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  • 129w, 4d
    Update and Request of Advice

    Hello once again, everypony!! John here!

    I know it's been almost five months since I've posted anything, but I've picked up on several projects and work is slow-going at the moment... (Sorry!!) Anyhow, I'm taking a break from the "My Little Psycho" project and begun work on a multi-universe cross-over fic in which a small group of my friends and I move through several worlds in an attempt to get home safely! It's called "The Rift". Now, what I need are suggestions.

    Thus far, I have covered Silent Ponyville by Jake Heritagu, and have planned a trip to Skyrim, as well as the universe of Phoenix Wright. These suggestions can be anything! Books, movies, video games, TV shows, or even fan fiction!

    Any suggestion is appreciated, so don't be shy!

    ***Side-note***: I have recently acquired a new commissioner! Because of this, the upcoming stories may have delayed cover art.

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  • 143w, 2d
    Beautiful Eyes...(Coming Soon!)

    Hello once again everypony! This post is gonna be a real quickie. I've only got two main things to say to you all, so here goes!:

    First off: John's newest story, "Beautiful Eyes", has finally been completed and will be posted soon! My cover art will also be posted as well! Yeah I know: I finally finished it! Haha!

    Second: John can now email again! Yep! You know what that means: ALL OF YOU GUYS CAN EMAIL JOHN YOUR QUESTIONS, COMMENTS, CONCERNS, FANMAIL, AND FAN-ART!!! Just check out the bio on our page for his email adress even though I'm going to put it in this blog post...^w^

    Thanks again for all your strong feedback guys! Don't forget to stop by again soon! And leave is more feedback, we love it! [John's Email:]

    Much love,


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  • 148w, 4d
    Nightmare Boutique!

    Ello everypony! yes, 'tis I: Mesajinx! I'm pleased to say that the story Nightmare Boutique has finally been posted! I must apologize for the lateness and possible inconvenience of the post, for I failed to provide John with the story in time for him to post it earlier this afternoon.

    Anywho, I hope you all R&R!!! No you silly fillies, not rest & Relaxation, but READ AND REVIEW! Your reviews mean the world to both John and myself, and so they are encouraged and greatly appreciated! In particular I'd like for those of you who make it to the end to tell me if the final chapter should be split or not.

    This story (as some of you may have noticed) is a lot longer than John's other pieces. Please remember to feel free and track any of them, as I guarantee there are still PLENTY more to go!

    For other news, check out yesterday's post.

    For any questions you may have regarding any OC's or the Terra universe, feel free to email me at And don't forget to also check out the Terra website which can also help fill you in on everypony's favorite Biohazard Bunny!

    Last thing I want to say to everypony: the cover art for this fic will be coming soon!!! I've had some trouble in getting it completed, and I apologize for that.

    *hugs and kisses*

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  • 148w, 5d
    New Story Everypony!

    So sorry We've kept you all waiting! It is I, Mesajinx, here to tell everypony that the much anticipated story: Nightmare Boutique, will be posted sometime tomorrow afternoon!

    Everypony's favorite "Biohazard Bunny" will be back, in an all new heart-stopping, blood-chilling, adventure! With everypony's beloved Rarity as our leading mare...

    I know you all who have been to my Deviant Art account have requested I make more cover art, and I apologize immensely for not complying soon enough. I've just been so busy I swear! But I have a feeling you'll enjoy what I'll be whipping up for this tale!

    Anywho, in other news!: Don't forget to submit more pmv (pony music video) ideas to our YouTube channel! If you've forgot the channel name, it's WildKidsPro. I'm lovin' the ideas I've gotten so far guys, so keep 'em comin'!

    Also don't forget to check out the Terra website at I will (hopefully) be creating a forum for the site soon, that will let all of you Terra fans be able to express your opinions, share story ideas, post fanart, and for newcomers, learn more about the Terra universe!

    Last thing I wanna say to everypony: Thanks for all your suppot, kind thoughts, and CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. It's much appreciated!!!

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  • 155w, 5d
    Happy Birthday John!

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oh god porno and bunnys and rainbow dash your so crazy terra but i liked it was pretty cool xD

er dude i never knew ponies had finger :D

#3 · 143w, 11h ago · · 1 · Visitation ·

>>270073 They do if they're anthropemorphic. :3

#4 · 141w, 6d ago · · · Reservation ·

Wait... make me happy? Eying the extremitys? Kolkol I see what you did there

THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU YOU DISGUST ME nothing personal but the fact you have put 3 of the most disgusting things ever in one fic is horrifing your writing is great but grimdark is a waste of time and more importantly talent good day sir

#6 · 141w, 6d ago · · · Visitation ·

>>297052 i see your point. Still, i'm writing this out of neccesity. These stories build on one another and will soon come to a head. These have a purpose... And If i may venture the question, why didn't you stop earlier? You read all the way until chapter eleven before stopping... From the get-go, it's clear that this is a worrk of grimdark. If it's "a waste of time", why did you get so far?

#7 · 140w, 1d ago · · · Visitation ·

I give everything a chance. Even grimdark, but I can only take so much I'm afraid

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