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Blog Posts100

  • 11w, 4d
    Where I've Been

    So, I've been taking writing really seriously over the past year. I got 15,000 words out of NaNoWriMo; not bad for a busy month running science festivals. I finished the manuscript in June, sold my retro game systems the funds for self-publishing e-books, and joined a forum thread on one of my boards to write 500 words a night. I was feeling pretty good, especially considering I'm finally a parent (Lyra's style).

    Then I come back one, and notice the disappointment and cobwebs I've left around here.

    So, I wrote 1,431 words of the next Chaos and Darkness chapter tonight. That brings it up to almost 4K. I'm not going to promise a date, but I'm clearing my writers block on my self-publishing projects to try to come back and finish the backlog of ending I owe people here.

    I'm not sure how time will be, considering I'm teaching honors courses that demand instant grading, but I'll try on day at a time and at least 500 words a night. I owe it to the fans that taught me how to write.


    Coincidentally, this is my 100th Blog post. Huh.

    5 comments · 100 views
  • 41w, 3d
    Hooves Holding Hearts contest

    So, working on the next chapter. No one reading the last one got the hints about the new kid, who is the story's main kid. I'll give these out, and the first person (and maybe a few others) who get it right will earn a small OC cameo in HHH.

    Now, the kid's an OC...but the mother is not.

    Here are the first few hints.

    1)  Heartmend said that the "mother is not cognizant, incapable of care and unlikely to change."

    2) I got the idea for this blog post listening to a song about her.

    Any guesses?

    46 comments · 411 views
  • 42w, 6d
    Hooves Holding Hearts Edit

    So, I changed a scene in chapter four. I changed it because it didn't work, and others complained with a reasonable point.

    It happens near the end of the chapter.

    Spoilers ahead.

    I mean, really spoilers.

    If you haven;t read the chapter, it kind of ruins the punch to know this...


    So, when John is confronting the father....

    “You go back inside, and you thank her and the other one and ask those questions, or...” John scratched his mane and leaned in.

    "Tell me if you've heard this one..."

    "There's a pony," he started, "that keeps order. This pony makes sure good things come to the deserving, and that bad things arrive in spades to others. This pony keeps the unjust in anticipation of what they deserve, and ensures that the world flows on as it should, piece by piece. Your little world runs because this pony keeps it running." His mouth was nearly at the father's ear now. "Do you know what they call this pony?"

    The shaking of the father's head was more like a vibration.

    "They call her," John whispered, "the Mailmare. She's the best friend of the crying mare who's heart just snapped." He patted the shaking stallion on the shoulder. "Let's face it, having the mailmare as an enemy is bad enough when you haven't been declared legally dead for months and have legal and financial paperwork on its way."

    He smiled, and the father flinched.

    “Uh. Uh. Okay.” Terrified, the father stepped backwards."I'll get r-r-right on that."

    “Great!” John spoke with relief reached his mouth into his saddlebag and pulled out a napkin and a pen. “Take notes! Make sure she sees you taking notes.” His smiled stayed for a second too long. “Make sure I see her see you taking those notes.”


    This takes the chapter back towards the comedic-dramatic life of the Choices girls territory and less obligatory crossover. One one hoof, yes, many of my readers love John yelling at people. On the other hand, it's now something perfectly rational that the town repairman would say. You could have it either way.

    Thanks go to ankyo and  RK_Striker_JK_5.

    19 comments · 286 views
  • 43w, 5d
    What the pre-readers are saying...

    Just so you know, here's some comments on the Hooves Holding Hearts chapter that drops this week.

    "She had a really miserable childhood, didn't she?"

    "Holy freaking s***! Nevermind Jazz, you are not worst parent anymore!"

    "This is both heartwarming and utterly heartbreaking at the same time. You magnificent bastard."

    "Other than that, this chapter does a magnificent job of punching one right dead center of your feelings. "

    "Now, if you will excuse me, I must weep quietly to myself until I fall asleep."

    9 comments · 203 views
  • 43w, 6d
    Story Progress!

    Chapter four of Hooves Holding Hearts is off to the pre-readers! I'm going to try to get a C&D chapter done next, I think. I'm having to split time between pony writing and writing things I actually intend to e-publish for money, but I intend to finish the crop of stories I have, maybe saving a week in summer to write "Doctor Whooves and the Mare in the Moon."

    In other opinions, is the reason Coco Pommel is so popular because the writers could not have made a pony who is more deliberately moe if they tried?

