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  • Friday
    Prereader Conversation: Silly


    Thanks for the bunny picture.‏


    friend just linked it and i couldnt resist‏


    I get panicked when silly music doesn't help [with a bad mood].‏


    i know that feeling‏


    Usually, silly music makes me happy really quickly.‏


    for me it's friends telling jokes or cute animal pics‏


    Of course, maybe I didn't pick the best silly music.‏ You see, the songs I've been listening to are silly because the lyrics don't match the actual tune.‏ The lyrics are all goofy and happy-go-lucky and squeaky-clean-sunshine, but the actual music is over-the-top aggressive.‏‏

    Ordinarily, hearing someone rhyme‏ "Paul Bunyan" with onomatopoeia for a chainsaw motor ("run-yun-yun-yun") makes me smile every time.

    P.S. - If you're one of my other prereaders, don't worry -- you didn't miss a message where I said I was working on something. This conversation was in Skype, not GDocs.

    3 comments · 105 views
  • Thursday
    Flash Fog: Revision 2

    I've posted the second of the two revisions that I've planned for Flash Fog. This one is a bit wordier than the last one, so I'd just recommend reading it in the epilogue. It's the section about Lyra and Bon-Bon. I know a few people might prefer to have a more detailed description of the actual meeting that Fluttershy mentions, but there was one very huge obstacle to doing it that way: I'm out of material. Given that Lyra and Bon-Bon, being delusional weirdos,* don't change their opinions on humans at all, the actual conversation itself would just be a retread of all their previous conversations, and I simply could not think of any more approaches to the subject that were amusing enough to warrant a full scene.

    * Though, as I've noted before, the final sequence of the first EQG movie demonstrates that there is far more truth in their delusions than anypony (or their author, or that matter) could ever have anticipated.

    5 comments · 135 views
  • 1w, 3d
    Flash Fog: Revision 1

    I've posted the first of my planned revisions to the ending of Flash Fog. Since it's not particularly long, I'll also post it in the quotebox below for those who have already read the original version.

    As Celestia’s sun beat down upon her face, Apple Bloom smiled broadly. She’d completely forgotten that it had been a warm day before the fog rolled in. Nearby, she could see Rainbow Dash transporting Scootaloo in a similar fashion. The fog slid beneath them, though it was a brilliant white now that they were above it. To the east, a great column of white rose over the Everfree forest, expanding outwards like a great vertical fan as the sun’s heat warmed and evaporated the newly reborn clouds, the whiteness gradually blending into the bold, bright blue of the cloudless sky. And to the northwest, the peaks of the Unicorn Range jutted out of the last vestiges of the fog, free to once again bask in the late-summer sunlight.

    If you're wondering why it took so long for me to finish this paragraph, there's two reasons. First, I decided to take a little break from writing after finishing Flash Fog, and second, one of my prereaders wasn't certain whether the description of the dissipating fog was meteorologically feasible. To be honest, I'm not certain myself, so I let it sit for a day or two while I decided whether the allusion to Dante's Paradiso was worth the potential use of artistic license.* As you can tell, I decided that it was.

    * This was a particularly vexing decision since I'm fairly certain that Dante himself didn't bother to point out that he has arranged Heaven in the shape of a fan, since all of his original readers already shared his geocentric worldview. Still, this aspect of the Paradiso was one of the most memorable details in the lecture one of my professors gave on the Divine Comedy, and it still holds a lot of meaning for me.

    2 comments · 131 views
  • 2w, 3d
    The End?

    This blog post deals with the end of the story Flash Fog, which means that if I used spoiler tags over every potential spoiler it would just be an ugly wall of black text. I'm going to do my best to avoid excessive detail, but to be on the safe side, you may want to give this blog post a pass if you haven't finished the story and you actually care about spoilers.

    Alright, folks, I've been reading over the responses to the ending, and I figured that I might as well make a blog post instead of responding to a few repeated points in the comments section. I noticed that some of you had a few qualms with my approach. I'd like to respond to three points in particular (quotations are paraphrased):

    1. "You never actually showed the fog dissipating."

    I literally smacked my forehead when I read this, because I had planned on having Apple Bloom look at the fog dissipating over the Everfree Forest before she turned her head and saw that the mountaintops were now mostly clear (meaning that the wind had blown all of it over the mountain range). Boneheaded forgetfulness on my part; this part will almost certainly be rewritten to include the imagery I already had in mind for the dissipating fog. I'll be sure to inform you in a later blog post if/when this change is made.

    2. "What about Lyra and Bon-Bon?"

    Honestly, it hadn't occurred to me that their subplot, being primarily a form of comic relief, needed any sort of resolution, though upon reconsideration, I can see why that might be desired. At the moment, I have a few vague ideas of how to modify the epilogue to include the fate of SPHERE without it feeling like a blob of exposition that was shoehorned into the conversation between Pencil Pusher and Fluttershy for its own sake, so there's a good chance that this will revisited as well. Again, if changes are made, I'll make another blog post.

