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Blog Posts56

  • 20w, 1d

    It's funny, isn't it? It's been so long.

    At this point I'm guessing you guys don't expect anything more out of me. I've mostly just looked through my post history and stories as a way to reflect on my growth as a person and my maturity. I still remember my obsession over hating clop. Those were fun days. Just arguing with people for the sake of arguing. I think the people I argued against and I both knew we were getting nowhere and tried putting on a show for a vacant crowd.

    I remember all the times I said, "Next chapter soon!" or anything similar. I never followed up on that, I guess. I'm not very consistent. At least I know that now.

    If I could go back and change it, would I? I don't know. I wouldn't get so pissed over stupid shit, that's for sure. At this point in time I'm not even a brony anymore. I look back when I thought memes were cool and funny. I don't think I would change it. My whole experience on this site was a learning one. I learned I'm horrible with commitment, and to this day I am consistently reminded of this fact.

    It blows my mind that I was 13 when I signed up that New Years Day. I am 16 now.

    Will I ever write again for this site? I don't know. Probably not. I'm sorry to those of you who were following my stories, still hoping for an update after all this time. I say goodbye to my friends, or what is left of you, I have moved on. I'm not dying or anything, don't worry. I've just found other things more enjoyable at this point in time. Specifically Project M. It's funny. I first left this community for the tulpa community which I then left for smash. What an experience. All the people I've met and things I've done... they remind me how much I have to grow.

    Bye friends. Happy trails.

               ~Master Lyra

    0 comments · 41 views
  • 46w, 6d
    Three years.

    Three years ago yesterday I joined this website. Damn. What once was a casual hope for my bad self insert HiE to be popular after finding Equestria Daily, then turned into an experience I don't think I'll ever quite forget. Maybe I never was super active here (except my clop fiction thing... which I'm trying to forget about) and maybe I never wrote something I really thought was a good story, but the experience I've gained and the close friends I've made here make it all worth it. Thanks for another year, guys. Let's hope this year I can actually finish a story!

    (it might not help that I've had a recent Smash Brothers addiction as well)

    1 comments · 110 views
  • 66w, 5d
    Does the wind whisper softly in your ear? No, because wind doesn't have a mouth, dumbass. [DISCUSSION PLS COMMENT FOR ONCE]

    Thanks for reading Laugh Shack by the way guys.

    That was sarcasm.

    I still love you guys though.


    Definitely. I'm joking. Mostly.

    So I've been pretty indecisive about what to write next. I'm gonna to ask you guys, but 99% (actually 98.48 repeating because math yo) don't post comments. I have low expectations.

    Should I continue any of my stories? Most of the ones I'm willing to continue were started a very long time ago and reading them again makes me cringe repeatedly. I guess I could make another story, but I dunno if I'd even have the motivation to finish it. I'm lacking people who read my stories... my friend had to post one of them to reddit to bring Laugh Shack above 20 views. Meh. You guys don't want me to complain.

    I want to make something that'll draw viewers while also being something I want to write (which means clop is still no). I just can't think of much that fits the bill. Ya know, the fact the cover art thing was brought up but not passed hurts my soul. It was such a good idea. But alas clop still dominates the feature box... which is saddening. Wait I'm rambling. Shit.

    Just comment or whatever. I'll most likely reply.

    4 comments · 140 views
  • 73w, 3d
    You know, I wonder if any of you thought I was dead. [Semi-Important Update]

    But nope. I'm still here. Alive and quite well.

    So obviously I'm here to say something. Two things.

    One: I'm submitting Chapter 1 of Laugh Shack. Surprise! I decided not to make it all at once and instead test the waters with one chapter. I do promise to finish it no matter what, however. I already have about 90% of it planned out and the very ending done. Just those middle bits need filling in to make a cohesive story.

    Two: Plans for the summer. Obviously Laugh Shack is #1 priority in terms of writing. I'm going to try to make it a priority out of others things as well. On a personal note, I've been a lot more busy with school (before it ended for summer) and newfound friends and stuff. I was thinking of making this earlier in fact but I didn't have a reason for it besides planning for summer.

