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this is gonna be good!:heart:

Glad to see the sequel.

I am SOOO pumped to read this! :heart::pinkiehappy:

Dracula might as well put neon signs all over the windows: ‘KIDNAPPED PRINCESSES: TWO FOR ONE DEAL.

*Rainbow walks into castle*

Rainbow: "Alright, Dracula, where's the princess!?"

*Dracula grins sinisterly*

Dracula: "Sorry, little pony, but your princess is in another castle."

I eagerly await more chapters, good author sir/madam. :twilightsmile:


Certainly took my sweet time in putting it out. :twilightblush:


I'm very much a sir.


Wrongo. It's a Wharg.

>>4524056 if it's based off portrait of ruin..... brauner is the big cheese right now (please I hope Alucard helps and joins rainbow

>>4524056 WOOPS, my bad:twilightblush:. Well, don't blame me either, those doggies only showed up in only two games in the original timeline, and they've never been a real threat to make them memorable, unlike their more common bipedal cousins, who are EVERYWHERE, THEY EVEN COME IN JAGUAR, TIGER AND BAT FLAVORS :ajbemused:

>>4522470 wrong game franchise :pinkiecrazy:. Sorry, couldn't resist :rainbowlaugh:

Well I hope they remember to put boxes in front of the iron maidens. :pinkiecrazy::rainbowwild:

I enjoy the shipping between RD and Shatterstorm and the tense atmosphere that's surrounding ther Royal Guards' base.


“...Does that[]/i answer your question?” asks Roaring Yawn.
the entire chapter is in italics

Octavia became a werewolf? :rainbowderp: Interesting indeed.

I hope Shining Armor isn't a lost cause. :applejackunsure: Also, something tells me Princess Cadence isn't quite so peachy keen either, judging by how Roaring Yawn's team dodged the question of how she was doing. Then again, I imagine she could just be really distraught over what's happened to Shining, so I'll wait and see.

I've got goosebumps waiting for the next part. :pinkiehappy:

When it will overtke you to slake its bloodlust?

Great chapter as always, regardless. Looking forward to more. :twilightsmile:

Son of a bitch :twilightangry2:

Wonderful as always, cant wait for the next chapter!

Hope there's a chance for Dashie to not accept his offer:fluttercry:

Great chapter. I cant wait for the finale of the arc.

he’d have fit nicely into a sandwich.

REmake reference ftw!

I'll just make a prediction and say that every single chapter from here on out will be awesome, so I don't have to keep giving the same compliment for every single one.

Great story dude! :pinkiehappy:

I'm getting some serious Vlad the Impaler vibes from the royal guard.

>>4522419 I am eager to start too, it's been in my 'read later' since it came out. I can't wait!:pinkiehappy:

I hope Octavia will be alright after all of that abuse she's gone through as a wolf. :applejackunsure:

I like the way that the arc concluded.  I got to say that seeing RD and Shatterstorm have a moment is cute.

Vinyl, I… I need you.

She sinks further.

Vinyl… I-I’m cold…

Cold. Yes. Cold.

The indentation is irregular here.

The cockeyed position of its head resets with a hard crunch Rose Blade cn hear even from way up.

The 'a' is missing.

Also, there's a few instances where you slip into past tense sprinkled throughout this chapter.

Rainbow Dash is pony Jill Valentine. :rainbowdetermined2: I'm loving how she and Shatterstorm have gradually warmed up to each other over the course of this saga. They really have come a long way since quarreling like eight-year-old siblings.

One last thing: any chance you can provide a bestiary for all the Castlevania enemies you showcase in the story? I've played a lot of the games, but still, it's tough to recognize some of Dracula's minions in written form.


Well, my old editor disappeared off the face of the planet, so these mistakes have been much more frequent than they used to be.

One last thing: any chance you can provide a bestiary for all the Castlevania enemies you showcase in the story? I've played a lot of the games, but still, it's tough to recognize some of Dracula's minions in written form.

I was thinking of doing something like that for my blog, complete with art. Who knows when I'll be able to do it, though; been busy with a lot of things.

>>4877399 I'd be more than happy to take on the role of editor/proofreader for you. :pinkiehappy:


"Slake" is correct. It means "quench" or "satisfy".

Kinda nice to have a chapter that doesnt end with a cliffhanger for once, not that cliffhangers are bad but, you know its kinda nice to have a breather.

Great chapter and nice end to the arc.

I've envisioned Dashie as a warrior for a while now, it just struck one day and it seems so fitting for her. Glad to see someone else shares my vision.

I gotta say that I am quite impressed. This is the level of authorship, storytelling and characterization that I desire to devour with my eyes! I don't really care for the dark horror adventure stories and Dracula is a turn-off but...

...this is a story that should be printed on golden pages bound in silver and the text would be jade. I truly do appreciate all of your hard work that has gone into this fic.

11/10 stars and nothing less!

Tiny stands there for what feels like eternity, at the very mouth of what he imagines Tartarus must be like. Suddenly, a new face appears in the window: something ruined, its lips puffy, a gash on its head leaking something silky red over its mouth. Its empty eyes don’t appear to be looking at anything, yet Tiny can feel it looking at him. It moans.

Forgot that 'at' there.

Oh. Oh, dear Divine Sisters…

This line isn't indented.

A wry smirk tugs at Tiny’s lips before he turns around to face the window. Just outside, broken glass litters a foggy parking lot. “We’re on the first floor,” he remarks. “Cool.”

'Litter' should be plural here.

Other than all of this, the chapter's pretty solid. :twilightsmile:

Love the chapter.

Amazing story mate! I live the plot and character development, you really should keep this up to the end!! So waiting for the next chapter!

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