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  • 70w, 4d
    Ditz and Spitz: Questions? (SPOILER WARNING)

    Hey all,

    So, out of pure curiosity on my part and to avoid a whole mess of spoilers on the main story page, I figure'd I'd make this here blog post and ask y'all for any outstanding questions related to anything in the story, to be asked and answered through comments.


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  • 74w, 4d
    Epilogue Posted

    Hey all,

    What else can I say? The epilogue's been posted, and D&S is complete.

    May followup on outstanding questions people have after a couple days, give everyone a change to read it.


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  • 75w, 6d

    Performing final look over Ditz and Spitz Epilogue: Peace of Mind, then it gets reviewed. If Pav still remembers me, and doesn't mind another of his excellent reviews and barring the need for major changes, I'd estimate 6-12 days, maybe sooner.

    Y'all, I know I kinda dropped the ball on this, and I hate being 'that guy' who just leaves readers hanging, especially after I said I'd be done much sooner. But, for reals this time guys, it's imminent. If y'all feel like rereading to remember just what the heck was going on and what this story was about before the epilogue hits... well, it'd be the opportune time.

    Just as a note, I will keep writing and I will, obviously, keep doing Hunted Luna, though as I said way back when, for my next story, I'm gonna write it all out beforehand, and release it all at once. See if that works out better.


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  • 94w, 1d
    New project...

    tl;dr: []Hunted Luna[/url] is here.

    Hey all,

    So, as much as I hate to admit it, it seems I'll be wrapping up D&S sometime in the near future: this part I'm writing will be the epilogue, and this... goodness, year plus story will end. As I've been edging closer and closer to this end over the past month or so, I've been asking myself just what, precisely, I'm going to do next. I've reflected on some of my other ideas for stories, and I was rather enamored with one idea that I'd had floating around for some time now.

    Then the thought came to me: this would be a pretty cool story idea, but there's enough different ways it could go, it would be ten times better as an interactive story. And fifty times better as an illustrated ask blog. So, this past two weeks or so, I set out to make this idea work.

    Exciting story detail and backstory? In spades. I think at this point, I can safely claim myself to be an internet author, and I'm enthusiastic about the premise.

    Cool tumblr with a perfect domain name? Yes. I'm not claiming to be a coding wizard, but I'm no tech slouch. With a bit of work and some reading up, the tumblr isn't looking too shabby at all.

    Ability to draw much beyond stick figures?*t.

    My creative talents are not artistic. But, fortunately, I managed to work something out with TheParagon, the very same talented artist who allowed me to use the lovely picture of Ditzy and Spitfire for D&S. I figure out the story part of the blog, and commission the relevant artwork from them.

    Anyway, Hunted Luna is set to start up soon, and since y'all seemed to like my writing, I figured I might as well point you towards it. []Hunted Luna[/url]


    P.S: Link button seems to be spazzing. Oh well.

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  • 96w, 5d
    Part 8 Posted

    Hey All,

    Ended up at 5,437 words, beating out part 6 for "part with most words" by a mere 14.

    As always, I hope you enjoy.


    P.S: I'm get straight on the epilogue. Home stretch, now.

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  • ...

After Ditzy has a cordial meeting with her dear friend Spitfire, a friend who believes her memory to be damaged, their worlds are changed when their friendship is no longer secret. Ditzy begins to remember things about who she used to be, while another, more sinister force has never forgotten who she was...


Preview image is © TheParagon and is used with permission.


First Published
8th Feb 2012
Last Modified
24th Jun 2013

I LOVE IT !!! PLEASE update .. if it's not too much trouble



*ahem* Yes. I mean yes. Here, have an update.


Seriously, I will find you and set you on fire if you do not continue. :twilightangry2:

The press?

"Oh, you mean them root weevils that crawl around popping off cameras in your face?"   :derpytongue2:

This is really well done, Poinger. Easily one of my favorite Ditzy Doo fics. :twilightsmile:

Definitely tracking this. Quite a nice read and I love this interpretation of Ditzy (though now canonically Derpy)

Manly tears were shed.

FFFFFffffffffffffffffff.....why you gotta leave it at that?

WHATS THE DAGGER FOR!?!?:rainbowhuh: WHAT THE DAGGER FOR!!?!?!?!?!:flutterrage:

Hmmm. A look at a Ditzy who wasn't sort of out of it and kinda klutzy makes her current state.....depressing a bit. About the only good thing I'm seeing coming is that when her enemies show up, Spitfire isn't the only pony that's got her back.

