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  • E The Principles of Magic

    Twilight lectures on magic but adventure happens, so her lessons are illustrated along the way.
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  • T A Sky of Light

    The question is asked, What is dreamwalking? Princess Luna explains with an ongoing series of tales regarding magic, dreaming, and her role in ponies' lives.
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  • 10w, 15h
    Introvert, Extrovert: Two Princesses

    I just had a thought flit through my head: What if Celestia is an introvert, while Luna is an extrovert?

    Comics canon says Luna IS extroverted. She's enthusiastic around other ponies, she's comfortable being herself when she has some reference point for an activity, she enjoys parties and talking and play. Luna trusts others fairly quickly, if they seem harmless. In show canon, she's mostly Princess Luna, playing a more formal role, and that can take over one's identity if allowed; but even on that fateful Nightmare Night, she showed that even afraid for her image in the eyes of others, she can be playful and friendly -- she wants to be loved, and to participate in the doings of her people. While certainly being bookish is a common view of Luna, that may be a remnant of not having good company during the nights when she was awake doing her duty -- what else would she spend her free time doing if nopony wanted to chat and play? I'm not counting her time during the Thousand Years, as she was (by word of Faust) not properly conscious during that period.

    Celestia, on the other hoof, appears to be more distant with others. She spends most of her time doing Princess stuff. When she makes friends, it is ponies who are already connected to her, and whom she trusts. She dislikes the nobility (or at least the formality) enough to prank their most-favorite party, the Grand Galloping Gala. Certainly a lot of that could be connected to having to deal with formal and political BS all day every day, but there are more than nobility attending; surely more than six guests came from locations outside Canterlot? In personal appearances, Celestia is always The Princess. There's a sly and playful side to her, yes, but that's only shown to very close friends, a definite trait of introverts (and often a trait of people in very formal, very public positions, like national leader -- but not always).

    Now, we go back to the opening story of the show: Celestia, the introvert, sits serenely on her throne being a good ruler as the ponies play and work during the daytime, showering her with affection because she's there, even if she doesn't need quite so much of it as they give. Luna, the extrovert, spends her nights alone, tormented by the lack of ponies and attention, unsure if she is loved, respected, or even thought of by anypony at all.

    Suddenly it becomes that much clearer why Luna lost herself in the Nightmare. No coward she, nor madmare either; but she was susceptible because her need for social contact simply was not being fed. Celestia is pleased to be loved, but seems content to be a distant demigoddess, loving her ponies but rarely involving herself directly. Luna would take anything that let her satisfy the need, even for a moment, for getting attention of any sort. Even painful and unwanted attention would feed it.

    Humans have this problem as well, particularly neglected children. Even painful and unwanted attention is attention; they'd to anything to feed that need, even if they don't realize that this is why they're doing it. The Nightmare slips in, and grows dominant. Luna attacks her sister, claiming Celestia is deliberately keeping the love of their ponies for herself.

    And eventually, freed of the Nightmare, Luna begins to work through her traumatic neglect issues, reverting to her proper nature as somepony who likes to have relationships and get her hooves dirty. Meanwhile Celestia walks gracefully through life, happy to acknowledge her ponies, but not to participate overmuch in their lives.

    This is now my headcanon.

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  • 97w, 6d
    Time for a new story

    Sometimes your best option for old work is to let it fade away. Sometimes inspiration strikes, and will not be ignored. I read a story in which Princess Luna is, only after her imprisonment, learning how to enter ponies' dreams. In that story, she's going about it from the point of view of someone in a children's cartoon, who has no idea what she's really doing, and is modifying a mind-reading spell to observe the dreams of others. This bothered me, as it's not how I've found most people who dreamwalk actually go about learning how to do it.

    So I decided to write a story in which, instead, Princess Luna knows exactly what she's doing and how it's done, but is now teaching somepony else how to do it (and possibly many other things as well). This story is informed by my own background, where magic is an expression of self rather than a device to be wielded. To put it in D&D/Pathfinder terms: Where the other story shows Luna as a wizard (like Twilight obviously is) trying to learn by rote, I show Luna as a sorceress whose power is as much an extension of herself as her own body.

