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    Applebloom follows Applejack into the farm in the middle of the night and nearly loses her life.
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    Investigating a body is routine, but not pleasant, especially so late at night. Spitfire, bound by arbitrary duty, finds herself once again faced with an undesirable question. One that she's become familiar with before.
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    Applejack and Twilight Sparkle find themselves returning to a world that they had both forgotten. One where they are the size of figurines contrasting with tall humans and an even larger world.
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    A land of danger is the destination of Dash, one she doesn't understand.
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  • 25w, 6d
    A co-opted fiction involving Scootaloo!

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  • 29w, 3d
    Something fun for once.

    1. What is your first name: Justin

    2. How old are you: Twenty Two

    3. What country are you from: United States

    4. What do you really look like, pictures are acceptable: Big. I'm overweight, but I'm just a big guy. Kind of like a white Polynesian.

    5. What do you wish you looked like: Me but skinnier

    6. How did you come across My Little Pony: Memes and Bronies.

    7. What is your favorite ship in My Little Pony and why: Hard to say what a favorite ship is for me. It depends on the idea. I do like the idea of RD getting together with a more mature Soarin. I'll also support Cheerilee and Mac.

    8. What is your least favorite ship and why: Probably the relationship between Vinyl Scratch and the gryphon in Life and Death of a DJ

    9. Have you admitted to anyone outside of Fimfiction that you love MLP: Yep.

    10. Were they a family member: A few of them were. I don't really hide it that much.

    11. Favorite MLP Episode: Hard to choose, really. I love so many of them. I like Spike at your Service for a better look at AJ, I like Twilight Time for a little bit more personality with Twilight.... There's just so many to choose from.

    12. Who is your favorite superhero: Maybe the way Captain America is currently shown in the new Marvel movies.

    13. Who is your favorite anti-hero: The Punisher

    14. Favorite supervillain: Ledger's Joker

    15. Favorite anti-villain?

    16. What was the last book you read: I think it was something by Garth Nix

    17. Last movie you watched: Homefront.

    18. What is your favorite song at the moment: Helplessness Blues by Fleet Foxes

    19. What song do you always come back to: Sleep Never Finds Me by Red Goodbye. Anything by The National

    20. What is your current job: Landscaper, though that will change at the end of the week.

    21. If this is not your final job what job do you want in the future: I have NOOO idea :D

    22. What is your dream job: Something fun, something lucrative, something with plenty of free time. Maybe in that order.

    23. At this moment in your life, what is your greatest achievement: Gaining true friends and nearly getting over a mental disorder.

    24. At this moment in your life, what is your greatest failure: Probably almost failing High School

    25. Do you have any pets: No

    26. What is your dream pet: A dog I met once named Shadow. Doesn't bark if he knows you, keeps kids from playing in the street, is a very easy going and reliable dog.

    27. Do you own any weapons: Heh, yeah, I got a few... well more than a few.

    28. Is there a gun you really want: A simple revolver or a Glock.

    29. What Religion are you: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

    30. If you could hang out with one person in all of history who would it be: Maybe Charles Dickens. Maybe George Orwell.

    31. If you could bring back one person from the dead for one day who would it be:

    32. Are you political: Indipendant. I have my opinions and views, but I keep them to myself for the most part.

    33. Are you married: Nope

    34. Do you have a special someONE: Not at the moment

    35. Have a crush on anyone: No one in particular

    36. Care to explain: I'm not in a good moment to seek an active relationship in my life right now

    37. Do you consider yourself attractive: With clean hair, clean shaven, and with smile, I can charm just about anyone I come across.

    38. If you could spend one day with someone still alive who would it be: Tara Strong or Lauren Faust. I seriously just want to talk to them as people. I still hope to one day if I become influential enough. Just invite them to share a drink with me for a time.

    39. Who is your favorite pony: I do love them all, but if one were to put a gun to my head, I'd ask them to stop poking me, then I'd tell them AJ to get them to stop being annoying.

    40. Any embarrassing secrets you would like to share: Embarrassment makes people laugh, and I make people laugh. I'm not against sharing embarrasing stories. Like the time I went to the doctor asking for a sex aid when I actually meant to ask for Cingulair (which is a asthma medication). Freaking commercial with the couple bathing...

    41. If you have done any stories/art what is your favorite piece(s): I think Blooming Faith is still a favorite of mine, but I'm only now looking at my work with acceptance rather than angst and derision.

    42. Are you a virgin: Eyup

    43. What is the craziest thing you have done in your life that you have no regrets about:

    44. What is the craziest thing you have done in your life that you have regrets about:

    45. Do you have a fetish of any kind: Honestly? I'm turned on my normality (not the video game). Simple relationships and love within the bounds of matrimony. Call it weird, I know.

    46. Do you regret saying this fetish: Nope

    47. What are some of your favorite FIM stories: Background Pony for it's impact on my life. Same with Project Horizons. Honorable mention to My Little Dashie for changing my opinion on fan fiction in general, and Fallout Equestria for solidifying this opinion.

    48. Favorite Quote: At the time?

    "I was raised up believing

    I was somehow unique

    Like a snowflake distinct among snowflakes

    Unique in each way you can see

    And now after some thinking

    I'd say I'd rather be

    A functioning cog in some great machinery

    Serving something beyond me

    But I don't, I don't know what that will be

    I'll get back to you someday soon you will see" ~Fleet Foxes from the aforementioned song.

    49. Did you ever hurt someone’s feelings just to hurt them: I can't remember a time... I may have been projecting a sadness a little too hard in a chat I had two days ago. I didn't try that hard.

