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  • 38w, 17h
    Making it official

    Pretty sure this is the last device I'm logged into fimfic on. Accidentally clicked this bookmark instead of fark. If the months of silence haven't clued you in, consider this my "retirement". Pretty sure I'm not ever coming back. Email address is still posted, but I'm not sure what anyone would want to talk to me about.

    I miss gryobowl.


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  • 47w, 20h

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  • 50w, 2d
    E4 - Spoiler free

    My son's comment just about sums this up.

    "I want [to] watch a different one."

    Still, Polsky is getting better. Just kinda slow.

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  • 51w, 2d
    E3 - Minor Spoilers

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  • 52w, 2d

    Spoilers herein. Stop reading now if you don't want that.

    So this is probably my favorite series opener of all four seasons. Much better pacing and balance than S2. Not quite as little-girl try-hard fantasy as S1 (AJ's trial in particular was very weak sauce) . But it lacked Pinkie in a jester's get-up. I guess the way the flashbacks utilized that thing where you tell the end of the story first before finally revealing the beginning made me far more interested.

    There is, however, one utterly dumb bit. Like, I don't even know why it was in. That's the whole "send Twilight back to Ponyville" sequence. Didn't feel like the other five at all. Didn't really server a purpose other than filling some time. Came out of almost no where. Had they tried to play up "ponies are silly herd-minded critters and would lose their heads with out a princess" and if Cadance was just... not, then it may have made sense. But they even KNEW they needed all six elements. Like, that was the point. They didn't even keep the big crown thingy. Not a story ruining moment, but it is something of a huge plot hole/idiot ball moment. For all six. It really feels like the opposite issue from RtH: they didn't quite have enough stuff to fill 44 minutes.

    In case you're wondering, I like the flashbacks more for the story-telling aspects than the Luna/celestia badass aspects. The history revealed is utterly unsurprising with the exception of where the Elements came from. I do wonder why they were never returned there. Seems like an odd decision on Celestia's part.

    Now, for a meta-question. Last season we were told that the finale was really part one of a three part thing. I'm guessing that this was supposed to be 2&3? I certainly hope not because that makes no sense. If someone has a theory about how they are connected, I'd love to hear it. Otherwise I'll assume that a 2 part season finale is the thing related to s3e13.

    Excitement Level: Cutie Pox

    Bitterness Level: Milk

    Episode Tier: Fluttershy

    Parting Thought: Why do I have a headache? Oh right, temperature swings of 30+

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Twilight Sparkle prides herself on following and sticking to her plans, but she isn't as organized as everypony thinks. Her master list, the plan for her life, has an item that she has never been able to check off; and the time has come to fix that. How hard can it be? All she needs to do is go on a date and get a kiss.

First Published
20th Apr 2012
Last Modified
25th Apr 2012

This story is flippin' marvellous. Kits writes in a style that evokes images all the time; so many little scenes that are easy to visualize because they're show-close in how they're written. Both Twilight and Rainbow Dash hit all the key points, and one particular scene later in the story just presses all my buttons with regards to characterization.

I've watched this story take shape, so I'm obviously slightly biased, but I will be the first to tell you: read this. If you like TwiDash? Read it. If you generally like shipping, but you're not convinced 'bout TwiDash? Read it. If you don't like shipping? I've no idea why you clicked the link here, but read it.

So. Much. Cuteness. A little hot, too! I may be in love with Rainbow Dash now.

Not really my kinna story. But I respect it for how well it is written. You have my like. Good work.

Damn you good sir, :moustache:.

was about to sign off and say that you posted a story with my favourite pairing, :ajsleepy:.

Damn, time to read, track and favourite this sucker.


>implying you didn't love her before

But seriously, thanks for the help you've given me. Even if you think it wasn't a lot, this wouldn't exist in anything like its current form without you.


Might I inquire as to why it is not? Is it the pairing? I'm actually a huge fan of :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh: myself. Is it >shipping? Or is it the setup? I don't want to spoil the ending, so I'll shut up and just let you answer.


I hope you enjoy! TwiDash is probably my second fav pairing now-a-days. It shot up after Building Bridges and Read it and Weep, knocking AppleDash aside. I really just like shipping Dash with her friends.

this is awesome and twilight better not hurt dash.

.......:pinkiegasp: LOL

>See this added to twiDash group

>Looks at Approval Rate

"Well this sounds promising-"

>kits wrote it


Sorry, had to post that, will actually review later when I read it.


Nothing against your work. generally I'm jsut not much for paring because it happens, ALL THE TIME. I have liked some and very few. but like i said. while this story is great, I just don't like the shipping basis much.

the one thing I'm worried about is that this is going to go into the classic cliche of 'you thought it was a real relationship?' and Dash is going to get hurt...if you end up doing that, it'd be wise to do it in a very unique way because it's too overused

Twilight's organizational skills are just adorkable here.  And seeing the usually confident Rainbow just stammer like that is a sight.

YOU HAVE ME HOOKED, SIR! :moustache:


Spoilers :x


I have fans :pinkiegasp:

Thanks for the support!




