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    So, right before I went off this site to continue what I was doing, I decided to check out this user’s account page. And if you don’t know who he or she, he or she is the one who put me in my place. He or she is the one who turned me from a person who just wanted to have fun into a disgruntled person who just waits for death and sees little to no good whatsoever. I checked his or her page out, all he or she does is review other’s work, mostly on TECS…and funny thing is to is me and LoneUnicornWriter are the only ones that are banned on that group…I find that funny. Me and him are somewhat the same, but are different. We both see each other as nothing special, but yet has different views. Another funny thing is that I was to be the first banned on that group…ha….ha….ha…all the clowns are laughing it up and chocking on their blood and puke as they slowly die of laughter as I’m sitting there just watching them just die as they laugh at a fool. Makes me wonder if Aziraphael did the right thing to put me in my place. Perhaps he did, because I found out that name means Good Omen and is a reference to a book made back in the early Ninety’s, where an angel watches after Earth on behalf of god and runs a used book store. The funny thing I find about that is after he had put me in my place, after knowing that his name refers to good omen…I wonder if it was all a coincidence, that it actually meant something. Either way, it certainly has done its job…all the clowns are dying of laughter as they laugh at me and I’m just sitting there waiting to die myself. The only difference is that the clowns are smiling and I’m just sitting there with an angered look across my face. That even makes the clowns laugh even harder. Besides, either way, I’m glad the way that things have turned out, even if others don’t see it that way and want me to smile. If you want me to smile, than blame society, or if you prefer, blame Aziraphael, although I would rather not, but if you prefer than whatever. Just remember if it wasn’t for him or her, I would be even more of a fool than before. I’m still a fool now, but less of a fool back then. So either way, take your poison, take your pick, life’s going to stab you in the back one day anyways when you least expect it, and you’ll be wondering why you ever tried to smile or be happy the entire time if it wanted to kill you. Well, I just found that…funny, really…funny. And like last time, if you’re reading this Aziraphael, although I doubt it, but nevertheless, thank you once more for putting in my place.


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    I do realize that September 21, 2014 has already passed and gone, however, unfortunately for me, I was gone for a few weeks…so much pain…so much….to do…

    Anyways, if you know what I am talking about, then good, if not, then here is a quick explanation. That day that has passed means so much to me. It was the day I received the second ban from this site and that changed me forever…and I really am serious. I tried my best to look at the world with a good heart, a good mind. Although I realized that there was some bad, but I never really took the time to look at this world. Really, before the second ban, I was a fool and now I am still a fool, but less of a fool than what a fool I was before.  To sum it all up, before, I used to be happy; now, all I see is nothing but pain, agony, darkness in this world, nothing to really live for really. In addition, it all happened on that day. You see, being away from this bloody site gave me some time to think, and I had done much thinking for well over a year, in others words up until now. With the time to think, I then started to try to understand why everything happened the way they did, and soon one thing led to another and now I am trying to figure out what this world even means. So far, all I can distinguish that it is nothing but a cruel world that does not want to hear you or listen to you. It does not care who you are, it does not even care if you kill yourself. Unless you did something for the world, the world will not be nice to you at all, and that is where I stand. Now, I try to finish what I started here, which is a slow process, but if I also want revenge and redemption, of course it is going to be slow. Then after all that is said and done, the last move is to just sit and wait for my death to come whenever that may be. Overall, that has what happened to me about one year ago from this day. Someone who was happy with just about anything, changes into looking upon this world with nothing but disgrace towards it. However, I do want to thank the one who was responsible for this, although I doubt he or she will ever read this, but just in case, thank you so much for that one review, you have opened my eyes very much that I didn’t see before. Now, you broke a laughing man and turned him into an insane man that does nothing but wait for his death to come. Moreover, I am serious, thank you, even though you may never read this, but thank you nonetheless. Well, that is about it for now, I just wanted to mark this day that is special to me as the day that I changed, a one year anniversary that is, although there is one more thing I would like to discuss that is not too important. However, I feel the need to put it in here in case of any specific situation I might be in the future. To say that I am no longer on this site, either I have finished what I started, got what most that I wanted, banned once again, or just simply dead or have to never step on this site again for any other specific reasons, I just want to give out a quick will.

