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hmm seems like a good fan fic though slendermane :rainbowhuh: i wonder how it will be used in the story, it makes me skeptical,  otherwise another tf2 fan fic is nice i have the ponies going to tf2 universe and BLU going to equastria kinda interseting to see how you both portray the charcters and compare each, so ill track this and keep reading keep up the good writing :twilightsmile:

Very good so far keep it up! Really enjoyable

Solly and Ditzy make for an odd enough pairing, I guess; stacked up against the arrival of Slendermane, however, they look positively normal.

So THAT'S what happened to Ditzy's husband and AJ's parents....Ponyville is almost as safe a place to live as Dream Valley.

By Celestia, this story is MAGNIFICENT!

I'm giggling like a little girl on top of a chocolate mountain. What kind of a black magic is this?

this is good

Great story! Can't wait for the next chapter!

This fic REALLY deserves more attention!

I'd say Slendermane isn't really fitting for the foot-in-mouth humour that TF2 puts on death. However, crazed followers of Discord might work, as they would probably be insane enough to give the BLU team some competition in the batshit-insane department. That, and exploding chocolate milk.

And I have to ask the question on everyone's mind. Will Sniper's Jarate basicly be him pissing on the target from above? :trollestia:

oh my

While I'm not entirely sure how well you'll pull off BLU vs. Slendermane, what you've got so far brilliant.  :pinkiehappy: I'm honestly a little confused as to why I haven't seen this on Equestria Daily yet.  The story is going at a good pace and everyone is in character (though some of the accents have been inconsistent). Considering FiM is character driven and TF2 is all slapstick and dark humor, it was a good idea to give BLU tragic backstories to give them depth to match the ponies and explain their acceptance of the comedy of tragedy.  It was also smart to make the peaceful ponies afraid of the violent nature of BLU's fighting styles.

One thing I just want to point out is that Celestia referring to herself as a princess and not a queen makes perfect sense and doesn't need a backstory to explain it.  Equestria is a diarchy ruled by two sisters whom are presumably of equal in power.  Since they are siblings and not spouses, neither one can use the title of queen, because while there can be multiple princes and princesses, there can only be on queen and/or king.  This is why Equestria is really a principality.

Yo dawg, I liked this site so much I got an account, so I can keep up with this story while I keep up with this story.

It's looking awesome :yay:

I feel bad for spike:pinkiesad2:

I gotta say, this is the best TF2 crossover I've read. We require moar pony.

Ahaha, imagine the tf characters agreeing to that!:pinkiecrazy:

It is at times like this I wish I could draw, so I could draw BLU ponies vs. Slendermane xD

pretty fucking Grim, looking forward to more

Holy shit. This is grim as HAYULL. But I love how you made Flutter'Cruel' talk street. Fucking hilarious I might add.

Bring the next one already! I am hooled buddy!

Magnificent!  I'm not one for grim (part of the reason FiM is cool is because it's innocent while funny at the same time), but this has got me addicted.  You're making BLU vs. Slendermane work!  :yay:

*clicks first link in his favorites to FiM:Fiction* :ajbemused:

*scrolls down* :ajbemused:

*sees page update* :yay:

*tabs over to Youtube and opens his TF2 OST playlist* :trixieshiftleft:

*plays all* :trixieshiftright:

LET'S READ THIS BITCH! :flutterrage:

Luna's harness dissolved off of her, her eyes glowing with power as she stalked towards the Diamond Dogs and Dig Dogs.  Pyro, giggling madly and leaving flaming hoofprints, stalked forward with her, Luna's body seeming to absorb what little light there was in the room, until only Pyro's flames and Luna's glowing eyes provided the illumination...

I have just finished the chapter.

And I have to say, you finished with a cliffhanger. You clever bastard. :ajsmug:


So, so excellent.

Bringing two things that I adore together, and making a hay of a fantasy out of it?

All my rapt attention, Capitan.

This is amazing!!! Keep it up!!!

Also how the characters react to BLU are priceless.

Spy:May I borrow your earpiece?

Spy:This is scout! Rainbows make me cry!

Best joke in this chapter.

Heeeehehehehe... Poor, poor slenderpony... He just has no idea who he's fucking with...

Finished reading this and i really love it.

This is the best FIM/TF2 crossover I've read, (I've only read three, This one included...) So Awsome! :rainbowkiss:

I shall now glare at the screen until the next update comes down from the heavens. :twilightangry2:

Or climbs up from the depths of hell... what ever you prefer. :pinkiecrazy:

my are the best  writer i have ever seen

Also, you keep using things like person and hand instead of pony and hoof. Just minor things, really, but the story's fucking epic.

submit it to equestria daily!


Three? I've only read two.


I am liking it immensely, and not just because it involves characters from a video game i enjoy.

Stayed up till 2:00am for this story. Despite tiredness, worth it.

I usually avoid crossovers like wildfire, but this one exceeded all my expectations! (Not to mention the size of the chapters... Dat size is magnificent!)

Loving the story thus far and even though I have mixed feelings about the rollercoaster that keeps tossing the characters from "normal life" to "grimdark creepy", that is nothing that would stop me from wanting to read more and more of this.

Eagerly waiting for the next chapter :)

We still require moar pony.

Also, LOL at the Bioshock reference.

I just can't help giggling at the thought of how poorly this would go for all opposing BLU if they were fully armed xD

I still need an answer on the Jarate thing. Will Sniper piss on them from above?


Jarate will make its presence known.

But because I'm a dirty fiend I'm not gonna tell you exactly how. :ajsmug::derpytongue2:


damn....all i can say is.....well, damn..

epic story here, just...


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