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  • 95w, 6d
    I am alive (Trigger Warning: pointless angst/drama)

    I'm getting quite a lot of people asking publicly and privately "What's up, TAW? You aren't doing much." lately and I'm kind of getting sick of it, so I figure I'll answer it loudly and publicly.

    Firstly, as I mentioned in my last blog, I was not able to write over Christmas due to lack of sane tools. I only returned home two weeks ago, which would be a good turnaround time for a story anyway. There's no reason for anybody to be complaining yet if you had paid attention, or at least checked my blog first. I appreciate that people want to know, but the hostile ones really did not help.

    Secondly, those people are correct; I am not doing much. I have a few paragraphs of the next chapter of WBHW and an abandoned half-draft of a sequel to Fighting Feelings, and I can't stomach the thought of continuing either.

    I didn't want to "make it official" because I hoped it would pass more quickly, but this is not being the case. From this moment I am on indefinite hiatus. I am feeling very burned out on writing in general as well as severely disillusioned with the fanbase and the fanfiction community, and am going through a low period IRL as well. I have no plans to stop entirely, but I also have no plans. I do not know how I will proceed from here and I did not want to get here. I do not know when I will continue. I do not know.

    I am sorry.

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    And the winner is!

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    My kilopone has a friend

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    Contest results

    I apologise for my tardiness on this, I've had a very very busy week. Now I have time to do stuff, though, which is nice.

    Aegis Shield:




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    So that's that! Hopefully the judging won't take unbearably long now.

    Also, I love the fact the new design makes the featured box go away, but hate how the rest of the front page seems geared towards making it harder for a story to distinguish itself, with limited length descriptions and images so small they're pointless. I also find the continuing lack of any kind of mobile optimised interface silly.

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    And that's a wrap.

    I won't actually be awake for the proper deadline, and tomorrow is very busy, so I'll make the post now.

    To everyone who took part in the contest, thank you very much! I hope you all had a great time writing, and I hope everybody has a great time reading.

    Unfortunately, fate has decided that this week is the week to throw absolutely everything it can onto my plate. I'll hopefully be able to throw up a quick post listing all of the entries in no particular order, but judging will take a little longer.

    In unrelated news, criticism is now bad. Because that's exactly what this site needed, yet another excuse for some people to go "Well I'm [REASON], so you shouldn't criticise me". No, fuck you. Don't pull that shit. I don't care if somebody is 12. If we don't criticise people when they start, it's so very easy to get the wrong things stuck. "No child left behind" demonstrably doesn't fucking work, and the average quality level of fan fiction is bad enough without seeking to drag it down further.

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Never read the first story, but "Dash and Twilight ended up having sex in a sea of pudding by the end" intrigues me.

hahaha , I usually don't read stories labeled *sex* but the pudding thing made me curious. *thumbs up*

I'd be interested to see you write something starring Applejack. Your phrasing an taglines have a certain southern twang ("bless her wings") that I can almost taste and I feel like you might really blossom into something great if you wrote an Apple Family story. Just a thought, from reading between the lines.

Yay for more TAW, I'm going to assume this is good and bring some tissue later. :rainbowwild: (oh Celestia, did I say that? :twilightblush:) Besides, a sequel to The Trials of Temptation is exactly what I'm looking for, it was so disappointing when it was over.

Stupid real-life cutting into my fanfics. :ajbemused:


For your older story, I guess you could say that the proof...

...was in the pudding.

EDIT: I think I like it better not knowing why they were in a sea of pudding. I love a good in media res.


Same. :mustache:

Also.. Shower downstairs. What a kicker.



You are a bad person and you should feel bad.



That was both funny and charmingly cute. Well done. I'd  love to see a sequel, perhaps beginning right from where they left off; having to awkwardly explain their situation all the while with their faces covered in...fluids. XD

Historically, I've found your stuff not really resonating with me, but this was pretty great.

Looking forward to seeing what you do next.



Any particular reason why? I'm always looking for feedback, especially criticism!

Glad to hear you liked this one, though.

it was wasnt a 100% clop so it was good i can say

Oh yes TAW this is awesome keep going!

That cover picture is amazing.

You have my attention.  Do continue.:moustache:

Well, shit. It's like Romance Reports all over again. Not that I want to compare this to Romance Reports, the ending just reminded me of it.

And... wow. I got so used to just reading all of your clopfics that I never really took the time to notice how good you are at writing romance stories. Trials of Temptation was really much more for fun than actual shipping, but to see you take it this far is really incredible.

There was not nearly enough pudding in this story. :applecry:



Even a slight comparison to RR is high praise, and thank you!