    Now, this will is not important to most of you except for about three of you. To KillingFrenzyCreator and The Watcher 509, I give you the rights, pretty much everything to you of Universal Magic. As I said, not important, but might as well do something with it while I am still alive I suppose. To you two, I give the story, with all expansions, and saying do whatever you want to do with it. I do not care, although if by any means you want to continue it, do not do such a foolish thing. I am sorry, but if by any means you would want to do that, you could not because honestly no one could write that story but me; honestly, it takes my mind to write it. Reason why: you need to know how each and every character thinks, you need to let everything go and let everything flow. You need to have a quick and thinking mind, a mind that you can think a bit clever, but at the same time that thinks differently. Although honestly, that is a long explanation to it, but whatever, do whatever you want with it. Post it as your own, although the only reason why I am giving it to you two was because you two seem to like it the most, and not only that, you come the closets to understanding how it is written. I am not saying you are close to writing it, you two are far off from that, but so far, with everyone that I have met so far, you two come the closest in order to write it. So really, do whatever you want with it, change it, attempt to continue writing it from wherever I left off, do absolutely nothing with it, I do not care. Especially if I am dead, I would not care at all because I would be dead.

    As far as the other stories go, honestly, they have to go somewhere, even if it was to a homeless person I would not care, so to you palaikai, I give you whatever is left. Honestly, it needs to go somewhere, so why not you? Well, it is because I do trust you on here, so there you go. Of course, there is also Dashing, although all I can give you is my respect or something like that, because honestly, I do trust you as well.

    Anyways, as I said before, nothing too important, however as I said before, I needed to do that just in case anything would have come up in the future of things. I know, it does not matter what happens to those stories, but I thought that they do have to go somewhere in case I ever leave for any particular reason at all.

    Anyways, aside from that, I am fairly busy at the moment, but this past date has come up and has a meaning to me, and might as well say what I needed to say about my will. For the most part, no one cares about my will, but I am just putting it out there for those who would want to look at it or curious about it.  

    Another thing I am going to try and do on here before I leave or at least do it before I go back to my other work, I will be updating the “Plans” blog with update 3.13 I believe as soon as I can that is, it has changed a lot actually.

    Aside from nothing being important except for the twenty first, I bid you all a fair well and a thanks to the one who put me in my place.


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    1. Always watch your back, even from your friends

    2. Never go with what others are doing, stay away from it

    3. Fight to survive if you have to

    4. Take your own path

    5. Never try to do something that is obviously unreachable

    6. If necessary, never sleep until a job is done

    7. Control anger as much as possible

    8. Use inner thoughts

    9. Use what you’ve got

    10. Make sure no one sees you or knows you

    11. Never leave your own kind behind

    12. Help others if in need

    13. Do not break down

    14. Stay strong

    15. Stick to the shadows

    16. Fight for what you believe in

    17. Do not let others tell you different, sometimes certain things do not matter

    18. If you fall, get up and continue to fight

    19. Old is still good

    20. Do not waste time, every seconds matters

    21. Follow the code

    Keyword: Rules

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    Changes are inevitable; you see them just about everywhere you go. A change within our fandom has happened and if you took the time to read my blog, “Falling Apart,” you would understand what I felt about it. You see changes just about every day, within either your job or your favorite shops or restaurants. Changes even occur within your own life. Some are good such as your first child being born, bringing life to this cruel world or experiencing death from your loved ones as you weep beside their deathbed. Asking and begging god or whomever you believe in or do not believe in for your loved one to come back to life, or at least spend one more hour with them before they die.  Well you may not care, I do not care if you do not care, however it is only appropriate I explain as a gentleman what is happening so anyone who does seem to have the slightest interest as to what is happening knows what is going on.

    As you could see, if you were a follower of mine or knew who I was previously before the second ban occurred, you would know that I had followed many people here. Even if I didn’t read their stories or cared about their blogs, I just wanted to follow them like others here on the site or even help those who started here get a follow so at least they have one follow to start off with instead with none. I have followed over four hundred people on this site, but that number has decreased to sixty-seven, but maybe to sixty-six. Reason for this is that why should I care, I am not the same as I was before on this site at all. At first, I always tried to look on the bright side of things, no matter how many times I got depressed, but now this site made me into a ghost. This site and its people made me look only at the worse things on here. I have been asked why not smile a bit? Well, this site and almost everyone on it did not want me to smile, it clearly showed that to me that I should not, so that is what everyone has made me done, not be happy for one thing on here or look on the bright of things. So really, if you want to blame someone, blame society, clearly society wants to be cruel even though it does not have to be that way, but they choose to do so. That is fine with me; at least I know what is true and real, that is all that matters. Now of course, if you recall my words in “Return,” I said that you would only get three things from me and following others was not one of them and I do believe someone did see that and would like an answer. So for you, here is your answer, I did not expect those who I have met and trusted on the Pony Fiction Archive Forums to be on here at all. However, three of them do have accounts here and since I do trust them, I decided to follow them, besides, I do trust them over on that site, so why not trust them on here. However, only one out of the three has followed back. That does not mean I will not trust them, I still do, however it only means I will have to watch my back a bit more on the other two than the others that I follow and have followed back. Although that does not mean anyone who has followed me back means I trust them, only a few. I just decided to leave the watches I gave out before the second ban that had followed me back.