Certainly! It is actually refreshing to talk to someone who doesn't like shipping and is mature about it. Thanks! You Might like Storm. It's not Shippy at all and written in a similar 3rd person limited PoV. But, being almost a YEAR OLD now (holy ****nuggets) is quite a bit rougher in places than this.

I actually started this fic for a contest back in Feb. (I missed the deadline by 38000 words and 2 months. Hah)  I know a lot of TwiDash has come out since then, but that isn't going to stop me from posting my own.

Adorkable Twilight is best Twilight!

Well, let's see where this baby goes! Definitely star'd!

Oh god how did I not fav/thumbs up this before.



Yes, implying at any point that you don't love Rainbow Dash should be considered a grievous offense.

Perpetrators must be severely punished!



Spoilers. I can note you if you wish to know before deciding to read the next 37000 words.




Twilight should be adorkable. And Dash should be whatever the sporty version of that is? (hot? I dunno. I find her so.)


Lol. When it first went up, I had two thumbs up and 11 faves. I was very confused.


I'm 90% sure that any ship that involves Pinkie is amazing.

PinkieDash is my favorite pairing, but when you get ideas, you gotta roll with them. If you don't mind clop, check out End of a Rainbow. It's been called "sweet and funny" by some.

>>473396 nah I'll wait it out. just saying that that particular path for this kind of story is a rather overused one.

I'm more interested in what happens when Dash finds out that Twi is just using her to fulfill a checklist, then move on :rainbowderp:

I see the makings of a very convoluted/awkward situation abrewing! :trollestia: Can't wait to see what's next!


I realized after I posted that I read it whilst it was still on gdocs, Cloudy had pointed me at it, heh X3



Well, THIS one is edited :ajbemused:

Hence it being only 3 chapters instead of all 12


Sounds like a good reason to read it again, soon! X3

hmm, this is indeed a peculiar proposition. Then again so are most situations where communication - and lack thereof - malfunctions big time.

I love the detail you put into each little bit of description. All the little points that make it come to like, all of which I am seriously envious of you about and that I can only wish I could pick up on your knack for detail and making it spring to life. I've been trying to pull it off myself where I can but I fall flat.

My biggest question is though, with that last bit about Twilight imagining Dash as Daring Do, is Twilight actually going to develop feelings for Rainbow because Rainbow is taking it like a legit relationship or is she really just going by her objective?

Don't Answer!

Looking forward to what comes next, obviously.

Oh god. In during the best TwiDash. :rainbowdetermined2:

This is delightful! Kits, where have you been all this time?! Why have I not come across you before?! I have the stupidest smile on my face, and people are looking at me weirdly in the lecture theater. Apparently political theory shouldn't make people go 'dawww'. Funny that.

Seriously, this is a lot of fun, and you have a really commendable style. I have become far more picky with the ship fics I read, but this one has me hooked! I really can't wait for the next update.

Keep up the great work! I'm gonna go check out some more of your stuff, haha. Any suggestions?

I am so very excited to see this posted!  :pinkiehappy:


(comment has been noted. any answers have been explicitly removed) Thanks though. I usually have a really vivid, fully animated with voice acting and sound effects image of what's going on. That first scene where she stalks her table... If I could animate, I would make that a thing.


/me blushes. I hope it lives up to your expectations


Well. After I published Storm (which would be the one I'd recommend if a darkish/sadish thing is good with you) I got involved in Phoe's New Artist Training Ground event and went from talentless hack to almost good. Then I got brought onto EqD's pre-reading staff because they needed more people. Storm hitting 6star and the help I gave Cupcakes with Nocturne got me an in. Between art and pre-reading and starting the mlp-wtg on deviantart, I had no time for writing.

Then I pre-read Building Bridges, offered to buy Cloudy's booze, and we hit it off. I spent a lot of time helping friends get their ideas up. I actually have several fics I've never got past rough draft of part one. Trying to use the same WTG prompt that Rainbow Dash's Best Plan Ever used made me hit writer's block so hard, I ended up writing End of a Rainbow (clop).

I don't have anything else near this long:

Read Goddammit Pinkie Pie, it will take around 1 minute. But only if you can afford to laugh.

If you like show-style CMC, I'm told I did a good job on Chancing Canterlot. Probably the weakest of my fics.

If you want a darker, less bouncy mane-6 centric fic that did real well around a year ago, check out Storm. No, Dash does not lose her wings or die.

End of a Rainbow is my attempt to write clop. I didn't bother futzing around with a story to critique, it's just Pinkie and Dashie having fun. It's been called "sweet and funny"

Featherfall is primarily Scootaloo learns to fly from Dash. But I have a twist planned for it. This fic just killed all my time.

That and the twins that are being born in <6 weeks

OH! There is a fic, written by one "Tittyhawk" called "The Great and Powerful Ship" that is trolling 2nd person clop so hard people seem to LIKE it. I TOTALLY DIDN'T WRITE IT.



