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  • 8w, 9h
    Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks Opinion!

    Well, I watched the new Equestria Girls movie, which I really needed to see after the misery I've been going through. I'll point out all the positives and negatives about it and then give my overall assessment:


    - Flash Sentry's role was thankfully minimal, and he really served no purpose at all other than Hasbro teasing fans by almost making him do something that most of us (with a brain) would openly despise and loathe.

    - I LOVE Sunset Shimmer's role and what they did with her. I was actually in tears when I saw just how big her role was at the end, and I felt so happy for her. She really is the definition of changing yourself for the better, and climbing slowly up the ladder to do it. First Discord, and now Sunset Shimmer. I love them both.

    - All the cameos were cute and awesome. Oh, and if this doesn't confirm Lyra x Bon-Bon, nothing well. I mean, for God's sake, the were rubbing their cheeks together! And Lyra just LOOKS so much like a lesbian! Sorry if that seems stereotypical, but it's the truth! So, yeah, those two were cute together. Derpy and her cute ditzy playfulness was adorable. Bulk Biceps, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Diamond Tiara & Silver Spoon, Maud Pie, and Vinyl Scratch were all great cameos, too.

    - Trixie finally got a much bigger role, and she was just as awesome and cute as ever. I still feel annoyed that they make her out to be villainous, when she really isn't, but you can argue that her actions were influenced thanks to the siren girls. So, I don't like my Trixie to just be openly cruel and mean; just a little naughty and spunky. I feel she didn't have to go so far, but I still loved her. Plus she saved us from some horrible nightmares by blocking out Twilight and Flash from doing anything we fans would be pissed about.

    - The songs were hit and miss, but mostly I enjoyed them. I think my favorite was Shake Your Tail. Honestly, I don't see why the sirens were supposed to be so deadly; I really felt their songs were boring and poor. Oh well, different strokes for different blokes.


    - Far too mean-spirited this time around. I know that was kinda supposed to be the point, since the sirens fed off negativity (just like you trolls out there), but I really just felt so uncomfortable half the time from all the awfulness going on.

    - Celestia and Luna once again proving to be incredibly useless, ineffective, and downright retarded. Oh, and let's not forget Spike pretty much being useless and pointless. It really does piss me off just how pointless Spike is a lot of the time.

    - Twilight playing God again. So, somehow just because an Equestrian book in the Canterlot High world and has magic, that somehow can allow you to travel between both worlds now? Sorry, but that is complete BS. So, yeah, Twilight is God. I love her, but give me a break. This is just their excuse to allow more and more Equestria Girls movies to be made. Really a pathetic cop-out, if you ask me.

    - Flash Sentry even appearing. Period.

    - Very rushed ending. I think the sirens finally reveal their true forms only at the very end, when there's only about seven minutes left. Then, as always, they get easily beat within two minutes. This is one of the series' biggest weaknesses, I'm sorry to say. They really aren't good with making villains. It's pretty much always: "Yeah, they're evil, and now watch them be evil the entire time! Oh, but at the very end, let's just have them be beat. Simple storyline!" That's NOT how you write characters. Sure, some characters are just evil for...some bogus reason...but you CAN show more than just that! It just frustrates me because it really does feel so cliche and stupid by this point.


    Animation: 9/10 (Still incredible and the show should be proud. Bright and colorful, animated perfectly, and everything looked just as lovely as the first movie and show)

    Cameos: 9/10 (Easy to say, all the cameos stole the show. Derpy, Vinyl, Lyra, Bon-Bon, Octavia, Diamond Tiara, you name it. Wanted one or two more, but still great)

    Characters: 6/10 (Decent, but not as good as the first movie. Except for Sunset, Trixie, and Dash to an extent, the characters aren't all that great this time around)

    Compared To Original: 6/10 (Having to use a cheap cop-out that is pretty much a deus ex machina really hurt it, not to mention all the harsh negativity and blandness)

    Ending: 5/10 (Mixed feelings about it, to say the least. Loved Sunset's contribution, and I'm guess I'm fine with Twilight having access to Canterlot High, but still)

    Fan Respect: 10/10 (They gave us everything we could ask for. No kissing between Flash and Twilight, some awesome cameos, some shipping material, and much more)

    Non-Brony Likability: 5/10 (Hate to say it, but if you aren't a lover of MLP to begin with, you likely will not get the movie or really care for it much, just like the original)

    Pacing: 6/10 (Very rushed at times, not to mention they didn't show any of the shorts we got to see during the summer, but it moved along at a decent pace)

    Songs: 7/10 (Overall solid, colorful, upbeat, creative, and catchy enough. Far from perfect, but some really sound like one another, but I still enjoyed them)

    Storyline: 7/10 (The sirens and Twilight really didn't do it for me, but Sunset Shimmer's storyline really did. I also loved Trixie having a bigger role, so that worked)

    OVERALL: 70/100 (Good, but not great. I can honestly say that I did enjoy it, and would likely watch it again and again, as I have the original. It can always be improved, of course, but for what it was and for all the advertising online it gave us, it really did give us exactly what it promised. So, I'd say to check it out, because I'm pretty sure you'll find something to like about it, too!)

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  • 28w, 1d
    MLP: FIM Season 4 Episode Rankings

    The rankings listed below are from my own personal least favorite to my most favorite episode (of season 4) and a reasoning is listed after each one. But, please be aware that I overall enjoyed the entire season like I love the entire show, okay? By all means, let me know what you think. Do you agree with me? Do you disagree? Well, let me know! Anyway, here we go, starting from #26 and working our way up to #1:

    26. Rarity Takes Manehattan (Episode 8): Oh my God, this episode was horrendous. I'm sorry, but I don't care what stupid reasoning you give to say it's good, you're wrong. Flat out you're wrong. I could honestly make an entire essay (two pages or more) on why this was the worst episode of the season by far. That's not an exaggeration. I have literally had hour-long conversations with my cat about why this episode sucks. I'll summarize so I don't write too much and bore you all. First, regardless if it's a parody of something else, the episode title makes Rarity look selfish. Second, the amount of Spike abuse continues when Rarity forces him to carry all her bags, when she can easily just levitate them herself. Third, Rarity sings a self-indulgent piece of crap song that's just the writers forcing her stupid element down our throats, like we forgot what element she is, which is fair because most of the time she is NOT the Element Of Generosity. Fourth, Rarity constantly flaunts her 'generosity' to random ponies just for the sake of showing off, because we NEVER see her doing this in Ponyville. Fifth, we hardly get to see Coco, Prim, or Suri at all. Sixth, when push comes to shove, Rarity ultimately reverts back to her NORMAL personality, which is a rude, selfish, greedy, rotten, FAKE jerk. I could go on and on, but above all the episode is awful because Rarity is nothing more than a FAKE and I can't stand her personality in episodes like this, the song was garbage, the plot was pathetic, and it was just so insultingly bad that I literally have thoughts of going all Nostalgia Critic on Rarity and blowing her up out of rage.

    25. Equestria Games (Episode 24): I never thought I'd be ranking this episode so low coming into the season, but it flat-out deserves it. Why? Well, on its own, it's actually a nice little episode about Spike. A damn good one in fact. His lesson that he shares at the end honest-to-God made me tear up in real life and sob for a few moments. That's just how meaningful such an impact of a message was to me. It went right to my heart, because I completely and 100% feel the same damn way. So, again, why do I hate this episode then? BECAUSE IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE THE EQUESTRIA GAMES! THIS ISN'T SUPPOSED TO BE A SPIKE EPISODE! Oh my God, what is WRONG with these people? You build up this episode for two freaking seasons, give us several episodes to make us prepared with all the competitions and rivalries that are going to happen, and then you BARELY show any of the games itself? You instead waste the entire time on SPIKE? Hey, I love seeing Spike get a good episode for himself. I really do! But NOT when it's the Equestria Games. That is what we WANTED to see. We wanted to see Gilda, Lightning Dust, Rainbow Dash, and Spitfire all return for one badass race. We wanted to see Trixie return to do a magic competition. We wanted ANYTHING other than what we got. It was not only a false promise and advertising, but it was blatantly insulting. Take the name 'Equestria Games' off and it's good, but since that's the episode of it, it deserves to be ranked here.

