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    When the Element of Harmony are Stolen and a new threat appears, the Mane 6 take up a new power, the power of ZEO!
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    When Fluttershy wins a free mansion, she find it full with ghosts!
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  • E The Mare that can make anything, Radiance

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    Months after Defeating the Chaos Soldiers and Night Star, Rainbow was hoping for rest, but now they return and so has Mega Mare Dash!
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  • Today
    Pony Creed: Princess Assassin

    One of my Pony Creed stories has one of the Princesses become an Assassin and that is Princess Luna. Before the second Assassin-Templar war in Equestria, The Templars was able to over take Canterlot that at as the main base for Applejack when she was a secret Assassin. The Assassin's try to protect Canterlot, by lost. Luckily, all the ponies living there escape. During the second Assassin-Templar war, Canterlot remain as the Templars capital until Luna finish her Training as an the first Princess Assassin. Knowing that Canterlot will help the Assassin's greatly, Luna goes in solo and fight off the Templars so her home can be return to the rightful rulers, here a demo of Luna sneaking in and assassinating an Templar.

    The war between the Templars and the Assassin's has been going on for years, during that time, the Templars were losing land and allies. The Griffin Kingdom as turn traitor and join the Assassin's, they had two Templars turn Assassin's and fail to take over the Zebra Country and the Crystal Empire. Now the Assassin's was getting stronger. Let follow an Assassin who came to free her home and kill any Templars that stands in her way.

    Two guards stood over the gate to Canterlot, their spears high and ready. After a few seconds, one of the guards decide to talk with the other.

    "Hey, have you heard that Assassin's are planing to retake the Castle?" One of them ask.

    "As if! We have the best Templars here! The Grand-Master knew that Assassin's will try so he send his best one here! There's no way and Assassin can get..." He started to say before he was silence.

    His partner turn only to see some blue and black knock him off his hooves and something sharp enter his neck and kill him. The pony stood up, showing it was wearing a blue robe with black on the sleeves, in middle of the of it hood and sides of the open robes. There was one thing that stood out on the pony, an belt with the Assassin symbol on it. This pony is an member of the Assassin's! not only that the pony was built to be a mare. She jump on the first house and ran across it and kept moving. She found a few guards on the rooftops. She sneak up and assassinate the first guard with her hidden blade. She jump over to the next one and air assassinate the other one. She move and spotted four guards together. She hid behind a part of the roof.

    "Canterlot sure is a nice place." One said.

    "Yeah! The false leaders made have got away, but we have it now." Another said.

    "Yeah, there no way the Assassin's can stop us!" An third agree.

    "Enough! We must be careful, the Assassin's do have ways to blend in. We can't let our down down!" The fourth said, have the Assassin know that was her target.

    She step out and quietly up to the guards. Her hidden blades shine as she stood on two hooves and assassinate two guards. Her blades was made out of crystal, thanks to the crystal ponies. She turn and drew her sword as she block the third Guard attack and push the sword away and stab him in the chest. She turn to block another swing and push the Templar back. She swing her sword making him block and was disarm before an hidden blade pierce through his next. The Assassin lay him down as he stare into the cover face of the Assassin.

    "How did you get in here? There was no way..." He ask.

    "You Templars has hold the princesses home for too long. It time or it to be return to it rightful rules." The Assassin said.

    "The Princesses are false rulers. The ponies need some pony that will lead them and the Templars are the ones for the job." The Templar said.

    "No, Ponies need to be living free. Not control." The Assassin disagree.

    "Why do you care?" The Templar ask before his eyes close and went limb.

    "Because, me and my sister miss it. May you rest in peace." The Assassin said lay him down.

    She stood up and pull down her hood to show her star like mind and a horn on her head. An crown sat on top of her head as well as she turn to the viewers.

    "Canterlot belongs to the me and Celestia. I will get it back." Said the Princess of the night, Princess Luna!

    That my demo chapter, Luna doing a bit of assassination and taking down her target. Once I get to the real story, Luna will have move things to do and more of Canterlot to be free. What did you think?