    Now, as you could also see, I have gotten rid of all the old blogs that I had, which if I recall correctly, it was almost to ninety blogs. However, I have deleted all of those, including all old reviews for movies/games, all of those old weekly blogs, all gone. Not even my first blog or anything that exists on here that could tell who I once was and how I acted. I did it because why keep something that the TheKnight21js had made if he is dead? So it is all gone. However, as a gentleman, I should still inform those who still cared about those reviews and to say that the group that I have made called “The Reviewers Group” still has some old reviews within it. Speaking of groups, I have left many other groups as well, however I have gotten rid of the layout for that for my user page because I saw no point to it keeping it around. In fact, I might get rid of all of my groups, well, just leave it that is, I might end up just putting random people as Admins for those groups.

    Speaking the layout, I have been thinking of lately to take away the follow layout and the comment layout as well, for they are nothing to me. The only ones that seem to be worth having is the description of who I am and what I am doing here, the blogs, and the stories. However, I will admit though, I am having trouble deciding if I should do such a thing because as I see it in the future, it could be useful, but at the same time it doesn’t. Anyways, you could also see I have deleted every other comment on the comment layout and all on my stories. That does mean I will delete any comments you give, I was just deleting the comments that existed before the second ban, because like I said, TheKnight21js is dead, why bother keeping it around.

    The only ones that will be kept around is my stories, and even those I have changed, specifically, Universal Magic. As I have once said, I got rid of the description, but instead put “Welcome To Insanity” but might change it to “Welcome To Insanity.” I would prefer to have nothing there, but I have to have something there, so might as well make three simple words and nothing more, for once I said again, since I was led in here blind, I will lead everyone else blind into that story. Besides, why should I bother with something that I don’t care much about that only exists for my purposes and just to exist here on this site?

    As for the stories that I have put favorites on, which was once over three hundred, but is now under seventy. Sometimes I wonder why I even put favorites on those stories. Hell, some of those writers who have had gotten over thousands of likes and followers won’t even noticed that I even have followed or un-favorite their story. Speaking of which, those who are popular on here, those who have made it on here would not have noticed if I followed them at all. You want to know why? It’s because they have so much, what problem would happen if I left? Absolutely nothing, which also makes another reason why I am a ghost. They didn’t even notice that I did followed them in the first place, so of course they won’t even miss me. Besides, even if I did care about them, they wouldn’t need my follow anyways, they know that they’re doing good, all the comments that get and such, they are fine without me, no one cares about me…so why should I bother with them? Why should I even bother with this world? Hell, I could grab a gun or some rope and kill myself if I wanted to…but yet I am still here. Why do you think that maybe I ask? Why do you think I do not just end it all and get it over with already? Let me put it like this, death is not waiting for me to kill myself, I am waiting for death to kill me.

    So that is it as far as changes go, nothing more than a little change here and there. Funny thing is, I had originally wrote this out much more earlier, as in wrote this months ago, but I didn’t put that up because I needed to do some research first, and now I have…and now you have read it. Oh…and another thing, this might not be so much important at all, but for those remembered my weekly blogs, that might not happen at all, I might not continue at all, even if I am pretending to be happy. I’m still deciding to do it or not, but time will tell when I will make up my mind. I also sometimes wonder if anyone has figured out to do with those three blogs and those codes, I wonder if anyone has solved what to do with the “Key.” As far anything else, I have two other planned blogs that should be done soon, one for “Founded” and one for “Others.” Beyond that, I am not sure at all, but that does not mean I am dead though if I am quiet on here. Trust me, I will let you know when I am dead if I get a chance, I will let you know properly as a gentleman and out of respect that I would tell you when I’m done with this place and moving on with other things in life. I will would write a blog and let you know about it if I have a chance that is, some could be where I never have a chance to say “Goodbye.”

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    Plushie Three

    DAY 3

    The morning was normal. Ben did not wake up to something different. He just woke up to what he recalled from last night.

    He even recalled that he did not need to go into work, for he was fired and his boss hated him for no reason at all.

    As Ben worked throughout the day, he tried to talk to his bank and ask if there was anything that he could do to fix his money problems. Unfortunately, the bank had no advice to give.

    Eventually, he had thought to himself that he wasn’t able to pay the rent and he would be kicked out of his only home that he knows of. However, he did not want to stress about this too much, so he just ended up thinking about what he could and clean what else that he could.

