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  • T A Differing of Opinions

    Celestia may deny it, but Nightmare Moon is Luna. She must accept the hard truth, warts and all.
    14,404 words · 1,941 views  ·  177  ·  5

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  • 2w, 6d
    It's FINISHED!

    It's going through some cleanup at the moment.  Trevor, get in touch with me at once, you niblet! >:o  Can't find you and proofing needs proofing!

    The early 3/4 was hard work, the last quarter needed almost no changing whatsoever. :3

    Look forward to it before Friday ends!

    25 comments · 480 views
  • 6w, 21h
    Halfway done with next chapter!

    Hey guys! :3

    Just wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten about the chapter I promised!  No need to panic, I'm just juggling this webcomic, work, and TTEOAP at the same time.  IT'S NOT EASY, I CAN TELL YA THAT! :O

    That said, it's a little over half done.  n.n  Really, though, there's not much I need to change after I finish this scene.  It'll literally be just revising the scenes as I go along them rather than creating entirely new content. :3

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  • 9w, 3d
    Such is life, time to pick it up again!

    Okay, I am sure you guys have been wondering if I died or not.  I mean, I would ask myself if I didn't live with me.  Still, I apologize for all this nonsense where I would be all like, "Next chapter, maybe!?" and never get around to it.

    Well, now I am finally getting a handle on things in my life.  It's taken a while, money has finally equalized, I sell all teh cars (ALL OF THEM, JOHN).  Life has finally made it to the point where I can take a seat and put my will to work on things that aren't video games or alcohol.

    Yeah, I was making a pretty nasty slip there for a while.  But whatever, if it was an easy path, everyone would do it.  But enough about that, let's talk about PONIES!

    First:  We left off around Chapter 8, right?  Just before something happened with the characters... Hmmm... Luna went nuts, Firewall broke some shit, Twilight beat him with books, David's first appearance... OH RIGHT!  I LEFT OFF AT THE GOOD PART!  Right before the fertilizer hit the oscillation device.  God, I am such a tool.  I'll get right on that.  May take some time, but rest assured I am ACTUALLY working on it again. :D

    Now, as for what I have been up to lately... Well, I did the book thing, right?  And I got really close to release... Really close.  And then a friend of mine started having a nervous wrecking over the fact that he had nothing to aspire to.  He felt aimless going day-to-day.  Most of you probably relate on some level, but I could definitely tell that he was having the same problem that I was having before I finally started writing.  So I scrapped my book and immediately went to reimagining it in a visual format.  See, he's an artist.  Wasn't a great one, but still knew his way around a sensor touchpad and photoshop.

    A few months later, we are working on the final piece of concept art and he (His name is David.  No, I'm not kidding.) has improved in all-around attitude as well as artistic aptitude.  Especially in aptitude.  He's come quite a long way with only so many images drawn.  Like, it's staggering how much he's improved.  I can only imagine how good he'll become after a year of this.

    But that pretty much covers what's been going on lately.

    Quick recap - Had a bump in moving to new town, got a little boozy, made a recov, changed my book to help out one of my best friends (for the better, this really was a good decision), and turned my life rightside up.  First comic will be out by the end of the year after we've created a buffer as well as the first 'chapter' so to speak.

    All that said, it's time for this jaggoff to start scrawling. ;)  Wish me luck!

    53 comments · 605 views
  • 33w, 3d
    It's been so LONG!

    Hey guys! :3  Lafter here!

    Oi, such happenings.  Many events.  Wow.

    Where to start?  Hmmm.  Let's start with where we left off:  Last you guys heard, I was breaking away to work solely on my book.  And I did.  I got through a draft, rewrote it, then tried to put out a final draft and stalled out.  Short version:  I burned myself out so hard that I made myself downright miserable, with a capital misery.  That's bad.  That's super bad. :|

    Money dwindled to a trickle and now I'm super broke, but that's okay.  Really, I'm never worried about money.  If I need it, I'll go get some.  It's always been as simple as that.  That said, I still needed money to pay bills.  Bills are a thing.  And so I went back to being a car salespony.  :o  Woo!  It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times.  Except for one thing:  My supervisor.  He was something of a bully.  I could tell he had been one his entire life and the fact that he was receding into his 50's was mentally wearing down on him.  This led to a less-than-stellar performance at work which led to an even more miserable existence for the rest of us.

    And then... then he slipped up.  Pretty badly.  Super badly.  At my expense, no less.

    See, this fellow, let us not give him a name, was kind enough to set me and my sister up in a dealer acquisition.  Basically, we buy a car from a different dealership, go fetch it, and sell it to the customer for a small mark-up in lieu of them not having to go fetch the car themselves.  Not so bad, right?  Right?  Well, it was.  Why?  Because my sister and I were sent to fetch the car in a sedan, not-too-old sedan recently acquired from auction.  Here's the problem:  It had not been safety inspected.


