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Inception inspired Pony time!

Princess Celestia has been trapped within her dreams. Princess Luna requires the help of Twilight Sparkle to rescue her sister from whoever has trapped her inside her mind, but as they go deeper into dream layers the more they risk losing their memories and even their own identities.

First Published
11th Jul 2011
Last Modified
11th Jul 2011
Lord Al-knighty

I've approved it but, while the wysiwyg editor sucks, you might want to try pasting it in the bbcode editor (on the chapter page) or copying into notepad first. Should fix the linebreak issues.

>>93 I will totally do that!

Thank you sir, I am sorry if that issue caused you any inconveniences.

Lord Al-knighty


Nono don't apologise to me, it's my fault. Well, it's partly mine and partly browsers/documents fault :)

>>95 Hey there! I did as you told me and used the wordpad versions of the files to save the line breaks. I like how they look now, much better.

Thanks a lot for this website man, so far it looks like it will be very popular! I will be supporting this site 100%

Such a gripping story...

But I swear, I will be SOOO pissed if the foreshadowing from the first part comes true.

Oh yes.  Great ending to a great story.  Well done.

Dammit Bob! I'm confused! But greatly inspired as well.

Fantastic work. Simply fantastic.

Well now this looks good.

The two most mentally stimulating things in my life in a high-rated crossover fic.

Will read.

WE MUST GO DERPER :derpyderp2:

I never fathomed the possibility that Somepony would be able to make an adaptation of My little Pony in Inception. Really, Really good story, loved reading it. This story felt as mind boggling as the movie and every way loyal to MLP:FiM and inception great job on this story,A+++ on character, setting, writing and environment just GENIUS!

Wow...just found this and read through it all. Amazing! I haven't seen the original Inception but I know what basically happens. Glad to see they all got a relatively happy ending, eventualy. Except Trixie...

I never did watch all of Inception, hopefully, I won't need it to enjoy this obviously wonderfully crafted story.

By Luna's moon! A dream...in a dream...inside of a dream. I just have one question, why could they just activate the Fall in the begging when Celestia was first asleep instead of entering her dreams?

Amazing. That's all I can say. Simply amazing.

Holy. :pinkiegasp: I LOVE THIS!!! :twilightblush:

I loved this story... at first I was a bit thrown by the different names for some of the characters (and it didn't help that the story I just previously read had firefly listed as a totally different character from those in this story, and one with a relation to rainbow dash... I'd suggest fixing that if only to make it easier on the ones that start reading with little patience) and I am pretty sure that this would at least partially confuse people that haven't watched inception (but only a bit, and considering that inception confuses even those people that DO watch it, that's pretty good) but all-in-all, very well done.

I wish it could have had a happier ending for Trixie though... I wouldn't wish that on even her great and obnoxious self... and as dramatic as it makes the ending, it just... changes something. I'd either:

(1) Add a bit of embellishment to that bit of the final chapter (making it more closed-ended)

(2) Add Trixie to the Limbo scene and wake her with Luna, perhaps have that scene the point where she meets Twilight and there is closure... say she is woken up and the princesses' version of a punishment is that she become twilight's assistant or something... if she lost all her magical skills and had to retrain, that might give it a bit more interesting an ending right? Trixie's punishment is the loss of all magical skill, and the irony is that she becomes a student of Celestia right alongside Twilight. Brownie points if Twilight ends up using her mind to stabilize Trixie's or something...

but now I'm ranting on what could be. It's up to you to decide what you WANT to be. I think I'll end with saying fantastic job. The characters are accurate, the inception crossover is flawless, and the writing even paces with the tone of the movie. :twilightsmile:

I can't even describe how much I love this story, it was one of my first reads at fimfiction and is the best crossover that I have ever read in MLP universe! Thank you so much for writing it! :rainbowkiss:

It is always good to re-read this, best story ever! :yay:

This was so freakin' epic. First read it as a Google Doc. Now it's here....WINNING!

>>391429 Actually...that would have been the perfect ending...I always felt the "Memory Erasing" was always a cop-out. But at least here it's handled amazingly...

I remember this from a while ago in the days of yore, a little fic appearing on EqD.

More should know of it!

Did you listen to the INCEPTION Soundtrack when you wrote this? Because you hit the mark PERFECTLY. I could hear Dream Within a Dream, 528491, Dream is Collapsing, Mind Heist, and all the rest as I read this. Excellent work!

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