, but I'm sure Gremline Grenade will post up a blog soon with more information on what the demo will contain and verify where it can be played.

    Also, the team is looking for more writers to fill out its ranks and to ensure the story is as polished and properly complex as possible. So if you have any interest, drop Gremlin Grenade or come see us at our panel. The time and place are below, along with the time and place of my other two panels.

    - Do's and Dont's of Fanfiction - Hall of the Sun - 10:00 to 11:00 AM

    - Worlds Beyond: Crossovers in Fanfiction - Hall of Stars - 1:45 to 2:45 PM

    - Shattered Kingdom Game - Hall of Stars - 5:30 to 6:30 PM

    Again, I hope to see a lot of you there, and I'll see if I can't do something to make myself easily identifiable. (Besides the fact I basically wear the same outfits to every convention :P. Saturday I'll be sure to save my Applejack shirt and red, plaid short-sleeve button-down shirt.)

    And to wrap up this blog post, a commenter on Past Sins point out a new animation project that is starting to get underway. Someone new has begun a project to make Past Sins into an animated feature. It takes a lot of effort for someone to get far enough to even have a teaser trailer for something like this, so go give these guys some love and get hyped. (Especially because their design for Night Stone Castle looks pretty amazing!)

    TLDR version:

    - Going to Bronycon

    - I'm on three panels (check the list above for times and locations)

    - I'm a member of the Shattered Kingdom's dev team

    - We're having a panel and live demos at Bronycon

    - We're looking for writers, contact Gremlin Grenade.

    - Watch the video above for a Past Sins Movie Teaser Trailer, and give the creators some love.

    EDIT: To clarify some misconceptions in the comments, I am not doing the movie. Just giving a plug to the guys/gals who are.

    26 comments · 1,343 views
  • ...

==== Originally Written: Fall 2011 ==== EDQ Link ====

After a party to welcome the season of Nightmare Night, the library becomes the target of strange activity. Minor annoyances prelude greater events, and soon Twilight and Spike each take action to handle the situation in their own way. All the while, questions hang in the air. What lingers amongst the shelves? What watches from the corners? What stands just behind you only to disappear when you turn to look?

What is in the library, and what does it want?

First Published
20th May 2012
Last Modified
20th May 2012
#1 · 126w, 2d ago · · 1 · - Signs- ·

looks enteresting. Rainbow is said to be in it for the charecters i am guessing all the wierd things are her doing?



#2 · 126w, 2d ago · · · - Nightmares - ·

I remember reading this and being freaked out by this and loving it! Also... WHEN IS CREEPING DARKNESS COMING OUT!?!

#3 · 126w, 2d ago · · · - Nightmares - ·

This was one of the fics that I was reluctant to read when I was first going through you older stuff but am glad I later on.  Fun little  story.

#4 · 126w, 2d ago · · · - Nightmares - ·

Oh, I remember this one :pinkiehappy: This was probably the first Horror fanfic I ever read, I was wondering when you'd get to uploading it.

#5 · 126w, 2d ago · · · - Nightmares - ·

ohey Pen Stroke uploaded a new story :pinkiehappy: pity it's right as I have to leave for a few hours :fluttershysad:

I WILL BE BACK to read it later though :pinkiegasp: for what is better than some good stories :twilightsheepish:

#6 · 126w, 2d ago · · · - Nightmares - ·

I'm adding this to my "Read Later" list, only because you're the author.  That description just sounds kinda... cheesy.  I have no doubt the story is amazing (as is the case with practically everything you write), but if was any other author, that description would have driven me away.

#7 · 126w, 2d ago · · · - Nightmares - ·


#8 · 126w, 2d ago · · · - Nightmares - ·

Hoping not to be too terrified when this is over.  Halfway through chapter one, and I'm not sure which way this'll end.  

#9 · 126w, 2d ago · · · - Nightmares - ·


I'd be curious that, once you've read the story, if you might suggest ways you'd improve the description.

#10 · 126w, 2d ago · · · - Aggression - ·

Great. Now I can't read this without turning around and looking behind me. :applejackconfused:

#11 · 126w, 2d ago · · · - Nightmares - ·

Oh this story, such an epic twist :rainbowlaugh:

#12 · 126w, 2d ago · · · - Aggression - ·

Once Third Eye starts to explain, and especially with a name like Nightmare, it's pretty clear what's happened.  But there's no way of knowing what's going to happen next.  :pinkiegasp:  It's so exciting!  

#13 · 126w, 2d ago · · · - Nightmares - ·

There is no fear....

There is no fear....

There is no fear....

There is no fear....

There is no fear....

There is no fear....

There is no fear....

There is no fear....

There is only desperation.

#14 · 126w, 2d ago · · · - Nightmares - ·

I remember this one.

And it was, and still is, freaking awesome.

#15 · 126w, 2d ago · · · - Signs- ·

lol uigee board (no idea hoow to spell it) brings me back.

#16 · 126w, 2d ago · · · - Nightmares - ·

Bad idea to read this at two in the morning. Very bad idea.

#17 · 126w, 2d ago · · · - Nightmares - ·

Read this before loved it all the way :scootangel:

#18 · 126w, 2d ago · · · - Nightmares - ·

I loved this one when I first read it from EQD about 17 or 18 years ago! I loved it then, I love it now. :D I especially love the twist at the end, with Zecora. It leaves what could happen next open to the imagination.

#19 · 126w, 2d ago · · · - Nightmares - ·


....... 17 or 18 years? Sir/Ma'am, are you from the future?

