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  • 12w, 6d
    As if I needed more reasons to be a slow writer

    I've always had reasons to not write/draw while following a specific schedule. Most of them being:

    -Gaming like a mofo.

    -Exhausted from house chores.

    -Simply not feeling like it.

    -Lack of inspiration.

    -Friends come to visit (extremely rare)

    If I needed one extra reason, which I didn't, I got one: I have a job. Well, several. Sort of. Being a freelance translator for several companies around the world, mostly. With plans on moving from Spain, my home country, to the US and saving to do so. Assignments aren't that common for now, but I've gotten a few, with the idea of becoming an official, professional translator in hopefully a not so far away future.

    With this report about my current situation, I bid thee farewell and I hope I'll be able to write and draw more.

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  • 14w, 6d
    Why I seem to be dead around here these days

    I've seen a lot of blogs these days commenting about fake suicide notes and stuff like that. Not a pretty sight. I was going through a bit of an ordeal myself, but I didn't feel like bothering anyone around here with it, so I moved forward. Anyway, that's not the point of all this, but it's true that the idea of being called out because of all the ones posting lies for attention really didn't made it easy for me to open myself here. But since I walked through this shit and lived to tell the tale, here goes the other reason I'm not too active here.

    I've always considered myself a comedian, though much more of a spontaneous kind of comedian than the classic, scripted in stand-up. It's why my short career as one didn't work. But as a writer, which I've been for almost eight years now, I decided to try and earn a living as a freelance writer/translator. If any of you have given it a try, you'll notice how troublesome that crap is. Allow me to expand on this.

    I have two sites I usually visit. One of them allows employers to set the job offers so only premium members can apply for jobs (it's a yearly fee of 120 bucks). If you aren't a premium member... well, there are SOME jobs that aren't set to Premium-only, but even then, to apply for the job, you have to pay 1 dollar. Just so it's clear enough for everyone, I'll repeat it. They charge you for applying for a job. If you're premium, applying is free, but if you're trying to earn some money for yourself and are starting, you're basically screwed unless the employer offers you to contact him via email directly. Other than that, you're hosed. Then they have the translation contests, which would be awesome to have something to show off and get you in the spotlight and prove your skills. But again, only uncommon language pair (say, Arabic to Icelandic) you can make submissions as a free members. As a measure to trim entries in the most common language pairs (mostly English to almost any common language known to man) you must be a premium member of the site. So no "prove your worth" for you either. Also, mastery of a translation assistant program is required in mot jobs, premium-only or not, and those bastards cost over 600 bucks. I dunno, there are expensive dictionaries, but those are quite useful. I have one, actually, and it works wonders. I know it's much more, but damn.

    Then there's the other freelancing site. This one at least isn't demanding when it comes to "you have to pay for apply", but it counters it with more bullshit. You have limited bids (times you can apply for jobs), and they regenerate very slowly (if you're a free user, you get another bid every three days), and of course, competing with hundreds of people. Not only that, but, while there's no way of making jobs "premium-only" in this one, the employer might demand to have passed one of the several exams the site offers to show your skills. And, of course, those cost money. 5 pounds each. Even if the exams aren't truly necessary, it's constantly encouraged to pass them to attract more clients. Again, this is balls if you're trying to start. Not only you have to think about all that, but most of the jobs have such a miserably low pay that you have to read it several times because you refuse to believe. It's very common to see offers where they pay you one dollar per 500-word article. Wow! A whole dollar! These guys are throwing money away like candy here! And don't even get me started with rush jobs! This was a real, I-shit-you-not" conversation with a client.

    "Hey, I need to get this 10 pages translated!"

    "Sure, when's the deadline?"

    "In thirty minutes."

    Yeah, that happens. And the pay is still shitty compared to the average translation rates. "Hire freelancers for a fraction of a cost," they say on the site. A fraction indeed.

    So while I still throw bids there and hope for jobs here and there, I'm working on another projects I'll keep you informed about. I'll still try to write little by little as i usually do, though. Until then, I'll still hang around every now and then.

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  • 25w, 1d
    I got interviewed at the MBS show

    About 3 weeks ago I was recommended for an interview at the podcast called The MBS Show. Last Saturday, the interview took place. You can see it here

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  • 27w, 1d
    I draw (horribly) too!

