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  • E Harmonics

    Years after the events of Discordant, Scootaloo is hired as an assistant flight instructor.  · ezra09
    75,941 words · 4,209 views  ·  526  ·  12  · 

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  • E Harmonics

    Years after the events of Discordant, Scootaloo is hired as an assistant flight instructor.
    75,941 words · 4,209 views  ·  526  ·  12
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  • 37w, 7h
    Yes, I know, I haven't updated stories in forever

    I've gotten a couple messages from people, so I'm just gonna put my reply here for everyone. I want to finish these stories, and I will. But at the moment, I have senior level math and programming courses, I'm hunting for an internship so I can get a job when I graduate, I have to pay for college, and what free time I do have goes toward writing D&D adventures for my group of friends to play on weekends. I will write the next chapters when I can, but I don't know when that'll be.

    1 comments · 320 views
  • 58w, 2h
    A few notes on my stories and recent projects

    Evening everyone.

    First, As Twilight Fades IS NOT DEAD. I've gotten a lot of messages asking about it, and I have every intention of continuing it. It's just not top priority with Harmonics entering its endgame. Expect a possible chapter on both sometime tonight or this week.

    Upon a Falling Feather is my next highest priority, though I need to step back a bit and make sure I keep it how I meant for it to be, a lighthearted adventure. I'm looking forward to the next bit though.

    Reach for the sky is probably dead. The idea just doesn't appeal to me as much as it did, which is fine. That's how I write. I get excited for a project, I write out a chapter or two, and my motivation either wilts or just gets stronger. Reach for the sky just doesn't have any satisfactory way to balance the two crossovers, for me at least. On the other hand, I do have an idea for a crossover I'd thought of quite a while ago, for anyone who's interested. Expect that story sometime soon.

    Speaking of wilted motivation, the non-pony story about Sebastian that's on my other blog is more or less on hiatus. I'll probably keep a few characters, but the story itself just isn't doing it for me.

    And finally, I'm making my own video game. It's a 3d hack and slash with a story that will hopefully be nostalgic to old school final fantasy fans (Specifically 8). I'm making it on Unity. And if anyone has experience in Blender or another 3d modeling program, could you link to some learning resources? Especially for normal maps, because all of mine came out looking terrible and I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

    Also, if anyone did message me or comment with a question, and I didn't respond, it wasn't an intentional snub. I probably read your comment when I didn't have time to respond and ended up forgetting. I do that to everyone, and it's not on purpose :(

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  • 80w, 16h
    School's Out

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  • 83w, 11h
    Writing Challenge

    Original Post:

    So, finals are nearly upon us, and I've got tons of programming to do for the next three weeks, so I doubt I'll have more posted until then. I do have a challenge though, for you writers who may happen to see this. Next time you have a few minutes to spare, sit down and write something different. Something you don't usually write, maybe something you don't even read. For me it was a romantic short story written on a bet, and I was surprised at how hard it was to write. I've always known little details were a weak point of mine, and trying to hit at attraction or feelings subtly really brought that fact to attention.

    So if you usually write romance, take a shot at horror. If you love horror, take a shot at comedy. If you want, share your work or what you learned in the comments. Even if it comes out as poorly written as mine did, trying and experimenting is how writers get better, right? Well, that's my two cents for the day. Back to sorting algorithms and proofs.


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  • 85w, 4h
    Upon a Falling Feather has a TV Tropes page.

    So, I was poking around TV Tropes while procrastinating like any real writer, and imagine my surprise when I came across a page for my own story. I'd been toying with the idea of starting one for Discordant, but thought doing it myself would be a bit egotistical, and I don't know how. Well, seeing it and realizing someone liked the story enough to take their time to set it up made my day, so I figured I'd share it here for anyone else in need of procrastination material.

    In a slightly related note, I hope to put the next chapter of Falling Feather and Harmonics up before morning, so laugh and call me names if I don't. *Whines* I need to get Falling Feather back to Swashbuckling. These crystallized freaks are just boring.

    Edit: Heh, I should probably post the link. Oops >.>

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  • ...

Hearth's Warming Eve has come once again, which means fun in the snow, warm food, and spending time with family. At least, that's what it means for most ponies. For Scootaloo it means a day off from crusading, loneliness, and the coldest night of the year. When Discord begins to whisper to her from his stone prison, she questions the beliefs held by many. What was so great about Harmony? What could be so bad about a world where chocolate milk fell from the sky?

