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Come, share a tender moment with the sun princess.

Edited by The Abyss

First Published
29th Sep 2013
Last Modified
29th Sep 2013
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Beautiful story! If only you could write more stories just like this with the other princesses...

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quite a sweet little tale.

Thank you

Good luck best wishes.

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That was wonderful...thank you so much for writing this beautiful piece. :twilightsmile:

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Very well done, and after seeing a damn NLR/SE fic posted before this I am quite happy to see this

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That was amazing. :twilightsmile:

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That was cute. :pinkiehappy: :rainbowkiss: :twilightsmile:

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Such a wonderful story.  Its stories like this that make me a little sad that Celestia isn't actually real.

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>>3273555 I can say with absolute certainty that you aren't alone.

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Greetings Paladin! How fare thee?

I'm unsure what nlr is, but it sounds evil. I'm glad you found solace in this story, it was rather touching, wasn't it?


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I am fine wizard.

Now how to explain the NLR... the NLR or New Lunar Republic is an organization in Equestriani society that believes that there was no Nightmare Moon thus Princess Luna was banished unjustly, and that despite seeing no signs of oppression Princess Celestia in fact rules Equestria as a tyrant. They wish to depose of Celestia and instil Luna as the leader of the "Republic" never mind that they are installing a monarch as the supposedly elected leader of a democratic republic. Their opposite is the Solar Empire which wants to do the same things but install Celestia as sole ruler. Needless to say both factions are not well liked by the Princesses.

But yes I am quite pleased to have found this story, and yes it was touching

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>>3275465 How would you like it if he wrote another story JUST like this one?

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I'm sorry but what do you mean?

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>>3278048 What I'm asking is if you would like to see another story by Ponysopher similar to this, but with another princess?

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I may be most partial (and at times biased) to Celestia but that doesn't mean I hate the others. I wouldn't mind seeing one written for Cadence, Luna, or even Twilight.

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>>3278065 Ok cool. I'll talk to my buddy and see if I can convince him to write just that. :twilightsheepish:

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Great fic, the details were exquisite! I did find the "you" thing awkward, but that's just personal taste, overall great fic!

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When I saw that 8 lines were filled with description of only Celestia's voice, I knew I was facing some serious stuff, and you did not disappoint. I absolutely fell in love with this story, it's so idyllic, so sentimental, and all around fuzzy and warm :twilightsmile: Amazing writing.

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I just came here from the Cadence story.

It's writing like this that makes you want to spread your wings and fly. Such description! Such imagery! Holy crap man, I want you to beta my stories now, see if you can change them for the better. We'll talk after I get off work, but for now... WOW.

And what I just said? Was after the first few paragraphs.

I'm gonna finish now, and then I'll hug you through the screen.

EDIT: Right, done.

*Takes a deep breath, then sighs in satisfaction.*

What can I say about this? I mean, dude!

Okay, let's start from my favorite paragraph, and quite possibly the best depiction of the whole damn story.

"After a few moments she removes her caressing hoof. You immediately miss the gentle feeling, and the sudden emptiness almost rouses you to get up in order to find it again, but then you hear the sound of something unfolding. Having lost your reason and with it, your sense of reality, it sounds as if a colossal dragon suddenly unfurled its great wings and took flight. This beast holds the power of the sun in its bosom, and the air is rent as its powerful wings slice through it, speeding towards you faster and faster. You cringe in fear a little as the left edge of the bed suddenly shifts downward as though something very heavy had leapt onto it."

If anyone forgot that Celestia had power, here is your reminder.

This isn't the power of a tyrant or a manipulator. This is real, true, honest-to-Goddess POWER. This reads like something epic is about to happen! Just this paragraph alone shocked me, especially after reading all those warm fuzzies before. It hit me so hard I had to comment on it before anything else.

I could say ten times more than I have, but I won't. What I will say though is GOD DAMN, BOY. You dun good.

Liked, Faved, will Fave the Cadence story as well.


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>>3278065 Hey, the Cadence fic is up if you haven't seen it already!

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The Luna rough-draft has been done for some time. It just needs to be edited

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I like to think that "I'm" a young Twilight Sparkle, here. It just makes this entire thing more adorable.

#24 · 55w, 40m ago · · ·

I see a very unsubtle Bible reference.

#25 · 54w, 6d ago · 1 · ·


Subtlety is the enemy of clarity, meaning, and understanding, the adversary of the hard effort of authorial intent

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Brilliant. :raritystarry:

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Magnificent. Thank you.

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Ugh, such a good story, but...

If I become a morning person because of this, Luna help me I'm gonna find you and wake you up at the most ungodly hour possible.:trollestia:

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