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  • 1w, 3d

    In a way, Pinkie Pie had always been falling. Sometimes she just forgot to look down.

    She couldn't remember when she had started falling. What she meant to say was, she had no memory that were specifically of falling. She had memories around falling. Memories where she was or wasn't, dreaming or asleep. The falling was not a thing she could measure. She had no idea how far she'd fallen, how far left she had to go. There was a bottom, certainly, and she was moving towards it, but aside from that it was all a mystery.

    She would land, of course. Everypony landed later or sooner. Sometimes near the top, sometimes on one of the craggy promontories jutting out from the cliffside behind her. Always at the bottom. She didn't know when she'd land, just that eventually she would. She supposed that was what was supposed to make it bearable. The not-knowing. The not-wondering.

    She didn't think she'd reach the bottom, though. The promontories came up too quick, stretched too wide out from the cliffside. Sometimes she barely missed them, skirting past by the tip of her nose or a few hairs on her head. Sometimes she wondered if she should. After all, she could steer herself enough to dodge them. After all, she certainly wouldn't miss falling. It left a nasty feeling in her belly: weightless, nauseating, frustrating. Falling was hard. Falling was exhausting.

    Sometimes she'd fall asleep. Sometimes she'd dream for weeks, live in a place where the wind didn't tear at her mane and suck the life out of her eyes if she dared to squint them open. Sometimes the promontories would shrink down into pebbles, into pustules easily plucked off as she passed. Sometimes she knew they'd never be big enough to land on. Sometimes she wondered why she ever woke up at all.

    She didn't know when she'd land, just that eventually she would.

    Sometimes she not-knew what she should probably do. Sometimes she not-wondered how hard landing would be, how painful, how scary. She wouldn't do it today, definitely not tomorrow, probably not even next week or month or year. She didn't think she'd reach the bottom, though. Maybe someday she'd misjudge how big a promontory was. Maybe someday she wouldn't. Maybe someday she'd just want to go back to sleep. Maybe someday she'd just get sick of falling.

    Maybe someday. Just not today. Today she was falling, and she hadn't decided whether to go back to sleep.

    • • •

    If you have to ask, it's only a metaphor.

    • • •

    It's only a metaphor if you have to ask.

    12 comments · 253 views
  • 11w, 4d
    I Have Stopped Screaming and So Now I Can Talk About Outside Insight

    For those of you wondering, that last post really wasn't as much of an exaggeration as you'd think. I spent the first hour of my afternoon class today staring at my watch until it hit 3:00 PM, and then the final twenty minutes making the exact noises I transcribed in my last post inside my head. I am nothing if not right on the verge of emotional instability at all times. It's an eventful life I lead.

    In all and complete seriousness, though, I'm finding it hard to put into words what it means to me to see I Am Demon snag the #1 spot in Outside Insight's final results. I mentioned when I announced its completion that it was the most challenging story I'd ever written, and that was only half the truth. To be honest, I don't think I've ever had a story come so close to breaking me down entirely as this one did. I averaged a productivity rate of about 400 words per hour for most of the first draft process. The first two chapters were supposed to be one single one before it ballooned out to twice the length it was supposed to be. Not a day went by when I wasn't second-guessing the narrative style or the pacing or, for God's sake, that fucking color gimmick that I was just as polarized over as anybody who reviewed it in the leadup to today.

    In the middle of all this, a chance conversation in Skype led to what I can politely call an identity crisis over the presence of a clopfic on my public account. Thus ended Like Gravity's tenure on my FIMFic page, thanks to a decision I made at two in the morning after agonizing over it for most of the preceding day. In the end, I don't regret taking it down or miss it enough to figure out how to republish it, but for those of you still wondering where the hell that came from, a little ball of stress called I Am Demon kind of exploded right around the same time. Many of you who know me personally can attest to that, and I can't thank you enough for sticking by me or, at the very least, tolerating me as I went AWOL for a week until I finished the story/briefly went insane.

