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    One Day More

    I'm super psyched about the Master Chief Collection coming out tomorrow, and Halo 2 Anniversary that comes along with it:rainbowkiss:. I know I've probably mentioned this before and you all want me to shut up about it:fluttershysad:--but I'm an absolute CRAZY fan of the franchise:pinkiecrazy:. I'm sure I'm not the only one though:ajsmug:. I guess I just got myself a front seat of the hype train:twilightblush:. Now for a little song:trollestia:.

    One day more till the Battle of Earth

    We will nip it in the bud

    We'll be ready for these aliens

    They will wet themselves with blood

    * I suck at lyrics:facehoof:  

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    Okay I admit I didn't literally just jizz in my pants, but the detail put into the remaking of Halo 2 just has me in awe. What I want to know is how this guy got the game before it's release:twilightangry2:.  I guess it doesn't matter, but still-this is the coolest thing I've ever seen in my life, even if it's kind of a spoiler:twilightsheepish:.  I tried not to watch this video:fluttershyouch:, but I succumbed:raritycry:.

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    Next week is the last full week of October, and I still haven't written anything for OneShotober. Kind of a bummer of you ask me. I guess my imagination has so many ideas for stories that I can't choose one. Perhaps it should be Halloween related or something like that. I also wish to write a Dazzling focused story. One crazy idea I had was what will happen of Sonata consumed too much caffeine or sugar? Then again, I'm sure she doesn't even know what a bunghole even is:rainbowlaugh:.

    Perhaps I might get more inspired for the holidays of Thanksgiving or Christmas:ajsmug:.

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    I have just finished completed my major fic, Halo: The Foreshadowing Dream after eight months of writing, editing by editors, and writer's block at some points--it's finally done! *Queue maniac laughter*:pinkiecrazy:

    As explained in my author's note in the Epilogue, this fic is book one of five. It will take a lot of time however because I wish to recuperate for a bit by reading stories that I've saved in my Read Later list, or read ones off of my Favorites list that I've forgotten about. I will still be writing stories of course so none of you worry about a thing:twilightsmile:. Another thing I will be doing during my recuperation period is playing Halo 2: Anniversary when it comes out in 45 days (November 9th). I'm mostly excited about doing the multiplayer since it will feature a brand new type of Mongoose: the Gungoose!:pinkiehappy: The campaign looks great too with the remastered game graphics, weapon sounds, and the cinematics. I'm sure they're will be skulls and terminals to find as well:ajsmug:. The game that I'm mostly looking forward to in the next installment of the Reclaimer Saga, Halo 5: Guardians:yay:.

    This has been a challenging, but fun story to write, and I'm glad with its outcome as well. Sure it may not be renowned enough to get in the Feature Box, earn dramatic readings on YouTube, or get an adaptation into a short film or comic book segment (of course I can see how complicated either one of those things might be:derpyderp2:, but it might be cool if you think about it:moustache:). One thing I know for sure it won't be Equestria Daily material, but I could care less really:rainbowdetermined2:. I'm just content about the way it is:eeyup:.

    That's all there is to say, but I'll share few of these videos for H2A incase anyone hasn't seen them yet. Pardon me if you already have:twilightoops:--but they're just so awesome:rainbowkiss:!


    Multiplayer Footage (Features Gungoose):

    Campaign Footage:

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(Sequel to "Arby 'n' the Chief in: Equestrian Afterlife")

It's been three months since Arby and his mental-deficient and acid tongued cohort the Master Chief were killed in an on-purpose explosion of Jon's apartment. All human souls were saved, especially Jon himself (because he wasn't even home). The odd duo have discovered that they have been sent too the magical and harmonized world of Equestria where adorable, intelligent, multicolored, and talking ponies lived along with fearsome and mythical creatures. It's there they were remade into ponies and faced a couple of hardships, but managed to overcome them. Arby himself has found a loving marefriend out of Applejack who he wishes to spend the rest of his 'life' with while Chief sticks to his own status quo.

One day Arby and Chief get an invite from Shining Armor and his wife, Princess Cadence to visit there kingdom of the Crystal Empire along with the rest of the gang. Arby happily accepts while Chief is reluctant, but is forced to go anyway.  Arby thinks the Crystal Empire would be the perfect place to celebrate his three month relationship with Applejack in hopes of Chief not finding a way to screw it up. Sometimes hopes are not worth hoping for, especially when Chief is present.

After one of Cheif's impractical pranks goes wrong, Chief accidently stumbles into the mirror under mysterious circumstances because the portal is supposed to be sealed until thirty moons have passed. Arby knows he can't let Chief cause havoc in the alternate world, and pursues him with the help of Princess Twilight Sparkle who already knows what the dimension contains. The problem is they both have only one day to find Cheif before they get trapped there until the portal opens freely. This truly is a game of  Cat and Mouse. Hopefully Chief can be recovered before the clock runs out! Luckily a town celebration called Septemberfest is going on. It's the perfect spot for Arby and Twilight to reunite with the girls, and Chief to bring him back to Equestria.

Link to First Story:

Rated Teen For Rude Humor, Dialogue, Drug References, and Manipulation

Image from:


First Published
11th Sep 2013
Last Modified
27th Sep 2013
#1 · 63w, 2d ago · · · Invitations ·

Continue the story! I DEMAND ANOTHER CHAPTER!