    24. Somepony To Watch Over Me (Episode 17): A lot of you may have been suckered into believing that Applejack would really act like this in such a situation, but thankfully I did not. I'm sorry, but this is downright nauseating and completely stupid. We've seen Apple Bloom go off on her own many times. And I SERIOUSLY doubt that she hasn't been left at home by herself at LEAST once. I mean, she's ALWAYS had at least Applejack, Big Macintosh, or Granny Smith there with her? I find that hard to believe. So, we suddenly see Applejack start acting like an overprotective mother? Well, that's cute, but she pushes it WAY too far, into levels of absurdity. And, no, that's NOT funny. If you find this funny, I seriously question your mentality. Watching Applejack harass Apple Bloom so much and treat her like an infant was not only unbelievable, but just really stupid and really boring. The rushed ending was cliche and expected, and there was just nothing here to really warrant a desire to re-watch it many times. It's fine to take a character out-of-character, but NOT for an entire episode and for really no reason.

    23. Castle Mane-ia (Episode 3): As a filler episode, this one really isn't AWFUL. There's just nothing to it. All it's about is the Mane Six running around and scaring each other. That's it. Pinkie Pie's reveal was expected; I called it a mile away. And there was just no real purpose to this episode at all other than having an excuse to visit the castle and get the journal. That's fine, but it doesn't make the episode interesting. We could've had Twilight get the journal in one minute and the rest of the time was pointless. So, even though the episode didn't really do anything WRONG in terms of being insulting or being awful, it's just so boring and so stupidly cliche that I, in all goodness, cannot rank it any higher over episodes that at least GAVE me something.

    22. It Ain't Easy Being Breezies (Episode 16): This episode is like how to NOT make a delicious soup. Let's combine severe annoying behavior with a dash of massive stupidity. Then, let's add in a hint of cliched nonsense that we have already seen before countless times. Oh, and don't forget to mix in many minutes of boring filler that is sure to make you fall asleep and die of old age. And, thus, you get a nice steaming pile of this episode! Good lord is this episode obnoxiously annoying. Mostly thanks to Fluttershy AGAIN reverting back to her doormat form and the Breezies all being stupid little idiots. Seabreeze, I'll admit, is both irritatingly annoying and interestingly cute at the same time. Is that weird? It's like I want to stomp on him over and over again until he's nothing, but I also want to snuggle him and keep him forever and forever. It's hard to explain. That's how weird he is! Throw in a deus ex machina spell by the goddess herself, Twilight Sparkle, and you get a forced moral, a stupid key, and just a really boring episode mixed with so many annoying moments.

    21. Princess Twilight Sparkle, Part 1 (Episode 1): Normally, the first part of two-part episodes are nothing special, and it's usually the second part that is better. This is the same case here. There's nothing overtly wrong with this part, but there's just no point to it. It's just setting up part 2 and that's pretty much it. Not to mention they left us on a freaking cliffhanger making us wonder about Luna and Nightmare Moon and their true origins. Even with Discord, I just found this two-part premiere to be really stupid, pretentious, and even boring. If not for Discord, it would even be lower.

    20. Princess Twilight Sparkle, Part 2 (Episode 2): I really SHOULD have this part lower than the other one, because in many ways it really is worse. Why? Because the characters act out-of-character! Seriously, all of them just ask Twilight Sparkle to go away because they value her level of princess more than they do their friendship? And then Twilight just leaves? And it takes DISCORD to set her straight? I'm sorry, but do you play us as fools? Stop pandering to little kids already and treat them like adults. Like the Nostalgia Critic says, you need to stop doing immature, kiddy stuff and treating the younger viewers as idiots. It's like you don't care what you do because you just want the young morons to laugh! It's insulting. Treat your entire audience the same and stop reverting to doing things that make you look like you don't know how to treat your characters just for the sake of plot. So, yeah, once again other than Discord providing some great comedy, this two-part premiere was pretty bad.

    19. Leap Of Faith (Episode 20): This episode wasn't exactly bad or anything, but it was just so boring. I predicted what would happen the entire time. Not to mention that Applejack's key moment was the fastest and most rushed out of the entire group's. Flim and Flam's song was worse than their other one (sorry, but it was, deal with it), the key-giver was forgettable and I still struggle to remember his name, Applejack was overplaying her element a little bit just for the sake of plot, and Apple Bloom suddenly wants to be a swimmer just because of her granny. Okay then. I'm sure many of you like this episode, and again it's not bad or anything. It just felt really stupid and underwhelming and I really struggle to sit through it when it comes on again. A good episode shouldn't make you NOT want to watch it. I'm pretty sure we all can agree on that.

    18. Bats (Episode 7): Again, I know a lot of (foolish) viewers like this episode, but they pretty much don't know any better. They hear one horrible dark song that feels vastly out-of-place and they suddenly revert to being a child and screaming: "That's just like Danny Elfman! Oh my God, that's SO awesome! I love this episode!" I can't stand people like that. I'm sorry, but the song is awful. It's so dull and drab and has no place being sang by the Mane Six. The episode makes zero sense at all and basically continues to make Twilight look like a god (which she is, but it's so underplayed it's ridiculous), everyone just ignores Fluttershy when they should know by now that she's smart with animals, and it's really just an episode that doesn't feel right in any way. The only part that was fun was when an otherwise boring Fluttershy gets turned into a vampire fruit bat. Why couldn't she have stayed that way? Honestly, I like her a lot better like that. At least she has a personality.

    17. Power Ponies (Episode 6): Now, to be fair, I like crazy episodes like this that make the viewer question just what ISN'T allowed in the world of Equestria (see Daring Don't later on in the list). And, to be honest, it's a good IDEA for an episode. It's's more Spike abuse. All the episode is about really is Spike being laughed at even more, then given a rather odd plot twist involving a comic book to make him look helpful. exactly does that apply to anything in the real world? After this episode, Spike pretty much goes back to looking like a tool by the idiot producers. So, this episode was, in fact, entirely pointless. Not to mention that Fluttershy's Hulk form was...very creepy and not at all fun to look at. I literally turn away every time that happens. I'd rather deal with an hour of Bulk Biceps than one minute of Fluttershy as the Hulk. Ugh.

    16. Simple Ways (Episode 13): Well, let's just be honest. Josh Haber has no idea how to make a good episode. All three of his debut episodes this season (Castle Mane-ia, Simple Ways, Leap Of Faith), are pretty bad. Why is this episode bad? That's kinda hard to explain. Remember when I told you that it's bad to take characters out-of-character for the sake of plot? Well, to be quite honest, I LIKE that happening in this episode. When Rarity starts to act like a stereotypical hayseed, I LOVE it! This is the Rarity that I like. I LIKE her out-of-character behavior more than her normal, fake-ass personality! I know that basically contradicts that I've already said, but screw you, because I can say what I want. See, Rarity trying to be southern was really, REALLY funny, but it was the ONLY good part of this episode. At the start and the ending, we just see Rarity acting like the pompous, fake-ass queen she is, and it's awful. Applejack acting like Rarity halfway through was kinda sexy, to be fair, but Trenderhoof was just retarded and he was just another plot device to be a thorn in Spike's side. This episode was just a big mix of both hilarious and stupid actions, and since it's so mixed, I can't rank it any higher than here.