    And yet, ultimately, I'm glad I Am Demon was written. In fact, I'd say I'm more proud of producing it than anything else I've done. Aside from the stylistic challenge and its phenomenal showing in the contest, it feels like I conquered something important in getting the story done on time. I averaged two thousand words a day for the last week of draft work despite still maintaining a painfully slow pace of production, and I left myself enough time to include all of the color tags, which I think I've finally settled on seeing as a really cool idea that markedly improved the story's presentation. It does help that I've adjusted the colors slightly so the yellows and cyans are readable now, though. That one, I'll grant the several people who pointed it out.

    So as far as that story's future goes, it's pretty much already set in stone. At some point later this week, it'll get its solo post on Equestria Daily, which is when I'll launch the revised and revamped version here on FIMFiction. Because FIMFic's word counter widget is enthusiastic about its job (read as: is wildly inaccurate), the story actually comes up as being around 750 words or so over the hard max limit Couch set for the Outside Insight contest. So allow me to put some potential concerns to rest here: the body of the story's text is virtually unchanged from the Google Doc version, bar a few changes of a couple words here and there. Although it's admittedly by a pretty slim margin, the GDoc version comes into under that word count max, so really the FIMFic version does too. FIMFic just doesn't think it does, because FIMFic drinks a lot and is bad at counting.

    I've only read a couple other entries in the contest, mostly for the same reasons I refrained from reading any TMDG entries before that contest had concluded. It's very likely I'll end up reading most of the finalists at some point, though, so if there's interest I could toss up short reviews of those. Other than that, I'm back to working on Firestarters, hopefully with a little more of my sanity intact. One can only dream.

    (Oh, and just a little P.S. for Cold in Gardez: I TOLD YOU BRO. I TOLD YOU I WAS COMIN' FOR YA.)

    ((Gotta be a tiebreaker now, though. Next Bronycon, no items, fists only. There can be only one.))

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  • 11w, 4d

    11 comments · 250 views
  • ...

When Ruby boards the first trans-oceanic flight in Equestrian history, the last place she expects to end up is stranded in the middle of Eternity's Crossing in the wake of a horrific zeppelin crash.  After a mysterious tower leads her and a fellow survivor to discover a twisted and fragmented city twenty thousand feet below the surface of the ocean, though, a bit of fire and smoke is the last thing she needs to worry about.  Between the horrendously disfigured residents and the paranoia of the madmare who once built and controlled it, daily survival in this corrupted utopia is anything but a guarantee.  But with the help of some new friends and a few genetic enhancements, Ruby isn't going down without a fight, and in the process might just discover that the deadliest weapon in Harmony is herself.

An adaptation of BioShock for the world of MLP.  Written to be comprehensible to anyone, regardless of whether they've played the original game.

First Published
31st Mar 2012
Last Modified
12th Aug 2013

I've been waiting all my life for this moment, and I ain't gonna let it slip by. If it's the last thing I do, I'm going to read the fuck out of this fanfic.


Please continue this  as I am going love this shit forever.

Edit: I just read the chapters, and everything fits perfectly well. Nothing much of errors, easily understood, perfect description and characterization. Wall of text is easy to read with paragraphs but that's just me talking. Honestly, you deserve a fave ( and a track but FIM FIC changed)

I expect lots of this story to chill me to the bone and make me want to read on further. If this is anything like FO:E I would save this forever and consider posting it to EQD, I wish you well sir. Ha! I can never write anything like this, I am more of the comedic type but I do enjoy the extensive plot and various twists and surprises.

Keep on the good work, I am rooting for ya!

Your grammar is great! The details of the story are equally good and balanced; not purple, but not flat either.

Characterization is great and I also loved the backstory you gave before starting the "real" story started proper.

This is definitely worthy of a track and a fav. But I must also voice some concerns; I sincerely hope you aren't just copying the game into p0ni version. I hope you're creating a new universe, like Fo:E did. If you are, I can expect great things coming from this story. You also win bonus points for the Atlas Shrugged reference. A great book.

Not to mention that the chapters are perfect in length.