    Part of the explicit intent of writing this new story, "A Sky of Light", is to help my readers learn more about the abilities depicted therein; the story is as much a wrapper around the knowledge I mean to impart as it is a means of entertainment. Toward that end, feel free to post questions in the comments, or send them to me via PM. I'll try to address as many relevant points as I can in future chapters, whether as part of the story or in Luna's letters to the reader.

    I should note that the writing style for this story is dense and possibly even florid, rather than sparse and focused. I've chosen that style as reflective of Princess Luna, whose "old-timey" ways are still very much a part of her, and much more recent to her than the kind of language and storytelling in which we engage today. And while Shakespeare's works are actually comfortably sparse as we judge things today, Luna would have been writing letters and reading romances when not engaged in her duties of rulership. I'm sure some of you love Regency romances, but have you also read various letters from a hundred years ago? Everyone wrote deeply and at length back then, because you couldn't jabber on the phone for six hours to get it all out, or spend all day on Facebook, IM, and Twitter, spilling every little detail of your life. Everything you wanted to share had to be told in the words you put on the page.

    So now I've put these words on a virtual page for you. I hope you enjoy the read.

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  • 134w, 1d
    Time for a Do-Over!

    Bleah. I'm awake!

    I've realized, finally, that I need to fully revise The Principles of Magic. I know a lot of you favorited it, and there are some scenes I absolutely love, but the story is so loose that I can't get a grip on it. My notes just don't work anymore, I've realized.

    Here's most of the outline I have, the actual principles of magic that I was going to have Twilight teach:

    * Observation and information

    * Pattern and intent

    * Faith and will

    * Gather resources

    * Focus your energy

    * Close the pattern

    I'm not nearly so obsessively organized as Twilight, but these principles of magic are the actual principles I use in real life. Yes, I believe. I'm pagan, what did you expect? If you notice, this is the actual pattern of the story. The problem? That's six chapters, plus the introduction and possible epilogue. I was writing one scene per chapter, but I've been having trouble linking the scenes and the outline closely. I am not happy with the material I've tried to write since the middle of February.

    What that means is that, unlike Crying in a Bottle (which I still have to import to Fimfiction), I can't write one scene per chapter. I have to write at least two, and possibly three. That will mean longer chapters, but I'm a pretty steady writer once I'm rolling. I can reasonably crank out a scene a day when I'm doing well, between 750 and 1000 words. More, if I'm inspired and able to focus.

    So you know what? I'm going to rewrite the whole story, and post it as The Principles of Magic (Redux). That means I'll be tightening things quite a bit, and building the structure taller between floors (so to speak). But I'm keeping the intro (with a little revision), as that scene is too awesome and fun to discard. :)

    I intend to start rewriting tonight, along with a couple of other projects. We'll see how far I get.

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  • 145w, 4d
    It's almost storytime again!

    Thinking about a new fic, even though I haven't yet finished my previous one. Here's the premise that came to me a little bit ago:

    "500" - Everyone thinks alicorns are special, that there are only ever two of them. But what if there were over 500, and only a very few were special? Why do we only ever see one or two? Meet Dancing Stars, and find out.

    I've pretty much got my notes together for The Principles of Magic, it's just a matter of writing things down now. And once I've got the next couple of chapters cleaned up and ready to ship, maybe I'll start on this one.

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  • 162w, 6d
    It's a beautiful night

    Hey, looks like my latest story is doing nicely. With only five ratings, a 4.4 suggests at least one 5 star or two 4.5 star ratings, which is pretty good. I've been getting a pretty steady stream of hits, too, even when I haven't updated in a few days. But this latest update should boost numbers a bit once more.

    I don't know when I'll be finished with this, but soon enough I'll see about importing the already-completed fic I have up on ("Crying in a Bottle") and getting the EqD post updated for it. And somewhere in here I want to submit "The Principles of Magic" to EqD (probably at or near completion).

    Anyway, just posting to bump my first blog post off the front of my user page.

    It's a beautiful night, and

    A wingful of stars fills the sky.

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  • ...

In the village of Wellshod, a day and a third's travel from the burgeoning Ponyville, there is a general store and a tavern, and that's about it. Someone who was once "Great and Powerful" has been watering her salt lick with tears...

(This story was inspired by a pic on e621. The pic itself is safe, that website is not, so links are not being provided.)

