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  • 69w, 5d
    A return to sanity

    I check my email the other day on a lark, and lo and behold I have messages! Many messages! People want me to come back and help places like /fic/ and do reviews and things. I suppose I should lend a hand, but I won't be able to until at least August.

    Thanks for making me feel wanted again. I hope I can help you all.

    4 comments · 156 views
  • 159w, 4d

    Well, it's November, and I suppose for all of you that follow this, you're probably wondering what the hell I'm doing with myself. Well, I'll tell you: I'm not doing NaNoWriMo this year. I just don't have any stories that are grandiose enough to fill a novel.

    I will continue doing reviews on Ponychan, and continue with my LyraBon fic "Happily Ever After," which should be completed sometime next week. Keep on reading, and keep on writing. See you around the Internets.

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  • 163w, 6d

    First, I hope all of you who read this blog (i.e. nobody) will all enjoy my newest story: Children of the Sun

    Next, I've finished with Pony Novel Writer's month, and now I'm back to doing fic reviews on Ponychan. Toss yours in the queue if you want me to take a look at it.

    See you next month!

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  • 167w, 2d
    Pony Novel Writer's Month Challenge

    In case you're wondering what the hell I've been doing with myself, I've taken up the Pony Novel Writer's Month Challenge with a story called Children of the Sun.

    If you're interested in reading what amounts to unedited brain drain, then you can get started here:

    As always, critiques, reviews, unintelligible rants, and various threats are always welcome. Enjoy.

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  • ...

When Lyra Proposes to Bon-Bon, Pinkie's zealous promotion of the noble wedding of the century attracts some unexpected and unwanted attention. Can Pinkie and her party ponies pull off the biggest wedding Ponyville's ever seen to give the two most deserving ponies a happily ever after?

First Published
3rd Nov 2011
Last Modified
28th Nov 2011
#1 · 160w, 4d ago · · · Part 1 ·

The thing that bugged me about this was the insane barter at the beginning, but that's more of a nitpick. I'm looking forward to more.

#2 · 160w, 3d ago · · · Part 1 ·

I don't think I've seen a story with this particular plot before, and you appear to be executing it well; as a fan of Lyra and Bon Bon as a couple, I approve.

One question, though: I know it's a nice tune, but why was Pinkie, if I am not mistaken, humming the Nation Anthem of the USSR?

#3 · 160w, 3d ago · · · Part 1 ·

Do like.

Demand more.  :pinkiehappy:

#4 · 160w, 3d ago · · · Part 1 ·

HAHAHA! Dat bartering! :pinkiehappy:

This story is awesome. :yay:

(like a human)

#5 · 160w, 1d ago · · · Part 1 ·

waiting for next part :rainbowkiss::twilightsmile::pinkiesmile:

#6 · 159w, 1d ago · · · Part 1 ·

Lovely!  I'm a big fan of Lyra and Bon Bon.  And Pinkie Pie as a wedding planner?  I . . . I am afraid!  :pinkiegasp:

#7 · 159w, 1d ago · · · Part 1 ·

so this is defs impressive... its not even a fic at this point; it feels like im watching the show actually (albeit w/ an unusual plot subject for a kid's show). but i digress; please keep up the good work!:pinkiehappy:

#8 · 159w, 1d ago · · · Part 1 ·

I normally don't read shipping but I saw it was Lyra/Bon-Bon so I decided to check it out. This an awesome story with funny dialogue and characterizations of these characters with no canon character. I liked that bartering at the beginning.:heart: As someone else said Pinkie as a wedding planner. I am scared!:fluttercry:

#9 · 159w, 1d ago · · · Part 1 ·

I'm loving the extreme use of background ponies. This story is really good so far, I want to see where this goes!

#10 · 159w, 1d ago · · · Part 1 ·

By the way, the mysterious pony at the end confounds me. I wish there were some sort of hint to the unknown pony's identity.:applejackunsure:

#11 · 159w, 1d ago · · · Part 1 ·


If you knew about the unknown pony's identity, then they wouldn't be an unknown pony anymore, you see? That's what we call keeping the readers in suspense!