    Eventually, he almost completely cleaned his apartment and it was around the time for him to go to bed.  Therefore, Ben then decided to go to sleep. However, he had heard a noise in his kitchen.

    He decided to check it out, but he saw nothing. However, he soon tripped over something, and he tripped over the plushie. However, this time, it was certainly pissed off at him.

    She jumped onto him and placed a knife deep within his arm. Ben screamed out in pain, as the knife cut through his skin, and blood came rushing out. Rainbow Dash had put the knife there, so he would not move while she ducks taped Ben’s mouth and tied his legs together, so he could not get up and leave.

    Then, she took out a knife, and she said, “I told you to stop watching My Little Pony Ben...why didn’t you listen?” as it said with a creepy smile across it’s face.

    She had said it in a disturbing voice. Then, she took the knife, and slowly, started to cut off Ben’s fingers. She slowly cut the thumb off. Ben could not deal with the pain that he was enduring. Eventually, she cut all the fingers off and then cut off his hand. Ben was screaming as much as he could through his duck taped mouth, as his hand was being cut through his skin, and then ripped off.

    He could not even bare the pain when the plushie broke the bones in his hand. Soon, blood was gushing out; however, the plushie grabbed some cloths and placed it upon the wound, for she wanted to torture Ben even longer.

    However, there was a bit of blood still dripping off from his wound, so she took the freshly cut off hand, and put some of Ben’s own blood onto his palm.

    Then, she took the duck tape off Ben’s mouth, and slowly forced feed Ben’s own blood. Then, after he was forced fed to drink his own blood, the plushie slowly cut off a piece of flesh from his stomach, and force-fed it to him as well.

    When Ben was forced to shallow, he threw up all over himself, for he had tasted his own flesh. Then, the plushie took a rusty old knife, and put it into Ben’s eyes. She then slowly scooped out Ben’s eyes with the knife.

    While she was doing such a thing, she said to Ben, without him seeing a single thing of sight, “Your soul will burn Ben. You will burn, but not in hell, tis your soul now belongs to me. But you will wish that your soul burned in hell, just like the rest of those who did not stop watching My Little Pony.”

    Ben was screaming in true pain, for his eyes were being cut out, and eventually, his second eye. He could not see once both eyes were out and almost had little to no life left in him. The plushie had known the limits of the human body, so she went straight to the finale.

    She had said to Ben, “Shhhhh. Don’t make a sound. We don’t want to wake up your neighbors now. Besides, they are the ones who are going to be blamed for your death. Now then, before we go on to the finale, let’s make sure you don’t scream, not one bit.”

    Then, She cut out Ben’s tongue, however, she did it quickly, for Ben was about to go into the afterlife.

    However, Plushie then quickly went to the finally, by cutting Ben’s throat open and ripping out his muscles and vocal cords.

    However, the plushie did not stop there. Even though Ben’s corpse was no longer living, she wanted to make a mess.

    She then lifted his shirt up, and quickly made a cut in his stomach, as if he only had a mere stomach wound. After Plushie did what she did, she then took her hooves, with the best of her grip, and ripped the skin and muscle apart, to reveal Ben’s insides. She then started to rip out the intestines and his heart.

    She even took the kidney and squeezed it between her two hooves. Afterwards, she took are mouth, poked her head into the stomach, and with her mouth, to the best of her ability, ripped the large intestine out, as if it was nothing at all. She may have not been able to shallow it, but she continued to rip it apart.

    She then tossed the large intestine’s around the room, as if it was some sort of streamer any normal person would see at a party. She threw the intestine around the room, and dressed the room up in a nice, bloody wall, with a bit of pink for a touch on the intestines.

    However, she was not done yet with the body; she took the heart and ripped it from its chords, and looked at it. She stared at it, as if it had a soul, as if it was alive.

    She continued to stare at it for an hour more, until she opened her mouth and said the words, “I finally have your soul Ben. I warned you…to not…watch My Little Pony no longer…and you did not heath my warning.”

    She then proceeded to put the heart down on the ground, and went to sit in a corner, so when morning came to vanquish the lifeless night, the cops would just shrug off as if the plushie was merely an innocent children’s toy.

    Then, as for an added touch, the plush scraped Ben’s scalpel off, and then left the doorwide open, so when the police would arrive in the morning, they would know that someone broke into his apartment.

    When the morning came, the police arrived and arrested the neighbors to Ben, for there was evidence that was placed by the plushie that it was they who had done the crime.

    However, as the police were doing their jobs, the plushie, was watching them, one by one, waiting, for her next soul to take.

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