    15. Filli Vanilli (Episode 14): We've finally reached the part in my rankings where I actually have trouble. Why? Because from here on up, I LOVE all of these episodes! Well, I love some more than others, but from Filli Vanilli up, all of these episodes were the best of the season and it's hard to properly rank them without feeling like I'm slighting some. The reason this one is ranked here is mostly due to Pinkie Pie. Remember when I said I wanted to blow up Rarity, Nostalgia Critic style, from Rarity Takes Manehattan? Well, this is where I want to blow up Pinkie. Oh my God, WHAT the hell were they thinking? No, do NOT even try and defend Pinkie in this episode, because I will smack you down and kick you off a cliff, because you will be VASTLY wrong. Pinkie was horrendous in this episode. SHE'S the one that says to be sensitive to Fluttershy's feelings, and yet SHE is the one that keeps harassing her and making her cry? Oh, and don't forget how she just rubs Big Macintosh's loss of a voice in his face after she "beat him" in that stupid contest. Pinkie makes this episode hard to watch, which is a shame because it's otherwise a great episode. I love the music, I love Fluttershy's personality here, and it's just a really sweet and fun episode. Sure, we've seen Fluttershy like this before (like, a hundred times), but in situations like this it just feels really nice. But, yeah, Pinkie's awful actions make me have to rank it here.

    14. For Whom The Sweetie Belle Toils (Episode 19): Other than the god-awful name, this episode was a surprise to me. I went into it thinking it would be awful, but I honestly really liked it. I loved Sweetie Belle, and I really felt for her because I feel the same way a lot. But, shockingly, I also could understand Rarity's side, too, in that she doesn't fully MEAN to take away the attention all the time...but she does. And it hurts her little sister. It's such a complex relationship with these two sisters that you really can't help but be intrigued every time they're put into an episode together. Mainly because you never know if Rarity will be abusing Sweetie Belle, or will be treating like her the precious little sister she is. Luna's appearance was a little overplayed here, but she was cute. Seeing Sapphire Shores again was also pretty nice, since she's the Beyoncé of Equestria. Don't try and say otherwise; it's what I believe, and I will not be deterred. So, as a whole, I liked the episode. It dealt with some actual complex family dynamics, and the Crusaders were cute instead of annoying in this.

    13. Trade Ya (Episode 22): What saves this episode from being much lower is Fluttershy. That's it. Oh my God, Fluttershy just steals the show here so much and, for someone like me who still doesn't really like Fluttershy, that's something shocking to hear. I just couldn't get over how much Fluttershy loves Rainbow Dash. No, not likes, LOVES. I refuse to believe that a "friend" would do ALL that just for another "friend". No, that's love right there. Fluttershy loves Rainbow Dash. That's all there is to it. And that's another part of this episode I loved. All Mane Six characters were paired up in the way that their canon shippings honestly make the most sense to go. In other words, Applejack x Rarity makes the most sense, as does Rainbow Dash x Fluttershy. Twilight Sparkle x Pinkie Pie can be debated, but since Pinkie was ultimately the first one Twilight "met" when coming to Ponyville, I still think they work as a pair. Even if I don't really like Rainbow Dash x Fluttershy, it does make the most sense, and that's why I do like this episode. Otherwise, it would just be a boring filler with cliche plot twists and nothing special. Oh, and shout-out To Stellar Eclipse, the OC of that boy with the illness. Good for you, kid!

    12. Testing Testing 1, 2, 3 (Episode 21): This episode features another one of my favorite pairings, and it showcases just why I love it so much. Twilight Sparkle x Rainbow Dash is so cute because they're the perfect foils for one another. They constantly bicker and argue because both are stubborn and proud of their own skills and what they believe in, but they ultimately always make up and realize that both sides are right in their own way. It's just a relationship that makes so much sense and feels so real. And both ponies work so well here. Twilight being a cute, dorky teacher was adorable, and Rainbow Dash finally showing her ADHD and making it canon was adorable, too. And, no, you can't say that that's not true. Dash's actions throughout the whole series have hinted at her having ADHD, and this pretty much proves it. Regardless if Twilight's studying methods were boring for her, no one would just act like that. Not even the fillies and colts in Cheerilee's class do that! So, that was nice to see some development for Dash. Pinkie's rap with Vinyl and those two colts was...weird, but interesting. Fluttershy's studying method was just stupid. Rarity's was even stupider. Applejack's made me want to spank her. The ending was rushed, and Dash's learning method was a bit unorthodox (even though it's my method as well), but I really did love the episode.

    11. Maud Pie (Episode 18): First off, let's just all agree that suddenly creating another sister for Pinkie Pie was a massive cop-out by the series. Much like how they just randomly gave Twilight a brother and a foal-sitter at the end of season 2 without a hint or warning. But, other than that, I was surprised with just how much I found this episode fun, and how much I loved Maud. For one, she's really cute. For two, her personality is pretty much exactly like Raven's from Teen Titans, which I find adorable. I did like how this episode worked, what with how Pinkie and Maud really do love one another, despite just how vastly different their personalities are. I can't even tell you how touched I felt with how Maud hugs and holds Pinkie all the time when showing affection. She never smiles or really raises her voice, and yet she loves Pinkie. There's just something so sweet and charming about that. Although the way Maud strangely smiles at Pinkie at the end when she says: "But I do love Pinkie Pie" was very disturbing and makes one wonder about...things. Overall, though, it was a really fun little episode. A bit awkward at times, but still fun.

    10. Inspiration Manifestation (Episode 23): Again, I LOVE seeing Rarity out-of-character! Her normal, pandering, arrogant, fake side is just awful and anyone who honestly likes it has issues, but when she's seen like THIS, she's just so awesome and hilarious! Spike and Owlowiscious really stole the show, though, for obvious reasons. Owlowiscious was so funny, so cute, and just a really fun little character in this episode, just by being a simple owl looking out for Spike! It's almost like he was being a father figure or a big brother to Spike, being there to scold him and look after him when he was getting in over his head. Spike himself was FINALLY made to look competent, while at the same time still looking like a good friend to his crush, Rarity. I loved seeing this side of Spike. Why can't we see more of this side of him? Let him be silly and obnoxious, but also show him being mature and understanding of those around him. THAT is the Spike we want to see. Oh, and immediately when I saw Rarity's dark magic, I thought of Sombra. People thinking of Changelings was laughable; you people have such imaginations. But, ultimately, the episode was a good bit of fun, we finally see Rarity in a fun light and Spike in an intelligent light, and the episode just worked very well.

    9. Twilight's Kingdom, Part 1 (Episode 25): Easily the best two-part finale OR premiere out of all four seasons so far. I'm dead serious, and you know in your heart that it's the truth. Wow was I blown away by this two-part finale. First off, despite starting off a bit slow, Twilight's song with Cadance, Celestia and Luna all joining in was really beautiful and a very enjoyable part of the episode. We get to see Twilight dealing with the very same issues that we, the fans, have been yelling about the whole season: WHAT IS TWILIGHT'S DUTIES AS A PRINCESS? It finally deals with this issue of Twilight herself struggling to understand what it means to be a princess. That's very relateable. Then, Equestria's equivalent of Hell returns (Tartarus) and we get our "new" villain, who I hear is actually from the old generations. And, we FINALLY get to see and hear him! FINALLY we get a villain we can get to know before they eventually get defeated! Other than Discord and maybe Nightmare Moon, the series hasn't been good at this at all. I was so upset that Discord reverted back to being evil, but that's why this episode was amazing to start off the two-part finale. I wanted to see SO badly what would happen in part 2. And that's when you know the first part is a success when it makes you WANT to watch the second part to see how it all plays out. Even Flash Sentry couldn't ruin this!