Thanks to The Band Brony, Gsppcrocks10, Inkscrawler, TheBuggiest, and minjask6572 for help with editing. Thanks to SStwins for the awesome cover art.

First Published
20th Apr 2012
Last Modified
10th Aug 2012
#1 · 135w, 1d ago · · · Whispers ·

Oh i can tell dis gon b gud!

Do not disappoint me.

#2 · 135w, 1d ago · · · Whispers ·

Can't wait to see where this goes!


#3 · 135w, 1d ago · · · Whispers ·

YEah, Discord\Scootaloo father-daughter relationship! GO!

#4 · 135w, 1d ago · · · Whispers ·

Sounds interesting. Can't wait to see the next part :twilightsmile:

#5 · 135w, 1d ago · · · Whispers ·

Hmm. I am very cautious when it comes to orphaned Scootaloo stories. Its so abused, and its so rarely handled well. At least this story doesn't have a sad or tragedy tag. These won't be added later?

#6 · 135w, 1d ago · · · Whispers ·

I really want to see some elements of Discord!

#7 · 135w, 1d ago · · · Whispers ·


I'm not planning on adding them. Sure, the fact that she's an orphan is sad, and I hope I can develop it without butchering her characterization, but I'm hoping to make this more an adventure than an angst ridden tragedy.


You won't be disappointed. A friend of mine and I went through every character deciding who would represent what, and I feel it'll be a very solid plot point.

#8 · 135w, 1d ago · · · Whispers ·

Oooh, interesting. can't wait to see more :pinkiehappy:

#9 · 135w, 1d ago · · · Whispers ·


Ok, then I'll see where you are ging with this.

#10 · 135w, 1d ago · · · Whispers ·

Awesome! Can't wait for more!:derpytongue2:

#11 · 135w, 1d ago · · · Whispers ·

Ooh this should be interesting is Scootaloo going to become a villain. Hope so you really don't really see any stories where one of characters becomes a bad guy or girl in this case without it becoming very dark like the infamous CUPCAKES for example i wouldn't mind reading a story where a character becomes a villain without it being a Dark story.

#12 · 135w, 1d ago · · · Whispers ·

Discord is gonna Discord :D:derpytongue2:

#13 · 134w, 3d ago · · · Whispers ·

Resist him, Scoots! He's planning nothing but bad things for you!

Scootaloo is best filly, I can't wait for more updates to this.

#14 · 134w, 1d ago · · · Whispers ·

I'm excited to see where this one goes. Scoots is my favorite, so I wanna see where you go with this one.

#15 · 131w, 5h ago · · · Whispers ·


No, it won't be another thousand years,  he reasoned.

Extra spacing between the comma and 'he'.

“Ah said it’s a bit higher than ah thought.”; "That's right, ah forgot! Tomorrow's Hearth's Warming Eve!"

'Ah' could be capitalized since it's in place for 'I'.


Putting either a comma or exclamation point after 'SNOWBOARDERS' would make it so that 'YAY' isn't interrupting the sentence.

"Get on."

An exclamation could give Scootaloo more enthusiasm.

Scootaloo gave a loud "Woooh!" as Applebloom called "Yee haw!"

'Woooh' could have the 'h' removed. As for 'Yee haw', there should be a hyphen to combine the two words.

"Ah told you 'carry it in the back door' was a bad secret plan."

'Through' instead of 'in' would make the sentence make more sense. Unless you are saying they took the back door with the ironing board? :rainbowhuh:

"We were chasing some Ironing Board thieves!" Scootaloo said.

'Said' could be changed to add more description to what's taking place.

Ex. Scootaloo then added, "We were chasing some Ironing Board thieves!"

"Bye Sweetie Belle, bye Scootaloo," Applebloom said.

Exclamation points could replace the commas in this passage. And then the problem with 'said' again. You can add on to said though.

Applebloom said with her farewells.

But I'm liking this story and will look forward to more updates. Keep it up ezra09!

#16 · 130w, 4d ago · · · Whispers ·


Thank you for the feedback. :pinkiehappy:

#17 · 130w, 3d ago · · · Whispers ·

Edited those mistakes, as well as did some work to make the writing less monotonous, which has always been a problem of mine. :twilightblush:

My heart's breaking for poor Scootaloo here.

Let up on us, already!

Just reading the description, I've often wondered the same thing.  Discord liked pranks.  So they banish him into stone.  Chrysalis wanted love, and needed to feed her people.  So they kicked her ass out of Canterlot.  That pony looks different.  Run and hide.  Ponies can be real assholes sometimes.  :applejackunsure:

Discord is best foster father. I'm sure nothing bad will come of this!