First Published
4th May 2012
Last Modified
14th May 2012
#1 · 133w, 5d ago · · · Storm Story ·

I wrote this last summer and posted it on I figured it's finally time to post it here on FimFiction. This'll be a chapter a day (or two chapters if I miss a day) until finished. I decided to adjust a few tiny details here and there; nothing really noticeable except for Trixie's name (now that she has an official one).

I still don't get "Lulamoon", but whatever. I'll live.:trixieshiftleft: I think.:trixieshiftright:

So we're up to chapter eight and a dramatic cliffhanger! Oh noes! :pinkiegasp:

What could it mean? Find out tomorrow! Or, you know, read the story in its original location (I haven't logged in there in months).

And that's the story, folks. Created last summer, and still finding views and likes.

Fanfiction is a very temporal medium; popularity is meme-driven, and most memes are built on what happened most recently. The first season is only a memory for most of us, and not a very fresh one. That said, I hope this story has entertained you, and I'm sorry if it didn't.

Next up, I have no idea... I'll have to find something that inspires me enough to build on it.

-- Dream well!

Interesting so will give it a read when i can. :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

Now that this is on EQD, mm.  Talk about winning the fanfiction lottery!


... er, so i've been told.

I finished reading this story earlier this morning. I enjoyed it, it was pretty believable throughout as a response to Trixie's humiliation in Ponyville, and a pretty interesting canon of Trixie's backstory. The OC's were believable as well, maybe a touch underdeveloped, but maybe just enough. Depends on how much you wanted to lavish on the details.

The only main critique I can give is that chapter 11 felt very rushed. It definitely left me wanting a bit more explanation/detail/character interaction ~ Something. I can't quite put my finger on it; the resolution of the story is there, it is just very BAM BAM BAM DONE and before you know it the story ends. :unsuresweetie:

Good story otherwise though; I'll have to check out your other work. Keep it up! :raritywink:

All I can say is "OUCH!":fluttershyouch:

Marvelous!  I really like Trixie redemption stories, and this was a very well written one.:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

That kind of Trixie is very likeable. Not like the canon, obnoxious bitch type. :rainbowlaugh:

#10 · 59w, 1d ago · · · Broken ·

I hate leaving lonely chapters uncommented upon. Actually, I try to comment on every chapter I read, but that's especially true if there's no other comments yet.

Why do you write such short chapters?

#11 · 59w, 1d ago · · · Busywork ·

Trixie tested her voice, whispering, "Mother?" Though she was wrapped in a warm blanket, the inner warmth didn't come. "Mother? Are you there?" The emptiness felt so wrong.

Your mother's ghost doesn't love you anymore.

Bindlestick shivered. "Don't you go talkin' about it, you'll call down the curse down on yaselves! And it is a curse, there ain't no cure I know of!" He made a figure with his hoof to ward off evil things.

I don't like you. The first words I hear from you are annoying.

Trixie took the time to wash up a bit and then practically skipped back to the tavern.

I worry about the general prudence of giving money to a pony who was sent to you because she couldn't afford any more salt and needed a place to sleep and sending her to the tavern. It just doesn't seem to be a good idea, given what you know.

Don't bother asking whether I think it's a good idea given what I know. I'm far from certain what I'm supposed to know, so I can't very well draw conclusions from that set.

Along the way to the tavern, the urge rose in Trixie to just spend all she'd earned on intoxicants, but more practical thoughts suggested she'd better earn another day's pay before she even thought about it. That way if she pushed her credit too far and had to skip town, she'd have something in her pocket to last a little while.

. . . There's worse logic.

When the young unicorn arrived, there was a voice inside croaking out an old spiritual, from a disastrous invasion long ago that had taken some time to push out of Equestria, when many ponies had been taken from their homes and made to work in terrible conditions. Princess Celestia herself had stepped in to save her people, ending the war.

It sounds like the more thoughtful ponies were probably so glad Tia let the war ruin everything for a while before she decided to end it.

Trixie giggled at the sad, hoarse, terrible singing. Then she felt a sting inside, as if her mother had frowned. The shame stopped her, but there was also that hint of warmth she'd been missing. "I hope that's you, Mother," she whispered, then stepped inside.

You're schizophrenic, Trixie.

Everypony's schizophrenic if I say they are.

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