    3. "Abrupt."

    This one's a bit trickier. I suppose I can understand why the some of my readers thought that the rescue of the CMC would be more drawn-out and complicated. At this point, all I'm willing to say is that I had planned for their rescue to go off without a hitch since the earliest stages of this story---soon after I realized just how complicated the rest of the story would be, in fact. I don't want to go into a lot of details, mostly because I don't want to shove my personal interpretation of the story down my readers' throats, but I made this decision for thematic reasons, as opposed to any intuition that I needed to "wrap up" the story as quickly as possible. (I was going to write a sentence explaining things further here, but everything I came up with sounded way too pretentious and/or rather blatantly contradicted my stated desire to not shove my interpretation down your throats.) This aspect of the ending will almost certainly not be rewritten, but I hope that those of you who disagree with my decision will at least be able to take some enjoyment from the story as a whole.

    22 comments · 383 views
  • 2w, 5d
    Flash Fog: Final Update

    To any of my followers who have been waiting for me to finish Flash Fog before they start reading it:

    You may now start reading.

    10 comments · 178 views
  • ...

After reading a book by Spitfire's personal trainer, Rainbow Dash decides that the best way to get closer to her ultimate goal of joining the Wonderbolts is to add strength training to her practices by having one of her friends ride her. However, when she decides that Twilight Sparkle is just the mare for the job, the pegasus gets a bit more than she bargained for.

Artwork by Piggybank12.  Used with permission.  Thanks to DPV111 for assisting me with story planning.

First Published
15th Mar 2012
Last Modified
3rd Jun 2012

sweet baby jesus more from kwakerjak. reads enthusiastically

excellent chapter

Very interesting, Eager to see where this leads. (Twidash? :twilightblush:)

Well-written, wellcharacterized (is that a word?) and an interesting concept. Tracked.:rainbowkiss:

No shipping tag? Shame.

Ahh well. Tracking this anyways, due to the great opening chapter. :D

It may not be shipping but it is still Twilight and Dash in an awesome and cute concept.

Looking forward to more.

That was really cute, and pretty interesting! Waiting eagerly for more. :twilightsmile:

Gaps between paragraphs are a little too big, but story is to good to pay attention on it. Stalin loves "Slice of life" ficks, and this one is fine example.

Also, in Stalin's opinion, Twilight's color should not be described as violet, lavender is more accurate.

Overall: good job! Stalin eager for more.

Interesting... Everything about the concept screams shipping, yet it's not tagged as such. Thankfully it also lacks dark and tragedy, so I don't think we'll be seeing Twi plummet to her death. It'll be fun to see where this goes.


I suppose I should make this matter clear right now: No, I did not forget to add a shipping tag.

Now this is interesting. Have a thumbs up and a track for a little motivation.

>>326566 Haha, I didn't think so. I just find it's... An interesting start to a non-ship fic. Like I say, everything about it teases TwiDash, but it'll be neat to see this played out platonically.

Tracking this. The characters feel well realized to me, it'd be clear who is speaking from their lines alone.


There is such a thing as "friendshipping" which is the deepening of a platonic relationship beyond what it is portrayed as in canon. However it involves no romantic aspects at all. Friendshipping fics are some of my favorites by far.

Even without the shipping tag this is a great story so far with an equally great premise.

Equestrian activity in Equestria?! :rainbowlaugh:This is gonna be a "wild" ride indeed! :twilightsheepish:

Very well written so far. I could imagine Rainbow being exactly like this. I like these sort of stories, because they don't set up huge character changing events that could conflict with the show or characters.:rainbowlaugh:


New Chapter!


And now is the part where I harshly edit you using lyrics.

""an quadruple"

"a" not "an"

""after all, maneuvers that were comparatively easy to pull off for fliers were likely .""

unfinished sentence.

"Rainbow Dash looked down at the ground for several second."

I'm MC Don't-Know-How-To-Pluralize-Word

I got so many rhyme and I sleep with all the girl

When there's more of one of something you're supposed to pluralize

But I never learned that throughout all the year I've been alive

This chapter was great. I wonder if this will lead up to an actual derby where Twi acts as Dash's jockey in a real race?:rainbowhuh:


Thanks.  I usually spot that sort of thing myself about an hour after posting, regardless of how much proofreading I've done.


Yup. I'm the same way.

At first I started this because the premise was interesting, now I'm genuinely hooked and left wanting for more. Good Job, you've successfully drawn me in to your story.:twilightsheepish:

>>331402 I see that happening a lot in the future.:pinkiehappy:

This story is so full of :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::pinkiegasp::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: Thank-you, Thank-you!

Much muffins for you!:derpytongue2:

I can't wait for the future misinterpretations that I hope to see from the rest of the mane 6.

Twilight is such a boss. She reads books and trains the fasted pony in Equestria. I was thinking of a Dash fic where a new pony rivals Dash (it has probably been done:ajbemused:. This story here may inspire me to get on that, as i have not written anything here yet.