- Kittyhawk out

>>473958 Goddammit Pinkie Pie is hilarious. Best 400 words I've read in a long time, haha. I'm definitely going to check out Storm as soon as I can, too. It is 6 star, after all.

And helping Cloudy with anything is a perfectly reasonable use of time! Haha

This is adorkably brilliant, and reinvigorates shipping with plenty of awww yeahhh. :yay:


Wait for the super secret epilogue to be posted in a different story thread. It'll get a rise out of you.

Ooooo Featured now:pinkiegasp:



Usually these stories go with Twi actually finally getting into the relationship, followed by Dash finding the truth or the lists, betrayal feelings of sorts occur, while Twi will have to prove herself to Dash... (Or maybe I have no idea what I'm saying:twilightsheepish:)


Thank cloudy skies for leading me here:rainbowkiss:

Awaiting moar:yay:

Adorkable Twilight causing confusion.  I can't find anything to dislike.  :twilightsmile:


>Usually these stories go with Twi actually finally getting into the relationship, followed by Dash finding the truth or the lists, betrayal feelings of sorts occur, while Twi will have to prove herself to Dash

You are correct. That is the trope.


I haven't read the story yet (Will in a second) but just wanted to point out that I read the title as Twilight's Lust (Same with the pic). :rainbowhuh:

That is all.

I don't think I'm the only one who knows where this is going and is perfectly okay with it.

Oh, this has trouble written all over it. I mean, it is a story, after all. :twilightsheepish:

"Rainbow Dash led Twilight Sparkle, her new girlfriend, out onto the dance floor."

I believe it should say "Rainbow Dash led Twilight Sparkle, her new marefriend, out onto the dance floor."


That is also a fic I am writing. In fact the full title is "Twilight's Lust: One Letter Makes all the Difference"

>>474129 see >>474122

I need to stop getting distracted. i opened this 5 hours ago.

Just finished chapter 1.

Good work so far.

The characterization in this story is both enduring, hilarious, and brilliant! My goodness, Bravo kits!! BRAVO!! Easily the best representation of the characters I've seen yet in any relationship based fanfic. I'm in awe at your ability to capture these mares personalities in an enjoyable and believable way that hasn't been seen in the show yet. :yay:

Personal favorites? Rainbow Dash getting flushed over Twilight's Ice water nerves, no, like, cold ice water nerves (so obvious it in retrospect but this is the only fanfic I've seen point something like that out, and you did it so well), and then Rarity's fangirly reaction to her two friends dating. So funny! You made my night.  :rainbowkiss:

I wish I could offer some constructive criticism in return for sharing this work with us, but you've struck me stupid. You really only have yourself to blame for this. :moustache:

I like the canon-inity of this shipfic. Scystorm tells me this'll dethrone me, or something along those lines, and depending on where it goes I don't think I'd mind too much.

I wish I had the daring do episode all of season 2 to go off of when I wrote :fluttercry:


Ehhheheheh, well it'll be fun to see how you flesh it out:twilightsheepish:

Part of the fun of reading these is seeing how writers take classic scenarios and put their own flair on it:twilightsmile:

Twilight's way of approaching romance is very... well, Twil-like. :twilightblush:

Way to go blindsiding Dash completely! :rainbowhuh:


I dunno about dethroning, but it's definitely a worthy match. :pinkiesmile:

Just read 1 through 3, was so awesome. If there's something I love in a story it's how close the characters are portrayed to the characters on the show. And I'd say you hit it right on the mark. :pinkiehappy: It was those things like Twilight's orderly perspective and Dash's brash and spontaneous perspective that get me and really make the story for me. Applejack seems more mocking and teasing to me but I could put that down as her competitive attitude with Rainbow Dash.

Chapter 3 Fluttershy. . . DAWWW:heart:


:rainbowwild: Me Gusta

Now this I like. its a little different form the norm, I cant really place a hoof on it, but I like it.

Hah! AJ is a reliable source of good sense and teasing, it seems. :ajsmug:

We all know what Dash is now going to dream about :rainbowhuh:

Muffins of course:rainbowwild:

I saw that song coming, and I loved it!

I hope Twi knows what she had done.

>>473245 "I actually started this fic for a contest back in Feb. (I missed the deadline by 38000 words and 2 months. Hah)  I know a lot of TwiDash has come out since then  actually started this for a contest back in Feb. (I missed the deadline by 36000 words and 2 months. Hah). I know a lot of TwiDash has come out since then, but I'm not giving up on it just because it got popular while my slow-plot tried to finish this story."

Sweetie Bot has detected an error. :unsuresweetie:

Suggested Action: Initiate repair protocols.

I see this little experiment in romance is going to end up going much further than Twilight expected, though she doesn't quite realize it yet... :twilightsmile: :rainbowkiss:

And now...we wait for moar. :twilightoops:

Oh no, Oh No, no, mo!


Dash thinks its real, Twilight thinks Dash is playing around! Pore Rainbow!!! this will not end well!!

Love this story, The writing is top quality ,  and the plot is fantastic!

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