#20 · 126w, 2d ago · · · - Nightmares - ·

soon, very soon, The past sins will go up to this. Can't wait:rainbowkiss:

This is so existing:rainbowwild:

#21 · 126w, 2d ago · · · - Nightmares - ·


Whaaat? Nooo, of course I'm not from the future, not even a little bit... I meant 7 or 8 years ago.

... Obviously.


#23 · 126w, 2d ago · · · - Nightmares - ·


#24 · 126w, 2d ago · · · - Signs- ·

“There; now there’s no way I can be cold,” Twilight stated firmly, every part of her body, except her horn and eyes, cocooned in her blanket.

I can't imagine how cute this would be !!! :twilightblush:

#25 · 126w, 2d ago · · · - Nightmares - ·

holy mother hell of nightmares mother! i didn't see that coming! what the fuck!?

#26 · 126w, 2d ago · · 2 · - Aggression - ·


so nightmare wants Luna back?? interesting teory.

#27 · 126w, 2d ago · · · - Nightmares - ·

Good ending, although as i always make sure i'm reading this picking up some little things that could be in a different way

Well good story (and Celestia destroyed everything end.) :trollestia:

#28 · 126w, 2d ago · · · - Nightmares - ·



I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.

I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.

I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.

I must not fear...


#29 · 126w, 2d ago · · · - Nightmares - ·

You know... I have to wonder if you came up with this song after reading this comic?

All in all, I dislike the reference to the wedgie board... my views of that are that it is demonic and as such should be disdained utterly. That being said... this was really well done horror. I like.

#30 · 126w, 1d ago · · · - Signs- ·

Its the Nightmare it wants Luna back

#31 · 125w, 6d ago · · · - Nightmares - ·

I plan to read it but after playing horror dr maps in tf2 and reading other horror stuff (and watching some saw videos) I think i might lose my sanity if i read it now BUT I SHALL READ IT OH YES I WILL BRAIN

#32 · 125w, 4d ago · · · - Nightmares - ·

i can just say this if i was in equestria after reading this fic.... D:

#33 · 125w, 1d ago · · · - Signs- ·

>>622028 Someone needs to draw that. NOW.

#34 · 125w, 48m ago · · · - Nightmares - ·

A very well written story.  Everypony seemed to be portrayed quite faithfully in-character, with the possible exception of Granny Smith whose dialog didn't quite feel "Granny Smith" enough (her mannerisms seemed completely absent).

In true Horror-Story fashion, the ending made me go "NOOOOOOOOoooooooooo..." ... reminding me of why I don't like to watch Horror Movies.  I much prefer happy endings.

A very well written story though.  I must admit, it took me a while to catch on to what was really going on, but the ending totally took me by surprise, yet also seemed to make sense in a way rather than coming completely out of nowhere.  It all came together in a logical fashion that did not seem at all forced or unbelievable.

Even though a part of me is fitfully protesting the idea of making that character "EVIL" after all, I must give this story a Thumbs Up for being an excellent presentation of what it advertised itself to be.  A "DARK" story.

#36 · 121w, 3d ago · · · - Nightmares - ·

I didn't understand shit until this chapter...


#37 · 120w, 4d ago · · · - Nightmares - ·

I think that it was total crap that Twilight just forgot the nightmare just like that... but I do like it actually turned out to be a nightmare.

#38 · 115w, 2d ago · · · - Aggression - ·

I should not be reading this at 1 in the morning.

#39 · 115w, 2d ago · · · - Nightmares - ·

Brava, Pen Stroke. Brava. You managed to write a horror fic that scared me more than Silent Ponyville 2.

#40 · 115w, 2d ago · · · - Signs- ·


Yep, that's my thought as well. I got a nice cold shiver as soon as I realized that. :pinkiesmile:

Did you also notice what Rarity's spell cleaned up? There were blobs of black in there. I bet those were runes that were cleaned off. Runes that contained the Nightmare.

#41 · 115w, 2d ago · · · - Nightmares - ·

That was chilling... :pinkiegasp:

#42 · 115w, 1d ago · · · - Signs- ·

This is really a great fanfic! Towards the end of this chapter I got the chills. I think I'll read the next chapter tomorrow at midnight, just like I did for this one! Again, great job! :pinkiehappy:

#43 · 113w, 2d ago · · · - Nightmares - ·

I knew I had a reason to postpone reading this. *shiver*

Regardless, that was some scare you gave specially at the end.

Man I need some brain bleach before I can regard Zecora properly again ><.

Nicely done!:moustache:

#44 · 111w, 5d ago · · · - Nightmares - ·

Have you seen: Rainbow dash presents: Haunting nightmare? It's just an extremely silly version of this. It also has a cool song called 'skin and bones'. it's funny.

#45 · 111w, 4d ago · · · - Nightmares - ·

:pinkiegasp: Well, that was unexpected.

#46 · 111w, 4d ago · · · - Nightmares - ·

Augh!!! This had the same effect as Rainbow Factory. After reinforcing that that kind of thing could never legitimately happen, I wanted to punch (actual) Rainbow Dash in the face. And now it's the same with Zecora. Basically to say, "never, ever." And then I remember that it's all fake, and I'm wasting my time thinking all that. Ugh, I gotta lay off the horror stories.

#47 · 110w, 1d ago · · · - Nightmares - ·

by Luna's sparkling violet mane

I'll not be able to look at Zecora the same way again.


#48 · 107w, 14h ago · · · - Nightmares - ·

Wait, I didn't know this was written by Pen Stroke.

#50 · 106w, 16h ago · · · - Nightmares - ·

:applejackunsure: I got a question, What ever happened to the message that Spike sent to princess Celestia? I know the assistant said she wasn't available to take messages, but wouldn't her assistant mention something to her when she did get back that they sent a message for her?

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