    The brakes were not working properly.  Normal braking was fine, but hard braking was... shall we say lacking?  Lacking is a good word.  The car did not stop when I punched the brakes in.  This ended up in me smashing this auction car into the vehicle we were sent to fetch, which was being driven by my sister.  Now, I suffer from short-term stupidity.  What that means is that I'm a complete moron until I've had time to sit down and think.  That's when I realized that the car was an auction car that we acquired after 5:00pm on Saturday, which meant there was no possible way for us to have put it through service for inspection.

    Why did he put us in a car that he had not inspected for safety?  Simple:  He didn't want us to drive one of the vehicles that had the potential to be sold lest it not be here.  So yeah, simple greed possessed this man to endanger my life and my sister's life.  Money.  Money, money, money, the almighty dollar... Ugh.

    I went in the next day and rage quit.  My General Manager, who is an absolute saint, politely requested a letter of resignation, I provided him with it, and that was that.

    Then the problems started appearing.  Things that hurt the day of the crash went away and different pains started to seep in.  My driver's leg specifically hates my face off.  D:  The blurst of times, to be sure.  But worker's comp is paying for stuff currently and we're waiting for the insurance report to see if the vehicle was truly in disrepair (Everyone is pretty sure it was, since I've done dozens of dealer trades and acquisitions without so much as a paint scrape).  Also, painkillers and muscle relaxants are a hell of a drug.

    That is the bad news.

    The good news:

    My dad is in top shape. :3  Super top shape.  He's back to work and dominating like a boss.  :)!  It makes me super happy to see him well again.  Things were dicey for a bit there, fo sho.

    Anyway, I know you guys have been sending me a lot of Personal messages and leaving me notes saying you are concerned about me.  Believe me, that makes me feel really great.  To know that you guys are always there for support.  :)  I sometimes can't believe how lucky I am.  You guys are the awesomest. And I really, really do apologize for failing to respond to everyone's concerns. :c  That's pretty awful of me.  I'll do my best to do better in the future. :3

    THAT SAID, I think I need to do a bit of writing.  It's been over a month and I might possibly be getting the bug... Maybe, who knows! :O  TIME WILL TELL!  But I don't want to work on my book whilst blasted on pain killers... WHAT COULD I POSSIBLY WORK ON INSTEAD I DUNNO I DUNNO............... :D

    P.S. Typos and grammar errors will not be cared about in this drugged-out state of lunacy.

    57 comments · 1,127 views
  • 57w, 2d
    An Update To Happenings!

    Hey guys!  Long time no talk!  Much has happened, but not as much as you might think.

    First things first:

    I've started working on the Final Draft of the book.  So far, it's right at 44,000 words, give or take a little.  It's coming along quite nicely, but at the same time, I feel... ... ... I'm not sure.  It's like I don't have the ability to draw off you guys for this one, even though I've got nothing but support from my readers most awesome.  Some days I feel like the book will be done and everything will be okay.

    Other days... Well, I just can't imagine the book ever being finished.  It's a lot of work.  Having written it once and having rewritten it once and being in the process of the final rewrite, I'm just... Man, it's draining, and some days, it just doesn't feel like it is worth it.  But I know, deep down, that these horrible feelings are untrue and unfounded.

    The book will be worth it, the fanfic will be underway soon after, and I can take a break from freaking out so much.

    Yeah... That'd be nice.

    Anyway, Dad is doing well.  He just finished his radiation and we went on a seven day cruise to celebrate.  It was wonderful and I couldn't be happier for having been a part of that.  We'll know in the next couple of years if he's completely free and clear.

    I think I'm going to put a hold on the book and try to squeeze out a TTEOAP half-chapter again, just to show love for everyone that's been with me so far.  Also, if anyone is interested as to what the book is actually all about, I feel it to be a mix of my current two fanfics.  Like, pretty grim, but told through an upbeat perspective.  But we'll see.

    Ciao guys!

    Needs more pony!

    Edit:  I miss mom. :\

    35 comments · 927 views
  • ...

* Voted Twice as the #1 Comedy FanFic on Equestria Daily *

Well, what can I say?  This is the story of a man.  Or maybe he was... a pony-man.  Or maybe he was just a... Pony!  But he was still...


... Yeah, this is that story.  The story where a guy goes to a party and wakes up in Ponyville.  That guy (I know him as 'me') seems to have landed in his own personal little heaven.  Hell, I even brought me a pack of endless cigarettes.  How does that not kick all kinds of flank?

So yeah, everything was awesome.  The End.

Well, except for The Nightmare.  And Trixie.  And some jerk named David.  Then there was that Azure Flora pony.  And that skank princess that steals my goddamn phone!

Listen, summaries just... They just don't cut it.  If you want the story, it's provided right here.

Just a warning.  I use cusswords like a big boy.


First Published
8th Apr 2012
Last Modified
8th Nov 2014

...There goes the rest of my Saturday night.

