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My name is HB_DS2013, but I prefer to be called Hebi. A struggling writer and a closet brony, my obsession lies with foxes and food.

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If you're still reading this, then thank you so much. Thank you for being patient with me and reading my story. If you feel that I'm NOT doing a good job of writing *insert character here* or if there's any questions, problems or comments, then lemme know.

<Italics with angle brackets mean that Kogemori's telepathy>

Italics with quotation marks are everyone else's thoughts while entire paragraphs are flashbacks.

8/26/14 UPDATE: I'm MORE worried about making my character a Mary Sue than a believable one.


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Written by HB_DS2013

Overwhelmed once more by a pounding sensation inside his head, Kogemori's golden eyes gradually fluttered open to the sight of wooden equine masks, various flasks hanging from the ceiling, other ones resting on several wooden tables attached to the walls, candles and what resembled a large pot. Taking note of a firm cot below him, the earthy scent of herbs greeted him as the sounds of bubbles popping and dull hoofsteps filled the silence.  Kogemori's lithe body felt heavy and limp, exhausted from awakening.

"The danger has passed and the weather cannot be forecast." A rhyme broke the silence, startling the former demon. The rhyming voice sounded low enough that it sounded masculine, but at time same time, a feminine tone can be heard. "At the edge of the Everfree, where my hut lies. However, this is a complete surprise."

Kogemori raised an eyebrow at the voice, intrigued by the striped horse standing in front of him. Towers of gold contrasted with the dark grey stripes in a sea of grey. Most horses he had seen in his life had various shades of brown and were incapable of human speech. But this one did. And so did that other voice, but sounded significantly younger than his own.

"This ball is yours, am I correct?" Zecora spoke, breaking the silence and set a dark blue orb on the bed.  Kogemori nodded slowly and turned towards the orb, then towards his host with a curious expression. "Zecora is my name, alchemy is my trade. Would you like to stay for breakfast I made?"

The wild-haired boy grinned. With the orb stowed away in his clothes, the mild scent of mushrooms pervaded the air; beckoning him to stay. A cyan light shone brightly, his eyes flickering for a moment. Kogemori looked around and stood. Torn between staying for breakfast and leaving outside, his heart won out. With gravity on his side, he crouched down and assumed a feral stance.

<Good. I still have some of my instincts.> Kogemori smiled to himself as he crept slowly and catiously, taking care not to be alerted. Once he was close to the door, his hand took hold of the door and slowly pulling the door closer, cringing from an audible creak. His heart pounded, now that Zecora heard the creak. Panicking mentally, he quickly opened the door and bolted!

"Where are you? I made some... stew?" Zecora looked around, perplexed with the shifting of dust and the absence of her guest. With no one else to share breakfast with, she returned to pouring out soup and went on to start on her own.

Much to his surprise, the hut behind him turned out to be a large, hollowed out tree. Most of the path ahead was covered by thick fog and a large bed of blue flowers. Kogemori's chest started to glow a faint green, his vision shifting from normal to greyscale. With his dark blue body intertwined with a faint, green mist in a sea of grey, he took off into a sprint, rushing through roots and rocks and the occasional manticore. None of the denizens of the natural forest paid attention the dark blue blur flying past pillars of brown and seas of green running like a dog, eventually stopping at a patch of sunlight between a pair of trees.

Stepping onto the light, Kogemori was greeted by clear skies and houses with straw roofs. Next to him was a sign with letters of some sort written in another language and ahead of him were a sea of trees with red fruits. He also took note of a big house with leaves on top and a pale pink aura.

<So far, so good.> He grinned to himself as he took in his new surroundings. Until the green aura coalesced into an equine shape, and seemed to gather around his body somewhat. Kogemori froze. With the green aura coming closer to his general direction, he scanned the area and leapt into the closest bush. When he peered through, the sight in front of him was completely surprising.

A small, lemon-coated, amaranth-maned horse trotted slowly. If he had a voice, Kogemori would have gasped. His ears tingled and his heart throbbed, hair tensing up like hedgehog spines. A moment passed, and his hands felt cold. His eyes shrank and his vision started to blur. Everything around him sounded muffled and echoed.

What little energy he had became quickly exhausted in an instant and his surroundings blacked out.

"What was that!?" Applebloom gasped as the shard started to glow with a green tint. Shifting towards the direction of the dark blue aura, she parted the bushes and found the boy's unconscious form. Being close to Fluttershy's cottage and finding a new creature close to the Everfree Forest, an idea sprouted in her mind.

Sunlight poured down on the bipedal hedgehog, snoozing peacefully on a soft bed with orange and white blankets plastered with orange-winged butterflies and white-winged butterflies. The slave collar on his neck stayed intact, bound by an ancient magic. Nearby, the Star Orb gave off a dark blue aura as the light bounced off its translucent surface, resting against a pot. Kogemori took note of several nests above and a hearth near the foot of the bed. Next to the bed were two large windows illuminated by clear skies and the harsh morning sun.

As he laid on the soft bed, he gave an inaudible sigh of relief as the door swung open, revealing two pastel-colored horses; recognizing one of the horses from earlier as the smell of porridge pervaded the air. The other one had pale yellow fur and a pink mane draped along with wings. He watched as the two equines laid the tray of porridge gently.

<You're that girl from earlier!> Kogemori turned towards Applebloom with a shocked expression.

"Weren't you in the Everfree Forest?" Applebloom questioned.

<Hm, so that's what it's called.> He shrugged his shoulders and started to eat the porridge with gusto.

"How can you speak without moving your mouth?"

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