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Oh god, this is one of those fics.

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Indeed it is. My Celestia. What have I done.

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"To celebrate the thwarting of an embarrassing elevation of the skin, Twilight decided to throw a Mexican barbecue right then and there. And I mean she actually rounded up a bunch of Mexicans, shoved them into a grill, and threw them off her lawn. Not only had she solved her pimple problem, Twilight Sparkle had also solved America’s immigration problem."

Oh estimado caballero... usted a tocado un tema crudo de la triste realidad de los inmigrantes ilegales... es por eso que debo admitir que me ha causado gracia su relato, ademas se ha ganado un nuevo seguidor.

saludos cordiales señor.

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*sigh*, this is badly written and boring, so i'm not even going to bother with the rest.

#6 · 130w, 6d ago · · ·

wat... da..... buck??? :rainbowhuh:

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