That was a nice chapter, though I'm dreading what happened to Ditzy Doo to damage her so much that she's permanently scatter brained now.

this is bucking awesome I want to read more seriously, if my guess is correct then that unicorn stallion in the previous chapter is probably dinky's father and he was the one who caused ditsy's accident. I think it will be quite interesting to see what he will do.

Oh, Dinky, it doesn't work like that! Fillies... :ajsleepy:

Not only was Flash Bulb stupid in his approach, but I think it's illegal. Exploiting information from a child by gaining their trust under false pretenses, I think it's called.

Five dictionaries gave me that sentence. :unsuresweetie::unsuresweetie::unsuresweetie::unsuresweetie::unsuresweetie:

oh and congratz on EQD

Origin stories and background for secondary characters? I do so enjoy them when they are done well.

And this is done very well. Congratulations on making the EQD cut.

Hey Poigner, I'm looking to become the official spokes pony for the brony community, can I get your support?

Your Timelord friend, The Baron

Oww....17 weeks since the last update? Hope it's not abandoned...


Oh, nononono. You'll see the actual last edit, not last addition, was June 21. It took a fair amount of editing to get it approved by EQD, so energies were devoted there rather than to writing new parts.

Oh boy! Friendshipping! I always love me a good friendshipping story! :pinkiehappy:

Anywho, I really want to know what it is Derpy, er, Ditz, has forgotten. Time to read more!

Derpy is... legendary? What? :rainbowhuh:

Oh Rainbow Dash... Your outburst was a tad extreme :facehoof: But, at least you made up for it, so it's all good, I suppose.

Anywho, time for backstory! :yay:

Ominous unicorn with dagger is ominous... :unsuresweetie:

That mysterious, ominous unicorn with the dagger still has me on edge... :unsuresweetie:

But this story... I like it. I like it a lot. Well done, sir. I look forward to any updates with eager anticipation :pinkiehappy:

i like derpy dont get me wrong but i wana know who Dinkiy's dad is :derpyderp1::derpyderp2::derpytongue2:

This is a brilliant story so far! I'm really loving your take on the best young flier competition. But who was Daggers? :rainbowhuh:

I love this story. I don't normally enjoy Derpy stories, but this one actually has plot as opposed to a sorry pile of self-pity. I was just dragging along until Part 3, when I start reading Spitfire's side of it. I never realized this story wasn't complete so I was expecting a standard accident-during-performance-and-that's-it routine, but I can see that there's much more depth to it. Please continue, I'm really curious!! Also I never thought of Dinky's father and now that end of Part 5 suggests that's him and my curiosity HAS BEEN DOUBLED! :twistnerd:

I caught a few times Spitfire misspelt as Spitifire or Spitifre.

>>997211:derpytongue2: Derp. Misspellings corrected.

Must find out what happens!!!!!:derpyderp2:

Hmmmmm... Dash would be jelly

Hehe Mr Bulb, 3 hours dungeon :twilightangry2:

... Logic would dictate that he's up to no good....

Ok i love this story and want it too be continued but its been a mouth and 12 days has this story been abandoned or do you just have the worst case of Wright block ever.

Story not abandoned: Part Six to come very soon. See blog post here:This post.

Bingo, the villain has a name-o.....(let's hope they nail the lame-o.)

"plebeian"... oh dear he's not just a bastard he's also a snob.... this is not going to end well... for him

this explains a lot but will next chapter explain how she got her disability and how she got pregnent

very interesting name "slate hooves" I wonder what exactly he did to Ditzy

IT UPDATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:




... Did he rape Ditzy? The whole amnesia and pregnancy thing is a bad sign.

I hope the next chapter comes soon and not in a few months, this is a big cliffhanger.

We all knew Ditzy was secretly a great flyer. Hopefully there is some redemption for at the end. I would love to a Sonic Muffin boom.


Yes.  No.

I'm liking the introduction of the conflict here.  Good times!

I saw this updated in my e-mail and dropped everything to read it

Not gonna lie, I'm very interested in seeing where this goes.

Huza an update. I has forgotten about this story, but reading this I remembered why I stared it. Keep up the excellent work.

good chapter one of the best so far keep up the good work Poinger:twilightsmile:

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