    8. Twilight's Kingdom, Part 2 (Episode 26): Now THIS is how you end a season. Oh my God, where do I even begin? We finally get Discord's story arc making a full circle as he FULLY realizes what it means to have friends, and he really did steal the entire show alone. At least when Twilight wasn't battling Tirek. Holy crap was that a great battle. Sunset Shimmer could've learned something from this battle. Then we have more awesome moments from Discord (touching ones at that), we have Twilight getting her key, we see all the key-givers be given a cameo as the rainbow reaches all of them, we get a nice little castle for Twilight in Ponyville, and we get to wrap up a good season with an amazing finale. I've never felt so fulfilled and happy at a finale before. All the other ones didn't feel that great at all, but this one left me smiling and wanting more. It was just magnificent! But, in all good faith, I couldn't rank it above my seven favorite episodes of this season. It was amazing, but it was also the finale, and it feels wrong to put it above others that I found even MORE enjoyable.

    7. Flight To The Finish (Episode 5): The main reason this one is so high is due to the freaking awesome song that the Crusaders sang. And, it really should be their new theme song. It's that amazing. Hearts As Strong As Horses is a catchy, upbeat, energetic, wonderful song and it really did set the mood for the episode. I'm really glad they didn't make Scootaloo fly at the end; that would've defeated the whole purpose of actually having a deep, meaningful episode. You can't just give us a happy ending each and every time. See, THIS is what I mean. When they pander to little kids and give them all that happy nonsense, it's insulting. But when they actually do a mature, thoughtful, and sweet episode like this, it makes me happy and it's the smart decision. I think Diamond Tiara being mean was played up WAY too much. Seriously, why is she doing this? What is her motivation? Sure, she and Silver Spoon wanted to win, but that just seemed really mean. There has to be something more to them, and I really, REALLY hope one or both of them get their own episode in season 5 so we can understand them better. Other than all that, the episode was a lot of fun, had a lot of heart, and was probably one of the most mature episodes of the season.

    6. Pinkie Apple Pie (Episode 9): Again, THIS is how you make a mature episode that everyone can appreciate, without having to resort to kiddy stuff. Yes, it was still full of joy and funny humor, but it was done in a controlled, adorable way that didn't resort to stupidity. The reason this episode works so well is because it's Pinkie's best performance of the season. You heard me. It's her BEST performance. Don't argue it, because you will be proven wrong. This is the Pinkie Pie I can like and appreciate. She's seen as silly and playful, but in a caring, intelligent, and understanding way that isn't just: "Ooh, look at me! I'm random and I'm breaking the fourth wall and I'm being a complete idiot for comic relief!" I HATE when they make her do that. Here, we get a thoughtful episode of her possibly being Applejack's cousin, and once AGAIN the show makes an amazing choice by choosing NOT to give us a flat-out answer of whether it's true or not true. See, if they HAD made Pinkie Applejack's cousin, there would be a lot of angry fans who would find it weird, not to mention a lot of shipping writers who would be upset. If they HADN'T made Pinkie Applejack's cousin, they would've resorted to the cliche of "being friends is better than being family sometimes" and that just doesn't work. Leaving the door open, like in Flight To The Finish, was the best answer. Oh, and Apples To The Core is an amazing song that I could listen to over and over again as well. Just an amazing episode.

    5. Rainbow Falls (Episode 10): This episode makes me laugh so much. Bulk Biceps, despite his stupid name change, is just so funny! See, you can be funny without having to resort to the crap Pinkie usually does. I think my favorite scene in the entire episode (excluding the one with Derpy) is when Bulk Biceps thinks Rainbow Dash starts with 'p' and then quickly screams out: "NEVER MIND!" Oh my God that cracks me up every single time. Rainbow Dash usually makes for a fun main character, if she doesn't act like a pompous little creep. She didn't here. Instead, her dilemma was one that I, too, would have. Do you go with the team you KNOW is the best? Or do you stick with your friends, even if they suck? I would have the same problem choosing! So, Rainbow Dash's plight was believable, and even though her answer was the cliched one, it was sweet. And I'm really glad the Ponyville qualified. Would've liked to see Gilda make an appearance, or Lightning Dust, but I guess Derpy Hooves was a good "replacement". It pisses me off that they didn't let her speak and didn't refer to her by name, but at least she's there. Overall, the episode was easily the second best key episode, and it was a lot of fun.

    4. Twilight Time (Episode 15): What I loved most in this episode was that we got to see Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon with some actual development and complexity. Sure, not much, and it's hard to really read what their full intentions were, but at least it was something! See, I really do think Diamond Tiara was trying to be nice to the Crusaders by offering them to come to Manehattan with her, but she just acted mean for no reason. Then the Crusaders put their hooves in their own mouth by talking about Twilight. Really, they were so rotten in this episode. Sure, I liked seeing them learn things, and seeing Sweetie Belle finally use magic, but they still acted worse than Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. Oh, and Twilight really stole the show by displaying just why she is and will always be best pony, regardless what you stupid haters say. She is really nice the whole way through, and gets upset ONLY when she realizes that the fillies and colts weren't there to learn from her. That proves she's really got a good heart and it makes me love her even more. I guess the whole episode of Twilight Time made me love Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, and Twilight Sparkle a lot because they all showed sides of themselves we don't see very often, and that's why it works. The Crusaders didn't do so well, but that's fine. Them learning things was still cute.

    3. Daring Don't (Episode 4): Yes, I know that this episode is mostly hated by a lot of (stupid) fans. But, what can I say? You haters don't know any better. This episode is, in a lot of ways, what Power Ponies is. Instead of Spike being humiliated, it was Rainbow Dash. Yes, I can see why that would annoy a lot of you. I also can see how Daring Do suddenly be made real could also make a lot of you feel weird. But, let's be honest. I called it two years ago that Daring Do was real. If you seriously didn't think she was, you need to get smarter. That's all I can say. It was obvious she was real. They wouldn't just waste whole segments of an episode on a pony that WASN'T real. Duh! Eh-hem, anyway, why this episode is amazing and not at all like Power Ponies is because it works for who Rainbow Dash is on the inside. With Spike, he really is competent and smart, but it's just the show portrays him as a bumbling idiot sidekick half the time. However, with Rainbow Dash, we've seen her over and over again be a dorky little fan-girl over anything that excites her. And it's cute! Seeing her interact with Daring Do (which is arguably just a recolor of herself) was so awesome, and seeing an actual adventure play out was stunning and cool. It's like...what ISN'T fake in Equestria? It was like us going to England Great Britain or whatever and discovering that wizards are indeed real and we humans are, indeed, called muggles! It's just so jarring and fun and you can't help but love it. Daring Do is awesome, Ahuizotl makes for a funny villain, and I really can't say much other than I just loved the episode. I don't care if I'm in the minority, this episode was awesome and that's that.

    2. Three's A Crowd (Episode 11): Hey, Discord is awesome. He makes everything around him awesome. I honestly don't think I have ONCE been annoyed with him at all. From the very first time he was introduced, I loved him. I love every single freaking second we get with him on the screen. He's just that funny and that amusing. And John De Lancie just knows how to voice him! Was this how awesome he was as Q in Star Trek? I wouldn't know, since I didn't watch that stupid series, so I'm just curious. So, in case you haven't guessed yet, I loved this episode because of Discord. That's mainly it. Oh, and his song that he sang? Glass Of Water? It's now my most favorite song in the ENTIRE series. I'm dead serious. That is how much I loved it and how much I adore Discord and what he brings to the show. And seeing Discord interact with Twilight is always so funny.