I would suggest you send this to EqD ASAP.

Please, this is a personal appeal; don't disappoint us.

Just some hints:

* Hit up the Return Key twice when you end a paragraph. Goes easier on the eyes.

* When dealing with guns, remember reloading time, number of shots inside of the gun and whatnot.

Oh who am I kidding? You're clearly a pro writer.

You earned my track and fav with just one chapter. Congratulations.

PS: Do you plan on making a ".pdf" downloadable version of this story once its finished? Like Fallout: Equestria and Past Sins? I would love to have this on my computer.

Holy shit... This is totaly fucking brilliant.

>>388710 I think you're right. We could certianly be seeing the creation of a new  fan-made universe here, just like Fo:E.

Infact, I'm going to add this story to the writing gold group right now. Because words cannot describe how fucking awsome this story is.

I can't even explain how awesome this is. :pinkiehappy:


To answer your underlined question: the absolute last thing I want to do is just copy the game into a pony universe.  I have way too much respect for both BioShock and MLP to do that.  The usage of the word "adaptation" to describe this, however, is still accurate; this story will follow the same general narrative structure as BioShock, except with an entirely different backstory, dramatic differences in how the stand-ins for the bigshot BioShock characters behave, and a lot of changes in how the plot gets where it's going.  So yes, someone who's already played BioShock would probably already know where the story's headed; what happens when it gets there, though, will not be at all like what happened in the game.  Matter of fact, I'm hoping what happens at that point will come off as just as big a twist as what happened in the real game.

tl;dr the proverbial points A, B, and C of BioShock will still be there, but everything else will be entirely different, including most of the details about those points.

Yeah, it's pretty good.

Hooked for being big Bioshock fan and honestly amazed at the quality. Keep up and remember to include the plasmids and tonics realistic way as unicorns can already do magic.

I only had enough time to red one chapter before work.:fluttercry:

This is going to be the longest five hours of my life.


Well this is basically everything I've ever hoped and dreamed.

This is pretty amazing. Not gonna lie, I giggled like a school filly, out loud, very audibly, when Pinkie suggested "'Vigor'ous"

Really hyped for Bioshock: Infinite, played through the original Bioshock 4 times all the way and ALMOST have platinum and have become so obsessed with the world and fiction of Rapture my ex-girlfriend and I even started a roleplay. I'm not going to get into that, infact I probably should not have ever mentioned it, but it should make my point across that I'm very experienced with the world of Rapture. And enough gushing, onto to the fic itself.

The pacing and grammar are all perfect so far as I can see so there's not much I can say on that end. After a while I forgot it was a crossover fic and became absorbed within the story itself which is a very good thing when you're writing to include anyone who hasn't played the games yet.

One thing, why did you decide to immediately open with the creation of Rapture/Harmony, rather than gradually revealing the history along side your protagonist like in the games and another crossover fic; Fallout: Equestria?

Here's hoping you stay true to this and, if im not putting too much pressure on you, it hits the same critical mass as FO:E.

A man chooses, a slave obeys...

Would you kindly continue this masterpiece? :rainbowlaugh:

The now loading this was a nice touch. So many references that I actually get I can't contain my fangasms. They are also quite audible.

Took me a while to remember you'r behind Breaking Bricks as well. There's something similar but somehow very different between writing in both fics that I cant seem to place a finger on...

I had some long drawnout explinations for shit on this chapter but im lazy and I want to read more. Most of it was just going on about how great [read: FUCKING AWESOME] it is so far and hew well thought out the prose goes without getting too purple, so yeah.

Fav part other then the loading paragraph? The background story you gave to the line "You were destined for great things." Got me teary eyed you son of a bitch...

No "Everything flows into Harmony" sign guiding them in?


Great job so far, love the characterization of the main character and the grumpy stallion. Looking forward to more chapters.

They told me...

Son, everything good in the world is worth waiting for.

And you know what?

They were right.


YES! A BIOSHOCK CROSS-OVER! Why has no-one done this before?