Thanks for the fun story so far.:twilightsmile:

A very nice chapter. I like the characterization of Dash, though Twilight still feels a bit off. But other than that, it's a good read so far. :pinkiesmile:

I'm not sure how Rainbow Dash has ailerons, but ... okay!


I couldn't think of what the equivalent of ailerons are on bird (and, by extension, pegasus) wings.  I eventually decided that it was better to use an existing term that might not have a reason to exist in Equestria than to make up my own term and bog down the narrative further with even more of my wordiness as I explained what I was talking about.


Fair enough! Birds don't need ailerons, because they can move their entire wings (one wing up and the other down) to make turns. I am a pilot, so I couldn't help but notice. Good story, by the way!

Very funny, I even know where your talking about, with those aerobatics, that is! Keep it up!


Very interesting. Tracked. Keep it up :pinkiehappy:


it was really fun to read.

But the last sentence is bugging me.

I do not think that Twilight would be so snippy and bossy towards Spike like that.

It was like: "Shut up slave. Back to work!"

Maybe something more like

"That's a secret *giggle*. Are all books shelved already?"

Overall definatly a like from me!

"Greaves," not grieves.  Greaves are armor for your shins.  Grieving is what you do at a funeral.  At Twilight's funeral, in the hopefully unlikely event she plummets to her demise.  

This certainly promises to be an entertaining fic. :twilightsheepish:


Thanks.  I thought it didn't look right, but Chrome's spellcheck doesn't recognize "greaves" as an actual word, so I got thrown off.

Looks good for some friendshipping (can never have enough of that) consider me on board for the ride. Liking and tracking.

Fun story! Hope to see more of it soon :twilightsmile:

>>341979 You could simply call it a wing roll, or feather roll. Those have no flare, though. Just make up a Pegasus pony named Aileron something, and claim him to be the first pony to do one.

I really laughed at the portion about barrel rolls vs aileron rolls.


Love the story so far :)

One thing I noticed was you said the word "sapient" which means human, and I think that you meant "sentient" which means intelligent. :twilightsmile: Keep up the good work, I love how Twi argues with Rainbow over the words!


This is the single most amazing comment I have ever read.  Bravo.

If this story does not spawn a thousand clopfics I will be shocked to my core.  Frankly, I half expect this to end up a clopfic.  I am as of yet undecided as to how I would take such a development.


Unlikely to get cloppy since it's on EqD now. It would need 2 versions to not be taken down.

Also if you liked those lyrics, here's a PMV of the song they're from.

>>343895 Incorrect, Sapient means having complex emotions. Gorillas for example are sapient as they can form complex emotional bonds. Crows are not sapient as they don't have anything close to emotions beyond 'hungry' 'sex' and 'danger'. Both are sentient however, as both can solve puzzles that require lateral thinking.


I had the same problem in one of my stories and eventually came to the same conclusion and just gave up and used "aileron roll". Clearly, someone needs to write about Aileron and his/her groundbreaking work in pegasus aerobatics.

Anyway, fun stuff so far!

>>341979 Hmm, adjusting the tilt of your wings might have the same general effect. A barrel roll involves stiff wings, while the other involves tilting your wings to gain air-pressure assistance.

That was awesome. I'm looking forward the next chapters :twilightsmile:


Actually Whiteeyes you have it the wrong way around. Sapient refers to being wise, its second meaning referring to being human, as in "homosapien". Sentient refers to feelings and self awareness. One of the big tests for sentience is the mirror test. An animal is considered sentient if it can recognize itself as the one in the mirror.

Very nice writing. Tracking this.

*Rainbow Dash struggles to get the request out, Twilight cocks her head in confusion as RD stutters.  Finally, the words break loose and tumble from RD's mouth in a rapid jumble which managed to create the most awkward sentence possible*  Twilight, I need you to ride me right now!  :rainbowderp:

*Twilight WHUAAAA!!!*  :twilightoops:

*Alondro detects trolling potential!  He acts!*

“What was that all about?” came Spike’s voice from upstairs.

Twilight glared at her assistant.  “It’s none of your business, Spike.  I'm just going to be riding Rainbow Dash a couple days a week from now on!   Turns out riding a pegasus mare that much is very tiring work!  Now quit eavesdropping and get back to sorting those books!”

Spike:  O_____________o  

#48 · 138w, 6d ago · · · Busy Child ·

This is definitely one of my new favorite story's due to its execution and unique idea.


#49 · 138w, 6d ago · · · Busy Child ·

Yes! Can't wait till the next chapter! :rainbowkiss:

I wonder what the Dash has in mind?

#50 · 138w, 6d ago · · 2 · Busy Child ·

Wow. That is a LOT of technical info. Points for doing your research, but you might not want to show it off this prominently. People generally don't come here to learn, so being bombarded with so much info might rub them the wrong way.

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