    1. Pinkie Pride (Episode 12): Ugh. Three out of four favorite episode is a Pinkie Pie episode. I'm well-known for my dislike of her, that's for sure. And yet...she holds three of the top four spots. Why does the show do this to me? WHY do they torture me so badly? WHY? Seriously, they did this on purpose! Wanna know how? On its own, this episode probably would've been mediocre and nothing special. But...they decided to bring in one special person that just sent this episode right to the top of my list and it never once was in danger of being overtaken by another. Weird Al Yankovic. No one, I repeat, NO ONE is a bigger fan of Weird Al than me. I own every single song by him, I can identify each and every one just by playing two seconds of it, I know the movies that he guest-starred in, I know his real name (Alfred Matthew Yankovic), and I just love this guy. He is just so amazing in every possible way. He's funny, he's nice, he loves the ponies, he can play the accordion, he sings amazingly...he's just epic. And he steals the show. Despite the awful name (Cheese Sandwich), Weird Al really does make this episode that epic. The Goof-Off Polka (as I call it) between him and Pinkie was pretty much just one of his polkas, which is awesome. Him parodying Smile, Smile, Smile in there and annoying Pinkie was even more awesome. Him sharing an odd back-story with Pinkie was even MORE awesome. My only qualms with this episode was, of course, Pinkie Pie herself. Sorry, but she was just so SELFISH in this. I mean, she didn't even TRY to ask Weird Al if she could do the party WITH him. All she cared about was her stupid pride! And then she sings a sappy, stupid song about how sad she is. Then she tries to leave Ponyville, when that is SO ridiculous. And then we have a stupid ending where Pinkie acts like a retard. UGH! So, yeah, this may be a "Pinkie episode", but to me it's a Weird Al episode, and it's why it's #1 and the best episode of the season for me.

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  • 36w, 3h
    Update On Life + Total Magic Pony Series

    I know it's been...quite a long time since I worked on anything, and a lot of you are upset about that. I wouldn't be surprised if hardly anyone left cares about me anymore and has moved onto something else (such are our human minds prone to do), but I might start writing again. The reason it's been so long and the reason that I haven't given updates is because my life has been quite the disaster. Allow me to give you an update on what has been happening my life since I last updated any of my stories:

    1. I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, high blood pressure, attention deficit disorder (ADD) and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). No, I'm not making any of this up. My mother and all her idiot friends kept yelling at me to get a job or go back to school, which I just did not want to do. When I went to get tested, I was diagnosed with all of these conditions and am now getting Supplemental Security Income (SSI) as I stay at home all the time. For those of you who don't know what SSI is, it's basically the government's program that pays those who have either physical or mental disabilities that prevent them from working or going to school. They send a check each and every month to help out with bills and food and stuff. Granted, it's not THAT much, but it has been helping immensely. Point is, having all of these conditions is NOT fun and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

    2. I have been in a major writing funk, because I just wish I had more fans than I did. I know that sounds greedy, but let's be real. In the back of all our minds, we all feel the same way. We desire attention and it makes us feel happy and motivated when a lot of followers read your stories, comment on them, and even make little groups or pages on Tropes or other things like that. It makes us feel special and that what we're writing actually matters. With someone like me, who has little to no reason to even waste oxygen at this point, all I want is to make people happy with what I write and get love in return. And, I just fear that if I go through all the effort of writing something rather long, no one really cares. Sure, maybe 5-10 people do, but that's hardly anything! Some stories get over 50-100 people to go gaga over them! I've been writing for over 20 years, so I think I'm pretty good, but those moments of doubt keep lingering with me. Oh, and no, I am NOT handing over the reigns of my stories to anyone. I'm sorry, but I find that stupid. Some people may do it and whatever, but I disagree with that. A story is something only YOU can write; no one else. They will live and die by YOUR hands, not someone else's.

    3. I live at home with my mother. I'm not THAT ashamed to admit it. I'd rather be at home than out having sex with floozies, drinking alcohol in bars until I pass out, smoking illegal drugs because I think I'm cool, gambling away money in a casino, wasting money driving around in a stupid car, or working in a pointless job. But, living at home has a lot of bad issues. My mother's boyfriend is always leaving for a week or two now and then, because they fight all the time, and she then cries and cries and drives me insane. Her car also stopped working, and unlike me, she is NOT a homebody. She NEEDS to be out and about or she goes nuts. So, yeah, it's been hard for her and she's been driving me even CRAZIER trying to find a car. Top that off with bad internet and high bills to pay and you get a home environment that isn't pretty.

    4. My mother and myself are constantly being threatened that we will be kicked out of our home and onto the streets by our evil family that "owns" this house. To not confuse anyone, my mother's brother is a lawyer something and he owns power of attorney or some crap like that and he keeps wanting to force my mother's mother (my stupid grandmother) to sign the rights to the house over to him so he can...ugh, you know what? Just forget it. It's too complicated for any of you to understand...including me. Just trust me when I say that it's a living hell each and every day and one day I wouldn't be surprised to be living on the cold streets without any shelter at all. I hate my mother's family so much. I hate all the useful father figures I've had in my life. I had my fake friends who use me for their own stress relief. I hate it so much. Oh, and I tried to...harm myself...several times in the past year, but never mind that.

    So, yeah, that's how my life has been and why I haven't been updating and such. I apologize for any of you who actually care. I highly doubt I'll get there, but I think about my Total Magic Pony series all the time. I have all the seasons planned out in my HEAD, but since I like to write a lot and because of problem #2 above, it's been hard to even get up the motivation to write them out. That said, with season six of Total Drama soon to be here, I had a great cast of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic characters in mind for it, and just had to share it with you. I also even know how the first episode would go and the big shocker that would happen. First off, it would be a battle of the sexes: males versus females. And these would be the characters I had in mind (note that the tribe names are puns on the stereotypes of the common male and female, what with males being classified as stupid and females being classified as screaming jabber-jaws):

    Moronic Simpletons:

    Cheese Sandwich




    Shining Armor



    Screaming Psychopaths

    Babs Seed

    Coco Pommel


    Lightning Dust


    Maud Pie

    Suri Polomare

    Again, I doubt I'll ever reach season six, and by that point the new Equestria Girls movie will be out and I might like the new female character in there and want to include her like I would Sunset Shimmer in season four of this series. Also, this current season of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is still going on, and there might be a new character or two we all will fall in love with and I'll want to include. This is just my current idea for a nice 14-character cast. What would you all think of this? Also, give me your prediction on which team you think would lose first, and who you THINK would be voted out first. Remember, what I have in mind would be quite stunning and hilarious.

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  • 92w, 2d
    MLP: FIM Season 3 Episode Rankings

    The rankings listed below are from my own personal least favorite to my most favorite episode (of season 3) and a reasoning is listed after each one. But, please be aware that I loved the entire season like I love the entire show, okay? By all means, let me know what you think. Do you agree with me? Do you disagree? Well, let me know! Anyway, here we go, starting from #13, not #26 (since there wasn't one), and working our way up to #1:

    13. The Crystal Empire, Part 1 (Episode 1): A shortened season that was kicked off with not only a poor two-part premiere, but a rather uncomfortable finale. But, let's start with part 1 of the two-part premiere. Honestly, in my opinion, it was dull as hell. Boring, not very exciting, two rather meaningless songs, and complete out-of-character (or quite possibly true in-character, judging how you view her) acting by Rainbow Dash. None of the ponies really had a purpose other than Twilight Sparkle, we hardly learned anything about King Sombra or even got to see him in his own scene plotting in his cloud of darkness or whatever. Easily the worst two-part premiere of the series, and really the only episode during the Princess Coronation marathon that I honestly muted the entire time. I can't say there was really anything memorable, funny, or likeable about this first episode, which kicked off season 3 very poorly.

    12. The Crystal Empire, Part 2 (Episode 2): In the very least, the second half of the premiere was more exciting, filled with twists and turns, and we got to see the villain at long last for more than two seconds. Spike being the hero was something I kinda have mixed feelings about; I feel bad for Twilight (even though she passed her "test" anyway), but seeing Spike get some recognition was nice. The crystal ponies being showcased, along with Cadance being used as a slingshot was rather amusing. And, as always, seeing Rainbow Dash not hold back and hurt Fluttershy with their jousting was no shocker. I still found the episode not that exciting as the ones with Discord, Nightmare Moon, or Queen Chrysalis. There just wasn't really any point to it. At least with the other three villains it made sense; they all had a reason to do what they did. Why was King Sombra coming back NOW of all times? Just a stupid premiere.