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  • Thursday
    Rainbow Dash and Danny Phantom crossover story

    On my homepage on Fanfiction, I started a story that was a crossover of DP/MLP with Indiana Jones mix in. The plot was this, Danny and Rainbow have been friends for a few months (As for how I'll put up later) and Danny and his friends from Amity Park goes to Equestria to enjoy Nightmare Night. When looking for the new Daring Do book, they get suck inside the book and must follow it to the end to get out. I only got two chapters done and didn't continue afterwords. But I did have the third chapter plan and that was a chase scene for the last piece of the treasure, only in Indiana Jones style! Sad part is, I'm not good at that. So before Pony Creed, which by the way is almost done with the first chapter, This one will get put up. I want to share it here and it from my earlier time as a writer. So go easy if you dislike it. If you want to know how Danny and Rainbow Dash meet read this.. At the time I had a partner who was just like me in writing. Enjoy!

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  • Monday
    First Chapter of Pony Creed: Last of the Assassins

    I'm working on the first chapter of my own Assassin's Creed and I have Applejack first mission plan out. Here are the Mission Objectives,

    1. Follow Twilight to the Train Station without being discover.

    2. Avoid the Royal Guards.

    3. Sneak into Canterlot Castle and learn more about the Assassin's and Templars.

    4. Save Princess Celestia.

    That how I want it plan for the future Missions and future stories of Pony Creed. At the same time I'm working on Chrysalis Assassin Creed Story call Pony Creed: Changeling. Feel free to send your own missions for any of them. I should place out who going to be the Assassin's later in my stories.

    Applejack-Last Assassin, later Mentor Assassin

    Cutie Mark Crusades- Young Assassin's, Four Assassins

    Chrysalis-Changeling Assassin

    Rarity-Beauty Assassin

    Twilight-Study Assassin

    Rainbow-Reckless Assassin

    Fluttershy-Kind Assassin, Scare Assassin

    Pinkie-Fun Assassin

    Spike-Dragon Assassin

    Luna-Princess Assassin

    Each one of them has a title. Applejack becomes the Mentor later in my Story and trains the Cutie Mark Crusades to becomes Assassin's on the second story. The others will be done in time.

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  • 1w, 1d
    Allies in the first and second Assassin-Templar War. (My version)

    This blog will tell you all the Allies that join either the Assassin's or Templar's in the first and second war. So for there are four creatures that had been involve with the War.

    Changelings-In the first war the Changeling had no clue about the war until they were attack by the Templars. The Changelings stood no chance and was nearly wipe out. Thanks to Chrysalis, a savoir, the Changelings has train themselves to be Assassin's as well. They remain Allies to the Assassin's in the Second War.

    Dragons-In the first war they were the Templar's Allies due to their hate for ponies. They agree to work with the Templars to destroy the ponies. In the Second War, the Dragons once more side with the Templars agreeing that Celestia and Luna was false rulers. There is only one Dragon that side with the Assassins and that's Spike.

    Griffins-They were left alone in the first war. In the second war, the Griffins sided with the Templars after promising Equestria to them. However, thanks to Rarity, the Templars hold was weaken and plans of betrayal was found. Upset, the Griffins cut their ties with the Templars and join the Assassin's.

    Diamond Dogs-Due to being underground, they had no clue about the First War. They side with the Templars before the Second after kidnapping Rarity. They join the second War as the Templars Allies to get back at Applejack.

    That all for now. I bet you're wondering about the Crystal Ponies. Well, I have not yet decided if they well take part in the Second Assassin-Templar war.  I will say that they never was around during the first Assassin-Templar War.

    Speaking of the first Assassin-Templar War, the first war was fought in secret, so no pony knew of it. It end just as secret too, with both the Assassin's and Templar's going into hiding, making many believe that they were wipe out.

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  • 1w, 1d
    Never knew this!

    Since I'm just getting into Assassin's Creed, I never hear of this one call Assassin's Creed III: Liberation, which take place during the main game and in this one you play as a Female Assassin! I seen some Female Assassins in some of the other games and I wish that you can play a female Assassin, but this game surprise me. I have already watch a bit of it and it look's like Rarity can fit this Assassin role. The Female Assassin name is Aveline de Grandpré who has other outfits that make her blend in, there the Assassin Outfit, Slave Outfit and Lady Outfit. I just started to look through game and I don't know if there more.