I'm going to have a happiness fit if it turns out Discord's just trying to enjoy himself instead of screwing everything up. Now, that said, I like where this is going. Discord the manipulator is a better appeal than the typical Discord the mad god, and he's characterized quite well. I would like more of this, please. :twilightsmile:


Oh Discord you dastard fellow. :pinkiehappy:

Sweetie, Applebloom, don't you know that using brute force is no way to free a frozen tongue? She needs to breathe onto the pole to warm it up so it lets go and doesn't hurt her.

I know he's evil and a bit of an ass, but I love seeing Discord be nice to ponies. It's a shame that he's Chaos and Disharmony, or he could be redeemed and spend his days as that fun guy who always shows up with gifts and fun for everyone.

Discord ends up considering taking care of Scootaloo to be so much fun that he decides not to do the whole checkerboard-ground floating-houses thing?

Just as planned. :trollestia:


I agree with you about Discord, but you can't really forget that with Chrysalis, she kidnapped Princess Cadence/Cadenza/blah and tried to take over Canterlot too. I think the ponies were justified in kicking her flank outta there.

Poor Scootaloo :fluttercry: so excited to see what comes next!!! :eeyup: :pinkiehappy:

Discord stories are best stories. Tracking! :pinkiehappy:

And now the game is a foot. I can't wait to see what's going to happen now that Scoots knows whose watching out for her.

im kinda hopeing discord will try to be her new faster father and take care of her! this is nice im loveing it!!!:heart::heart::heart::heart:

#30 · 130w, 2d ago · · · Whispers ·

Have you read Pony POV Series were a petrified Discord begins telepathically speaking to Diamond Tiara?


Discord found joy in watching ponies soul's crushed under a mountain of despair and hopelessness. Just look at his reaction when he finally breaks Twilight. He doesn't just enjoy causing chaos, he enjoys causing chaos that hurts people. Evil.

As for Chrysalis, yes she was trying to feed her people. By enslaving Equestria. What she is trying to do is no better than what the machines do to humans in The Matrix. She wants ponies to be her mindless puppets while she feeds off of them. It would be nice if some other way could be found to feed the changelings, but Chysalis's way was definitely evil.

No Scootaloo! Don't fall for his tricks and slick words. Your friends care about you, TELL THEM WHAT IS GOING ON!

Yep. Decidedly gives that feeling.

And DIscord begins to slowly feed Scootaloo just the right information to come to the conclusions he wants her to come to.

Ironically, I hate to say it, but I'm remindered of a tumblr Blog, where the writer/artist had Twilight send a letter to Celestia how, "Friendship is a beautiful, and fragile thing, it can be destroyed from the inside, but this isn't a bad thought, because that just makes it all the more precious."

Sweet jesus, this is a fantastic fic. Favorite/follow.

This is a great story, Discord has always been one of my more favorite characters and I think you did a great job on staying in character, so to speak.  :scootangel:

I like where this is going. You're taking your time to build up the connection Scootaloo has. It's not just "I'm desperate and I need it NOW!"

I salute you for that!

WAIT WAIT WAIT! Is scoots an orphan because her parents were made into rainbows?!:rainbowderp:

#38 · 130w, 11h ago · · · Doubt ·

I get the feeling the CMC are about to lose a member:unsuresweetie:

#39 · 130w, 11h ago · · · Doubt ·

Everything is falling into place. :trixieshiftleft:

#40 · 130w, 11h ago · · · Doubt ·

I have high hopes for this story, the concept is awesome and I :heart: both Discord and Scootaloo.

Keep up the good work!

#41 · 130w, 11h ago · · · Doubt ·

I thought your portrayal of Twilight was a little off, but this is otherwise a good addition to the story. Fantastic job.

#42 · 130w, 10h ago · · · Doubt ·

I LOVE stories where Discord manipulates ponies with nothing but words.

#43 · 130w, 10h ago · · · Doubt ·

Here comes CHAOS~:pinkiecrazy:

#44 · 130w, 10h ago · · · Doubt ·

and so it begins...

#46 · 130w, 9h ago · · · Doubt ·

I aprove:moustache:

#47 · 130w, 9h ago · · · Doubt ·


#48 · 130w, 9h ago · · · Doubt ·

This story is the





#50 · 130w, 8h ago · · · Doubt ·

Oh god. Do need moar! :flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

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