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  • 41w, 1d

    Eh, so I'm really struggling in the "story idea/story writing" department, as in, I really don't feel like writing at all and it feels like a burden.

    So, sort of to spite myself, I think that I'll be coming out with a little dumping ground of sorts where I can post all kinds of little short stories that I don't feel are worthy of me posting it by itself. It would be updated sporadically, and the stories might not be superb, but I feel this is a very good way to get back into the swing of things without having to force myself to sit down and pump out a 20k story.

    So what do I call it then? Churchy's Little Book of Things? Churchy's Dope Skillz? Churchy's Party of One?

    I don't know, give me some ideas. If I like yours and I use it I'll give you a cookie.

    That being said I have an interesting idea right off the bat that is probably going to be terribly written and will ultimately receive dislikes of OVER 9000!

    - Churchy

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  • 42w, 5d

    Hey guiz. So, I've been away for awhile for personal reasons (before anyone asks, no, it is not because I was depressed, or because I quit, or because I was getting super youtube famous. It was for reasons regarding school).

    Now, this site has changed even MORE and my page looks more and more UNBEARABLE to lay my EYES upon! Can anybody tell me what's going on?

    Also, what's even more depressing is that I've had tons of story ideas that I just threw out the window because I get sick of writing them halfway through. I may or may not have thrown out at least 20k words that covered six different stories. Balls.

    But, no matter, at least I'm going to waste all of my money on a PS4 soon so I won't have any time to think about what I'm doing with my writing. I am quite adept at procrastinating, after all.

    In any sense, new story soon, and by soon I mean maybe in the next two weeks and maybe never EVER EVER <3

    - Churchy

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  • 50w, 6d
    Hello Lovelies!

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  • 52w, 3d
    Original Story Concept

    So, I sorta kinda came up with an interesting concept while sulking in the shower, which just so happens to be my usual brainstorming facility. It is an alternate universe fiction wherein the mane six never exists.

    But hold on... don't they?

    Here is the little blurb thingy doohickey for the story...

    "In Equestria, the human word "fiction" does not exist. There is no such thing as a lie. There is no such thing as a truth. The world simply "is". However, something changes one day when aspiring musician Lyra Heartstrings accidentally discovers a hidden library deep inside Royal Canterlot. While sleuthing the grounds, she happens across a strange television series never aired to the public. The piece is called "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic", and it stars five superstar status ponies who were never once recorded into Equestrian history books.

    So just what exactly has Lyra uncovered that could change the face of the country as she knows it?"

    Yeah. So I've decided to keep the background characters (and Celestia and Luna and such), only the mane six are a fiction in Equestria. No, Equestria is not some doomsday dictatorship alternate universe world, it is the same Equestria you would see in the series, just without the mane six... and without the ability to lie or tell fictitious stories.

    This project is a serious undertaking, and likely will not be started until after finals are over. I plan to have a shorter one-shot out before finals, and I will likely start this in place of my much longer one-shot "Dreams are Made of Little Wooden Houses".

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  • 54w, 2h
    Snow in Iowa City

    That's right, the first sign of snow is now just beginning to fall here in my lovely little town, thus marking the sign of a winter full of me staying indoors and getting absolutely nothing done.

    That's probably false. I promise I'll have new material out, especially since I've got nothing to look forward to in these next few months but finals in December.

    Still, give me a bit more time to get absolutely nothing done. It'll be worth it. WORTH IT I SAY.

    - Churchy

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  • ...

This was a fun little collaboration done with the likes of bookplayer, sparkfyre, Future, xjuggernaughtx, KrazyTheFox and KitsuneRisu. Each author has written their own portion to this story, and their name will appear in the chapter that they have written.

Here's the catch: this fiction works in the same way that a game of telephone works. bookplayer started off our fic. She then gave her portion to me, and only me. Then, I wrote my section, and I handed off my section, and only my section, to sparkfyre. This worked itself all the way down to KitsuneRisu. So, each author was only able to see the section written by the author before them, not the entire story, much like the game you might have played in your childhood.  

Cover art unrelated. Well, kind of.  


First Published
27th Oct 2013
Last Modified
27th Oct 2013
#1 · 56w, 1d ago · 2 · · KitsuneRisu ·

I dont know what it is,

But i cant really seem to like this story,

I guess you could say,

Me and this story have,

*Puts on sunglasses*

A bad Connection.

#2 · 56w, 1d ago · · · KitsuneRisu ·


I don't get it.

I kid. What's interesting about this is that I expected that random tag to be put to use on a much larger scale. This story's semi-coherence is really quite astonishing. I wouldn't say that's 'wrong' about the story, but I found it interesting. It's really up to anyone's personal viewpoint.

If anything else, this was a fun idea and I think everyone had some fun participating. Thanks for the read anyway!

#3 · 56w, 1d ago · · · KitsuneRisu ·

So this is basically Ponemurdured? (or a variation)

#4 · 56w, 1d ago · · · KitsuneRisu ·

>>3407522 Haha, I suppose so!

#5 · 56w, 15h ago · · · KitsuneRisu ·

I guess that's one way to end it. :rainbowlaugh:

I was also not expecting the start to be so... innocent.

#6 · 56w, 13h ago · 1 · · KitsuneRisu ·

Someone desperately needs to write a detective series starring this version of Celestia.

#7 · 56w, 6h ago · · · KitsuneRisu ·

>>3410798 And where Pinkie is Watson

#8 · 55w, 6d ago · · · KitsuneRisu ·

>>3411459 Pinkie Pie's had her turn as Watson. Spike, with his dry sarcasm, would be entertaining as well.

#9 · 55w, 6d ago · · · KitsuneRisu ·

>>3413675 Twilight would also work, her being the Princess' assistant and all. I can imagine the disgust displayed on her face on a consistent basis.

#10 · 53w, 1d ago · · · KitsuneRisu ·

Kitsunerisu writes best Celestia. Case closed.

#11 · 45w, 4d ago · · · KitsuneRisu ·

I have one word.


That is all I wanted to say for four chapters.

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