    Now on to what I mean about Rarity doing this Assassin's Creed game. Rarity can do this game because is already Lady-like and can easy be train as an Assassin, but I better give a plot in order to help think on how it works. This one take place during my second Pony Creed story where Rarity is an Assassin send to the Griffin Kingdom which the Templars grain favor of the Griffins. Rarity mission is to weaken the hold of the Templars so the Griffins can help Equestria. It also discover that the Griffins has taken ponies as slave giving Rarity her Slave outfit. As time goes she will have missions and weaken the Templars. The only thing missing is a title, it will be call Pony Creed, but like the one before it, I need a name for too what I want.

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  • ...

It was a few days after the first attack by the bat-creatures, now known to be called Batlings. After the attack, ponies started to treat the three former minions of Nightmare Moon like normal zebras, griffins, and unicorns, respectively. However, Trixie was feeling confused and conflicted about one crucial thing- her morpher.

The unicorn sighed, staring across the town of Ponyville. ...Why do I have the Red Ranger's morpher again? I was sure if I became a Ranger again… I wouldn't be the Red one… so why am I the Red Ranger in the team again? It doesn't make sense… Her ears then perked up, hearing a pony come up behind her. "...What is it, Zecora?" She turned to see the zebra, who looked unsurprised.

"I have come to sit with thee, and help you realize how you can be free. You can speak your mind, as I am here to be kind." She shrugged, smiling softly.

Trixie sighed, looking at the ground. "...It's just… Why is Trixie a Red Ranger again? The Unsure and Confused Trixie was sure she'd be another color… maybe Yellow, or Pink… but I'm red again… Why? The Powerful and Surprised Trixie not a leader… I don't think I'm a good leader, at least…" She turned and looked at Zecora as the zebra sat next to her. "...Why were we chosen for these colors? I mean, Gilda's PINK of all things… The Great... Trixie would have thought GILDA would be Red, not herself…"

"It is as the princess had said- we all are our colors, and you are red." Trixie frowned, turning away. "...Why do you refuse yourself so? Until you respond, I will not go." Zecora frowned worriedly for the unicorn.

"...I… I already told you… I don't think I can BE the Red Ranger, the leader of the team…" Trixie sighed, lowering her constant show personality. "...I'm worried if I do, I'll bring everyone down with me…"

Zecora blinked before chuckling. "My friend, do not worry so- for your worries make your leadership qualities show. You are worried to fail us, but that shows that having you as the Red Ranger and our leader is a plus."

Trixie blinked, turning to Zecora. "...Y...You mean it? I…. you think so?" The Yellow Ranger nodded and she smiled, sniffing as she stood up. "T...thanks, Zecora… I needed that, a lot."

In the chamber far below Ponyville, the five figures all were lurking in the shadows. One, which looked like a mix between a lion, a scorpion, and a dragon, smirked. "So, Sunset, is the monster ready? I can't wait to send it out for havoc!"

"Calm yourself, Chimaera. We will cause havoc soon; but for now… we must test the Rangers." Sunset spoke up again, frowning at him; she did not appreciate his reckless behavior, even if he was one of the stronger demons here...

Chimaera nodded reluctantly. "Y...Yes, Sunset… I suppose so… I guess I forgot…"

"We've all forgotten due our time imprisoned, and thus our minds are slow- but that is no excuse!" she barked angrily. "It's time to choose a monster to release… Hmmmm…" She pulled out a set of cards, thinking. "...I'll use Heat Wave, it'll show us how they react to a living accident…" She smirked, pulling out a card that showed a huge pony who was on fire. "Go, my demon, and wreak havoc, testing the new Lightspeed Rescue Pony Rangers!" She tossed the card into a nearby pit before it began to glow.

Vinyl was walking through the castle's corridors- ever since she had become the Blue Ranger, Princess Luna was letting them stay at the castle. She was bobbing her head to some music she was listening to, trying to make more music for her DJ Pon3 act, before she accidentally tripped over someone! "Whoa! Hey, watch where you're-" She then stopped, noticing it was a stallion with a horn- a unicorn, just like her. He wore a lab coat covering his cutie mark, which looked odd on him, but she dismissed it. "...Oh, my bad- was too busy listening to the wubs…" She chuckled sheepishly, rubbing the back of her head.

The stallion shrugged, "Oh, it's fine… I was just on the way to the lab. You're Vinyl Scratch, right? The Blue Pony Ranger for Lightspeed Rescue?"

