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The First Equine Imperium became the greatest empire in galactic history through conquest, ruthlessness and brutality, under the rule of the God-Like Emperor Galaxis.

Its domination of the known universe would have been complete, had it not been for the discovery of humanity, and the formation of the Federation of Free Galactic States. After centuries of constant warfare, the Imperium has been reduced to a shell of its former self under the fury of the galaxy united.

As Equestria Prime burns, Emperor Galaxis launches a desperate plan to save the Equine race. But can Celestia and Luna lead the battered survivors of their civilization to a bright new future among the stars, or have the sins of their forefathers condemned their people to an early, bloody grave?

First Published
1st Nov 2011
Last Modified
27th Jun 2015
#1 · 192w, 1d ago · · · Prologue ·

...That was... Epic. :rainbowderp:

#2 · 192w, 1d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

Looking forward to more, very well written and a joy to read.

#3 · 191w, 6d ago · · · Chapter 2 ·

Heh, it's very cool how you can totally tell who some of the regular casts ancestors are. :rainbowkiss:

Poor Fortis though, he's just trying to get trough this and live his life, and then Trollestia totally calls him on his bluff :trollestia:

“I’ve always liked helping people. Please, I’m really not that special.”

I don't know if you care for pony-speak. If you do; perhaps you should change "people" to "others".

#4 · 191w, 6d ago · · · Chapter 2 ·

I look forward to seeing more of Howard's viewpoint.

#5 · 191w, 5d ago · · · Chapter 2 ·

You know, you could probably get more constructive criticism and more readers on Equestria Daily. Have you tried sending it in to there? I bet they would accept it.

#6 · 191w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 2 ·


Sent off!

I wonder how Pinkie reacts if one of her squadron-mates are KIA :pinkiecrazy: I don't think the federation wants to find out! :pinkiecrazy:

I'm rooting for the Federation.


So am I, the ponies kind of brought it upon themselves for conquering all the other races.


Exactly, the ponies are dicks.

I´m all for bringing down Empires, never liked monarchy, autocracy and all that crap, But I think hunting down survivors like that is absolutely uncalled for and Steiner is probably laying much time and more resources to waste just to start another war. History teaches where that leads...


The only way to assure victory is to eliminate the enemy.

Still, gunning down the helpless enemy like that is uncalled for. Allowing a controlled (very controlled) way for them to repay their past sins is a better idea.

After reading this fic, I have to say. Wait. Just wait.

The oppressive galactic tyrant... creates the elements of harmony? LOL.


To guarantee total victory, all of your enemies must be dead; not lightly mauled, not mostly dead, dead. There can be no mercy, otherwise they can rise again to challenge you.


Which is why I said 'very controlled'. If they became a problem, they'd be easily eliminated.


No mercy means kill them. If they are alive, they can work against you.

Love this story so far, but how and why was this war started in the first place?

P.S. is that a Orson Card reference i spy in there with that carriers' ship name? :pinkiehappy:


The war was started because the Emperor was pretty much an asshole and oppressed every other alien race. Understandably, they rose up and fought back, winning.

Do you mind giving us some technical specifications on the ships and the technology of this universe? Size of ships, type of directed energy weaponry, what kind of kinetic projectiles etc. I can't get enough of the science fiction fluff in this story, very intriguing and worth developing further.

Hey I take offense to all this anti-empire/monarchy stuff! I mean come on how can you not love the ROMAN EMPIRE IN SPAAAACE! (With ponies!)

Gotta say, I'm really rooting for the Federation here too. There's simply no way to guarantee that the Equestrians will be anything other than the oppressive all-consuming autocracy they've been the last 400+ years, and I seriously doubt the Feds are willing to risk the lives of every being in the galaxy on the slim chance that they won't come back in a thousand years to wipe out all life in the universe. And we all know that's what running through their heads too, especially since every pony they've come across has been utterly fanatical to the point of self-annihilation. When Equestria Prime was being attacked they didn't try to surrender, they didn't try to make peace, they just fought and died until their planet was destroyed. That's a memory that'll stay with the people of the Federation for a long time, right alongside the memories of more than 400 years of war, oppression, and slavery.