    11. Magical Mystery Cure (Episode 13): As I expected, I was disgusted with the finale. Maybe it's just me, but I was just so uncomfortable and abhorred the entire way through. First off, each song was just terrible, and none of the singing ponies even SOUNDED like they're supposed to! Seriously, did you hear Rarity and Pinkie singing? They sounded COMPLETELY different! Just throwing all these songs in made the episode crappy, but let's not forget just how rushed everything suddenly got. First we see Rarity with Dash's cutie mark, and then suddenly Twilight's running around and singing, then we suddenly find out she got a magic book (as always), and then she sings some more, then she figures something out (as always), then Celestia FINALLY sings in a rather creepy alter-dimensional room with television screens (Trixie was better), and then we see the horror of Twilight now an alicorn. It WAS nice to finally hear the show declare "winged unicorns" as alicorns, so that's now confirmed. But, yeah, the episode just really made me uncomfortable and disappointed. I don't know what season 4 has in store, but it better make up for this. No, I don't hate Twilight; still love her to death. But, this is something that should've been saved for the SERIES finale, not the season 3 finale! I don't like the look of this at all.

    10. Spike At Your Service (Episode 9): Even though I honestly really hate this filler of an episode, it's at least better and good for a few minor chuckles unlike the three travesties listed above. Seriously, as ANY kind of fan of Spike, you cannot honestly say that you were amused with this episode. They completely ruined and mocked his character for no good reason! I mean, we've SEEN him be competent, talented, skilled, and rather intelligent when dealing with cleaning and helping. He does it for a freaking living with a now-alicorn mare with a serious case of OCD for God's sake! So, the Applejack saving him and him wanting to pay her back was nice, but the rest was just garbage. I was seriously annoyed and vexed with how they just humiliated Spike for laughs, and then had him "repay" Applejack in a rather rushed, sudden, and asinine way. No, it's NOT just for laughs, because when you laugh at something that is purposely ruined just for the sake of comedy, you're being an idiot. The episode sucked.

    9. Too Many Pinkie Pies (Episode 3): This episode was bland and kinda pointless, if you ask me. All it showed was Pinkie Pie basically acting like her usual self: "Ooh, look at me bounce around and invade everypony's personal space! Ooh, fun! Me love fun! Me WANT fun! Aw, no fun? Okay, me do something totally moronic that me shouldn't do just to HAVE fun! Oh no, friends mad! Me sad and me want attention. Yay, friends back! PARTY!" I mean, ugh! Yes, at least Pinkie's character wasn't ruined like Spike's was in his episode above, but this was just pointless. It was just another filler episode, if you ask me. No character development, and the only funny parts were one of the Pinkie clones doing a hoedown, and their antics during the drying paint test. Otherwise, just dull, obnoxious, annoying, and unnecessary. Did not like it.

    8. Games Ponies Play (Episode 12): It was alright, but it was also just so pointless in so many ways. Not to mention very contrived, in my eyes. For example, nothing seriously funny was done; it was just showing a pony a tour and making yourself overbearingly-nice for it. That's mainly the episode. Then we have Dash stealing the episode with her whiny little side-story that apparently includes her father (I'm not sold on that) and her home. Ms. Peachbottom is a rather amusing character, and her two fears of high ceilings and tight spaces were interesting to see mixed into a pony's character, but otherwise the episode was just stupid. I mean, we finally got our unwanted wish: Shining Armor acting like the atypical jock. Oh, and as for the contrived part? Basically how the Crystal Empire got the games. So, the games inspector was treated like crap, but just because somepony ELSE who got her welcome/tour was treated nicely, that's reason enough to give the city the games? Uh, HELL NO! If that had been me, I would've said: "Okay, you treated someone else nicely. Good for you. However, since you are CLEARLY moronic and you can't even see who I am and you just take any pony you see as important, then screw you! I'm outta here." A lot of things that made me shake my head, but as a whole, it was alright.

    7. Just For Sidekicks (Episode 11): I was actually pleasantly surprised by this episode. I was expecting it (as I figure many of you were as well) to just be a boring filler episode with Spike looking like a retard and a goofball while playing with the animals. But, the episode was actually very good, considering it was just Spike for the most part. The fact that Spike wasn't exactly goofy and he was instead shown his greedy and mean side was a very nice change of pace, in my opinion. We all know that Spike is greedy (Secret Of My Excess), has jealousy issues (Owl's Well That Ends Well), is a hopeless romantic (anytime he's near Rarity in the first two seasons), and is incredibly sarcastic and a bit egotistical (we can blame Twilight for those). So, basically, seeing Spike have to actually learn a lesson at the end after losing everything precious to him (his gems), and the pets respecting him for it...well, I was touched. The Cutie Mark Crusaders' pointless participation was amusing, but Spike was the real hero. Overall, far from perfect, but a very quaint and nice episode from our dragon friend.

    6. One Bad Apple (Episode 4): The main thing I didn't like about this episode was the lesson. Sorry, but from personal experience (being bullied every second of my life, over 20 years), I know for a FACT that "just telling someone" is NOT the way to properly handle bullies. Believe me, it does not work. You seriously think adults can fix everything? Ha. So, aside from that bunch of nonsense, I liked the episode. A lot of people are tired of them by this point, but I honestly love to see the Cutie Mark Crusaders. They're always so cute and adorable! Yes, they're also stupid and rather insensitive towards everypony else around them, but they're still a joy to watch. Plus, I love Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon; probably because I like bad girls, and I honestly don't think they're TRUE bullies deep down inside. Seeing Babs Seed for the first time was awesome. Her accent could use work, but at least it's different and rather interesting. But, I think I speak for us all when I say that the kick-ass oldies-like song was what stole the show. Can't get enough of that "Babs Seed" song!

    5. Apple Family Reunion (Episode 8): A little slow getting in, combined with a quick ending that basically was just summed up in a two-minute song (and was nothing more than just building a barn), I found the episode to be nice. Basically seeing the entire Apple Family again (Caramel, Braeburn, Babs) was a joy. Seeing the bonding and all that jazz was rather cute, too. Applejack is obviously a Mary Sue in so many ways, since all she did "wrong" in this episode was...uh...well, I'm not really sure what she DID do wrong. I think she just went overboard wanting her family to have fun, which I don't think is really that bad. The fact that she's so gosh darn perfect is seriously annoying, but she deserved her own episode and her own song for once. The song rocked, despite the fact it was repetitive, and it allowed the episode to fit together for the best. Not the best, but pretty darn good.

    4. Wonderbolts Academy (Episode 7): As we all know, most of Dash's episodes suck. Either they show her completely out-of-character and get unfair treatment for it (Mysterious Mare-Do-Well), completely moronic and rude (May The Best Pet Win), utterly unbearable in almost every way (Fall Weather Friends), and a serious drama queen worse than Rarity (Read It & Weep), I loved how this episode FINALLY showed the side of Dash I think we all fell in love with. Her competitive, yet still caring, loyal, and thoughtful side. She's blunt and brash, and a bit stupid, but she still has a heart and she puts it first before even her own dreams. That's what a true character is all about. The way she learned that was a joy to see and I can easily say this is Dash's best episode out of all three seasons, hands down. Spitfire and Lightning Dust both ruled, too. Not only are both really hot and feisty, but they played their parts well and I couldn't have asked for more. I did feel kinda bad for Dust getting expelled, and no sign of Soarin, but it didn't matter. Still an amazing episode.

    3. Sleepless In Ponyville (Episode 6): While somewhat cheesy, this episode was also amazing. First, seeing both Scootaloo and Dash in a different light was commendable. We haven't seen Scootaloo act nervous, shy, or meek (well, we haven't really seen her at all), so watching her (albeit childish) problems while around Dash were adorable. Seeing Luna make a surprise guest appearance was very nice (and seeing her actually in a good mood was a welcome; seriously, she was just a grump during the times we saw her in season 3). I felt my heart melt when Dash wrapped her wing around Scootaloo and accepted her as her little sister. Seriously, that moment stole the show. Applejack was a Mary Sue, as always, and Rarity and Sweetie Belle were just there for comic relief. Apple Bloom...yeah, didn't even notice her. But, such a great character development episode for Scootaloo, and partly Dash, capped off with a very wonderful ending. I just loved the episode!

