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  • T Halcor

    A creature long since forgotten is left in the care of Twilight Sparkle.
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  • 35w, 4d
    A long time coming.

    It's been getting close to about a year now since I last posted anything about my current fan fic, and for that I do apologize.  Seeing as how long it has taken me to actually get back into writing, it may have seemed like it would been easier for me to have just stopped continuing The Atlantean; luckily that will not be the case.  This past year for me hasn't been the best for me due to schooling, financial issues, losing some family members and almost losing more, and a very hard break up.  With all of that piling up on me, I was left in depression.  Fortunately as the saying goes "time heals all wounds" (even though I can't say things are fully back to the way there were.)  Recently within the past two months now, things have started to return to normal and there is enough light to keep going to show hope for the future.  So when I can find the time (which so actually be within the week) I can resume writing again and continue my story.  And again, sorry for keeping you waiting for updates and keeping you in the dark about my situation.

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  • 71w, 3d
    An old friend is retiring

    For about five years now, I knew this guy, he was pretty reliable, hard working, helped me get through high school and most of college, and helped me stay in contact with my friends who had moved to different states.  And in all actuality, this friend of mine is actually my old laptop.  It's the old outdated ASUS netbook 1005HAB model before that series turned into 1005HA series.  Well about a few hours ago, my PC has been trapped into an eternal cycle of being stuck at the system restore prompt menu because of my anti-virus program, an incorrect charger cable (since mine is an outdated model, asus doesn't carry the correct chargers any more), and a quick spark.  The situation has left me somewhat annoyed because of the fact that I may have lost some stuff I can never get back, and I've lost the updated chapter for what would have been Chapter 4 for The Atlantean.  Luckily it isn't the whole chapter I lost since I have most of it saved to a USB.  How ever the computer I'm left with using for the moment isn't exactly the best, especially since it has a problem with flash drives.  So until I get my new laptop later in the week and re-add what was lost, the timing for the next chapter has been pushed back.

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  • 74w, 3d
    Trying to get back on course

    Around two months ago, I had an incident with my college that nearly led to me suing them.  About a month ago, the instructor, the dean, and I finally settled the issue without having to take this to court.  However, in the end I feel it to be somewhat of an unsatisfying victory due to how things resulted from our deal, but luckily the results ended in my favor.  My original educational plan was for me to transfer to a university after I got all my general studies out of the way, but because both my current college and the situation that had transpired leaving a very bad taste in my mouth, I've decided to shorten the time period I had in mind when I first thought of transferring schools.  There are three reasons as to why I haven't been able to update The Atlantean.  The first reason is simply, I'm still looking for a job for the summer (and if it was the only problem I had, then there would have been plenty of added chapters to my fic.)  And then there is the second and third reason; in order for me to transfer to the university I want to attend, I need to obtain a student visa (because it's schooling out of the U.S.), and in order for me to acquire one, I need both proof that I can afford to go this school and a trustworthy sponsor.  This part is what has been the most time consuming.

    I'm making this update to inform everyone that I'll continue writing The Atlantean with what free time I can get.  I'm currently halfway finished with the next chapter, but I'm uncertain as to when I'll be done and be able to upload it.  

    Thank you for being patient for those who have been waiting, and hopefully you'll hear from me again soon when I can get things accomplished.

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  • 85w, 6d
    Getting back into schedule.

    Hey guys, this is just an update for The Atlantean.  Now for those of you who were around when I was still writing and uploading My Little Sinner, you would be familiar with the time period I managed to get each chapter done and up, and for those who aren't familiar with my uploading schedule, the time it normally takes me to get a new chapter up was around roughly two weeks.  Unfortunately this isn't the case with The Atlantean.  When I started writing this fic, I was also starting up classes again for college.  Now the reason why there has been such a delay is due to the fact that my school has done a major fuck up and affected me greatly, even nearing the point of having to take legal actions.  The situation now has been somewhat resolved, and thus now leaving me with time to resume writing The Atlantean.  You can expect the third chapter (of what I'm planning to be a decently long story) to arrive soon.  I apologize for the wait and thank your patience.

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  • 92w, 6d
    Soon, the wait is almost over.

    Hey folks, this is another update about my current fanfic.  The progress so far is that chapter one is finished, but I can't upload it yet since it doesn't meet the sight guidelines (has no mention of the mlp characters or universe) once the second chapter is complete I'll begin the upload of my new story The Atlantean.  Now the reason why this fic is taking longer to write is because I want to see how Twilight being turned into a princess/alicorn turns out.  My reasoning for this is not because of this being a big event that a lot of people are saying will ruin mlp (in my opinion, the show will be mostly the same and Twilight Sparkle will still be the Twilight Sparkle we all know and love, just possibly with a different role.)  My reasoning is because I want to see how and if I can use this development for my new story.  If I like the changed Twilight, she will be an alicorn.  If I don't, then no harm done, she stays a unicorn.  So with that said, look forward to the first two chapters of The Atlantean (maybe even sooner than planned if I decided not to introduce Twilight in the second chapter) and see ya soon.