Vinyl nodded, grinning. "Well, yeah, duh! I gotta say, it's pretty cool- like the morpher?" She held it out for him to see, and the stallion chuckled, as if hearing a particularly funny joke. "Hey, what's so funny? It's my morpher, not a joke!"

"Right, my apologies, it's just… Well, you'll find out soon enough." The stallion stood up, brushing himself off. "Well, I've gotta get going- see you around, okay?" Vinyl nodded slowly, confused at what was going on, but before she could speak he went walking down the hallway at a brisk pace.

"...What was his big job?" Vinyl asked herself, confused, before she shrugged. "Oh well, back to the wubs!" She put her headphones back on, which had fallen off her ears, and continued down the hallway, bobbing her head and not hearing the morpher go off, calling her as a Ranger.

Every one of the other Rangers had heard the call, though, and they all arrived at the theater where they had all met, thanks to the teleporters in their morphers. Derpy looked around, whistling in awe at how the place had been gutted of all the seats and replaced with dozens of ponies working at various computer stations and workbenches. "Wow, this is pretty cool!" She smiled, before bumping into a computer desk, spilling the coffee over the stallion at work by accident. "W-whoops, sorry!" She chuckled sheepishly.

The stallion shook his head, going off to collect some paper towels quickly so the mess would be cleaned up before anything could be damaged. Derpy frowned, feeling a little guilty, before Trixie put a hoof on her shoulder. "It's fine, Derpy- you're here to help, and that's all that matters to us. But where is Princess Luna? The Great and Powerful Trixie doesn't have all day!" She looked around, almost snobbishly upset, before feeling wind on her face from above. She looked up and saw Princess Luna, landing from a skylight in the ceiling which had opened.

"Lightspeed Rescue, welcome to the new Theater Base. It's essentially the Command Center for the Element Rangers, only with more technology I had found during some travels I had made, similar to the Power Coins and even your Rescue Morphers." The alicorn smiled, gesturing around. "Now then, I would like to introduce you to the creator of your new Zords, the Rail Rescues."

Gilda grinned happily. "We get our own Zords!? Awesome!" She then frowned, seeing a dark blue stallion with a horn and a lab coat. He wore glasses and had a brown mane, and was looking over a clipboard with some notes on it. "Who's this nerd? He seems boring," she commented, rolling her eyes.

The stallion looked up and smiled. "Ah, Princess Luna- thank you for getting the Rangers here. Well, most of them anyways…" He glanced over to where a fifth pony would be, and Luna frowned. "But it's fine, I'll introduce her to it later. Now, I am Dr. Relian, and I'm the creator of both your morphers, and most recently, your Zords." Gilda's jaw dropped, and he smirked. "Not so boring now, am I?"

Zecora smiled. "Boring you are not, but what is it you have sought? Coming here is no mean feat, and I must say, we all must be feeling the heat."

Luna sighed. "That actually is why you're all here. Rangers… we have a monster on the loose, ready to attack Ponyville. He's coming towards the town as we speak, and we need to protect it while the Element Rangers are away! But, we need ALL of the Rangers, not just four!"

The Rangers all nodded, before Trixie spoke up. "...Right, so what can we do about Vinyl? She's not here, and the Great and Powerful Trixie can't wait!"

Dr. Relian shook his head. "I'll wire the teleporter to bring her here…" He quickly tapped on a keyboard, and a blue light appeared, coming through the skylight the princess had come out of earlier and forming Vinyl. "There you are, Blue Ranger!"

Vinyl blinked, startled. "W-wha!? Huh?! Where am I!?" She then froze, seeing an angry Luna.

"You're here to be a Ranger, Vinyl Scratch!" she almost growled angrily. "I know you're DJ Pon3 on the side, but you don't get any special treatment because of it! If I need to, I can take the morpher away and give it to someone else." Vinyl paled, quickly shaking her head. "Good, but we'll talk more about this later. Then we have an agreement. You all morph and board the Rescue Rails, your new Zords."

Vinyl blinked, but was too worried that if she spoke up, she'd be in even bigger trouble, to ask about it. She nodded. "Y-yes ma'am!" She saluted before the five Rangers held up their morphers.

"LIGHTSPEED RESCUE!" they all shouted, before pressing a button on it, and it began the morphing process.