    50. Did you answer these questions honestly: Yes, I did.

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  • 31w, 1d
    Gifting Sanity

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  • 45w, 1d

    It's so funny that this is the only place which I feel the need to confess problems with myself that I keep secret to my own closest circle of friends, for the most part. Though the feeling of keeping it secret is starting to wane as each day passes on. I guess when you have little to hide, you don't fear the truth.

    I've been going to a therapist for the problems I've been having my whole life, and finding the sessions to be rather liberating and enlightening. See, here's a sort of enigma, a sort of paradox which comes from some upbringing: You don't know what's wrong. If you are raised to feel worthless, you will think it's a normal thing. It's not always the parent's fault, as they don't always realize what their actions are doing to the child.

    So, this is what I learned. I had little to no self worth. My writings were the last few vestiges of my creativity kicking a deadened soul to expand as it is meant to do, as we are all meant to do. But I may have hinged too much of myself in the reactions people had in it, which is one reason I always felt anxiety whenever thinking about my past writing, and how hard it was for me to go back and do some edits to improve it. Rather than use some personal motivation, I needed someone else to Kick me in the right direction and be kind of a guiding principle (Thank you so much, key that was lost).

    Although I'm still not completely better, and writing still causes some anxiety and conflict within me, I feel things have vastly improved since my first foray into the fanfiction scape.

    Let me tell you guys a little thing about PTSD. You're always on edge, just in varying degrees. I've felt the difference between being stress free and having anxiety, and found that I had a near constant force of stress applying to my daily life. My muscles are tensed, and I am left with a feeling of discomfort and a need to escape the current situation, which explains the year where I made constant runs to the sparse wilderness behind my house to hike. It was an escape.

    If my memory serves correctly, I had this stress and anxiety since 7th grade, maybe even before. I was only 13 or 14 at the time. Seems the coupled stress of school and the least than ideal living condition with my family lead to some rather steep mental and emotional ramifications that halted my potential. I didn't do well in school, see. Homework was so hard for me to complete, which was something else I used as evidence for my worthlessness. But upon a revelation provided by my psychiatrist, I'm actually not a stupid person XD

    My talents in vocabulary, analysis, and just general intelligence should have spelled a success in schooling. It wasn't that I was a worthless kid who couldn't do his homework like everyone else, I had disorders that were getting worse and worse. I know that some people use this as an excuse for their shortcomings, but I do believe it, I kind of have to believe it to retain my current sanity...

    I'm kinda sick.

    Not to mention this all lead to a scary life of subtle self destruction.

    The reason I'm telling you this? Because I believe I still owe a good explanation for my lack of writing.  I've not taken up the pen to expand on my current projects. I'm still not better, as evidenced by my trembling hand that seems to increase in severity of the anxiety, and obvious symptom of PTSD. Writing before felt like a battle, as every word increased my stress and made it harder for me to fight my demons and sit at the desk, and then type. Fighting myself to create, as I wanted so badly to do. I hope for the day where I'm able to write, to create, without that mental block slowing me nor preventing me from giving you all the best that I can give...

    The Drive to Home. That's what I'll call it...

    For those who took their precious time to read what I have wrought, I appreciate you. For those who have taken their precious time to write to me and tell me their thoughts, I love you. You've been a step in my recovery. Thank you so much. I hope to have more for you all soon without all these emotional hangups behind it. I'm better, but I'm not well just yet. Thank you.

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  • 48w, 5d
    Naming Perspective

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  • ...

Inspiration of character from afar can only last so long, and it takes more than tricks and an attitude to win the continued love of those we care about. Scootaloo has been under the wing of Rainbow Dash for some time now, and Dash is learning that it takes more than just a passive effort to continue to earn the admiration of the flightless filly. With a desire to see Scootaloo be truly happy, Dash uses inspiration from reading the latest Daring Do book to grant Scootaloo one of her greatest desires.

To Fly.

First Published
31st Jul 2013
Last Modified
31st Jul 2013
#1 · 68w, 2d ago · 1 · ·

I'll admit, this is pretty amazing. If I was reading it while I wasn't feeling ill, it would probably be better :pinkiesick: Haha, so, take a like and a fave, and keep writin' stuff like this :3

#2 · 68w, 2d ago · · ·

>>2971188 Thank you for reading and thank you for your words :twilightsmile:

I've not been all that well myself as of late, Beatrice. I do hope you will make a speedy recovery.

I should have more soon. Thanks again!

#3 · 68w, 1d ago · · ·

Good story, but I still fucking hate you for making scootaloo flightless.

#4 · 68w, 1d ago · · ·

>>2978551 Although I'm happy you enjoyed it, why the ire? The more that a character has to overcome, the more that they can grow and become stronger. The intricacies of a character aren't just what we hope for them to become, but also what they have done in their past to make them who we love. :scootangel: It also goes along with some of Faust's original plans for Scootaloo.

Keep in mind, this is a one-shot. Characters can change with the imagination in the future.

Thank you for reading, Crimsony.

Comment posted by InsertCleverNameHere deleted at 2:01pm on the 22nd of September, 2013
Comment posted by Crimsony deleted at 2:01pm on the 22nd of September, 2013
Comment posted by InsertCleverNameHere deleted at 2:01pm on the 22nd of September, 2013
Comment posted by Crimsony deleted at 2:01pm on the 22nd of September, 2013
#9 · 67w, 3d ago · 1 · ·

Beautiful story! A few editing mistakes here and there, but beyond that, I loved it. I finally get a warm feeling instead of tears while I read your story.

#10 · 19w, 2d ago · 1 · ·

Could use a little editing, but otherwise a great read.:twilightsmile:

Glad you recommened it to me.

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