That really is what I'm going for here, anyway, romantic-clop rather than just clop. Of course, I realise not everybody is into that kind of thing, hence the story has a very loose timeframe and I shouldn't find any issues writing more AndThenTheyAllFucked stuff inbetween chapters (like I'm doing now), so hopefully I can keep people happy!


Tell that to Twilight, she doesn't even know how Pinkie got all that pudding out. Never. Again.

But that doesn't mean they won't have fun, oh gosh does it not mean that

and never say never when you can't be certain, either

Romantic clopfics are kind of a guilty pleasure of mine and this was great.  Really looking forward to the next chapter twixdash is my new favorite ship. :twilightsmile::rainbowkiss:

>>301672  Perhaps the future will hold even grander messes. I look forward to your next post.

Yours Truly,

Lappa Luxury



The future holds a great many things for those two. Some they've foreseen, some I've foreseen, and some neither of us have.

This is awesome, you magnificent bastard!


The ending....killed me with lolz! :pinkiehappy: You glorious bastard you!

'A bit of a clusterfuck'. Lol

Lord Al-knighty

I believe the quota for sexual activities while wet was met in this latest chapter. And for that I am glad.

Well, since you asked for feedback, here's mine, free of charge.

You have the characters very well down, in my opinion. Dash's rapid emotional changes, on the outside often not giving a shit but on the inside insecure and tearing herself apart. You also included Twilight's magic quite a good amount in here, which is a nice touch. Seeing how often she uses it and teleports in the show, you'd think that more people would make use of it.

I can't exactly see where you're going with this story, but hey, that's why I'm reading it. TwiDash is my favorite ship and you're one of my favorite authors, so this story doubly awesome for me. This reads very much like Unicorn Diaries, too. The chapters having a big chunk of relationshippy stuff and ending in kinky sex. Unicorn Diaries is my favorite story, just so you know, but this one is coming very, very close to surpassing it for me. At least this story is receiving updates.

My only real quarrel is your dialogue punctuation. Sometimes there's a period instead of a comma, sometimes there's nothing at all instead of a comma. Sorry, but that kind of stuff just distracts me. Otherwise your grammar is good.

Keep doing what you're doing and you'll have one very happy brony with me.




I'll try and keep my sentence endings in mind, I'm still trying to figure out what feels best where.

As for where the story's going, don't worry about it - these early chapters are entirely for setting up the background stuff, potential recurring elements, characters, so on!

TAW writing more then 1-shot TwiDash.

welp,  life complete, I dont need anything else.

"The one that would terrify fillies, confuse stallions, and excite Rainbow Dashes."

Best.. Line.. EVER! I laughed so hard. :rainbowlaugh:

Tracking :raritywink:

Freudian slip: level 9001:rainbowlaugh:

good chapter keep you the work :twilightsmile::rainbowwild:


Another excellent chapter TAW!

>dat RD 'cooking'

>dat weirded out Spike

>dat insecure Twilight

>dat adorable sex



On the more technical side, there were a few errors here and there, like you including an extra word or phrasing a sentence slightly awkwardly, but for the most part it all checks out.




Any particular examples of those criticisms? Not sure what I should be looking out for!

That was hawt.

My jimmies were rustled most vigorously by this. :rainbowlaugh:

Pleeeeeeeeeease do another chapter on this D=

My body is so ready right now.

I love this story :pinkiehappy:

The Daring Do predecessor to this was actually the first story I ever read on this site (before I even had an account). :twilightsheepish:

is this the last chapter in the story :rainbowhuh:

is this the last chapter in the story :rainbowhuh:



not by a long way.

please help me I appear to be suffering from cardiac arrest of some kind

All the d'awwws.


Goddammit, this chapter was amazing. Sappy, very sappy (a good kind of sappy), sexy (an even better kind of sexy), great on the characterization and with the kind of comedy I like in the show. The mental images of an adorable Dash curled up on top of Twilight and all six of them snuggled up in one bed together will be staying with me for a while.

All those feels, man, all those feels. Apart from the probably intended present tense of "Celestia knows" I only found one thing in the second to last paragraph:

>hasn't many anything less beautiful

I have a hunch what the next chapter is going to be about, in case you have the story planned in any way, but it could just be a self-contained theme in this chapter. In any case, I'll eagerly await whatever you have in stock next.

arrr my heart it expoled from to much d'wwws:twilightsmile:



Whoops, can't believe nobody caught that. Thanks!

And no, not many of the themes in this chapter are self-contained, but there may not necessarily be direct continuations to all of them next chapter. I know where I'm going, but not each individual step.

oh god i'm feeling all the feels

fuk u taw

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