    6 comments · 194 views
  • ...

Cheerilee wants to teach. Ditzy Doo wants her family to stop thinking she's crazy.  Lyra just wants Cheerilee.  During their first semester in college a sheltered rich girl, a budding engineer, and a street musician will each have to face the decisions that affects the rest of their lives.  Will they be able to stay friends? A School Daze/Three Whooves standalone prequel, and the perfect place to start.

Labelled 'Crossover' for Doctor Whooves as a cast member.

First Published
29th Apr 2012
Last Modified
27th Dec 2012

Booya! Ditzy knows The Doctor, Lyra is just as funy as I expected, and Cheerilee....well, she acts the way you'd expect a teenage mare to act. Best part is, al three of 'em have naggy old...Well, Nags for mothers!



If you like this Ditzy, you should see her in "The Three Whooves.":pinkiehappy: Enjoy the ride!

This is incredible. Want more. Now. Like now now. Pinkie Promise you'll have another chapter out soon!:pinkiehappy:



I have about 1,500 words written of the other chapters.  Remember, these versions of the characters originated in Three Whooves (Ditzy) and School Daze (Cheerilee, with Lyra coming in after a few chapters).  You can find more antics and drama there!


I'm glad Lyra and Cheerilee are coming across the way I want them to. This is transitional Cheerilee, and I want her to be a character in flux at the beginning.


My life is better now. :pinkiehappy:

I sense that Lyra will amuse me... and I think that Cheerilee is reminding me an awful lot of me.

Yes, the super smart Ditzy from the "Three Whooves" is back. I loves it!

Also silly Lyra and Cheerilee. this is going to be a great story I can already tell.

Possible visits from our favorite Time Charger perhaps?

Any who awesome chapter I cannot wait to read the next one!

Well, we know which companion she is now: the filly who waited.

As someone who's read both "the three whooves" and "school daze" you don't know how happy I am to see this. I always love your work Paleo Prints. And I do believe this one will not disappoint. Keep up the good work. Can't wait to read more.

How many times can I say I love your writing before it gets old?

Anyway, I'm very much looking forwards to this! :pinkiehappy:

Wow, and to think I liked both their parents in the beginning...

Anyway, if this first chapter is anything to go by, this story is going to be great!  I can't say I've read either of those stories though, and yes this is my first time reading one of yours.  With that said, I'm glad to be welcomed :twilightsheepish:

I can definitely tell there will be use for that sad tag in the future, you definitely built up a foundation for it.  Ah well, I always say that the romance makes it worth it, and the dynamic you have going this early on for the three is wonderful.  I can't say I've read many stories at all where any of these characters are the focus, so this is actually going to be quite a ride.

Can't wait to see how this goes :twilightsmile:


The Doctor will appear.  Just remember in this case that he is Ditzy's supporting cast.  Basically, HE'S the companion.:rainbowlaugh:There will be at least one other big nod to Three Whooves that will quickly and quietly clear up a plot point I wasn't able to fit into the story; blink and you'll miss it.:trollestia:


I love the idea of how Amy/Sarah Jane deal with being a companion.


Thanks. I'm hoping the pre-existing fans will enjoy this.


:pinkiehappy:COOOL. I'm trying deliberately to make this good for first time readers. I'm glad its working.

I couldn't have wrote it better myself.  Watching, can't wait for more! :pinkiehappy:

I WANT MOAR!! :flutterrage: please :duck::pinkiesad2:

Buubles? Blossom?

I see what you did thar.

Derpy's mom being the secretary from Sonic Rainboom?

I love what you did thar.

Making Derpy and Daring Do related?

I fucking love what you did thar.

Tossing in Surprise?

I really like your mane!


Yup. My take on Ditzy's parents is:

  and .  Their placeholder names are too human, so I gave them new ones.

The Derpy/Daring connection came up in an RPG.Net thread. I have a Three Whooves sequel planned  that hinges on that very connection.:trollestia:

And, hey... I needed a hyper kid in a flashback, and I realized Pinkie wouldn't fit the time frame, but Pinkie had a wonderful ringer.


Though I have to ask. Couldn't Derpy's mom's name make a reference to the fact that Lucille Ball claimed she chould hear radio through some metal in her head?


I know the exact way I will use that. Good one!

Great opening chapter, looking forward to the rest of it

FUCK YES, YOU SAID "seal the gates of Tartaurus"!!  :heart:

So many people have been getting it wrong and saying tartarus.  I AM SO HAPPY.

