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  • 1w, 3d
    The State of the Site

    So, I've noticed a rather saddening trend lately. People have become such arrogant bastards on this site. They demand that authors do what THEY want, how THEY want it, and that it happens immediately. And if they don't get what they want, the start attacking the author. What the fuck, guys?

    And I don't know what's worst. While most of the people making the complaints are nobodies with few to no stories on their pages, a number of these people are successful authors who decide to spend their spare time insulting other people. Have they let success go to their heads?

    I think this is why I haven't done any writing in the past few weeks. FIMFiction has become so toxic that I no longer feel like contributing. So, congratulations. Congratulations, you arrogant sacks of shit, you mass of bastards. You have destroyed what made this site fun for me, and for others.

    47 comments · 405 views
  • 17w, 2d
    Well, I'm back


    It was fun. Tiring as all hell, though. SO MUCH WALKING.

    I did learn a few neat things about myself, though. Namely that I am much fitter than I thought. It took several days for the exhaustion and pain to really hit. The fact that this coincides with the climb to the twelfth temple, Shosanji, the climb of which takes about six hours and is nothing but a large number of uphill and downhill climbs, as well as being the first section known as 'where a pilgrim falls over' has nothing to do with that. I'm sure.

    Also, I may be as crazy as I joke I am. Walking the pilgrimage involved a lot of time alone. I started hearing things. I was hearing cars where there couldn't be cars, and full-on conversations. Then, there was a woman's voice calling my name. That was all the prerogative I needed to get the fuck out.

    So, after reaching the 23rd temple, I went backwards from the last temple (temple 88). I made it temple 51, Ishiteji, in the city of Matsuyama. Then I spent several days just lazily enjoying one of Japan's oldest bathhouses. Why wouldn't I? I don't think I'd get a chance to enjoy a national treasure like that again any time soon.

    Anyway, here I am back at my grandmother's place. Um, yeah. Uh, expect updates in the future, I guess.

    11 comments · 164 views
  • 20w, 1d
    Hiatus inbound

    So, starting tomorrow (the 10th of July) I will be going on the Shikoku Junrei. It's a multisite pilgrimage of 88 temples on the island of Shikoku. It's a long trip, especially as I plan on walking it. I don't expect to complete the pilgrimage, but hell, I'm not gonna get another chance like this for a long time.

    This means a hiatus. Potentially a long one, depending on how long I last. The average time it takes to complete the pilgrimage on foot is 40 days. Like I said, I don't expect to last that long, but I will damn well try. I will not have a laptop with me, as I cannot afford to bring what might be dead weight. No telling if anywhere I'll be staying has wireless internet, after all. So, all work on all my fics will grind to a momentary halt. Hopefully when I return I am somewhat enlightened and fitter.

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  • 24w, 2d
    A Land of Contrasts

    So. Japan.

    Today is the first day I really, actually did anything properly tourist-y.

    It started with me going to Hiroshima. And clearly one can think of exactly one thing when you hear that name.

    Let me tell you, the Peace Memorial Museum is an incredible place. I left emotionally drained. There was this overwhelming sense of grief and horror the entire time I was there, which was only encouraged by some of the things there. Words don't do the place justice, it's one of those things you need to experience for yourself. I may put some of the photos I took later.

    Anyway, about the title of this post. Contrasts.

    On the Shinkansen to Tokyo from Shin-Osaka (because my JR Pass doesn't include the one Shinkansen that goes from Hiroshima to Tokyo), I noticed something. There I was, sitting in one of the most impressive feats of mechanical engineering ever, passing by countryside that looked about 50 years out of place. Japan's staple is rice, so there were quite literally rice patties everywhere. It was... surreal, I guess.

    It really hit when I got to Tokyo. It's a metropolis, bright lights and thousands of people visible at any given moment. Yet, barely a hundred kilometers away is a countryside where not much has changed for decades. It is really strange.

    8 comments · 143 views
  • 27w, 16h
    Malaysian Stopover


    Rambling. Nothing but rambling.

    So, the flight from Adelaide to Kuala Lumpur was uneventful. It was like a long bus ride, except there were toilets on-board. I also managed to travel back in time, kinda. Time zones are magical like that.