Trixie went first this time. A huge shield moved towards her, colored red and white. She was covered in the same color, and her helmet formed with a gas mask underneath, leaving only her eyes to be seen before a visor shaped like a firefighter's badge covered them and the whole mask. Her horn was covered in the uniform, showing.

Zecora was next. Like Trixie before her, the huge shield moved towards her, colored yellow and white. She became covered in the same colors, and her helmet formed with a gas mask underneath, leaving only her eyes to be seen before a visor covered them in the shape of a square.

Vinyl was next; the huge shield moved towards her, colored blue and white. She became covered in the same colors, and her helmet formed with a gas mask underneath, leaving only her eyes to be seen before a visor covered them in the shape of a police badge. Her horn was also showing like Trixie, covered in the same colors.

Derpy was next. She smiled as the huge shield moved towards her, colored green and white. She became covered in the same colors, and her helmet formed with a gas mask underneath, leaving only her eyes to be seen before a visor covered them in the shape of a narrower triangle. Her wings were covered in green and showed she was a pegasus.

Finally, Gilda was last. Like the others before her, the huge shield moved towards her, colored pink and white. She became covered in the same colors, and her helmet formed with a gas mask underneath, leaving only her eyes to be seen before a visor covered them in the shape of a triangle. Her wings and claws were also covered in the uniform, showing she was still a griffin.

Gilda grumbled, seeing the accursed color PINK again… She groaned, before saluting. "Rescue Ranger, Pink…"

"Rescue Ranger, Blue." Vinyl grinned under her mask, saluting.

"Rescue Ranger, Green." Derpy stumbled slightly before saluting.

"Rescue Ranger, Yellow." Zecora saluted as well, chuckling.

"Rescue Ranger, Red." Trixie saluted, acting very professional.

The five got into a pre-rehearsed position, shouting "PONY RANGERS, LIGHTSPEED RESCUE!"

Dr. Relian grinned. "Alright, you five, let's get started. Get in the Rail Rescues, we've got a prototype teleportation device to get you all there before the monster can destroy too much!"

"What!? P-Prototype!? You never tested it before!?" Vinyl gulped nervously, afraid she might die from this.

Luna nodded. "He's mentioned it before, but they've tested it on nonliving items; hopefully it will work on nonliving items with living creatures inside… Now hurry, we don't want anyone to be hurt!"

The Rangers nodded slowly, resisting the urge to just run away due to that scary fact, before rushing into a nearby room with five circles, each with one of their colors on it. They smiled, seeing their new Zords. They quickly got into them in the following order:

Trixie got into Pyro Rescue 1, which was a firetruck, and drove it into her respective Rail Rescue unit.

Vinyl got into Aqua Rescue 2, which was a water tanker, and drove it into her part of the Rail Rescue.

Zecora got into Haz Rescue 4, a yellow hazmat truck with a grab claw, before driving it into the Rail Rescue.

Derpy stumbled as she got into Aero Rescue 3, a green air jet, and flew it into Rail Rescue 3 with little difficulty.

Finally, Gilda got into Med Rescue 5, glad it wasn't pink, and drove it into Rail Rescue 5, groaning at the small bit of pink on it.

The ponies at the site waited until they got into the Rail Rescues, before Dr. Relian pulled a switch, and they all teleported away, Zords and all.

When the Zords appeared at the site, the Rangers gasped at the size of the monster. It almost looked like a vastly oversized earth pony… except for the fact that it was made of pure magma and rock just above the magma. "HAHAHAHAHA! BURN! BUUUUURN! BUUURN THE WORLD!" He cackled madly, before noticing the Zords. "Ah, more things to burn, I see!"

Trixie frowned nervously, as it almost seemed the same size as the Ursa Minor from her past… but she quickly got over that factor. "We've arrived, Princess!" They all quickly drove the Zords out of the Rail Rescue, before noticing some ponies trapped in a nearby building. "We've got some civilians trapped, but it's surrounded by lava! We need to cool that down…"

"No sweat, I've got this!" Vinyl grinned, about to rush in with her music pumping inside the Zord.

Luna frowned, hearing this over the headset she was wearing. "Negative, you need to work together! You have the water, but as it is now you can't access it. You need to work together!"

Vinyl frowned. "Oh fine, but this had better be fast!" With that, Derpy picked up the Blue Ranger's Zord with her magnetic claws, and flew up fast by accident before slowing down. "H-hey, slow down, I'm fragile!"