Thank you sir, for writing this. I read it before you posted it on here, and it was one of the stories (alongside "The Dresden Fillies" and "Cross and Arrow") that inspired me to write my own. I'm pretty sure you've heard that a lot, but I just wanted to say thanks. Keep on doin' whatever it is that you do!

I tried reading the entire fic in one sitting a long while back... I got to chapter 7 or 8 before I almost went comatose from reading so much. this what i think it is :rainbowhuh:...............OMG IT IS!:pinkiehappy:

Ha ha FINALLY you bring this to FiMFiction! Nice to see you here Lafter.

The win has been divided by zero.:twilightoops:

Oh! It's here! Good to see my favorite HiE on fimfiction.

>>424389 Thanks, Babe!  It's been a wild ride at EQD, but it's time to expand! :D

I want to have your babies lafter, laws of nature be damned to hell!  This is the best story ever written in the history of the universe.  Right, like I'm a good judge what with the shit I write

YAY Another epicosity has joined us!

Need to read this... And I shall

I see you added dat romance tag:ajsmug:. Now, how about a Hoorah for one of the best/most popular fics of the fandom! Hip, hip, HOORA-:yay:...


Oh yes:yay: yes:rainbowkiss: YES. :raritystarry:

Insta-fave and thumbs-up.

Great to see you on the site CardsLafter.

YAY:yay::yay: I finnally dont have to keep checking EQD for updates!

Well well, look who it is, good to see you here Lafter. Welcome.

Heh, wonder if the comments on here will get as crazy as they did on EQD...

Either way, we now have another legendary author here.

So it has come here now. Well I'm gonna love seeing how many comments this has by the morning :pinkiehappy:

Well, well, well. It certainly has changed since I read it last time. But no matter. It is still as funny as it was then.

You know what you must do, Lafter. Keep up the work.

Ha! Finally put it up here. Let's see if they're ready for you :rainbowkiss:

And just when my story was nearing the featured spot :ajbemused:


Glad to see it's finally up here, this is possibly the best fic I've ever read

I knew this story was win because of the description. Well delivered, I am satisfied.

FUCK YA! Glad to see it's finally up :D

>>424504  Awww. D:  I didn't mean to ruin anypony's day... I just wanted to start fresh somewhere.  Apologies!!!

I noticed that this is almost completely re-written, just like you said you would do. The updated humor makes it completely relateable to the recent chapters, and I like that. Nice bro.



*begrudgingly gives free like for effort*



Burninating the countryside,

Burninating the villains,

Burninating all the bad ponies!

And their thatched-roof cottages!

Thatched-roof cottages!

Whoa, this has wicked dueling guitar solos

It's like Lafter versus Stoic over here

Go Lafter!

Go Lafter!!

Lafter wins!!!

When all the land is in ruins

And burnination has forsaken the countryside

Only one guy will remain

My money's on



And the Firewall comes in the night . . .

*falls over*

Sweet Celestia, I need cupcakes after that... :pinkiehappy:


Hey is this just a reposting of the original or the infamous rewrite/revision?

>>424528 :twilightsmile:


:3  I'm certain you'll make it to the featured anyway!  It's not like this is anything new, just a silly rehash of existing content. :pinkiehappy:

Best of luck to ya!  :yay:


I actually love the original, its so entertaining to read and it gave me tons of laugh, with dose of various other emotions.

Lafter, put up BOTH version- original and rewrite! I would also like the original version to be continued, I don't know how to feel about the rewrite, it feels like all sudden it got little too serious.

This is I-BENNY-I on DA by the way!


I'm not sure whether to be happy to see him rework the old stuff, or incredibly sad because of how long we will have to wait for a resolution after that last damn cliffhanger. :rainbowlaugh:

edit: That last one was pure evil on your part Lafter.

Oh cards, stop scaring me like that. I knew I'd read this story before, but I thought it was on Fimfiction too. I got all confused and annoyed before I realized what's going on.

Well, actually, when I first saw it I was thinking more along the lines of "Didn't this story get finished months ago?"


Well, keep in mind, the earlier the chapter the more it needs work.

That latest chapters (which are longer) will not really need much at all so it's not THAT great a delay.


I was totally a jerk for that!

Seriously, you had to wear thermal-protection from fear of burning up on atmospheric re-entry!  It was that high of a cliff hanger!

... ... And I'm not sorry.  >:3

Godprincess Lafter has finally come. All rejoice that this is here, for it is awesome. It matters not how long the revision will take, for I will wait, even if it means waiting until the end of time./asskiss :rainbowkiss: . Okay, in all seriousness, this here is a good fic, and is basically what inspired me to write fics myself, even if mine are more trollfic than anything else.

>>424604 I believe this song will fit you:

I am an a$$hole

I am an a$$hole

I am SUCH an a$$hole

Look at me

Bonus points if you're taking down Bullet Bills while singing this.

I do believe I require a new set of undergarments...and a new carpeting...and new wallpaper cause my pants exploded with joy. Also need a new ceiling.

Pardon my ignorance, but why are you rewriting the story?

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