    2. Keep Calm & Flutter On (Episode 10): First off, let me just get this out of the way: I TOLD YOU DISCORD WASN'T BAD! Seriously, for all you jerks who categorized Discord's playful and rather mischievous as "evil", I hope you all ate some nice crow after this episode. As it proved, Discord wasn't evil. In my opinion, it's just his way of having fun; he doesn't turn ponies to stone or physically hurt them. He was just HAVING FUN! There's nothing wrong with that! Anyway, onto the episode. The only thing that I think it could've used was another part. I'm sure we ALL would've loved to see this be a two-parter instead of it being crammed into one and rushed at the end. But, it didn't matter much; Fluttershy and Discord were both amazing. I still do not like Fluttershy, as I can't get past how pathetic she was in season 1, the first half of season 2, and a good chunk of season 3. I just can't. She's utterly boring and dull. However, in this episode, she amazed me and made me love her (JUST for this episode). The way she handled Discord, and gave him the chance he deserved, and fought for him even over all of her friends' protests, was so uplifting and wonderful to see. And, seeing Discord's usual playfulness was hilarious; I love that guy! Easily a top three episode of the season, and whoever disagrees is just full of themselves.

    1. Magic Duel (Episode 5): Okay, I'll admit this one stems from a bit of biased opinions on my end, but I don't care. I love Trixie to death; I am a MUCH bigger fan of hers than that idiot Seth on Equestria Daily. Believe me; I literally have dreams with her in them. I write about her constantly. I role-play with her constantly. I TALK like her constantly even when not in role-play and on other sites! I call characters in my video games after her. No one loves Trixie more than me, and no one believed in her more than I did. Seeing her back was enough to take my breath away. She is seriously awesome on so many levels, good OR evil. Ignoring the fact that she technically got humiliated for a second time, she stole the show from Twilight. Seeing her kick everyone's ass (at least for the first half) was awesome! They all deserved it, after all. Seeing Zecora was also nice, as we don't see her that much. And, if nothing else, this was an excuse to use Snips and Snails again. But, this also proved my point that Trixie is NOT evil, nor was she ever evil; all she wanted was attention, and when she got embarrassed, she wanted revenge. That's how we ALL are, deep down inside. Do not deny it, for I will immediately ignore you. The point is, the episode was EASILY the highlight of season 3. Sure, maybe not "overall" best in terms of quality (I guess), but to me it was tops. I was kept excited and intrigued from start to finish, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, I was happy the show FINALLY used the word "alicorn", and Trixie is a goddess. Best episode of season 3 EASILY!

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    Total Magic Pony Questions (Everyone's Input Wanted!)

    I know it's a long ways away at this point, and not all of you may care, but I would kinda like your input on a little matter. I'm just curious to what you all would like to see. See, I already have all the characters planned out for the first three seasons, but season four is still a little up in the air. So, I have two questions for you all. It WILL require you to make out a little list, but it really shouldn't take that long at all. So, if you'd please, read the following two questions and answer them in your comments. You can give your reasoning if you want, or just give me the lists. I don't care. Again, this is just me getting information and seeing what people would/would not like to see. We writers need to pay attention to our readers and watchers and fans and whatnot, after all.

    Question 1: Twenty characters participated in Total Magic Pony Island. If only 16 are allowed back, which ones would you most definitely want to see back? Any that you just absolutely would NOT want to see again? Any that you're indifferent about? Try and give me 16 characters here, if you can. Just give me your 16 favorites and/or those that you think I'd write well into another season. I'd love if you gave reasons for your picks, but if not, that's fine. For easy access, here are the 20 contestants from season one for you to see:

    Apple Bloom




    Derpy Hooves

    Diamond Tiara




    Pinkie Pie

    Rainbow Dash



    Silver Spoon


    Sweetie Belle


    Twilight Sparkle

    Vinyl Scratch


    Question 2: For season four, whenever I get there, it'll probably feature new characters. Just like the real Total Drama series did. So, I'm not quite sure how it would work yet, but I'm thinking between 14-16 characters for that season. I don't know. But, out of MY LIST (below), which 15 characters are YOUR favorites and you recommend I use? Please, do NOT add on any suggestions of other ponies/characters in the show that I don't have listed; chances are I've already thought of them, but I simply did not want to write with them. That includes stupid OC characters and humans and all that. Again, I'd love if you gave a little reasoning, but if you don't want to, you don't have to. Pretty please just look at MY list and pick your 15 favorites, or pick those you'd love to see involved with this kinda thing:


    Babs Seed

    Berry Punch

    Big Macintosh






    Daring Do

    Dinky Doo

    Doctor Whooves

    Lightning Dust



    Nurse Redheart




    Shining Armor






    Current Votes:

    Question 1:

    Apple Bloom: 11 votes

    Applejack: 11 votes

    Celestia: 6 votes

    Cheerilee: 9 votes

    Derpy Hooves: 8 votes

    Diamond Tiara: 8 votes

    Fluttershy: 13 votes

    Gilda: 12 votes

    Luna: 10 votes

    Pinkie Pie: 13 votes

    Rainbow Dash: 11 votes

    Rarity: 12 votes

    Scootaloo: 9 votes

    Silver Spoon: 10 votes

    Spike: 13 votes

    Sweetie Belle: 12 votes

    Trixie: 13 votes

    Twilight Sparkle: 13 votes

    Vinyl Scratch: 7 votes

    Zecora: 7 votes

    Question 2:

    Aloe: 5 votes

    Babs Seed: 9 votes

    Berry Punch: 7 votes

    Big Macintosh: 13 votes

    Bon-Bon: 6 votes

    Braeburn: 10 votes

    Cadance: 12 votes

    Cloudchaser: 5 votes

    Colgate: 5 votes

    Daring Do: 8 votes

    Dinky Doo: 4 votes

    Doctor Whooves: 8 votes

    Lightning Dust: 8 votes

    Lotus: 6 votes

    Lyra: 9 votes

    Nurse Redheart: 9 votes

    Octavia: 10 votes

    Pipsqueak: 8 votes

    Rose: 2 votes

    Shining Armor: 13 votes

    Snails: 2 votes

    Snips: 2 votes

    Soarin: 6 votes

    Spitfire: 10 votes

    Thunderlane: 7 votes

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Discord is once again loose, but after using his randomness to find some interesting information on some strange phenomenon in another world that has to do with an island and a bunch of humiliating events, the crazy spirit of disharmony and chaos comes up with a new, sick, twisted, disturbing plan that involves capturing 20 of the most popular ponies (and three non-ponies) and forcing them to play a new game while the rest of Equestria watches in horror (or most likely secret amusement and possibly envy of not being picked themselves).

What does the rotten host Discord have in mind for our 20 unfortunate selections? Well, looks like you'll have to wait and find out! Maybe, just maybe, if Discord is feeling generous, the winner of his new "game" will get a grand prize. Everyone pick a character to root for and let's get it on!

(Special thanks to shadow0knight for creating the cover image. To see the full-sized image, go here:

First Published
30th Oct 2011
Last Modified
28th Nov 2012
#1 · 160w, 1d ago · 1 · · Pilot Episode ·

Oh god... A bit funny, I must say, though. I will watch due to no spelling mistakes.

I like it. Oh, the lengths you could take this story!

#3 · 160w, 1d ago · 4 · · Pilot Episode ·

I swear, if you stop writing this story before it is complete I will send starving children to your house and make you feel really bad about yourself.