#2 · 63w, 2d ago · · · Invitations ·

>>3188607 shit bro calm the fuck down and find some other stuff to read while he works on this

#3 · 63w, 2d ago · · · Invitations ·

Holy hotdogs this is brilliant. So bloody funny, despite it being quite a weird concept . But I figure its just for shits and giggles so keep it up!

#4 · 63w, 2d ago · · · Invitations ·

>>3188908 Its comedic...

#5 · 63w, 2d ago · · · Invitations ·

i know thats the point, Comedy, there is no point

Yea i played the laxlative joke on my friend before school, the rest of the day was funny as hell.

This chapter, I like it.


*Smashes laptop into table*

yep chief will defiantly fuck shit up like always

give chief a marefriend. Cadence will do fine...

Or sunset shimmer.

>>3196445 But Cadence is already married:applejackunsure:, but I'm sure Sunset could be possible:raritywink:


Well all you have to do is have chief go into Super Rage Mode then Shining Armor tries to stop him but dies as chief kills him with his mega huge boner. Cadence watches everyrhing that happened. She watches Shining die right before her eyes and...

She's happy.

Now that the prince of the crystal empire is dead Cadence pounces on chief and they make sexy times.

"Oh chief thank you beating that weakling Shining Armor. I never wanted to marry him but my auntie made me.


" But now that he is gone I can finally have a stallion that is worthy of my royal plot. And the only pony worthy of it is you chief."


"I love you chief." She says as she removed chief helmet to find the sexiest stallion she has ever seen in her life hell even Celestia's long life.

Cadence and chief sat there next to the remains of shining armor as they kissed and nipped each other on the neck.

"Oh chief let's go back to my room. I want a foal so badly. Shining Armor was impotent so he could never be able to give me one."

Chief sat there next to his now new marefriend with happy smile on his face as he though of the many little chiefs that would soon be running around the crystal empire.

And the future came. Chief and Cadence were happy for the many years they lived on. they had many fillies and colts that ran through out not just the crystal empire but all of Equestria.

now our story ends with a happy couple with many fillies and colts and one dead pansy ass stallion named shining armor.

>>3196865 You must really hate Shining Armor huh?:rainbowderp:


Yeah in my fic 'Brothers to the End.' I send him to the brink of death then I break off his horn.

>>3196931 Whoa! I bet if you wrote a Final Destination fic, you would probably think of the most goriest and cruelest death for him am I right?


Shit I have a fic in mind where there will be alot of gruesome death and I mean gruesome. Hell even Satan would vomit for what I have in mind.

>>3196974 Well..uh....good luck on it:twilightblush:


Luck? I don't need luck in Jesus.


Nah I'm screwin with yah.

But seriously maybe you should take my idea and killing shining off and have cadence fall in love with chief.


>>3197012 That's a nice idea, but I don't think I should. Chief already murdered Cortana and he and Arbiter. Perhaps you could write your own "Arby 'n' the Chief" fic with violent death of Shining Armor. One pony I would like to kill off through is Prince Blueblood.

>>3197051 I'm sorry:pinkiesad2: It would probably break the hearts of Twilight Sparkle fans if I wrote such a thing. Even if I did wrote a fic about Shining Armor dying, it would have to be in a Halo crossover fic. There he would die with honor and distinction. That's how a true soldier should go.


I'm... I'm sorry I can't stop laughing at that.

Shining Armor as honor? Yeah sure he does.

>>3197012 You and I have the same feel bro:P no matter shat fic, Shining armor is always a cunt that needs to die!

Gamer Luna and Chief shipping xD


Ya know... I dig that too Gamer Luna and Chief.

>>3197980>>3197652 To make you both feel better, this will be the ONLY fic Shining Armor will be in. Also that he's not even the main character here. It mostly revolves around Arby and Chief as usual.

I've been thinking for another R63 and R36 clopfic like "Shy Summer Nights", Luna and Artemis play video games together, but then end up somehow having sex:rainbowlaugh:. Luna's just really that attractive:twilightblush:


Rule36 I can dig. The other though... Rule63 ftm's not really my forte.

>>3198783 Me and Spetz don't care if he is a main character or not, we are just two demented people that Realy realy realy realy realy realy realy LOATH that prick. We don't care how or why Shining armor dies, but the second he even show his name on the fic, we want him to die painfully, or just die.

Keep on working on this. It seems so authentic to the youtube series!

I would be a happy man if chief is turned to full spartan size :D Nobody orders the chief around!

I look forward to the next chapter


Why does every character in the story hate chief?:rainbowhuh:

>>3220124 Because he acts like a jackass all the time:facehoof:. When people tell him to do something, he either doesn't listen or do the opposite of what he's been asked.

Is he still wearing the armor and is he 7 feet tall?

>>3224487 Yes. Perhaps I forgot to put that in:twilightsheepish:. I'll get to it

>>3224584're telling me that Chief is a real physical spartan?

YES!!!! Hopefully arbiter gets turned into a fully sized sanghehlli



chief is now royally screwed

nice work on the update

My heart will explode if there is a spartan vs elite fight. For the love of god let them be equaly strong as one. Btw why arent the girls commenting about his height? He is 7.1 foot tall

Besides... Sunlight is bad. Go for sunset chief or master shimmer I don't know.

>>3256431 did you make those up as you were typing or did someone else?


Made them up... Why are they that bad?

I knew they were bad.

>>3256640 nah they're not bad, I just haven't seen them before

Flash Sentry sucks so hard.

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