Where, exactly, are you grabbing this doctrine of killing everybody on the other side, if I may ask?

And what do you mean by 'total victory'? Fulfilling all your goals/objectives in a war? Okay, completely annihilating the other side might work for that but i'm pretty sure just breaking the enemy's will/reason to fight is just as effective and twice as fast for that.

For the record, I'm neutral for the time being.

#24 · 191w, 1d ago · · · Prologue ·



IMMA PRINT THIS OUT AND GIVE IT TO ALL OF MY FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHY DID THIS END! :flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:


Thats exactly what I was thinking. The Federation can't be sure that the surviving ponies won't come back with a bigger and stronger force in the future to get revenge and conquer everything again.

#26 · 191w, 1d ago · · · Chapter 2 ·

this is so good... im not even able to understand how awsome this is



That's why I keep saying 'very controlled'. They keep a CONSTANT watch over them. They wouldn't have a chance to assemble any kind of army before a fell swoop would end them.


No doctrine, just simple logic.  If your enemy is dead, he can't do anything to you. By total victory I mean that your enemy will never be in a position to make war against you again.


A determined enemy can circumvent any surveillance. Just look to Nazi Germany. Hitler build an army under Europe's nose.

#30 · 191w, 20h ago · · · Prologue ·

Best story ever. Pinkie Pie probably read this, and is like: :pinkiegasp: :pinkiegasp: :pinkiegasp: :pinkiegasp: and is like :pinkiegasp:


Now I see where you're coming from.

Though all kinds of arms-limitation treaties and such do exist for that purpose. The Nazi Germany was kind of a special case where everybody knew they were breaking the treaty but nobody really did anything to it.

Not sure how viable treaties would be for those ponies, though, as they seem to be fanatic to the point of never surrendering, even the civilians. That would understandably limit the possibility of diplomacy somewhat.

It'll be interesting to see how this story turns out.

Yeah, WW2 was a one off. Nobody figured they'd try it again, but they did. And in all honesty, we owe everything we have today because of that war. But that's another subject entirely.

Keeping the ponies on a single planet with ships watching over them at all times would be a much easier thing to pull off. Limit their space capabilities so they can't secretly build any form of counter attack. Then if they tried anything, nuke em from orbit (think in terms of glassing a planet like in Halo).

Saying all that, I am glad that for once Humanity are not the 'asshole bad guy' like in pretty much all other Ponies/Humans fics


Expect the concept of morality to get twisted like a pretzel. The distinction between good guy and bad guy is going to get really, really twisted and blurred.


I want see how you pull that off then. It's been made really clear that the Federation did what they had to do for the greater good. The ponies were essentially the Nazi's of the galaxy, and needed to be put down. Chasing down the final remnants and destroying them completely is not something I'd agree with, but still justified after 400 years of bloody war.


Friendship is magic, and this concept hasn't been discovered just yet.


And that is where I figured you'd go. Any news on when the next chapter will be up? :P

Hum. An interesting idea, most certainly - although I am unsure of your decision to include Pinkie Pie. In fact, I can only think of two possible reasons for her presence well over a thousand years before the show. Either bearers of the Elements are granted optional immortality - or her disdain for basic laws of physics extends to those of the space-time continuum.

Regardless, I look forward to seeing what you decide to do with this story.

