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==Originally written spring 2011== Equestria Daily Post==

GLaDOS is free of Chell, free to continue testing, when she discovers a portal gun Wheatley tried to repair with duct tape. When the portal gun catastrophically fails, the enrichment center, GLaDOS, and Chell are literally dropped in the middle of Equestria. The mute test subject soon finds the world of ponies far more welcoming than the human world. But GLaDOS sees possibilities. Let the testing begin... for science.

First Published
25th Apr 2012
Last Modified
25th Apr 2012

Read this on EQD. Excellent work!

Ah, the very first FiMfic I ever read. I daresay it's the one that got me addicted to the fandom in the first place. Lovely to read it again.


Yay now I can think with portals and ponies!

Ok time to read this again. :pinkiehappy: God, I loved this the first time it was published.:heart:


The amount of Internet win that comes from this fic can be described with one word: WIN.




This is my FAVORITE FANIC EVER. :pinkiehappy:

... And now its on FIMFICTION?!  :pinkiegasp:


YUS! One of the best fanfics out there is now on Fimfic! AWESOME! And RIGHT when I wanted to reread it, too! Thanks! Hope everything's going great with you and Batty! /]

~ Magical Trevor, Minstrel of Equestria

OMG Penstroke is now on Fimfiction.


Oh hey, this finally made it on here. I might just have to re-read it now :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::yay:

:pinkiegasp: AH LOVE THIS STORY!

Penstroke, you might want to include the argument/fight between Celestia and GLaDoS.

Oh hey look! I love this one! What a great excuse to reread it!

By the way, the cover art is awesome. I don't remember seeing it the first time around, even though I read it at least four or five months after it was published (I think). So I guess it's new for FiMfic?

OH YEAH! Read this on EQD!


[img]C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Ponies\Vinyl Scratch\LET+S+SPIN+THIS+SHIT+_c33c0cb4ff7e37c8c40b00a68a461273.gif[/img]

Oh lord it's the first fimfic I ever read :pinkiegasp:

  I still love it :pinkiehappy:

it's here! read it all the time on DA.  why did it take you so long to make it here?

wow, my first fanfic is finally on my fimfiction...



*le sees new stories*

*looks at authors*

*sees pen stroke is here*

*le insta read all stories for the 4d time*

and still havent had enough of the good stuff

ೋೈಾೇದಸಾ ಹಸಸಸ, ಸಬ ಮದಸಸಾಲೂೇ ೋೀಾ ಗಲ ೇದಸಾ ೈಾಗೀ್ ೋೀೋವಗಮ... ಘ ುಹಾೇೇ ಗಟಸ ಸಹೂಾ ತಗಕಾ ಮಪಾತತ... ಗತತ ರಹೇೂ ಾಂಜತೋಗಲ ಗೂ ೈಗೂಪ ಾಸದೂಾೇ ೂಪಾಲ ಗ ುಹಾೇೇ.. ಪಾೀ ುುದಾೇಛ :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::rainbowhuh::rainbowlaugh:

ಓಸೋೆಗಲು, ೋ ತಗೂೂಾ ಮಪಾಾಾೇಬ, ವಹೂ ೋಸೋೆಗಲು

This? Here?

There are not enough words in any language to describe this story's sheer win.

This is a pretty.... SUPER AMAZA-AWESOME STORY!

Everything about it; Astronomically epic win.

And it should totally be a mod for Portal, or a model pack for Gmod. Actually, both. 100% yes. :pinkiehappy:

This story was very well-done, I especially liked the added challenge of GLaDOS being given a "body" to use in a true boss fight (and just like a true boss fight, the friend you brought along was almost useless!).

Very well written, staying a fave here. :twilightsmile:

Look, i know we both said things you're going to regret, but i think we can put our diffrences behind us. For science. YOU. MONSTER.

you got GLaDOS spot on... its so... maniacal. manically funny, but maniacal.

Thank you for coming up here! You don't know how much this made my day! If it wasn't 11:06 I would be screaming like a filly in my room! You are a god among writers!

Prepare yourselves, the portal jokes are coming... THE CAKE IS STILL A LIE!!!!!! :rainbowlaugh:

Ok, im done with the cake jokes, for now... Anyway, are we going to see wheatley and the space core?

Why is this fanfic the first fanfic ever to everypony (including me)? BECAUSE ITS AWESOME!!


I really hope wheatley retuns

Oh GLaDoS, you are so mean, but it is soooooooo funny!

Also... Triple first

YES! The great Pen Stroke returns!!

Where is the credits song? There must be one somewhere

Ah, heh, now I'm wondering if you did this just because I suggested that you should... I'll assume not.

First! I like being annoying


me too!

....wait, are you me?! :pinkiecrazy:

but in all seriousness, this was the first fan fic I read for the story (rather than "so bad, I cant't turn away from this horribly funny train-wreck), it's what made me seek more pony fics.

So thanks Pen stroke! :pinkiehappy:

I see now why Gabe Newell admitted to enjoying ponies--he must have discovered this fic at some point.

This is easily one of, if not THE, best FiM crossover ever written.


:flutterrage: Just when I thought my favourite .gif could not be any more perfect, you post THIS.

Have an internet, my friend :rainbowlaugh:

Oh wow, so much positive review, I feel I must read now (why did I join the herd  :raritydespair:).

I now have a reason to set to my "Top 5 Stories* list. :yay:

Granted, it'll look rather sparse until Creeping Darkness and Past Sins gets posted, but still. :twilightsmile:

>>495009 :rainbowhuh: this is the first i read but it did not get me into the fan base R U MEH CLONE?

This was my first ever fan-fic :D


Great read

A Wild Pen Stroke Has Appeared!

>  Attack

>  Run

> [Hug]

I love this story, and Joe England's addition to it. Nice to see it here :D

Portals on Chell's flanks? That sounds dangerous for a sword fighter if he or she was to stab through the portal! Or at least lucky for Chell!

Oh wow. One of the first fics I read. That was SO LONG ago!

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