    Anyway, I have about seven hours before my next flight leaves. This wouldn't be so bad, except that the international departures area is sort of half-built. No, really. There is only a Gloria Jean's and a McDonalds to get food from. Maybe a dozen of the duty-free shops are actually open. And the gate I got in at smelt like plaster.

    And the internet here doesn't let me in to a large number of sites I'd go to for the purpose of time-killing. And is time-restricted.


    Wow this was just me rambling. I better put something meaningful in here...

    Oh yeah. I'm getting some art done for SSDW. It's a part of the story that'll show up later, and is best described as 'Fucked up'.

    2 comments · 120 views
  • ...

After a mishap involving the Transportalponder, the Courier finds himself in a place he doesn't recognize. With no way back and nothing else to do, he decides that wandering into the nearest town is the best option. Being the Courier, things aren't that simple...

A Fallout: New Vegas/My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic crossover

The style alternates between omnipresent third-person and the Courier recounting his tale to... Well, take a guess.

  • 01 · 6th Apr 2012
  • 02 · 3rd Apr 2012
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  • 03 · 6th Apr 2012
  • 04 · 12th Apr 2012
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First Published
30th Mar 2012
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12th Sep 2012
#1 · 138w, 6d ago · · · 01 ·

This was pretty interesting.

I hope the next whim comes soon. :moustache:

#3 · 138w, 6d ago · · · 01 ·

Interesting :) a bit silly but still enjoyable :)

#5 · 138w, 6d ago · · · 01 ·


(I hate Nightkin. Especially the way they appear three feet in front of you with a freaking sledgehammer!)

Trust me, I'm right there with you bro.

#6 · 138w, 6d ago · · · 01 ·

Almost wish the luck stat was lower. That way you can justify bad things happening to him by him being naturally unlucky.

#7 · 138w, 6d ago · · · 01 ·

:twilightsmile: Nice.

#8 · 138w, 6d ago · · · 01 ·

I know how you feel about the nightkin bro. I've been there.

#9 · 138w, 6d ago · · · 01 ·

This is my first Fallout new vegas crossover. I will be expecting results.:moustache:

#10 · 138w, 6d ago · · · 01 ·

more please :pinkiehappy:

#12 · 138w, 6d ago · · · 01 ·

Do continue this. It is certainly an interesting concept, and I can't wait to see how the rest of the pony community reacts to the courier, especially as over-armed as he seems to be.

#13 · 138w, 6d ago · · · 01 ·

This is gewd

#14 · 138w, 6d ago · · · 01 ·

Normally I try not to get into Fallout Equestria sidefics. Last time I did, Hroizons happened, and I'm still reading that one.

#15 · 138w, 6d ago · · · 01 ·

I had this idea for a fanfic yesterday. IS SOMEONE MONITORING MY THOUGHTS?

#16 · 138w, 6d ago · · · 01 ·

>>385600 That's supposed to be a government secret! Oh, whoops... He... He... Disregard my comment.

#20 · 138w, 6d ago · · · 01 ·

Very interesting I hope you decide to update it soon :D

#22 · 138w, 6d ago · · · 01 ·

[Insert BRILLIANT Image Here]

#23 · 138w, 6d ago · · · 01 ·

My only qualm is that you didnt use the Dinner bell with 4/0 handload buckshot.  YOU FOOL!:twilightoops:

#24 · 138w, 6d ago · · · 01 ·


I'm sorry, which is cooler, shooting a manticore with a shotgun, or PUNCHING IT TO DEATH!?

#25 · 138w, 6d ago · · · 01 ·

This is absolutely one of the most interesting crossovers I've read- and I'm definitely going to track this. It's got a lot of potential. One thing I'd like to ask, though, is that after having played Fallout: NV to level 50 several times (as well as knowing a few people to have done the same) , what kind of Courier doesn't carry around ridiculous amounts of Antivenom for when those damn Cazadors decide to show up and ruin everyone's day?

Joking questions aside, I wonder how Rainbow Dash will react if or when she finds out that she's no longer the only thing capable of producing a Sonic Boom, due to the Courier having that Displacer Glove of his.

#26 · 138w, 6d ago · · · 01 ·

I must say it's an interesting concept. I will wait for the next chapter now...