I understand the Federations rationalization and honestly i'd probably do the same. The ponies are zealots and they did enslave a good portion of the galaxy for a LONG TIME , which speaks of both their capability as warriors and the effectiveness of their society and likely their belief system. In the ponies position i'd probably turn piracy into part of the culture with government sanctioned pirates running brutal operations away from the home fleet ( you know disable all communication devices, slaughter every nonpony on the sight, steal all the fuel, food, ammo, utilities[machinery including robots], and ships they can, destroy anything they can't carry or don't want, and warp out before the Federation can respond ) which would not only garner supplies for the trip but  would cripple the Federations economy, demoralize them (especially the civilians and the recently freed) , and shake the confidence in the Federation of any allies or citizens (potential and current). I'd make them regret rising up against the empire and forcing us to abandon, the homeworld, sacrifice the emperor ( and much of my population ), and leave behind essentially all the remained of my civilization, to save the shattered remnants of my species :rainbowdetermined2:

Eventually after regaining sufficient might I'd start hitting isolated planets and taking slaves, testing new tactics and leaving a few traumatized survivors to spread fear as a precursor to the eventual return of the Solar Empire. If you fell victim to one of my raids you'd be lucky if you died in the assault, extra lucky in the opening bombardment, and absolutely screwed and oh so very unlcky if you survived. I came up with this thinking of what I would do in their situation


What makes you think you could pull all that off? You couldn't keep warping all the time, as it seems you'd have to vent off the warp drives every now and then while orbiting planets. It would be a matter of time before you'd be found. Also, if the Federates are any smart they'd have both escorts and (secretly) armed cargoships in every trade line (though maybe counting on smarts of a faction that bayonet charges when reliable ranged weaponry exists isn't a great idea either). Good luck trying to pirate that without losses.

Those plans wouldn't work. The Federation - and humans - aren't stupid. They've already found the Ark, which made a blind jump into hyperspace. The ponies number less than 50k, and humanity controls the galaxy. If you tried anything that would alert them to your return (and not in a nice, surrender type way), your ass would be grass within days.

You asked for constructive criticism. So let me give you this. Your chapter three has a very serious problem with the opening conversation. You have built up the narrative as the ponies being an evil empire, and going out and conquering. That's fine, the problem is that they then turn around and, in the conversation, act like like a bunch of to-good-to-live refugees. First, there's the objection to harming civilians, no empire managed conquest by being squirmish about hurting civilians (and you should really put less emphasis on art, and more on propaganda, Fallout Equestria does 'wartime Rarity' right). But the later objection, Apple Bucks, to taking food, is even more silly. They just had a massive war, are nearly on the edge of starving, have little other choice, and they are worried about taking food without paying for it. Again, this doesn't make me think 'last survivors of an evil empire' it makes me think 'to-dumb-to-live'. The debate shouldn't be between 'steal or not steal' but 'steal or steal, and burn everything to the ground and kill them'.

It's a shame, because the narrative you seem to want is interesting. It's got a lot of moral question, the ponies were wrong, but now they only have a few refugees. Is it right to kill them for what they did, and what they might do, or can they find a better way. But in order to tell that narrative you to establish both sides of the argument. The 'let them live' side is already established for you, readers know Equestria turns out peaceful, so that potential is there. Therefore the part of the argument you have to focus on is why they are dangerous and should be pursued, by showing how their culture has transformed them into a bloodthirsty and nasty race who abuses others. Not only does this give a real moral weight to both sides of the argument, but it allows a richer story later as we are allowed to see them grow and change.


I'll take that under consideration for later chapters, thank you.

What I really wanted to achieve is to show that there were dissenting voices and that the Imperium was never a fully cohesive, hive mind style organization. That war was caused by hawks in the military and government, not by civilians and your average pony. Think WWII Japan.


Except that WWII Japan was a fully cohesive hive mind style organization, with a government completely controlled by the military and a civilian populace so fanatical they slaughtered their own families in cold blood rather than live in American-occupied territory. Believe me, if those atomic bombs hadn't gone off and shocked the government into surrendering there would not have been a thing left alive on the Japanese isles (and half the US military would be dead, incidentally). The Equestrians in this fic though, they didn't even flinch at their planet being bombed into dust from orbit and actually blew it up themselves, so . . . Wow, congratulations, you've created a civilization even more fanatical than Imperial Japan, I didn't think that was possible. :rainbowderp:

That's not a slight against your writing at all though. It just means that, as Clockworkchaos said, you're going to have to portray the equines as being more evil. Right now the ponies seem . . . naive, extraordinarily naive, and they need to come off as the evil empire.