And I'll just move this over there aannndddddd, Haza.  Now I won't forget to read it later.  I was wondering when someone was going to come along and write a Bioshock crossover.

I got here from EQD. The pre-reader's actually gave it one of those "critic's quote" things. I've never seen them do that. I might be looking at the next Fallout:Equestria here!

I can honestly and truthfully say, this will be greater that Fallout: Equestria. You are a true talent and we are all going to benefit from your skill. I look forward to the later chapters. :eeyup:

It's so beautiful :pinkiesad2:

great story, can't wait to read it all.

this is one of those stories where I start reading, and find out I just spent almost half an hour doing so when I suddenly run into the end. Good job, and I would like to see more.

Why do you keep switching between the names? If you're going to basically use the beta names for the main six then you could at least not keep switching between them, like Firefly/Rainbow Dash. If this is explained later on and is part of the story, feel free to insult me.

I'm starting to suspect the name thing was an April Fools joke misapplied.

ah, that makes more sense. now i just feel silly.

rainbowdash fluttershy pinkiepie hehe this is fun:rainbowlaugh:





HOW DO I EXPLAIN MYSELf?!:flutterrage:

Your descriptive skill is, well... It's like the Magnum Opus of writing, truly. The way you described the city of Harmony was just perfect. I'm not going to say "I can almost see it" because I already can see it.

Star 6 on EQD FTW

>>392796 Oh, wow, the names actually are changed.  That's kind of hilarious, actually. :rainbowlaugh:

If it bugs you, there's a button at the very bottom of the page that says something like "Toggle G1 Mode".  Hitting that should make everything go back to normal.  Worked for me, in any case.


There are five more on this sight. It's just none of them are this...

Awesome? No, to tame.

Astounding? Not even close.

Fanfuckingtastic? Closer but no...

Supercala...not even going to go there.

Goddammit. Some one needs to invent new words to describe how great this is.

This is amazing. As a long time bioshock fan from the day bio 1 came out i can't wait to read this fic. The one thing i really would like to see is "would you kindly?" put in there or at least something in it's place.

I haven't played Bioshock all the way through yet, but from what I've seen so far the only member of the Main six I can truly see going completely insane in a Bioshock manner is (Oddly enough) Rarity.

Honestly, who else can see Rarity becoming the pony version of Dr Steinman?

The banner changes to this story's picture?

Something tells me this is going to get wildly popular....

This has already been done, twice, and those authors sent it to EqD ages ago :ajbemused:


>>393617 They were not, however, accepted to Equestria Daily, nor did they garner a six-star rating within the first twelve hours of being posted.  Speaking as someone who has pre-read several BioShock crossovers (probably including the two you're referring to) and fervently prayed every time that one of them would meet standards for posting, all I ask is that you give this story a chance before you write it off as a repeat of what others have already done.

As soon as I read 'Eternity's Crossing' I was sold.  The usage of that map alone gives you 50 brownie points, in my book.

Then I saw the header.


I'm not one to avoid giving credit where it is do, so I'll start with this. This crossover with bioshock blows mine out of the water. It doesn't mean I'll stop writing it )it is a just for fun fic after all) but I'll certainly throw any meager fanbase I have this fics way. I'm excited to see a truely great bioshock fic get on eqd.  I may be :raritydespair: because I've lost to a better fic, but I'm excited (if I understand you correctly) that my absolute ineptitude brought this about masterpiece.

>>393543 Oh my Celestia...EZ NOT POSSIBLE!

I got chills with that last line.  Bravo, sir or madam, bravo.


I tried that, but it only lead to mediocrity. I don't mean to hate against your story, but I am simply not interested in reading after what I have seen before.

Also, could you explain as to why the FIMFiction title card changes when we refer to this story? :applejackunsure:

Excuse me while i pick up my jaw from the floor. This! My friend. Is what i call "Amazing". I love Bioshock and i have played both of 'em at least 5 times, and i can't wait to play Infinite :pinkiehappy:. Will continue reading soon. Can't wait! :heart:    

ME after being stunned by three chapters of awesomeness:


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