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I like Sonic, foxes and food. I am also a decent Medic/Pyro and Soldier/Engi player on TF2.

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  • SF One-Shot: A Burning Surprise
    Twilight and Spike discover curry on a winter night while Azul Flame discovers a good use for his flames.

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  • Sealed Fox: Lunar Sage
    Alchemy is hard, timberwolves stink. Meet a half-human and everything goes wrong.
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Nine thousand years ago, humans lived a fragile co-existence with demons and Lunarians. Time passed, and most traces of the Lunarian race became erased. Soon after, war erupted between humans and demons, nearly driving the latter to extinction but also sealing the former's fate.

Many centuries later in Equestria, Kogemori is (accidentally) released from his seal by Applebloom, the youngest of the Apple Clan. However, he wakes up to find out that he has lost most of his memories and has been regressed to a hundred in demon years but his human and demon forms have been merged together. To make matters worse, a six-pointed star is magically engraved on his back for a reason that he has yet to uncover.

Special thanks to 8542Madness for proof-reading. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

MLP belongs to Hasbro and only my OC's belong to me.

Not sure if it works, but go here anyway. I managed to procure a copy before deleting them.

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