#27 · 138w, 6d ago · · · 01 ·

i need moar!

#28 · 138w, 6d ago · · · 01 ·

Got in expecting a great Fallout: New Vegas crossover.

Was not dissapoint.

Your Courier sounds like an ultimate badass... Oh wait, he is an ultimate badass! Because, well, anyone that pummels a manticore to death using only his/her fists/hooves (Sure, he used a Displacer Glove, but whatever!) deserves that title.

Wonder what effects the Poison Joke will have on our (second? Depends) favorite wastelander. Ponyfication, perhaps?

Also, if this was written in a whim, I'd love to see what you'd put real effort into. Can't wait for an update!

#29 · 138w, 6d ago · · · 01 ·

All i can say is this


#30 · 138w, 6d ago · · · 01 ·

This is marvelous! Heres hoping for more :derpytongue2:

#31 · 138w, 6d ago · · · 01 ·

I bet someone's regretting that he didn't keep the artificial heart from the Big Empty. Total poison immunity would have been a godsend there.:ajsmug:

Tracked and added to favorites. Eagerly awaiting more.

#32 · 138w, 5d ago · · · 01 ·


He does has Antivenom. A Cazadore's sting hurts like fuck, but it doesn't make it feel like your veins are full of napalm. How does one manage to fight that sort of pain long enough to get antivenom out?

#33 · 138w, 5d ago · · · 01 ·

Courier Y U NO inject super stims!

am liking the story so far.

#34 · 138w, 5d ago · · · 01 ·

>>388388 You make a valid point... I guess he's really kicking himself for not taking that artificial heart, as Helios II said. Or, he would be, if he wasn't laying on the ground in agonizing pain.

#35 · 138w, 3d ago · · · 01 ·

>>386370 I Approve this statment and/or service

#37 · 138w, 2d ago · · · 02 ·

Wait, so Zecora's native tongue is just like English? If so, all I can say is: what a twist!

I like where this is going...

#38 · 138w, 2d ago · · · 02 ·


Well, I thought it would be better than having Equestrian and English be the same language.

This way, there are only (most likely) two that can talk Zebrican/English, those being Zecora and the Courier.

#39 · 138w, 2d ago · · · 02 ·

>>402163 I like the originality of this concept. Keep it up good sir!

#40 · 138w, 2d ago · · · 02 ·

Magic being Radioactive? I like that idea!

#41 · 138w, 2d ago · · · 02 ·

goddamnit make a new chapter soon. i fuckin love this story


#42 · 138w, 2d ago · · · 02 ·

I believe the term the Conversion Bureau crowd like to use for magic is "Thaumatic Radiation", if you're struggling to think of a decent scientific sounding name for the computer or Twilight or whatever to use.

#43 · 138w, 2d ago · · · 02 ·

quick pop some rad ex and get the hell out.

#44 · 138w, 2d ago · · · 02 ·


Oh, make sure to rip her horn off.

#45 · 138w, 2d ago · · · 02 ·

Hmmm...... How radioactive? Like Vault 87 or some puddle?

#46 · 138w, 2d ago · · · 02 ·

Love your story my friend! You do an excellent job of personifying your Courier, and I find the reactions hilarous!

My Courier has 10 endurance and walks around with Pushy and a Ballistic fist so I especially enjoyed your descriptions of the ways one could be beaten in the wastelands.

Can't wait to see more:pinkiehappy:!

#47 · 138w, 2d ago · · · 02 ·


This... this is a huge fucking twist!


#48 · 138w, 1d ago · · · 02 ·

Some grammar errors and stuff but nothing my brain can't fix well I'm reading :twilightsmile: This is one of the most interesting stories I've read on FimFiction, and I know you said you wrote this on a whim but I can seriously see this getting quite a following :pinkiehappy: Keep up the good work friend :3

#49 · 138w, 1d ago · · · 02 ·


Next chapter, mate. Next chapter. After all, maybe our Courier is simply over-reacting?

Oh, can anyone guess who he's actually telling the story to? (Yes, I have a character in mind) I'll PM the one who makes the correct guess.

#50 · 138w, 1d ago · · · 02 ·

>>406801 Are they a pony or someone back in the Wasteland?

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