By contrast, the Feds need to come off as having an all-consuming fear and hatred of equine. As far as they're concerned the ponies are the ones who raped, and murdered, and pillaged, and enslaved, and oppressed them for more then four centuries. In other words, they're the bogeyman in the closest, the rioters in the street, the bear in the tent, the pebble in the shoe, the loaded gun to the face, the circling shark, the knock at the door in the middle of the night, and everything else to the Federation. Because of that they will hunt the equine to the farthest corners of the universe and kill them, because at the end of the day they're scared out of their wits of ponies, and it's that fear that will drive them to do terrible things.

. . . Wow, been a while since I've rambled on about a fic like that. I suppose that's another natch in your corner, sir. :twilightsheepish:

Didn't Celestria and Luna design the Ark? Why is she gob-smacked at the sight of the hangar bay?

Cool preview to battle looks like its going to be a nasty nasty fight coming up, looking forward to seeing how things play out.


Luna did that shit. She's the academic one, after all.


And the more powerful one and the more level headed one ... but at least Celestria is pretty and everyone likes her ...


Cody has the long and short of it. Remember, the Japanese civilians were fanatical enough to kill themselves rather than be occupied by the Americans. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Okinawa#Mass_suicides

Now yes, that was because they were given propaganda that they would be raped/killed, but still that same propaganda should be also given to the ponie's. The trick, the ultimate trick, is that you have to consider that, in the society you seem to want to depict, each pony should have been taught from birth that they are the superior race, other races aren't worthy, to either be used or exterminated. They are barbarians, orcs, sub-pony. Anything is permissible to them, as they are lesser. And given that those other races just nearly  genocided them they should feel vindicated in this belief.

It's not wrong to have them question it, but it is wrong to have high ranking people publicity question it. Dictators, of any stripe, do not last long by having people question their policies. The peace factor, of WWII era Japan were a peace faction in the sense of 'we lost, we will all be wiped out if we don't surrender' not in the sense of actually objecting to the idea of a Japanese empire or wanting peace when they were winning. Anyone like that had lost power long ago. Rarity-ancestor is going to be the pony behind half this propaganda, so she shouldn't be too nice (for a really, really good example of how war can make people take terrible decisions, without being terrible people, got to recommend fallout Equestria).

So as I said, the debate should be between those who are practical, and those who want to fight more. Take their stuff, vs take their stuff and kill them. So military is in favor of taking their stuff and orbital bombardment. Rarity-ancestor object to raiding, not because it's wrong, but because it's beneath them, the should be conquerors, not mere pirates. Twilight-ancestor wants the planets food, but only, only because it's the largest source of food (conveys won't have enough to sustain them), she only want to avoid orbital bombardment because they can't replenish ammunition, not out of kindness. The Applejack-ancestor, could object to stealing, but again not out of kindness, but because stealing is beneath the great pony civilization. She doesn't object to occupying them and taking tribute, however. Ironically this plan is utterly unviable, it will cause mass civilian deaths (pony occupiers is bad enough, just having their civ wiped out... yeah), waste ammo and time, and more importantly, delay the fleet as the have to properly occupy the world, which is almost certainty going to give their pursuers time to catch them.

That said, there can be those who want peace, or have other problems, but they should say it outloud. No one should at first. The entire story should be about them coming to that conclusion.

Also, when dealing with the humans, give them dissonant voices as well. Having them only represented with genocide makes them less powerful. But keep in mind what Cody said about how to handle them, he's absolutely right.


Those are really good ideas.

I'll give it a rewrite and see if I can't make this story better.

you guys said it to a t. i dont even have to suggest anything now. :trollestia:

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