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*sniff*:fluttercry: *sniff*

A very good chapter sir. The Ending was emotional to me.

I really like how the stories evolving and becoming more intense as the storyline progresses. The novel is over the top and very creative. To some people like Hevia they see ponies are crazy but to true fans it pays homage to them. I can't wait to read more, keep up the good work. BTW cupcakes are tasty :flutterrage:

*me at the edge of my seat after reading the cupcake part screaming* DON'T EAT THE CUPCAKE DON'T EAT THE CUPCAKE! :raritydespair:

Make him turn back into the World Eater

Nice My Little Dashie reference. Also, FIRST

>can transform to anything

Uh... ok then.

>magical powers

Now that's just silly.

>can reach speed of light

Alright, I'm starting to get a little pissed here... Regardless, I'm still going to keep reading even though your character seems a bit... overpowered (understatement of the century). I hope you aren't offended by my musings; I just had to do it. Anywho, don't let lil' ol' me stop you from writing! Keep on truckin', friend-o!

>flying human

God dammit, Inrei! Y U SO OVERPOWERED?!


For realsies, bro! Why is he so overpowered!? Y'all seriously pushing it here bro, because this is fucking ridiculous. Don't take my opinion seriously (please), I don't want to persuade you to stop writing just because of one butthurt critic. Yes, I understand that as an author, you have every right to break every rule in the book (pardon the joke) but shit like this just pisses me off even further (my personal opinion). Keep doin' what yer doin', bro.


I understand your view point, but the reason why Inrei is overpowered is because he was never really human, he's a god.


*sigh* Alright, I've calmed down a bit but at least tone it down a little, k?



Ineri must always be the overpowered devourer of worlds

heck op or not means nothing along as story is still enjoyable it shoudn't tempted to draw a image of leviation wraped around the planet but im too lazy......but gods i have awesome picture in my head.....:rainbowwild:

Touchie chapter mate!:pinkiehappy:

The cupcake chapter made me weirded out a bit, but anyways

  Great job with this story!

Although I think that Discord disapproves of what u did there  :duck:


I consider Discord a more crazy Tobuscus, so even if he did do something, I may find it funny lol.


Don't worry, I have the whole story planned, I just have to type it.  Inrei will remain overpowered (comes with the god territory), but *spoiler* there will be others.

WHY THE FUCK DOES THIS STORY ONLY HAVE 22 LIKES!!!!!!!!!!! IT DESERVES WAY MORE:twilightangry2::twilightangry2::twilightangry2::twilightangry2:


*Emails story to chuck norris*

*Gets email back*:

Chuck Norris approves.


Dafuk? why is NO ONE commenting on this great story?????/ this must not go unpunishede!

>>736102  >>744660

As long people enjoy MLS, I'm content.  And I'm glad readers like you appreciate my story to the point of wanting it to be better known.  I think the reason it's as hidden as it is, is because when I started uploading the chapters, it was during my spring quarter of college; so the only time I could add parts 1-6 were at 2 and 3 in the morning, giving it less time to be read since most are normally asleep by then.  Also because of the fact that I'm basically a new writer, people are probably not sure what to expect with My Little Sinner.


>>745599 Well I think your story is great! I even may think you could be n my top 3 :pinkiehappy:. Im ok with the over pwered oc, The only thing i hate about over powered oc's Is that they use there poweres like every five seconds! But im glad your not doing that. So, keep it up!

Woa, Intense! o_o Next chapter gonna be interesting indeed! :)



edit: dont stop writing bro, this story is amazing

This guy is like the friggin Avatar, except add Mind bending or something.

I'm so sorry, but i'm gonna have to leave this story now. I just can't stand when people bring some 'ALL F'CKING POWERFUL BEING/ARMY/ETC THAT LIKE DESTROYS THE WORLD. I would've loved it if he just went leviathan and then had to do shit for the princesses or something to atone for his actions.

Woa! Intense. But... WHAT will happen? WHEN will it be? HOW will Inrie solve his life problems? WILL Rainbow Dash be involved? WHY am I asking YOU all these questions? o_O


Well if you were hoping for the next chapter, it just got uploaded.:pinkiesmile:

Force answers force, war breeds war, and death only brings death.  To break this vicious circle one must do more than just act without any thought or doubt..... is that a metro quote?


Metro 2033 does have that line, but this quote has been used in other books and movies.  I rather like this quote because of its meaning (it's the reason why I used it.)

Such turn of events! I could see the battle myself!

I was actually reading the battle scene listening to this! Belive me, it's alot more epic! :)



I'm gonna just go over here and sit in the corner... nice work, man. You already know how I feel.


Interestingly enough, one of my friends showed me this before I wrote this chapter and it has been stuck in my head for a while.

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