And Vanner! You're DOING IT AGAIN! You're making Pokey Pierce sound like Hugh Laurie in my head! You did it in the last story too, y'know.

In other words, keep it up!

#12 · 159w, 1d ago · · · Part 1 ·

This story appealed to me for a very personal, selfish reason: My parents actively opposed my wedding to my wife. Very actively.  I have not seen them since my marriage, more than ten years ago.

Thank you for a GOOD resolution to the idea of one group not marrying another.  True love is vastly more important than titles.

#13 · 159w, 1d ago · · · Part 1 ·

This is a great story!  Haven't seen many shipfics involving weddings.  On a scale of one to Rainbow Dash Ships they're about a two and a half.

(Like a human!)

#14 · 159w, 1d ago · · · Part 1 ·

Wow I really like how this story works. Has some interstring lore and real depth in some parts and giggle inducing Pinkie-ness in other parts.

Nice Blend.

#15 · 159w, 1d ago · · · Part 1 ·


awesome, cant wait for more

#16 · 159w, 1d ago · · · Part 1 ·

:raritywink:; Can't wait for part 3 Vanner!

#17 · 159w, 22h ago · · · Part 1 ·

Omc.... I was almost crying when lyra's parents told them to break them apart

:raritycry: :fluttercry: :applecry:

i think shipping is just another way of spreading the word of glbt equality :heart:

#18 · 159w, 21h ago · · · Part 1 ·

I LOVE this story so far! can't wait for the next part! goodness, i hope i have time for everything. papercraft, ATG, animes, school, reading, sculpting... wow. I sound like rarity. :duck: I'm having so much fun with these icons. :rainbowwild:

#19 · 159w, 21h ago · · · Part 1 ·

also not to be annoying but I laughed so hard at "like a human". :rainbowlaugh:

#20 · 159w, 19h ago · · · Part 1 ·

this is amazing. i lovvvveeee bonbon and lyra :3


keep up the good work!!!!

#21 · 159w, 3h ago · · · Part 1 ·

Not sure why, but i started visualizing this as an actual episode, i kept picturing Lyra's parents voiced by Pirece Brosnan and Izabella Scorupco...

...i think i watch too many james bond movies...

#22 · 158w, 6d ago · · · Part 2 ·


#23 · 158w, 6d ago · · · Part 2 ·

Great fic so far. Can't wait to read the rest! Lyra & Bon Bon are my favorite! :yay:

#24 · 158w, 6d ago · · · Part 2 ·

>>26289 Hearts don't have strings.  They have chambers.:trollestia:

#25 · 158w, 6d ago · · · Part 2 ·

Shit's about to go down. Anticipating the next chapter.

#26 · 158w, 6d ago · · · Part 2 ·

This remains a beautiful wedding story.  And you've got a beautiful pair, struggling but loving together.

Thank you for writing this story!

#27 · 158w, 6d ago · · · Part 2 ·


#28 · 158w, 6d ago · · · Part 2 ·

How Ironic that Pinkie wants to stop the one pony that could save everyone:


Note to self: write story where Batmane and Batman team up to beat up the ponies who oppose the wedding.

#29 · 158w, 6d ago · · · Part 2 ·

Too bad Twilight isn't a closer friend of Lyra and Bonbon: If she told the princess about what was going on, things could get pretty interesting!

:trollestia: Say Duke Afferio, do you like mmmm-bananas?

#30 · 158w, 6d ago · · · Part 2 ·

Nice s***, dude. Nice s***!

#31 · 158w, 6d ago · · · Part 2 ·

Moar please! *addicted*

#32 · 158w, 6d ago · · · Part 2 ·

My reaction to reading this was "wow" then i lost myself and went into a state of reading i have not entered since i had read the grapes of wrath, this fan fiction rivals a masterpiece and i have not read anything this good in what feels like an eternity, i have never liked romance stories but this defiantly takes the muffins you have my praise for this and i await anxiously for the next chapter:twilightsmile:

#33 · 158w, 6d ago · · · Part 2 ·

:flutterrage: I don't like this duke. Not one bit. Trixie as the black sheep sister to Pokey. This is interesting. Hopefully, it leads up to a Trixie appearance.