[edit:]  Great first chapter, and I'm super excited to be reading the rest as it comes along.


:twilightblush: Glad you noticed! I'm in fact working on a story in which Tartaurus figures rather heavily...


blink and you'll miss it:trollestia:

I see what you did there. That will make an intresting plot point if it is what I think it is.

Bananas are good

So I'm not the only person on the planet who remembers that Doctor Who quote. Well done Sir.

Before this, I wrapped up School Daze, and I can say I'm gonna like this story!

“People change, Mom.” NOOOOOO!

Sorry, had to get that off my chest. I really am ashamed of myself for being bothered by a pony saying "people". What have you bronies done to me? :applejackconfused:

looks good, cant now, but will read later :pinkiehappy:


Changed. I probably could defend it, but good point. You get a No-Prize, True Believer!:pinkiehappy:

BWAHAHAH! Awesome chapter!

Another great fic from the ever talented Paleo Prints. Color me one happy pony!

And I caught another song reference, should I be writing them down?


You know, I should have another contest. :trollestia:So, which one did you get?:twilightsmile:

Doc..... tor? Oh man, the Doctor ruins another companions life. Shit I'm going to track this. Easily.

Glad to be aboard. :twilightsmile:

My Wave - Soundgarden

I apparently need to unearth my '90's metal collection. Soundgarden will do for now.

Oh god I love you! This is awesome! Now I get a better Idea of what cherilees well it's more insight into stuff... love it, way to link the worlds..:yay:


I like this story already more than School Daze. And I liked School Daze a lot. Also, Grunge!Cheerilee ist best Cheerilee! :rainbowlaugh:

This is amazing and since this is related with 2 other stories ONWARDS


Aww, Sweet! I always wanted Nothing!

And if you wanted to, you probably COULD defend it. Like I said... every time the word "anybody" bothers me, I feel disappointed with myself :yay:


Well, it took a bit longer then it should have, but I finally read it! I have to say, I really enjoyed this. You said it was a prequel, right? Does that mean it's a one-shot, or are you writing more chapters?

Grunge Cheerilee is best Cheerilee!

Not only did your story make me go listen to Nirvana, Im now going to go read School Daze.

Cause this story above, right up there ^^^, was Awe-Some!

I will enjoy this I think.

You spelled "Ditzy Doo" wrong. It's spelt D-E-R-P-Y:pinkiehappy:

Good things have returned to my future! After having read both of the previous stories and finding them highly amusing, their endings made me desire more fiction to fill the gap. My expectations for this are as high as they were for the previous works, and I do hope that the seer of 2 paths can find enough muffins for the others.:derpyderp2:


I plan four chapters.  We'll get a look at the girls during the summer,:yay: fall:pinkiegasp:, winter:flutterrage:, and spring :fluttercry:semesters as we see how their lives bring them to the eponymous choices waiting for them.


I honestly think I'm writing on a higher level now. :moustache:I love School Daze, but I'm just a much more polished writer after having the fans call me on my mistakes since November.


Believe me, ponies will call her Derpy. She's not going to be happy about it.:trollestia:


This summer there will be a Three Whooves sequel.  I leave a hint to the plot kicker in chapter 1 of Choices.:rainbowdetermined2:


My junior year jam, I could sing it off the top of my head.

Isn't Derpy the best no matter what story she's in she's wonderful!:derpytongue2:


I have at least one more grab from that song. :pinkiehappy:

Stories liek are the best type of pony:rainbowkiss:

School Daze was so awesome, but I didn't know you had written another story! I'm now off to read The Three Hooves.

I'm hoping for more of your human crazy Lyra, she is so awesome. I swear, if you were to just write a story about Lyra going to a Fleshy con liek you mentioned in School Daze, I would bucking die. :rainbowlaugh: I can't believe how one pony sitting on a bench strangely has evolved into this, but I'm not complaining =3.

>>561113 well then check out my story "Derpy Hooves and the Temple of the Golden Muffin"

Derpy Hooves and the Temple of the Golden Muffin

It's a quick read but it's a fun read

Girl's just wanna have fun right? Figured I would mention...


staying aboard this ship!

Onwards and upwards!


Oh Gods is Cheerilee an 80s Goth now? 8D

please please tell another Goth she is xD

I wrote an 80s style song for Cheerilee (After reading School Daze) but it's on hold till i get my final vocals in.

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