"Oops, sorry!" Derpy apologized sheepishly, as Zecora and Gilda's Zords quickly made a pair of legs, which Derpy guided Vinyl's Zord into place.

"Alright, let's go! Water cannons, extinguish!" The four water cannons on Viny's Zord began shooting water, cooling the lava down at an astonishing rate as Gilda and Zecora's Zords began taking her closer so she could get more lava. "Alright, this is almost as cool as my music!"

Soon, the lava had cooled to rock, and Trixie's Zord quickly moved towards the building, Gilda and Zecora having moved into her Zord so Vinyl could control it. "Lightspeed Ladders, go!" The ladders on her Zord began to extend, with the three of them inside one of the buckets at the end. The three jumped through a nearby broken window. "Alright, we need to find the citizens on this level and get out- we don't have much time!"

"Right!" the two other Rangers said, nodding in affirmation before all three split up. Zecora soon found three fillies, who were on the ground unconscious from the smoke. She called for the others, and as soon as they got there, the three Rangers began to carry them out of the building, quickly climbing back in the bucket.

"You might wanna hurry, guys!" Derpy warned nervously. "The monster's getting closer, and he doesn't seem too happy!"

Trixie frowned in worry. "You two get these fillies to safety- the Great and Powerful Trixie will handle this!" Gilda frowned behind her helmet, but she and Zecora nodded, quickly running off with three fillies on their backs as soon as they got back to the ground. Trixie got back in her Zord, just before the monster, Heat Wave, smashed down the building, nearly crushing the Zord. To her shock, the wheels couldn't get enough traction! "N-no!"

Derpy frowned, before rushing to Trixie's aid. "I've got you!" Her Zord grabbed Pyro Rescue with the magnetic claws, lifting it out of the rubble.

"Thank you, Derpy." Trixie nodded in thanks. "Now let's get into Megazord mode! Activated, Lightspeed Rescue!"

With that, Trixie's Zord began to turn into the torso and front legs, Derpy's Zord still carrying it. Heat Wave growled in anger as the torso quickly connected the back legs, which had been formed by the other three Zords beforehand, before landing on the ground, causing a small tremor. Derpy's Zord then landed on the torso, forming the head and retracting her magnet claws. "LIGHTSPEED RESCUE, MEGAZORD MODE!"

"WHAT!? NO!" Heat Wave growled, trying to fire more magma in their way. It was no use, though, as the Megazord began to just walk through it without a cinch. "Wha- how's that possible!? You're supposed to burn!"

"The Great and Powerful Trixie isn't burning today!" Trixie then pressed a giant button. "Power Buck, online!" With that, the Megazord turned around, and began to kick the giant monster repeatedly. "Power Kick! Hope you enjoy your flight!" With that, the Megazord got under the monster and gave it one last kick into the air with all four hooves, destroying it. "We… We did it!"

Vinyl nodded, smiling. "Alright, awesome! I can definitely make music with this!" Everyone sweatdropped, before the Rail Rescues and the Megazord were teleported back to the Theater Base, and the Rangers demorphed.

"Hey, Vinyl?" Derpy said, smiling. "You did great out there… but we all need to work together as a team if we want to beat these guys for good. Like we did today!"

"..." Vinyl sighed, slowly nodding. "...Alright, I see your point… Until these monsters are defeated, DJ Pon3 is on a hiatus!" She then noticed Dr. Relian and grinned slightly, rushing over. "Hey, you're that guy from before! You work here? Awesome!"

The unicorn chuckled, nodding. "Why yes, actually I do. In fact, I designed everything." With that, he walked away, leaving Vinyl stunned. The other Rangers laughed, before pretending to beatbox before mimicking an explosion.

Vinyl turned to them slowly. "...He- he designed all this?" They nodded, grinning. "...Wow… I feel kind of stupid.."

They all laughed at that, walking away and not noticing Dr. Relian put on some headphones and listen to a certain unicorn's music…

Author's Note:

Now this has Trixie question about be a red ranger, to clear that up Trixie was one a evil Red Ranger in season 2 of the Element Pony Rangers. Also it look like Vinyl has a love interest doesn't it? Next chapter will cover Trixie problem as a Red Ranger and she meets two Red Rangers before her.

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