#34 · 158w, 6d ago · · · Part 1 ·

>>24957 I know but it keeps nagging at the back of mind, throughout ch.2, especially with the Duke's speech.

#35 · 158w, 6d ago · · · Part 1 ·

amazing story i just love it, i consider it a masterpiece  my fanfic doesn't scratch the surface of yours, your fanfic took me into a state of reading i haven't been into since i read the grapes of wrath i give this story a 6/5 i don't normally like romances but this one is just great :D you just earned a fan that awaits the next chapter

#36 · 158w, 5d ago · · · Part 2 ·

"Love is just a chemical, no matter the origin. We give it meaning by choice."

―Eleanor Lamb, Bioshock 2

#37 · 158w, 5d ago · · · Part 2 ·

Awesome story! Can't wait for more.

The only bit i have trouble with (and it's entirely my fault) is reconciling Lyra and Octavia's relationship with my other favorite ShipFic, Allegrezza. lol

Thankfully, years of Nerd-ery have given me the power to conjure multiverses at will!

Welcome to Equestria-2!

#38 · 158w, 5d ago · · · Part 2 ·

One Wedding

seven friends

a dark conspiracy that will leave nothing untouched.....

great story, cant wait for the next chapter

#39 · 158w, 5d ago · · · Part 2 ·

I love how there's all these background side-characters in this story, with only one of the main cast so far. x3 They totally deserve their own spinoff show!

#40 · 158w, 5d ago · · · Part 2 ·

Sorry, -two- main cast characters. Forgot Rarity for a second there. xp

#41 · 158w, 5d ago · · · Part 2 ·

I love this!^_^

I'm a big fan of filly/filly fics, especially with this couple!^_^

It's so sweet/cute!^_^

Just really great!^_^

A really good fanfic here!^_^

Just one thing...

How does Lyra know about humans, are they living on Equestria... visited..... or just myth/legend?

#42 · 158w, 4d ago · · · Part 2 ·

they have been shown the carrot (the increased sales in the past months)

now they get shown the stick

#43 · 158w, 4d ago · · · Part 2 ·

your ability to flip between more literary tones to the comcial slapstick of mlp fim canon is awesome! the one thing i would say is not to write to much plausible side stories (eg octavia, trixie, etc.) b/c readers will want a good majority adressed... avoid this unless you actually are planning to create a really long series (which i totally hope you do!)

all in all im really excited for what you have here, and i can't understand anyone who doesnt feel the same way

ROCK ON!:moustache:

#44 · 157w, 6d ago · · · Part 2 ·

is this on hiatus? D:

#45 · 157w, 6d ago · · · Part 2 ·


Not at all. I've just been busy this week. Don't worry! There should be an update by Wednesday.

#46 · 157w, 6d ago · · 1 · Part 3 ·

okay first

Berry Punch is awesome:pinkiegasp:

second poor Bon Bon :raritycry:

#47 · 157w, 6d ago · 1 · · Part 3 ·

:fluttercry::fluttercry: way are you so mean to those two? but in all reality nice story, thought the gay colt bit was funny:rainbowlaugh: hope your write moar.:heart:

#48 · 157w, 6d ago · · · Part 3 ·

The story remains cute, and I STILL wish the best for Lyra and Bon-Bon.

Thank you for writing!

#49 · 157w, 6d ago · · · Part 3 ·


W-why would you do that? Lyra! Don't walk out on her!

Also, I hope that Barbell and Plow live happily ever after :pinkiecrazy:

#50 · 157w, 6d ago · · · Part 3 ·

And I thought i was the only one tackling socio-political issues via MLP fanfic. Kudos to you good sir for also doing the same. and i'm Liking what I see so far :) :eeyup:

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