    After Laugh Shack, which will take considerable time, I dunno. Might pick up on a couple of collabs I've been meaning to do. Maybe some one-shot. I don't really have many ideas for longer fics 'cause I've been dedicated to Laugh Shack for so long. I'm sure if I want to I can come up with some ideas. I also maybe, (but only just maybe) revisit some older fics like TERMINAL5.

    So yeah. Just wanted to fill you guys in and surprise you a bit.

    12 comments · 87 views
  • 80w, 2d
    It's time for all of us to commit Seppuku to preserve what little honor we had

    This is the end of the road, folks. We had a good run as bronies. A tip of the hat to going against the stereotypes. But it ends here.

    I present to you, in full glory: Equestria Girls: The Movie

    4 comments · 87 views
  • ...

"Kids, Ah had never had a special somepony. Ah was quite lonely. Well, that was so until one faithful night a long while back. But maybe that's a little too far. Let's start at the beginning. The gang consisting of me, Caramel, Twilight, Rarity and Fluttershy met every single weekend to go to The Squeezed Lemon. We were good friends, we were. Well, not all the time. Anyway, it was a night like any other. But by the end of the night, an event that changed my whole life started. Ah called it The Race"

This story is my first attempt at romance or comedy. I thought it would be funny to have Big Mac as a main character for something, and well, the rest is history.

Note: Borrows some ideas from How I Met Your Mother. If you watch the show, you will notice the similarities but by no means will the story be the same.

First Published
26th Feb 2012
Last Modified
19th Jul 2012
#1 · 143w, 3d ago · · · Prologue ·

Oh god the potential in this :pinkiehappy:

I mean, I banged Derpy UPSIDE DOWN! What’s not to love about that?!” :rainbowlaugh:

Please tell me Big mac wins :applecry:


#2 · 143w, 3d ago · · · Prologue ·

This has the potential to be LEGEN-

Wait for it....




#3 · 143w, 1d ago · · · Prologue ·

Making it a race, especially if Caramel knows it's a race, seems a very callous and mean spirited thing for Big Mac to do.  Up till now you've given no hint he's the competitive type like Rainbow Dash and there's nothing a girl likes more than to find out there was some kind of deal or bet attached to her going out or being with a guy.  I really hope your story isn't headed down that kinda frat-boy route.

That out of the way it was nice reading a story where no one dies, the fate of Equestria isn't in danger, and no Mary Sues'.  I'll track it to see where you decide to take things.

#4 · 143w, 33m ago · · · Prologue ·

As the upper fellow said, it's good to see a simple fic that isn't grimdark, extreme shipping etc. for once a while. Now you get me second chapter and we can discuss even more:raritywink:

#5 · 142w, 6d ago · · · Prologue ·


I was going to point out why Big Mac would do these things. I really was.

But then I decided I should integrate it into the story. Your concern is well placed, however, but no one really knows Big Mac's character enough to tell if he is competitive or not.

Thanks for inspiring me to put it the story, but I probably was going to show why eventually.

Also, no one is going to die, but no promises on the whole world thing.:derpytongue2:

#6 · 141w, 6d ago · · · Prologue ·

Caramel = Barney

Hoo boy.

#7 · 141w, 3d ago · · · Prologue ·


Well, while it is true I based their personalities on the characters, they will be different in some core aspects. Like I have already shown, Caramel really trusts Big Mac and confided in him about his feelings, which Barney would never do.

But yeah, expect clop-suggestive humor.

#9 · 129w, 1d ago · · · Prologue ·

I wanna ask when will the next chapter will be out ? :pinkiesmile:

#10 · 125w, 2d ago · · · Prologue ·


Wait, someone commented on this story? Lol.

I'm going to start sometime this week on the next chapter. Since I was a jerk and delayed it oh... 18 weeks.

Sorry :(

well the concept of this story is great plus a ship i really like so yeah cant wait to see what you are going to do :twilightsmile:


I WANT MORE !!!! please...:fluttercry:

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