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  • T Volde the Changeling

    Sometimes, weird shit happens and you end up somewhere you never thought possible. This is my story.
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  • 105w, 5d
    On Hiatus

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  • 110w, 2d
    Being a slow writer, and a new idea

    It has been almost three months now since the last chapter for Volde the Changeling was posted. I do have news on that. The chapter has been finished for about 2 weeks now. However, I wanted to have someone have a look at it and edit it for me. Said editor has not yet gotten around to doing it. So, I'm actually a bit tired of making people wait so long for my mediocre writing. So basically what I'm getting at there is that I'm just going to go over it myself, revise it very slightly and post it either today or tomorrow.

    Now then, on Sunday I randomly got an idea literally the moment I woke up. I already started writing it, and I feel it's actually a somewhat unique idea. It is a story which war comes to Equestria very suddenly. It will follow mostly the Mane 6, centering around Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy for the most part. However, I'm not sure yet, but I probably will write from the perspective of the CMC as well, as they would be in different places than the Mane 6, and I feel it would be interesting to get their perspectives on a war scenario and their fight to survive.

    Current Projects:

    'Till the End: In progress of writing first chapter.

    Volde the Changeling: Chapter will be posted tonight or tomorrow.

    ... That's all I have for current stories. :P

    Anyways, hope the chapter was worth the wait.

    Now on to some random stuff. Still loving Writer's Craft. I've written a couple of short stories so far, and people seem to like what I've written, even if I don't. So yea, basically I'll probably pursue some kind of career in writing in the future, as I love to do it and apparently I'm not too bad at it.

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  • 113w, 4d
    School, Progress, and Awesome Occurences

    Hello to the few followers I have, as well as anyone else that happens to look at this!

    Alright, alright Bender! Sheesh. Anyways, let's start with school. School this year has been taking up a lot of my time and just generally draining me of any and all of my energy. Between classes I just don't care about(Photography and Auto) and my Writer's Craft course and regular old English course I can find very little time to care about really anything. On the plus side, I love Writer's Craft and am having a ton of fun with that and at the same time am learning a ton about the thing I love to do the most: write. Even if it is a really hard course that causes me to have to use my brain more than usual, which rapidly drains my energy.

    As for progress, I haven't been making a whole lot. Like I said, school has been draining me of all energy. However, I have found a bit of a second wind today, and will try to finally finish the chapter after about a 2 month delay in the next couple days, IF I'm not completely buried in homework. So basically it's a 50/50 chance I'll finish it soon.

    Now on to something completely different, kind of. The film Kickass 2 is being filmed at my school this Tuesday. On Saturday night, a friend and I went and looked at the set. It looks pretty cool. Blue looks better on the front doors than the usual red. Anyways, after that we talked for a bit and decided to go meet another friend at a Super Art Crawl. When we got there, we ended up looking for close to an hour, found him along with a few others, he went off with some girl. Then me, my friend, my other friend and his girlfriend all headed back to the front of the festival, those two left me and my friend by the stage because my friend wanted to listen to the rest of the concert. So we stood there for a while and listened to K'Naan. You know, this guy:

    Once all that was finished, we caught a bus and headed back towards our other friend's house. Met up with my cousin on the way back, found out she apparently got kicked out of her house and is now back in Hamilton living with her best friend. We separated from her and headed down, met our other friend and the friend that went off with the woman, after a quick trip to the store to get ice cream we went back to his house, where we proceeded to do various things, such as eat ice cream, read random excerpts from Fifty Shades of Grey, and play Sanatorium, which is a game made based on Slender that's supposed to be scarier according to my friends, but I didn't find it all that scary, whereas my friend who was sitting beside me while I played was practically shitting his pants. Anyways, after that I went home, and by the time I got back it was about 5am. All in all, a pretty awesome night.

    Anyways, that's all I have for now. Peace out everyone.

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  • 117w, 5d
    An Update

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  • 119w, 6d
    Don't know why I'm making this blog post

    I really don't know. I just had to express my delight at the current banner. I really, really love it.

    In other news, I'm finally making some progress on the next chapter for Volde the Changeling so it shouldn't be too much longer before I get that out. Won't give a set deadline for that because I honestly don't know, could be anywhere from Sunday to a couple weeks from now. But more than likely less than a month.

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  • ...

This is a story of a stallion being stuck in a very odd position. He is trapped in restraints with no vision of the room around him, with only the sound of a leaking pipe to let him know he is still alive and must figure out why he is there or how he got there. The story goes back into his memories of the previous day in order to do so as he tries to find any and every possible way to escape.

Very mild amounts of blood do appear.

First Published
6th Mar 2012
Last Modified
6th Mar 2012
#1 · 129w, 2d ago · · ·

I thought he would be stuck under the sink on the library's kitchen, but this works too.

#2 · 129w, 1d ago · · ·

>>666980 Ha! I didn't even think about that when I originally finished this like 4 months ago. That would have been hilarious. At least to me.

And yay for you, being the only person to comment on this in the long time since I put it up.:yay:

#3 · 116w, 4d ago · · ·


Or... I think so. Hopefully.

#4 · 116w, 3d ago · · ·

>>1162410 If you mean that you believe it was an intentional troll fic, no, it wasn't. It's just terrible, probably because it's the first thing I ever attempted to write. It was rushed and semi-forced, at least the ending was. Was planning to make it longer and not have such a "bleh" ending, but I had a limit so I had to rush the ending so I didn't go too far over the limit. Someone suggested I revise it and make it not as terrible, but my inspiration with this ended shortly after I finished it back in March and I moved on to other things.

#5 · 116w, 2d ago · · ·

>>1173327 First comment in a long time....


Don't ask me, I have no idea.

Wait.... :facehoof:

#6 · 115w, 6d ago · · ·

>>1176271 Oh... Ha! I get it now. I completely missed the point of your comment at first. :twilightblush:.

#7 · 115w, 6d ago · · ·

>>1194188 :rainbowlaugh: Ah, don't worry about it, I got a laugh outta this anyway!

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