    So, after almost a month full of delays and mishaps, I was able to get my tablet. Suffice to say, I wasn't an outstanding artist before I got this thing, and getting used to it (and learning how to use it) takes time. Ever new drawing shows that I'm slowly adapting to it, but I still was a mediocre artist when I started. For any of you interested, there's actually a comic I'm working on that shares my spare time along with my writing, called Dice & Dining rooms. You can check it do the usual tumblr stuff. I'll try to keep everything (both writing and comic) updated at a decent rhythm (which considering my slow writing, that might not be too much of a challenge). I have a lot thought out for the comic already, and even if I don't get asks, I have material to keep the comic going.

    That's basically all I had to say. Oh, and a soon as I improve my drawing a bit more, I'll make the covert art for Edda's second book and submit it. Be patient, fellas, for I'll deliver!

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  • 31w, 4d
    About planes and alternate universes

    I've seen a lot of people talking about alternate universes, especially after the "It's not easy being breezie" episode. (The episode aired a couple weeks ago, so screw it; we're talking about it.) Now, a lot of people have been calling all the kingdom of the breezies an alternate universe. Now, I really need to get this out of my system:

    It is NOT an alternate universe or an alternate world. It is a different, coexisting plane.

    Now, most of you avid tabletop RPG players are more than aware of the word "plane". Most of us, however, might remember the "Elemental planes" and some sort of astral worlds. However, these planes of existence sometimes coexist as overlapped planets. In World of Darkness, we had the Umbra, the Spiritual Plane, but we'll go for better known examples: The spirit world from the Soul Reaver games; the Dead Side from Shadow Man and, for an example much more similar to the breezies' home; the Emerald Dream in the Warcraft Universe.

    These planes of existence require means to travel between them, and while they both coexist, your presence in one of them doesn't affect the others.

    Now, an alternate universe is not something you can get through a portal or anything. To make one of those, you alter something from an existing "universe" (using it as a template) and making everything work from there. My favorite example is Legend of the Five Rings' "A thousand years of Darkness", which is set in the land of Rokugan, but with a minor difference: Fu Leng, the Dark Kami, won the war in the Day of Thunder, and ruled for a thousand years. The world is the same, but a minor detail that changes everything. Come on, guys, you have the same thing here with the "Nightmare Moon defeated Celestia and night lasted forever" or "the Sonic Rainboom didn't happen, so the Mane 6 didn't get their cutie marks" stuff.  THAT is an alternate universe. It's still Equestria, so it's the same "universe" (that's why I use quotation marks), but it's different because it was altered by some change. So it's mostly more of a "what if" than a real plane of existence.

    And I'm sure most of us will ask me "Hey, what about Equestria Girs?" Well, it is certainly not an alternate universe in the literal term (since, as I mentioned, AUs are more of literary tools than real, existing places), but some sort of non-coexistent plane. Which would be a bit weird because, if that were true, EqG-plane Twilight and Equestria Twilight might have met each other (since Equestria Twilight is a visitor,  which doesn't mean that EqG Twilight shouldn't exist, if basically EVERYONE else on the show exists there.) But that's overthinking it a bit. I still have to watch the movie.

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  • ...

This story is a sequel to The Lovers' Edda

Drakkar leads a caravan to the Gryphon Kingdom of the North. The Annual pankration tournament is about to start, and every gryphon, even King Goliath himself, is looking forward to it. However, the guise of entertainment hides horrors that Fimbulvetrians weren't aware of.

First Published
23rd Apr 2014
Last Modified
15th Aug 2014
#1 · 26w, 6h ago · · · Annarr kostr ·

Ah. Sequel. 'Tis good, and I shall be waiting for more

#2 · 16w, 2d ago · · · Ófreskjubanamol ·

Sequel? Let's read it! :rainbowkiss:

Btw, is it you who did the wonderfull cover art?

#3 · 16w, 1d ago · · · Ófreskjubanamol ·

>>4625436 I did it myself, yes. It feels a bit bland now, so I'll probably change it one of these days to something more appealing to the eye.

#4 · 16w, 1d ago · · · Ófreskjubanamol ·


Nice! I really like it! :twilightsmile:

#5 · 10w, 6d ago · · · Ófreskjubanamol ·

Don't stop writing, my friend. You're a great writer and excellent story teller.

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