:rainbowkiss: cant wait! :pinkiehappy:

Oh, I cannot wait to see how this turns out.:pinkiehappy:

I tracked this because the comments told me to :pinkiecrazy:

:rainbowlaugh:BWA HA HA! omg, this is too perfect! dicord and chris would totally get along.

So, does this make Derpy Izzy or what? And if so, will she end up changing names at random?:derpyderp2:

So... who's going to be Chef?:rainbowlaugh:

I'm gonna make a few guesses about parallels that might occur here:

Trixie=Heather (if she does the whole team-up thing; I imagine she'll recruit Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon)



Pinkie=either Jeff, Izzy, or Owen

Twilight=Gwen or Courtney

Rainbow=Bridget (if so, then I no longer think Pinkie should be Jeff:rainbowkiss:) or Duncan (if so, then i no longer think Twilight should be Courtney:rainbowkiss:)

AJ=Leshauna (or however the **** her name is spelled)

>>22219 Discord could easily act as both Chris and Chef.

Also, I could see Rarity as Courtney , Spike as Cody and maybe Dash as Duncan.

And although, I'm enjoying this so far, I kind of wish there were 2 more "campers" like the source material. I think it would be amusing if Big Mac and maybe Photo Finish or Little Strongheart were there too.

:raritystarry: Can I sit on you?

:moustache: F*** yeah!


Well, if Spike was Cody they'd pretty much have to make Rarity Gwen (which just seems unlikely), or else it wouldn't be quite the same.

Trying to figure out who could be Trent, but the only one in the group with a thing for music seems to be Vinyl (well, at least she's the only one who specializes in music)

I kinda think the princesses have an unfair advantage here, because anypony who tries to vote them off will get a one way ticket to the moon if it's Celestia or (I assume) the sun if it's Luna as soon as the show is over and they return to normal.:trollestia:

>>22522 Well, I was talking more in terms of personality (ponyality?) than shipping.

two things, your discord amuses me and spike was spot on.

You should have added Prince Blueblood; he would be perfect for the role of Justin. :rainbowlaugh:

>Troll me?

You have been already troll'd, Discord.

Fluttershy is a great counter-troll.

As of now, 5/5.

Bwahaha! I love this!

I am hoping you continue with this story since it absolutely ROCKS!:derpyderp1:

Discord is hilarious.

And I couldn't stop thinking of NMM with chef's voice :rainbowlaugh:

Awesome. Salty balls of NMM cuz she's chef? Derpy using Pinkie's tushie as pillow? Trixie's plotting against Twi?! GILDA WINNING FIRST COMPETETION WITH DASH!? Awsum

Oh, goody....Nightmare Chef? Does this mean that she's going to try to ally with AJ? And does Derpy's clumsiness make her Bridget?


Word to the wise: that's exactly why I never read the comments first. You see, if I had read your comment there and hadn't read the chapter yet, that would of been quite a spoiler.

Although, I can't say i'm surprised about NMM, because just before I started reading this chapter I looked over the list of characters and was surprised to see her listed. At first I was thinking maybe Luna was going to reveal that she could still transform for the sake of a size advantage (because that's the only advantage it would give, with her not having magic and all), but as soon as they mentioned that being a cook was lady's work, I instantly figured it out. One question, though: ow is it that NMM can use magic on the island? The spell on the island is supposed to stop any and all ponies from using magic; Discord can only use his magic because he's not a pony, but NMM is a pony.

derpys real name is Ditzy Doo plz get it right its a small thing i know but it helps in terms of being well writen for a mlp fan fic

>>25173 discord could be useing his magic to allow her to use her magic maybe? i donno

this story is awesome i am really enjoying this

>>25202 Um, no. She doesn't actually have an official name, but Derpy is probably closer since the people who actually make the show tend to refer to her as such.

This is brilliant! You've definitely captured the spirit of both show, and I'm loving the characterizations for the ones who haven't been developed in the canon. I'm also liking how the confessionals are handled. So far this is one of the most entertaining fics I've ever read, and I can't wait for more :pinkiehappy:

oh celsetia, this is too funny:trollestia:

Up until now I wasn't entirely sure what this story was supposed to be referencing; I was expecting it to turn into Battle Royale. I am pleasantly surprised. This is much more entertaining.

Now that I think about it, even if every chapter after this ends in an elimination and there are no points like in the show where they bring back one or two who had been voted off, there will still be at least 19 more. Combine that with the fact that each chapter is in the area of 10,000 words long and you have one LOOOONNNNNNGGGG fic ahead of you. This is probably gonna take a while, isn't it? I just hope you can keep up the pace you've set so far of making at least one new chapter per week.

>>25382 Well, the title should kind of be a dead giveaway, shouldn't it?

If you're unfamiliar:

>>25406 Do not worry. I've been writing for 13 years, and I don't have much else to do, not to mention I love to write almost more than life itself, so you can count on more coming out before long. I promise not to quit and that it will not end within a year. :twilightsmile:


Um, are you sure you worded that correctly? You just said you promise it won't end within a year, meaning it will take more than a year to finish. Are you sure that's what you were trying to say?:rainbowhuh:

I didn't care for Total Drama Island at all.

But this is just awesome :rainbowkiss:

>>25819 Yeah, I noticed what I said...I'm pretty sure you know what I mean...I meant to say something like it won't be a year for when I finish it...or something like that. :twilightblush:

>The regular bathrooms are OVER THERE!

This made my day.:pinkiehappy:

>Keep…it up…and I’ll send you…on a one-way trip…right back to the moon!

U mad Celestia? :pinkiecrazy:

Btw, both Discord and Pinkie like to laugh.


Quite funny and enjoyable read! And I don't even like Survivor!

I really like the way you've handled Discord. I like him more as a playful villain rather than a super creepy, violent beast. He's interesting to watch as he makes the others run through his hoops. Curious to see what his ultimate goal is.

Were the teams deliberately planned or did you randomly put them together? To me it looks like the teams were created for specific comic potential. Either way, it's working.

Looking forward to more! I hope some of my favorites make it all the way to the end!

>>26222 It you want the truth, I came up with the teams at random. A part of me compares them to Total Drama Island characters, but another part of me wants to make them parody that show, but at the same time be themselves. Therefore, the teams aren't really made in ways that really make a lot of sense; I came up with them in my head. I was thinking about funny combinations, who should be eliminated and in what order, who would fit where, and so on and so forth. Thanks for saying it's working so far, even though it's only been 2.5 episodes. Thanks for reading, though! You'll have to wait and see who makes it close to the end.

Awesome! And I love Gilda - she may have attitude, but she clearly knows what she doing! That griffin has spunk, brains and strength!

I'll guess there will be no teams at the end at all.

I still remember that Chris tricked everyone in free-for-all.

>Chicken hat

Chicken hat wouldn't be something new for Pinkie.


Yay made it.

I got overloaded.

>No, I think another show already does that, and if you ask me, it’s lame,

*meanwhile at Total Drama Musical* sense says that someone insulted my show!

(Total Drama Island is part one, Musical is part four as far as I know)

This is just..... brilliant. Brilliant idea, brilliant choice, brilliantly written, just...... brilliant. :raritystarry::pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss::yay:


Damn you, Dash! You nearly killed Silverspoon for sake of winning some STUPID competetion! You're more fucked up than Gilda! :flutterrage:

I'm pretty sure there's gonna be a Talent Show and they will regret losing Vinyl :derpytongue2:

Confessionals in reality shows always bothered me because of the anachronism; they're supposed to provide a running commentary, but in the back of your head you know they had to be recorder long before or long after the fact. That said, I kind of wish I watched more reality shows so I could better appreciate this.

Also, Spike's hammer turns into a shovel mid-sentence. So close to flawless.

another great chapter :yay:

Scootaloo: I don’t know why, but for some reason, I find that really insulting.

That made me LOL way too hard!:rainbowlaugh:

how can anyone like gilda? honestly


how can anyone like dash? gilda is awesome, brash and confident, so is dash, nuff said

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